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Monkees back on TV – Special Screening of Head

April 3, 2011 by  
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From: Andrew Sandoval

Andrew will host a screening of the Monkees’ Head at West Los Angeles’
Nuart theatre on Friday September 8th at Midnight! This will be from a
newly struck 35mm print! Rhino will also be doing some Monkees give
aways at the event.

You can win tickets for Head by tuning into the final two shows of
KLSX’s Breakfast With The Beatles (97.1 FM) on either Sunday August
26th or September 3rd. Rhino will likely also give away sets of the new
Monkees CDs on this program.

BBC Radio 2 will air an hour long documentary on the Monkees (September
16th). The show features comments from all four Monkees + Andrew and
many other guests. You can likely tune into this via the internet.

Another Monkees update will be coming soon.

Andrew’s brand new “best of” album can be ordered directly from


From: Robyn Apelt

just letting you know that micky along with other stars will be at rock n
roll legends on sept 16th 2006 $15.00 at 6 pm see in news

also ami dolenz and jerry trimble have done a public service announcement
for artors for autism a video of it is on just put dolenz
in search box click onto the word video above search box and up it will
come after the micky one . 2 in all .

its 50 years of australian television on the 17th of september 2006 1956
to 2006 they are playing small bits of tv shows for the 5oth birthday of
tv hear and yes they are showing bits of the monkee tv show every now and


From: Duane Dimock

New Monkees page at Rhino Records with a huge new photo gallery:


From: rrfingerhead

Daydream Believers Special Edition DVD

Set to be released in Oct. No word on extras or any different
features. Does have a different cover.


From: Janice A. Jennings

Robert Cornthwaite passed away at the age of 89. He played the character
of Druvanian Ambassador Nyetovich is Card Carrying Red Shoes. He
appeared in over 250 television shows and over 50 films.


From: Judy Lee Spira

Friday, July 7th Jeopardy!
Double Jeopardy category: “The Oafish” (all the categories were based on
current TV series — Gray’s Anatomy, American Idle, etc.)
$2000 clue:
A contestant correctly questioned “Who is Peter Tork?”

Judy Lee Spira


From: Laura

Rock ‘n Roll Fantasy Camp Newsletter


This Wednesday, In Touch will be doing a story on Karen Gresham from our
past New York Camp!

On Sunday, September 10th in Columbus, Ohio the One Day Only Rock ‘n Roll
Fantasy Camp will take place, where campers will be the opening act for
Journey and Def Leppard! It promises to be a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Have a great Labor Day Weekend and we’ll see you in Columbus! David Fishof

phone: 888 762 2263
Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp | 424 West End Avenue | New York | NY | 10024


From: Paul

Yup, it’s true!

The i Network has made a change to their schedule for the end of September!

They will be adding The Monkees and The Partridge Family on Friday evenings
at 6:00 and 6:30 p.m. starting Friday, September 15!



From: Pat

Many many thanks to Teresa Gibson for this info that she posted:

“Peter Tork will appear in Dallas on July 12 at Poor David’s Pub, south of
the downtown area. Show is scheduled to start at 8:00, and tickets are $20.
Tickets can be purchased in advance from More
information will be forthcoming at Poor David’s website:″

I went to the show and had such a wonderful time!!! I had a seat right up
front to watch Peter and his band put on a great show. They played several
original songs, a couple Monkee’s songs in a slightly different version and
some good classic blues songs. What a thrill to finally see him, hear
him, and even meet him after all these years.

I got some good pics that night, too. I have some of them

Thanks for this list!!!



From: DDDAllen123

Micky Dolenz concert July 4, 2006 Akron Ohio

Hey all I am the Crazed Love struck Fan of Micky’s lol like whom is not
right? anyways I had one of my best days ever in my life on this day Us
Micky/Monkee fans TOOK over the Front CENTER STAGE within touchable view
of Micky wooooo hoooo….I was trying to catch the Towel Micky threw out in
the crowd and I missed it so after he went up and got on the DRUMS to Play
3 songs “She””,Mary Mary”,and “Circle Sky” which I thought was the best
part of the actual concert what a real TREAT to see Micky Jamming on the
drums I THREW MY BLACK RHINESTONE HAT up on stage and yelled Micky put the
hat on and he DID OMG I WANTED TO DIE he looked so sexy and handsome I got
camera happy from the moment he came out till AFTER the show when we
got a lot of things autographed and Pictures hugging him etc….A TOTAL
of 266 pictures up close of Micky I have these pictures for anyone who
wants some and I personally ENJOY the ones with Micky wearing MY HAT and
I will treasure it Forever and he wore it for the rest of the concert.And
when we went to go meet him afterwards,Micky said to me ” I really liked
the hat I thought you gave it to me , I said “Oh Noooooo It
is Sentimental to me now you wore it” and he asked me where I got it I
said K-Mart he was like Wow K-Mart? he said I need to get me one like that
” and when we got auto graphs Micky told my Daughter Tiffany ” I tried
throwing the towel to you but the lady behind you caught it, Unfortunately
I threw it to far ” and then Micky gave Tiffany a free 8 x 10 picture of
him that he autographed I love Micky Dolenz forever , he is awesome . I met
him a couple times before in the past but I have got to say this was the
best experience I ever had. Thanks Cathy and Tiffany…. Monkees rule !!!!

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