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Monkees Author Radio Talk Show

April 3, 2011 by  
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From: Duane Dimock

Monkees book author Duane Dimock (aka Ed Finn) has a new Internet radio
talk show each Saturday, and will talk about Monkee topics as well as eBay
Saturday Dec 6th at 1:00 pm -2:00pm PST
phone in toll free 1-888-514-2100
duane dimock is your host

Auction and Ebay talk, complaints and praises.

Tentative name is Ebay Secrets or Auction Secrets under Education and

This first show has 3 loose segments

Everyone wants to know Ebay secrets. Well.. by the very definition, a
secret is not known and most that know major Ebay secrets keep it to
themselves. That is one possible reason they do so well. Anyhow, if the
major secret comes out, Ebay will find a way to make money off it and then
it becomes one of Ebays NEW options!

Heres the beauty of what you would gain, listening to these shows: Ebayers
will call up and tell you their stories and inevitability there is always a
small difference in the way they do it and you do it….and…these are
actually the SECRETS everyone is trying to find out. Most Ebayers do not
even know this! It comes down to, the more you hear, the more you know,
the less you have to do to get what you are after, be it in money, time or

Seg. 1
Why I Love Ebay:
Subjects would include and would always stray:
How it changed your life.
People you have met and friends made.
People you have married.
New Business Connections.
How it Increased your Networking.
Stay at Home.
Auction excitement, both buying and selling.

Seg 2.
Why I Hate Ebay:
Ebay monopoly
Lousy support to resolve issues.
Bogus SQUARE TRADE excuse site.
Seller has no rights.
Selling options, that you get socially blackmailed to pay.
Pay Pal monopoly
Down right… stupid censors.

Seg 3.
Auction, Ebay Horror Stories:
Negative Feedback Whoas
Pay Pal account Freezes
Unjust and Misunderstood Suspensions

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