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Monkees Anniversary! New Nez Photos!

April 3, 2011 by  
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Happy anniversary to The Monkees! It was 38 year ago today,
September 12, that their TV show premiered on NBC and started a
national phenomenon!


From: Anthony

–The Monkeesrule43 Online Mailing List=97

**Davy Date Moved**
This Davy Jones solo date has replaced the venue previously
scheduled for the same day in San Francisco, CA:
10/16/04 — Oakland, CA — Paramount Theatre

**On TV**
Micky Dolenz is interviewed on “More Than Music” which will be
airing on Bravo on September 18 & 19 at 6:30am EST. Peter Tork’s
guest role on “Boy Meets World” will be shown on September 17 on the
Disney Channel at 11:30pm EST. Click the “All Upcoming TV
Appearances” link on the news page to see all future Monkees TV

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From: Brad

There are two BRAND NEW photos of Michael Nesmith (from last month)
on now – in the About Nez/Photo Gallery section.


From: James Lee Stanley

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From: Fred Velez


With the upcoming, long-awaited release of Brian Wilson’s
lost ‘Smile’ album, I’d like to submit this article for the Group on
the Lost ‘Monkees Presents’ album. I hope you find it suitable for

The Lost ‘Monkees Presents’ Album
By Fred Velez

When you look at the history of classic rock albums released by
bands from the 1960’s, one sometimes ponders about the record
projects that never were. For
the Beach Boys, it’s the legendary ‘Smile’ album. For the Beatles,
it’s the original ‘warts and all” version of ‘Get Back’, the working
title for what was eventually released as the ‘Let It Be’ album.
When Rhino Handmade released the ‘Headquarters Sessions’, they gave
Monkees fans the unique experience of being
a fly on the wall during the making of this classic album. And, with
the Missing Links series and the bonus cuts on the reissued Monkees
albums on CD, we now have at our disposal the largest collection of
unreleased Monkees material so far issued. By pouring through all
these songs, fans can actually assemble a sort of alternate history
of what the Monkees albums would have been like if some of these
songs had been included. Taking all this into consideration, the
Rhino Handmade release of the ‘Headquarters Sessions’ bought to mind
a long-forgotten, unfinished Monkees project; the original version
of ‘The Monkees Presents’ album.

In one of the final issues of the Monkees Spectacular, Peter Tork
gave an interview in which he mentioned this project. The original
concept for the album was to be a double record set which would
showcase the individual talents of each member of the Monkees, with
one side devoted to each member of the group, reflecting that
Monkee’s musical style and influences. This would have been the
Monkees’ most ambitious album project since ‘Headquarters’.

If the Monkees hadn’t been busy with the final season of their TV
series, filming the movie ‘Head’, embarking on their 1968 Far East
Tour and taping the ’33 & 1/3′ special, they might have had the time
to finish the ‘Presents’ project as intended, and actually beat the
Beatles in releasing a double album late in the year, the latter
having issued the ‘White Album’ by the fall of ’68. Even after Peter
left the group, there was still talk of the remaining three
Monkees finishing the album project, with the fourth side being a
group effort. This version of the album was abandoned as well,
and ‘The Monkees Presents’ was
eventually released in late 1969 as the single record we’re all
familiar with today. (The multi-record concept itself, however, was
picked up by other groups; Peter, Paul & Mary simultaneously
released solo albums in 1970, as did KISS in the late 1970’s).

Some of the tracks that were intended for the original ‘Presents’
project ended up on ‘Head’, ‘Instant Replay’, the
released ‘Presents’, with other tracks, many of them Peter Tork
tunes, finally appearing decades later in the ‘Missing Links’ series
and as bonus cuts on the Rhino Monkees CDs. Some of the songs Mike
Nesmith recorded for the ‘Presents’ project were later rerecorded by
Nesmith and released on his solo albums.

If the original double record version of ‘The Monkees Presents’ had
been released as intended, one could only speculate on whether it
would have been a
commercial success for the group. When you consider that by 1968 the
Monkees’ popularity was beginning its’ downward spiral, unless the
album had been critically acclaimed, it might have been as big a
financial and artistic liability for the band as ‘Head’ was. Yet,
the songs that survive from the original ‘Presents’ project show
that the group was indeed maturing musically, exploring new
directions creatively and exhibiting an artistic growth that was
barely allowed to blossom during the group’s early success.
Nesmith’s songs in particular gave us a preview of what was to come.

While the original ‘Monkees Presents’ project never saw fruition,
with the release of the ‘Missing Links’ series and the Rhino CD
bonus cuts, one can put
together their own version of what this lost Monkees album might
have sounded like. Thanks to Rhino’s liner notes in the CD series,
the listener can track down which songs were recorded specifically
for ‘Presents’, or were close enough to the projects’ concept to
merit inclusion. Because there is a sparseness of Peter Tork tracks,
one could cheat a little by including ‘East Virginia’ and ‘2 Part
Invention’ from the ‘Headquarters Sessions’, and when you consider
Peter’s love for classical and folk music, they might have actually
been among his submissions to the project. Also, Micky’s ‘She’ll Be
There’ and the original, demo version of ‘Midnight Train’ could also
fit in quite nicely to the ‘Presents’ concept. Because there is, if
you’ll excuse the unintended pun, a vast ‘blessing’ of many Nesmith
tracks, some Nez songs may have to be excluded so that there is at
least a balance between Mike and the other Monkees. (Of course,
with todays CD technology, one can actually fit in more songs on a
single CD).

With this in mind, I’ve compiled a list of what tracks I think the
original ‘Monkees Presents’ album might have included. The criteria
I used for my list was choosing songs between late 1967 and
early ’69 recorded specifically for or which might have been
considered for the project and which fit in with the original
albums’ concept of being an individual showcase for each Monkee. (In
regards to the Nesmith cuts, with a few exceptions, I excluded songs
that he later rerecorded for his solo albums.)

This list in no way is meant to be considered a definitive version
of the album. This is just a speculative, fun exercise that fans may
want to try on their own since all of these tracks are currently
available. And perhaps, with some encouragement, Rhino and the
Monkees themselves may be prompted to come back to this abandoned
project and resume work on it, compiling a collection of these songs
on a single or double CD, including whatever tracks may still be in
the vaults, with extensive liner notes and surviving artwork that
was meant for the album, so that a special edition version of the
lost ‘Monkees Presents’ project may someday see the light of day for
original and future Monkee fans to enjoy.

Last year, Apple Records released ‘Let It Be: Naked’, the ‘Get Back’
album as close to how The Beatles originally intended it to be
heard. In late September of 2004, Brian Wilson will finally release
his version of the lost Beach Boys’ ‘Smile’ album. Hopefully,
someday the original version of ‘The Monkees Presents’ album will
also join their ranks. It’s a nice fantasy, but hey hey, I’m a
believer. How about you?



(ML1- Missing Links 1, ML2- Missing Links 2, ML3-Missing Links 3,
BBM-The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees, H-Head, IR- Instant Replay,
MP- The Monkees Presents, C- Changes, HS- Headquarters Sessions. b –
signify bonus cuts, alt. – signify alternate version)

1. Steam Engine (ML3)
2. Little Girl (MP)
3. Rosemarie (IR-b)
4. She’ll Be There (ML3, HS)
5. Bye Bye, Baby, Bye Bye (MP)
6.You’re So Good (ML3)
7. Midnight Train (ML3, HS – alt.)
8. Mommy & Daddy (MP-alt.)
9. Pillow Time (MP)

1. Someday Man (IR-b)
2. Smile (IR-b)
3. If You Have the Time (ML1)
4. If I Knew (MP)
5. Look Down (ML3)
6. French Song (MP)
7. Storybook of You (ML1)
8. War Games (ML1)
9. Time & Time Again (ML1, C-b)

1. St. Matthew (ML2, IR-b)
2. If I Ever Get To Saginaw Again (ML2)
3. Good Clean Fun (MP)
4. Michigan Blackhawk (ML2)
5. Nine Times Blue (ML1)
6. Hollywood (ML3)
7. How Insensitive (ML3)
8. Angel Band (ML3)
9. Listen to the Band (MP)

1. Seeger’s Theme (ML2)
2. Come On In (ML2)
3. Tear the Top Off My Head (ML3)
4. I Was Born in East Virginia (HS)
5. Lady’s Baby (BBM-b)
6. Two Part Invention in F Major (HS)
7. Merry Go Round (ML3)
8. Can You Dig It? (H-alt.)
9. Alvin (BBM-b)

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