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I’ve been having major problems getting messages out from Yahoogroups,
hopefully they are fixed now. I have been trying to send this message since=

June 18. If this works I’ll send another alert soon.

Davy Jones will be on Entertainment Tonight Today, Tuesday. The show is
syndicated, check your local listings for times.


From: “Sally Carpenter”

Those of you who read the last issue of MBF noticed a paragraph on page 14=

regarding Scooby Do trading cards. Here’s the story on that: A few weeks=

ago, I was forwarded an email from a voice artist friend of mine. The
email was from Bobbi, who works with Inkworks, the trading card
company. Inkworks is preparing a line of autographed Scooby Do character
cards of guest stars as well as the regular actors. The email was a
request in helping Inkworks track down the original actors from the show
for the autographs. Davy’s name was on the list, so apparently the company=

didn’t know how to reach him. I contacted Maggie McManus and asked if she=

could help the Inkworks people get in touch with Davy. She asked Davy if
he was interested (thanks, Maggie!), he agreed to talk to the company, and=

we’ll see what happens from there. It’s nice to be a small part of the
project if it happens, and it shows that sometimes fans can help the cause.


From: Derek

A bit of info. (you may already know this…) If you check out they have annouced a release date for The Monkees: Live=

CD/DVD, for late September. They also have a messgae board on the home page=

and everyone is asking about The Monkees release. I asked for a track
listing but I have had a response yet. Get on the web site and lets show
them how many Monkee fanatics there really are !!!

The Monkees new release from Rhino is just a greatest hits package. “The
Essentials: The Monkees”, see for a track listing or

Did anyone get to purchase and download the Nez MP3 “January” before they
took it off the web site? Neffie told me that is was
going to be back up soon, as soon as Nez gets it back to her. I guess Nez
wanted to work a little more on it. Neffie said that it was not a sample
from Nez’s upcoming CD, but totally different. It was labeled as a
“Neztronic”. Is Nez going Techno???

Warm Regards,



From: “Karen Fuller”

This article is from The current “hard” copy issue of
The Blood Horse also features a picture of him.

Hey, Hey, He’s the Spokesman for Colonial Downs
Date Posted: 5/31/02 8:52:58 AM
Last Updated: 5/31/02 8:52:58 AM

Davy Jones, a Thoroughbred owner and former teen idol from the 1960’s
television classic “The Monkees,” is the official spokesman for Colonial
Downs in Virginia this season.

Jones, who will have horses based at the New Kent County, Va., racetrack,
recently completed a series of television and radio spots for in
preparation for the Thoroughbred season opener June 21. Jones, who still
tours and performs old favorites and new material on the concert stage,
will be at Colonial Downs for “Stars of the Monkees” on July 12, eve of the=

$500,000 Virginia Derby.

Jones rides both flat and jump races as an amateur as often as possible. He=

was in attendance Aug. 4, 2001, when his horse Maternity Leave captured a
steeplechase event at Colonial Downs. Jones said he plans to stable several=

horses at the Virginia track during the five-week Thoroughbred meet.

“One of my main goals (as spokesman) is to encourage families to enjoy an
afternoon at the races,” Jones said. “With today’s busy lifestyle, families=

seem to spend less and less time together. A day here at Colonial Downs, or=

any track for that matter, is a great family alternative. It’s inexpensive,=

safe, and fun.”

The Colonial meet will extend through July 23, with racing Fridays,
Saturdays, and Sundays at 1 p.m. EDT, and Mondays and Tuesdays at 4 p.m.
There will be special holiday programs on July 4-5.

Copyright =A9 2002 The Blood-Horse, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


From: “Anne”

Hi Brad,

The following DVD is going to be released in Australia on July 30. You may=

like to post the info.


Anne O’Reilly – The Monkeemaniacs Fan Club

Hey Hey, We’re The Monkees (220892)
Coming Soon! Pre-Order Now – Available Tuesday 30th July 2002
$AU24.95 (inc GST) Currency Converter International Price

This amazing nostalgic look back at one of music’s best known success
stories also includes exclusive interviews with the band and rare backstage=


Also includes special appearance by the late, great musician Frank Zappa,
The Monkees crazy TV commercials, how the band got into films and what
eventually took a toll on the bands success, even though they still tour
around the world to this day!

Features Their Most Famous Songs:
Daydream Believer
Last Train to Clarkesville
Pleasant Valley Sunday
Special Features:
Band Member Biographies
Hilarious Outtakes
Original Screen Tests Of The Band Members
Concert Performances And TV Appearances By The Band!


From: “Sally Carpenter”

The Sunday Los Angeles Daily News has a page called “Fast Forward” to
highlight concerts in the upcoming week. Of all the shows in LA, The
Monkees got a brief mention for this Friday: “Hey, hey…it’s the
Monkees. And the Brady Bunch? Yes, Davy Jones and Micky Dolenz have hit
the road with Greg Brady, aka Johnny Bravo, aka Barry Williams, as their
opening act 9 pm at the House of Blues, 8430 Sunset Blvd,
Hollywood. Information: (213) 480-3232 or”


From: Navajo Slim


Greetings from Videoranch!

We’re trying out a new shopping engine at Videoranch. It s still in beta
form and under construction so there may be some glitches and the store is=

not very pretty yet, so bear with us…

To get you guys to test out the new store for us, we re putting on a HUGE
SALE with some great deals on your favorite Videoranch products! The sale
will only be at the new store, not the regular Videoranch store. There’s a=

link to it from Videoranch, but the easiest way to get to there is to click=


Once you re in the new beta store you can click on the Videoranch neon sign=

to get to our home page, if you need to.

Call us toll free at 1-866-PAPA NEZ if you have any problems ordering or
finding what you need. Or use our Live Help feature which allows you to
chat with one of us from 9-5 Pacific Time, Monday thru Friday (usually).

This sale is only going to be on for a short period of time so be sure to
check it out. Some of the prices are unbelievable. Also, notice the new
store has search capabilities, so you can find your favorite song easily.
We re working hard to make searches really useful for you (we will soon be=

adding lyrics for all of the songs, for instance), so if you have any ideas=

about that, we d love to hear from you.

Our new Videoranch T-Shirts have been a hit! A shirt with a flying, horned,=

chromed rocket TV is a must for every wardrobe, but that goes without sayin=

A quick note: The Long Sandy Hair of Neftoon Zamora will soon be coming
out on CD as an audio book read by the author (Nez!). We love the way it
has turned out. We will let you know as soon as they re ready to ship.

Have a great week end.

Yours truly,
The Videoranch Ranch Hands
And Bubba Crutch



The Essentials: The Monkees

Here is the track listing from

Track Listings
1. (Theme From) The Monkees
2. Last Train to Clarksville
3. I Wanna Be Free
4. I’m a Believer
5. (I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone
6. A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You
7. Randy Scouse Git
8. Pleasant Valley Sunday
9. Words
10. Daydream Believer
11. Valleri
12. For Pete’s Sake


From: “Jake & Nancy VanElswyk”

Hi Brad

I received the upcoming Monkee tour dates and I noticed there was one for
Windsor Ontario Canada.
I was wondering if anybody out there knows the details of
this appearance (where it is, times).
I have checked some sites but they just say Windsor, Windsor, Ontario. I
checked the Windsor Casino website but didn’t see them appearing there in J=
I would really appreciate some feedback. I seen a special on them last
night and they said they have a Monkee 2002 cd available that was recorded=

at Casinorama, and I was at that concert so I would really love to get the=

cd but they said it was only available at their concerts.
Thanks so much and look forward to hearing from anybody with the informatio=



From: cin1967

Davy and Micky will be playing at the Odeon in Cleveland on June 22–ticket=
are $32.50 and $35.00 and they go on sale at 10 am May 31.



From: “Jessica Carter”

Hi Gang!

I just wanted to say that Davy Jones was in Chicago yesterday(29th)
on Fox32 to promote his up-coming book and his horse races. Davy
didn’t say what the title of his new book would be. It also
looks like Davy is in the mood to buy a new horse. He
was also promoting the tour with Barry Williams. Davy also
said that he and Micky are going back into the studio to
record what Davy calls “the last boy-band song”

~Jessica a.k.a LadyTork


From: cin1967

Below is a link to the interview CNN did with Micky and Davy for the On the
Road segment…does anyone know when this is airing? At the site you can al=
download video of the twosome doing “I’m A Believer…”

here: CNN Programs – Showbiz Today



From: Carlisle

hey everyone! i just received this date today:

16 June, Sunday
N.A. BluesFest
10:30AM to 4:30PM
The guys go on at 11AM so be sure to arrive early.
The BluesFest is located at the Veterans Administration Grounds in West Los=

Angeles, at the intersection of Wilshire Boulevard and Federale Avenue.
Follow the signs- the event can be seen from the street.
Tickets: $15.00

the full current schedule can be found at



From: “Ginger Fitts”

just to let everyone know, the SSB show at the Sit N Bull pub in Maynard
MA, right now they only have one show booked. They will add a second show=

only if the first one sells out and they don’t think that will happen due
to the guys playing a holiday weekend, it’s a slow weekend for them.



From: “Lora Keyes”

Just picked up Soap Opera Weekly June 4, 2002 edition and they have a
colour picture of Micky Dolenz with Peter Noone on page 10 plus a little
interview. Also Soap Opera Update June 4, 2002 edition has colour photo of=

Micky on page 25 and talks about his upcoming role as the vicar for Bonnie=

and Ian’s wedding. LAst but not least CBS Soaps has Micky and Peter Noone=

in a colour photo on page 11 with a small interview.
Keep Monkeeing Around!


From: “cocacolachic38”

Hey that was me that had the eggplant thing, actually it is a gourd
that I decorated. Davy told me he would put it in his museum.
I don’t remember saying that I knew Davy, but I said I knew Davy
would remember me from the conversation we had the day before. Thanks
to WRKA oldies radio.
That nasty securtiy gaurd almost had me stopped, but I made it just
the same.
I stayed around after the show and got to get into their tent and
got Davy’s and Micky’s autographs! WAY COOL!!
I’m sure Davy was wondering how I managed to break that security.
During the rain storm I met a nice family in the VIP tent, (I had VIP
passes). Anyhow we chatted during the rain, they had met the whole
band at the cancer foundation fund raiser in Lexington. That is how
they got back stage tickets from Davy himself!! After the show when
they were leaving I saw them again and the lady’s husband gave me his
pass. I sure wish I had gotten their names, I’d send a huge thank
I sure wish I could have stayed longer, but today my feet are back on
the ground. Day dreaming can make things happen, if you truly
believe! I Love Ya Davy!! From Jerry.



I wondered who was in that super stretch limo when we got to the zoo.=

I didn’t know it was Micky and Davy. Anyway, I thought the first band King=

Kong sucked. The rain sucked too. At least we had somewhere to go when it
was storming. Barry Williams finally came out about 9:30 P.M. and played
for about 30 minutes. Then at 10:00 P.M. Micky and Davy came on stage and
played until 11:00 P.M. My husband got Barry’s autograph while I watched
Micky and Davy play. Unfortunately, the rain shortened the concert. I had
fun once the concert started. I think they should have cancelled it because=

of the storms and just given everyone a refund.


From: Krnurse


I am writing to let people know about the concert last night in
Merriville. As usual, it was a wonderful time.

Prior to the concert, a group of us online fans got together at the
restaurant under the hotel. Annissa, Cin, Dawn, Kathy, and oh, I am sorry,=

I forget your name, there was one other person and I feel terrible that I
can’t remember your name. Anyway, we enjoyed the pleasure of each other’s=

company at the hotel. It is so nice to be able to put a face with email
names. My husband was there too, but, he was just there to play the
husband role, not because of love for the guys.

Well, Barry Williams opened up for the guys. Barry did a great job. As he=

did in Arkansas last December, Barry came out into the crowd and took
polaroid pictures with fans. Barry is really good with the crowds, very
open with people and nice. I’m not a huge Brady Bunch fan, but he does a
fine job with what he sings. During intermission, Barry was signing
autographs for whomever wanted one. I got 3 things signed. He only was
supposed to sign items purchased, but not ticket stubs or slips of paper,
etc. Well, I had him sign my Brady Bunch videos and his CD. Plus, he
posed for pictures leaning over the table. The line for him was very
long. I would suggest to people going to future concerts to get in line
before he finishes singing, otherwise, you will miss the Monkees while
standing in line for Barry.

The band opened for the Monekees with the traditional medley of many
songs. I really enjoy that. The set list was pretty much the same as it
was the week before in Louisville. However, there was lots of banter and a=

skit this time. David Alexander(Keyboards) and Sandy G (drums) came out
and did the Archie Bunker skit. For those who may not have seen this, it
is hilarious. They do a great job! Micky did his talk that he always does=

before Randy Scouse Git about Way back in 1968 I took a trip to the UK and=

there we met a band called the Beatles. …etc, etc. I don’t remember much=

about the party, but I do remember this song…I hope. Then, after the
song, he pretends to be confused about the song ending, they pull the drum=

away, and Davy asks if there is anything he can get Micky..yes, a Prozac
and Gin malt. Well, not much has changed in the concerts this year from
last year. Davy did his Marsha Marsha Marsh bit. He didn’t do anything
from Oliver though. Micky did his routine about his father being a light
opera singer and sang Since I fell for you. Aviva gave an excellent
performance with several saxaphone solos. The horn players were fabulous
and really rather friendly. I was able to meet Sam and Eric after the
show. What a treat that was.

Micky had a few costume changes in the show and left the stage a few
times. I wonder if he was checking the score. He mentioned at the
beginning of the concert something about the down side of tonight is
missing the Lakers game. He got to see the end of the game though.

Davy sang I’ll love you forever and dedicated to his daughters, but,
especially to Sarah who is going to make him a grandfather for the first
time in July. He spoke of when his children were young, watching an old
Monkees show and asking Davy why he dances like Axel Rose?

Micky pretended to throw his sweat towel out into the crowd and then as
usual, said, oh, no, this isn’t going on ebay. Well, after the song he
tossed it into the crowd anyway.

At the end, Sandy, the drummer, ripped the set lists off of the floor and
threw them at the crowd, only problem was, in the process, the lists were
torn to shreds, so I don’t know if anyone got a complete list. Like I
said, I believe they played the same set as they did in Louisville. He also=

tossed out to the crowd four drum sticks.

The sound for the entire concert seemed to be good, Micky and Davy did a
fine job singing. They did seem a little tired. Davy didn’t move around
as much as last week, but he still danced all over the stage. He invited
one girl up to the stage to dance with him. She was thrilled to death!

After the concert, I went back stage. The much of band and Barry Willams
were back there along with Micky. Davy, Aviva, and Greg were not. Micky
was busy watching the Lakers game on TV and he would pause during comercial=

breaks or time-outs to sign an autograph or pose for pictures. On person
gave Micky an elephant and a corky doll. Micky seemed to really like
that! I gave him a video of four circus boy episodes taped from
television. I got it off of ebay. He seemed to like that. People were
just hanging out in the room after the concert, drinking Heinekan’s,
watching the game and chillin out. Micky wasn’t drinking, other people
were, and Davy wasn’t there.

The entire experience was wonderful. Everyone back stage was kind…except=

the security people. I haven’t met a kind security person yet. I suppose=

that job changes a person’s mentality. By the time I got home at 2:30 in=

the morning, I was dead tired. I had to go into work today, but ended up
calling in for the first four hours because I was wiped out. My patients
appreciate me not being here while I am sleeping. Pics should be available=

soon at Click on Katherine and then, the various
concerts. This is a work in progress. So, give me a little time and the
pictures will be available soon! Katherine


From: “Moore, Timothy”

I along with my three guests (we had lawn seats) attended your show at The
Meadow brook Music Theater on Saturday, June 1, 2002. We were really
disappointed with the quality of the sound. We could barely hear the music
or singing & we couldn’t hear a word when you spoke to the crowd all we
heard was a bunch of mumbling, so we left (we would’ve stayed for the whole
show if we could’ve heard it). We’ve been looking forward to your show for =
couple of months and would like to attend your show when you come back to
town as long as it ain’t at Meadow brook, unless they improve the quality o=
sound I will not waste my money attending any show at Meadow brook no matte=
who is playing there.
Just a little funny note: When we got back home there was an Monkees episod=
on TV Land, Later that night The Brady Bunch was on, you know the one where
Marsha, Marsha, Marsha asked Davey to her prom.
Anyway thought I’d drop a line to let you know what I thought of the show.


From: Classicstephanie

Greetings Brad!

Here is a review of The Monkees performance on Thursday night, June 13,
2002, at the Galaxy Theater:

Still Daydream Believin’ – Part II

It had been almost a year since my first Monkees concert (August 19,
2001, in Bakersfield, California), and with that performance still so
fresh in my mind, I was hoping I wouldn’t start comparing the two shows (2=

Monkees versus 3, the audience participation, the fact that we had about
2500 people at the Bakersfield show, compared to 500 at the Galaxy, the
fact that I still have a huge crush on ALL of the guys) against each other;=

well, that was then, this is now (if you will excuse the pun!) and face it=

folks, the guys still have IT!

After an extremely long — and hot! – 5 hour drive from Delano, I arrived
at the Holiday Inn in Costa Mesa just in the nick of time to take a shower,=

get dressed and get back in my car to drive to the Galaxy Theater and catch=

the 7PM performance of “The Best of The Monkees.”

…and that they were…and are!

I was fortunate to sit in the very front for the first show with my friend=

Linda, whom I had only corresponded with over the Internet, but that night=

we met face to face for the first time. She and her friends made me feel
right at home, so much that I knew that if I had the urge to jump up and
make a fool of myself dancing, or ‘hootin’ and a hollerin’ when Davy and
Micky hit the stage, they would let me!

And they did!

As the show was about to begin, first out on stage were the wonderful
musicians in the group – Aviva on saxophone (who has to be one of the most=

talented saxophonist’s to date folks; the link to buy her CD is at the end=

of this article – BUY IT!), Sandy Gennaro on drums, Jerry Renino on bass,
Wayne Avers on guitar, Dave Alexander on keyboards and Sam, Eric and Greg
in the horn section (Oh, Sam!! That was yours truly screaming out my love
for you!); they opened with an overture of Monkee tunes to the absolute
delight of the audience. Nothing could be better — that is, until Davy and=

Micky came out on stage!

Well, besides the fact that these two look absolutely GREAT, still have the=

talent and grace that made them popular to begin with and can still make
women — and I am sure there are many men out there who may or may not
admit to it! — swoon, they performed with an endless amount of energy that=

had the crowd panting for more; and pant we did. The set list remained the=

same that has been posted throughout this tour, as well as most of the
banter between Micky and Davy, but of course, you would think that we were=

hearing the monologue and the songs for the very first time by the way the=

audience responded; how many other bands do you know have an audience that=

can sing along word for word to every single song that they have ever
recorded? Including the songs they have recorded on their own ventures? And=

make one feel, as I did, for example, when Davy sang “Forever” I could
SWEAR he was looking directly at me; a thought that I am sure every other=

woman in the audience had going through her mind at the same moment that

My big moment came when Davy made a reference to Bakersfield in his
monologue; you can imagine how much my curiosity was piqued; however, when=

he mentioned how FLAT the area is — and I agree, the area is flat, how
else are we supposed to grow all of those grapes, cotton, kiwi’s and the
like? — well, I would just like to relay this message to Mr. Jones…you
obviously DON’T remember meeting me last year! (LOL! That’s okay, I’ll let=

you slide…this time!).

The second show was just as energy filled as the first, but I did notice
that the crowd was a little more subdued; except for myself and about 6
other fans towards the front tables that couldn’t contain their excitement=

and danced to almost every song. That was okay though, as it didn’t seem
to damper Davy and Micky’s enthusiasm one bit. And when the show finally
came to a close and I looked around the room at the departing crowd, I
wondered, did they have the same feeling as I did? The sense of reality
that now sets in as we go back to our “real lives” as we head home? For
myself, my reality was given a big boost, a boost that reminded me that
these guys are as much a part of my today as they were of my yesteryear –=

when I felt I could conquer the world, that nothing could…or would stand=

in my way; I had lost that feeling recently, but its back now, so much that=

I want to yell out to everyone…


Now, if you will excuse me, first on my “to do” list is to send a little
memo off to Mr. Jones about Bakersfield….:-)

Stephanie Anne Dispoto
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