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Misc Monkees on Television plus New Davy date!

March 27, 2011 by  
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At 9 am (pacific time) on June 27, the VH1 show Back to Back will have a
segment on the Monkees movie Daydream Believers.

From:The Monkees Net

Behind the scenes of Daydream Believers, the Monkees movie was shown on
VH1 at 7:30 e.s.t. on a show called “Brand New Summer”, which gives a
sneak peek at the “Movies that Rock”.

From: Laura Dever

Davy will be playing with Chubby Checker at Fiesta Texas in San Antonio,
Texas on July 8. Tickets are available through Star Tickets.

Laura Dever

From: Chrissy Abee

On one of the Carl’s Jr. fast food commercials (the one where the man is
standing in the meat isle), an instrumental version of Daydream Believer
plays in the background. = )


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