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From: Lenora McCoy

A story on has a brief mention of the Monkees movie, at the very end:

L.B. Fisher, who plays the updated Peter Tork in VH1’s Monkees movie,
Daydream Believer, has previously played some interesting roles: Mostly,
he has played jerks. On the WB’s Felicity, Fisher played Carl, the
freshman who “got with” his dorm’s resident adviser Meghan. On NBC’s
E.R., Fisher played a none-too-courtly punk who refused to give up his
seat on a train to the pregnant nurse Carol Hathaway, only to depend on
her ministrations when he was hit by a truck. “I actually lived,” he
recently told, but “people were hoping I would die.”

And whose music do you think they play on the movie set? Daydream
Believer director Neill Fearnley says that the ceaseless peppiness of
Monkees music on the Toronto set drives him “to listen to Tom Waits to
get to sleep at night.”



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