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March 27, 2011 by  
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Davy was on a radio interview this morning on WPON in Detroit, simulcast on
the Net. It was SO festive, a great hour-long interview!!! In the
interview he said he will be on the talk show The View Wednesday next
week. I confirmed this at The View is aired on ABC. Check
local listings for air time!

Davy also confirmed that he is indeed building a small Davy/Monkees museum
in Pennsylvania, and he confirmed that “Just For the Record” volume 5 will
soon be out on CD!

Davy also mentioned that at his personal appearance in NYC on March 16, he
will be playing some of his acoustic solo material. He has some amazing
songs, so try to make it! Go to or “> or
for more info on this “speaking engagement.” Davy will also be appearing
at the Summit Mall in Waterford, MI, on Saturday, March 11 from 2-4pm (to
apparently sell and autograph copies of his new book, Daydream Believin’!!).

There’s a few VCR alerts for Davy for next week, too, so go here: to check them out!


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