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Micky TV Interview

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Michael Nesmith:

Chapter Three of The America Gene is up at and I’ll read the Chapter live in vr3D Sunday the 5th 5PM PT


Q&A with Micky Dolenz

By Kevin Eck

It’s been more than 40 years since Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones, Michael Nesmith
and Peter Tork — collectively known as The Monkees — took America by storm
with a popular network television series and a string of No. 1 albums and
singles. Although the series about a fictional rock band was canceled in
1968 after just two seasons and The Monkees as a recording act were done in
1970, they did not just fade away. Three members of the group reunited for a
highly successful tour in 1986, and they also toured at various times in the
1990s and even as late as 2001.

Dolenz, who played drums and sang the majority of The Monkees’ hits, still
tours as a solo artist. He is scheduled to perform at The Dundalk Heritage
Fair at Dundalk Heritage Park on Sunday at 8 p.m.

I conducted a phone interview with Dolenz, 64, Friday.

Tell us about the set list for the shows you are doing on this tour.

I do all of the big Monkees hits, of course. I sang most of them. So I do
all the big hits and I do them in their entirety. I think you sort of have
this unspoken bond with an audience when you’re in a position like I am.
They’re there to hear those hits and I know that. I give them all that, and
I try to keep pretty faithful to the intent of the original song and the
style, even the tone of the instruments. Now having said that, peppered
within all the big Monkees songs, I’ll tell some stories. For instance, I’ll
tell a story about meeting the Beatles in London in the ’60s and going to
some of the Abbey Road recording sessions, and then I’ll sing a song that I
actually heard them recording. Or I’ll tell the story of Jimi Hendrix when
he was our opening act after I found him at the Monterey Pop Festival, and
then I’ll do a Hendrix tune.,0,6716853.story


Video Interview

ASHLAND, Ky. (WSAZ) — He doesn’t Monkey around, and Friday night Micky
Dolenz was all business as he wowed the crowd at Ashalnd’s Summer Motion.

“It’s hard to beat this, you know,” Dolenz said. “It’s just pretty cool to
do rock ‘n roll. I mean, people show up and they know all the songs.”

Dolenz spent years as a member of the Monkees and then made music on his

He says the fans want to hear the classics.

“I really stick to the original versions of the songs, and I do them in
their entirety, and I don’t mess about,” he said. “I think it’s really
important for an audience that comes to something like this. They wanna hear
those songs written by Carol King that I sang, and Neil Diamond and all
these great song writers that I had.”

Dolenz says he might do another Broadway Show in the near future.


From: Charles F. Rosenay



Connecticut: Join fellow fans from “across the universe” for a day-long
convention in celebration of the fans and the music of The Beatles, as well
as The Monkees and 60’s pop music, as the Liverpool Productions fan club
presents “BEATexpo 2009” on Sunday, November 29th, 2009 at the Holiday Inn
Downtown Stamford, 700 E. Main Street in Stamford, CT. This is the first
event of its kind in Connecticut in 12 years.

There will be special guests, concerts by tribute bands including “The
Beatles Forever Band,” “Octopus’s Garden” and Tim Palmieri’s “The A-Z
Beatles Songbook Show;” a rock & roll flea market/memorabilia marketplace;
rare video shows; special exhibits and displays; a “penny” auction and many
other features, events and attractions. “The Beatles Forever Band” is made
up of former members of the Connecticut tribute band “The Neatles,” who
actually headlined the original Beatles conventions in the state in the
early eighties.

Special guests of honor at BEATexpo include:

~Peter Tork of The Monkees at his first-ever convention for fans of The
Beatles. He will be talking about how The Monkees were molded from The
Beatles image, what it was like being side-by-side with The Beatles as the
largest pop-rock musical act of the 60’s, about his personal association of
The Monkees’ only film with The Beatles’ song “Strawberry Field Forever,”
about filming a commercial with Ringo Starr, and numerous other stories and
anecdotes. Davy Jones and Micky Dolenz have previously appeared at similar
Beatles conventions. This is the first-ever expo appearance for Peter Tork,
a resident of Connecticut. He will be meeting fans, signing autographs, be
available for photos and talking onstage in a question and answer period on
Sunday, November 29. His concert performance will be in the hotel’s ballroom
the night before, Saturday, November 28.

~Dennis Ferrante, John Lennon’s Recording Engineer
Grammy award winning recording engineer will talk about his years of
producing and engineering John Lennon’s albums from “Imagine” thru “Rock n
Roll.” Ferrante, who worked closely with Lennon throughout the ’70s on such
classic albums as “Imagine,” “Some Time In New York City,” “Mind Games,”
“Walls And Bridges,” and “Rock ‘N’ Roll” says that Lennon’s death absolutely
leveled him: “I cried all night. And I just couldn’t get over it, it was
like they shot my father, or my mother, or my brother. And I was so
distraught, I didn’t go back to work for almost a week. I stayed home. And
it’s funny because nobody called. ‘Cause they knew that I had worked with
him.” He will be meeting fans, signing autographs, be available for photos
and talking onstage in a question and answer period on Sunday, November 29.

~Sid Bernstein – the famed Promoter
Sid Bernstein is the legendary promoter who worked with Beatles’ manager
Brian Epstein to bring The Beatles to America. He produced their historic
1964 Carnegie Hall concert and both their 1965 and 1966 Shea Stadium shows,
the first stadium concerts in history. He imported the British Invasion to
the shores of New York City and helped build the dreams of The Beatles,
Rolling Stones, Herman’s Hermits, the Moody Blues, the Kinks, James Brown,
Ray Charles, John Denver, Joan Baez, Miles Davis, the Rascals, Frank
Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Elvis Presley, Barbara Streisand, ABBA, Aretha
Franklin, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and the list goes on and on. He will be
meeting fans, signing autographs, be available for photos and talking
onstage in a question and answer period on Sunday, November 29.

~Greg Hawkes from The Cars,
Greg Hawkes played with Paul McCartney on his album “Flowers in the Dirt”
and is recognized as one of the foremost keyboard players in the music
industry. A huge Beatles fan himself, Greg Hawkes has recorded a tribute
album of Beatles songs performed entirely on the ukelele(!) entitled “The
Beatles Uke.” He will be meeting fans, signing autographs, be available for
photos and talking onstage in a question and answer period on Sunday,
November 29. His concert performance will be in the hotel’s ballroom the
night before, Saturday, November 28.

~Butch Patrick of The Munsters
Iconic sixties TV star and pop culture personality Butch Patrick is best
known for his child role as “Eddie Munster” on the hit television program
“The Munsters.” Butch Patrick is a long-time Beatles fan and collector who
has authored a book on his life and his experiences. Coincidentally, Butch
Patrick appeared in The Monkees’ TV show. He will be meeting fans, signing
autographs, be available for photos and talking onstage in a question and
answer period on Sunday, November 29. He will also be part of the Special
Pre-Show Concert Event on Saturday, November 28.
More guests of honor and celebrity appearances will be announced. There will
be autographs signings and interviews, including question & answer sessions,
with all the guests.

The rock & roll flea market and memorabilia marketplace will feature over 50
vendors buying – selling – trading every imaginable collectible, including
records, CDs, DVDs, videos, photos, buttons, posters, picture sleeves, boxed
sets, autographs, dolls, original tickets, books, magazines and much more.
Paraphernalia will be priced as low as fifty cents for some items, and much
more for the higher-end collectors items.

“Ticket to Ride” All-Day Passes for Sunday (Noon-8pm) are only $15.00 in
advance or $20.00 at the door (if the event isn’t sold out in advance).
There is also an early-bird V.I.P. admission which gets fans and collectors
in at 11am for first crack at the vendors ($30.00), and they may stay on all
day. Advance tickets available at:

There will also be a Special Pre-Show Concert Event on Saturday, November
28, 2009 at 8pm with special guests, bands and attractions. Tickets $15.00
advance or $20 at the door (if not sold out in advance). Advance tickets
available at: It is this Special
Pre-Show Concert Event where Peter Tork and some of the other special guests
will be performing live on stage in the ballroom.

“BEATexpo 2009” Special Room Rates at the Holiday Inn Downtown Stamford only
$79.00. Call for room reservations: (203) 358-8400 or toll-free (800)
465-4329. Website:
Parking for this event will be Free.

For updates and further information, visit or call
(203) 795-4737. You may also email


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