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Micky To Do Commentary On Season 2 DVDs!

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From: Anthony

–The Monkeesrule43 Online Mailing List–

**On TV***
Peter Tork’s mid-90s guest starring role on “Boy Meets World” will
air on the Disney Channel on September 3 at 5pm EST and September 4
at 12am EST. The Monkees will be featured on “Popular Song:
Soundtrack of the Century,” a special airing on September 23 at 6am
EST on Bravo that follows various stages in popular music.

**Uncut Live DVD**
The “Monkees – Live Summer Tour – Extended & Uncut” DVD is slowly
becoming closer to getting released every day. We are just shy of
the halfway mark of our goal of 500 orders after only one month! If
you have yet to order your limited edition DVD of the only full-
length professionally filmed Monkees concert in almost 40 years, you
can reserve your copy now at

**Davy Hosts “Meet The Royals”**
According to a press release from the A&E network, “Meet The
Royals,” hosted by Davy Jones, like originally reported, will
premiere on A&E. The official debut date is September 7 at 10pm EST.
For more information on this series, read the full press release

Meet The Royals


Series Premieres with Prince William,
Sunday, September 7th at 10 pm/9C

NEW YORK, NY, August 12, 2003 – Former Monkee, bonafide daydream
believer and native Brit Davy Jones will host A&E Network’s saucy
new series MEET THE ROYALS. The announcement was made today by Nancy
Dubuc, Vice President, Documentary Programming Development, A&E
Network. The premiere episode airing Sunday, September 7, 2003 at
10pm /9C will profile the future King of England, Prince William. In
addition to Jones, controversial royal watcher and best-selling
author Andrew Morton (Diana: Her True Story In Her Own Words) will
offer his signature wicked observations on what really goes on
behind palace doors.

Employing a post-modern retro style, MEET THE ROYALS will showcase a
different royal each week, telling his or her story with imperial
attitude and regal panache, giving viewers spanking new insights
from a decidedly playful perspective. The series presents its
stories in a cheeky, fun, and irreverent format — while always
showing at least a bit of compassion for those whose
blood runs blue.

To give viewers an even more intimate look at the world’s royalty,
MEET THE ROYALS’ host Davy Jones will bring viewers a series of
puckish features that shine a light on just how royalty — and the
hoi polloi who do their bidding — go about their day-to-day
business. These segments include:

Royalty Revealed – Andrew Morton will provide behind the scenes and
under the red carpet tidbits, including the scoop that when Prince
Andrew was dating actress Koo Stark, he sometimes dressed as a
traffic warden and a milkman to avoid photographers.

Palace Ps and Qs: Royalty decorum hints from British etiquette
expert and TV personality Victoria Mather. Did you know that no one
is allowed to touch the queen…The Prime Minister of Australia put
his arm around the queen once and it made front page news!

Totally Titled: The stories behind the oft-lengthy titles of
royalty. The world knows Prince Charles as the Prince of Wales. His
full title…Prince Charles Phillip Arthur George, Prince of Wales,
Earl of Chester, Duke of Cornwall, Duke of Rothesay, Earl of
Carrick, Baron of Renfrew, Lord of the Isles and Prince and Great
Steward of Scotland!

So You Wanna Be A Princess? How a simple commoner like you can
emulate the Royal lifestyle! To marry a prince, there are a few
rules — you cannot be Catholic, if you’re divorced, your ex has to
be dead and the queen and parliament need to give their permission.
And we thought meeting the parents was bad!

Maintaining his allure as a sex icon through three generations of
fans, Davy Jones first invaded teen hearts as the international idol
of millions in the 1960s Emmy Award winning television classic “The
Monkees.” Since the show hit the small screen, Jones has triumphed
both as a serious actor and a comedian on the stage; as a rock
musician, composer and artist; and, true to his first love, as an
extremely able horseman.

Following Prince William on September 7, MEET THE ROYALS will look
at the lives of Princess Margaret, September 14; Charles and
Camilla, September 21 (10:30PM premiere time ); Prince Andrew,
October 12; Sarah Ferguson, October 19; Prince Harry, October 26.
Encore presentations of MEET THE ROYALS air every Friday night at

Nancy Dubuc is the A&E Network executive producer for MEET THE
ROYALS. Molly Thompson serves as the A&E Network supervising
producer and Amy Tamez is the coordinating producer. MEET THE
ROYALSis produced by Smash Entertainment for A&E Television
Networks. For Smash Entertainment, Rick Beyer is the executive
producer and Barb Moran is the coordinating producer.

For more of this newsletter, visit Monkeesrule43 Online at – An officially licensed Monkees site
that is your one stop on the web for Monkees news, bios, history,
rare MP3s & more!


From: “Jazz4Jeff”

I attended the TV Land Convention this past weekend in Burbank,
California. In addition to the Monkeemobile being displayed out
front, Rhino home video had a booth inside. They had some new
information on the 2nd season of Monkee episodes. The tentative
date for the release is November. They are still waiting for Micky
to conclude his tour of “Aida.” Micky is scheduled to add audio
commentary to the second season, including the Frodis Caper. As of
now, he has not done any commentary. Hopefully, when his “Aida”
tour ends at the end of this month, he will be home to complete his

Glad to know Micky will be included on season two!


From: “Brad Waddell”

Fun facts about the MonkeeMobile:

I saw the MonkeeMobile (Barris West Coast version) this weekend
(August 15) at the TV Land Convention in Burbank. The guy who works
for Barris, the company who made the car, was driving Eddie Munster
(Butch Patrick) around in the parking lot when I came out. He was
really nice and described some details on the MonkeeMobile while we

This is a real TV car, for show, and is not really street legal. It
has a license plate (old black California plate from the 60’s) which
was last registered in 1968. He said they usually put on special
license plates which read MONKEES.

It has door handles on the INSIDE ONLY. It has no seat belts. It has
an automatic transmission. It has no windshield wipers. It has a
seam in the middle of the windshield. It has no lock on the front
seats, they move forward easily to get in the back – making it
simpler to use for TV.

The engine is quite loud, a loud very low roar. The car smokes quite
a bit from burning oil the longer you run it, and it leaks oil as
well. The seats are very comfortable. Under the “parachute pack” in
the back is just foam.

He let us take a lot of pictures of it as he was getting it ready to
be transported back to the warehouse, where it is kept inside at all
times. They use a flatbed transport tow truck and the front end is
rather low so sometimes it scrapes on the tow truck when they drive
it on. It has no tow hooks.

I’ll post some more photos of the car later on the Monkees.Net web


From: “Dona McCall”


I just had to write in and say a personal “thank you” to Davy Jones
for performing in concert on August 8, 2003 in Santa Cruz,
California, and to say that I hope he knows how just how much it
meant to all the people who were lucky enough to attend. I walked
away from that concert feeling as if I were in a dream! He and his
band did such a wonderful job and I’ll never be able to thank him
enough. He played so many of the favorites, “Valleri”, “Daydream
Believer” and an absolutely breathtaking song dedicated to his
mother. Two of his bandmates did a short skit which was really
cute. I had a stuffed animal with me (a white seal) and I threw it
on stage for him and he picked it up during the song, “Girl” and was
so gracious about it all. He looked fantastic and gave such a
wonderful performance that I know it was a dream come true for all
of us who have admired and loved him for such a long time. The
second concert an hour later was just as incredible! He had
everyone up and dancing and he just took everyone’s breath away with
that voice and stage presence with the ocean, stars and warm summer
night wind as a backdrop. I came home with sand in my shoes, stars
in my eyes and even more admiration for him than I’ve ever had
before. Thank you, Davy. You made dreams come true for so many
people that night, and I for one was one of them. See you again at
the beach!


From: “Holly Moore”

I can’t believe it! I saw Davy last month and got his autograph and
now I saw Micky in Aida and got his autograph and a HUG! Saturday
the 16th I went to Green Bay with my aunt and my mom. This is the
same aunt that went with me to see Davy. So we went to the Wiedner
Center and we really good seats. The performance was so good! I
would go and see it again. And Micky still has such an awesome
voice! So before the performance I asked if there would be a meet
and greet afterwards. The lady said no but to go to the stage right
door to get an autograph. Well we asked after the show also were we
could possibly get autographs. The lady said to go outside where
the bus would be. So we went outside and walked around the building
where we saw the bus. There were already some people there. The
lead guy in the play came out started signing stuff and then as soon
as we stopped to wait for Micky he came out! Perfect timing or
what! The lead guy in the play (who is very cute) asked me if I
wanted him to sign my Aida T-shirt. I said yes but hurry up so
Micky can sign it. I felt bad I shouldn’t have said that. He said
oh I see how it is. Then I turned to Micky and and he signed my T-
shirt! I asked if I could have a hug and he gave the best hug. It
was one-armed but so sweet! Then I was so ecstatic I screamed as we
walked to the car and felt sick for awhile. I left my camera in the
car so I didn’t get a picture but don’t feel bad about it mom!
Without my mom I wouldn’t have seen any Monkees this summer or
gotten any autographs or hugs. She is the best! Now I am on a
mission to get Peter’s and Mike’s autographs. But 2 out of 4 isn’t
bad. It’s half and Micky and Davy are my favorite anyway. See ya!
Until the next autograph!

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