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Micky on Trio – Micky on AMC – Disneyland preview

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From: “karracelle”

Hey everyone,

I was channel surfing a little bit ago and saw Micky on Trio. There
is a special called, “The Scream Heard Around the World” There are
several Monkee mentions and some interview segments with Micky. It
will be airing again in about 45 minutes…Hope some of you can catch

Love to you all,


From: PiecesOfYou

For those of you who get TRIO, the Monkees will be on a special called “The
Scream Heard Round The World!” On the following times:

8/19 at 5:00pm, 9:00pm
8/20 at 12:00am
Both listings are in eastern time

They will also be on something called Hollywood Rocks the Movies on AMC on
8/31 at 8:10am eastern time.



From: “Sally Carpenter”

If you missed “Hollywood Rocks the Movies: The Early Years”, AMC will rerun
it early morning Sat., Aug. 31(check local listings for time) as part of
the Labor Day weekend “Music and the Movies” marathon. “Early Years” has
clips from the Monkees TV show and “Head”, and brief interview clips with
Micky. Ringo narrates this terrific documentary about rock movies through
the 1960’s. Although “Head” won’t be aired this weekend, lots of other
good rock and roll stuff like “The Last Waltz”, “Gimme Shelter”, “Ziggy
Stardust”, “Hollywood Rocks the Movies: The 70’s”, “Love Me Tender”, “Rock
Around the Clock”, “The Big TNT Show” (live concert with many ’60’s pop
stars including Lovin’ Spoonful), and “Rocky Horror Picture Show.” It’s


From: “Sally Carpenter”

Every Friday in the LA Daily News, Disney’s California Adventure park has
been running full-page ads for their summer concert series. On Aug. 16,
the ad had a picture of a mouse ears hat with the caption, “Music, Magic &
The Monkees (all under one hat!).” It listed the times and dates for the
groups performing for the final week–The Four Tops, America, and, of
course, our guys on Aug. 21-23.

An interesting side note is on Aug. 24, some of the stars of upcoming ABC
TV shows will be at the park to promote the new fall shows, since Disney
has also been losing money on their TV shows.


From: “Anthony”

Monkeesrule43 Fan Site Mailing List

August 9, 2002 Hey Hey Monkee Maniacs!
New Monkee Mania 2002 Tour Date In CA
The latest addition to Micky & Davy’s Monkee Mania 2002 tour is on August
25th in Ventura, CA at the Ventura Theatre. Tickets for this event are on
sale now and other information can be found on the tour schedule page. The
following is the rest of their scheduled dates: 8/17/02 Beverly, MA North
Shore Music Theatre */*/* 8/21-23/02 Anaheim, CA Disney’s California
Adventure */*/* 8/30/02 Las Vegas, NV Sam’s Town Live */*/* 9/7/02
Philadelphia, PA Electric Factory */*/* 9/8/02 Norwalk, CT Oyster Festival

New Micky Solo Appearence & Peter on TV!
Peter’s appearance on the popular 90s TV show “Boy Meets World” will re-air
on the Disney channel on August 21st at 5pm EST. Micky Dolenz is scheduled
to appear at the Los Angeles Beatles Convention on 12/8/02 in Pasadena, CA
at the Pasadena Convention Center. He will be participating in a Q&A
session and talking about his experiences and friendship with the Beatles.
More information is available at

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From: “Karen Reincke”

For the people who missed bidding on Samantha Juste’s original 45 on eBay,
both sides of her 1966 single – “No One Needs My Love Today” and “If Trees
Could Talk” – are available on a CD from Cherry Red Records in the U.K.

“Backcomb’n’Beat – Dream Babes Volume 3” is a 2001 compilation of British
female singers -including “I Know You Love Me Not” by Julie Driscoll – and
a song called “Micky” by a woman named Twinkle!

The home page for the company is:
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Due to the exchange rate, paying by credit card is expected. The total for
CD and postage came to under $18. The service was exceptional and the CD,
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Inside the CD booklet, there is also a mini-bio of Samantha and two
pictures from her early modeling days.

Thanks for listening!

Love, Karen 🙂


From: Nez4Ever1230

The August 3-9, 2002 issue of TV Guide Magazine features an article on the
reality series The Real World entitled The Reel World in which David is
briefly mentioned at the end of the article. In the article, the recent
movie The Real World Movie – The Lost Season is discussed. The actors who
starred in the movie and some of the actual participants in the reality
series are also discussed and some of them were interviewed as well. At the
conclusion of the article, one of the participants in the series mentioned
that she and one of her fellow participants watched a program on David one
night and she compared the Real World experience to how David felt about
his experience as a Monkee. The article begins on page 35 and continues on
page on page 43. In my opinion, David, Michael, Micky and Peter are # 1
Thank you,

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