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Micky On “The New Monkees?” AIDA Reviews!

April 3, 2011 by  
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From: Anthony

–The Monkeesrule43 Fan Site Mailing List=97-

**Rhino: More Monkee Business**
In addition to the extra features reported previously, an interview
with Bobby Hart, a discography list, and a “play all song romps”
feature will also be included on “The Monkees: Season One” DVD set,
as well as an informational booklet, with a synopsis for each
episode. Just recently, it was learned that the new “Best of The
Monkees” greatest hits collection (set for release on 4/29) will be
backed by a large marketing campaign. This will include over 3,000
national and local ads & spots. Over $400,000 in spot buys are
planned to air on VH1, CBS, Soap Net, CNN, Fox, TVLand, MTV, and
others. Like mentioned earlier, this 2 disc compilation will include
25 songs, 5 prev. unissued karaoke tracks, in addition to a booklet
with photos, lyrics, & information.

**On TV / Monkees Remake**
“The E! True Hollywood Story” Monkees documentary will be shown on
April 28 on E! at 2pm EST. The two-hour teen idols
special, “Bubblegum Babylon,” will be airing on VH1 on April 29 at
11:30am EST. Also, the Micky-directed TV movie, “Malpractice,” which
was released in 2001, will re-air on Lifetime on May 2 at 4pm EST.
Last summer, it was announced that “American Idol” creator, Simon
Fuller, was working on a remake of “The Monkees” TV show with NBC.
Now, it seems this series is getting off the ground. An early
concern among Monkees fans was whether the new band would be
called, “The Monkees.” But, it has been confirmed they will be
called “The New Monkees.” The show will feature four new members and
the pilot is scheduled to film this summer. Fuller has expressed an
interest in having Micky Dolenz play the part of the mayor of
Malibu, but Micky says there are “no plans for me to play a role” in
the show at this time.

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From: “Sally Carpenter”

On April 7, the Disney channel aired the Boy Meets World
episode, “Bee True,” directed by Micky.

On April 10, Michael Palin of Monty Python did a book signing at the
Beverly Hills public library to promote his new book “Sahara.”
After a hilarious talk about his travels, Palin opened the floor for
questions. I raised my hand first and asked if he remembered the
1981 film he and Terry Jones wrote, “The Box.” He reacted in
genuine surprise. I said it was directed by Micky Dolenz of the
Monkees, and did he have any stories he could tell about the film or
working with Micky? Michael said, “That’s the first time that’s
come up!” He said the film began as a play that ran in Sheffield,
Palin’s home town, about actors sent to a production crated up in
boxes. Eventually the actors realized they couldn’t get out of the
boxes, so the audience never saw the actors during the show. Palin
said, “Micky had seen the play and wanted to make a film of it, I
don’t know why. It’s probably floating around somewhere. The
Monkees were keen on Monty Python. We attracted a lot of rock
stars.” Palin went to to describe George Harrison’s involvement with
Python. That’s the first time I’ve heard that any of the Monkees
were Python fans!


From: “Videoranch Foreman”


I’d like to start off with how I got to do this little interview in
the first place. My very first webpage for Jason was on tripod and I
also had an email list at the time that his mother, Nurit Wilde had
joined. Being the proud mother that I know she is, she went out
looking for fans to remind of Jason’s upcoming EP and solo album.
Even after both CDs were out she would email me with pictures and
news about what Jason was up to.

In late March 2003, I was trying to think of something that I had
never seen before.. An interview. I emailed Nurit and asked her what
she thought of the idea and she was all for it. This was a good
sign. After about a week she emailed me back saying she couldn’t get
a hold of Jason and that he was very busy. I figured that if this
was going to happen, it would have to be quick and fit in with his
busy life. After the last email I sent her, that had a number of
ways Jason could contact me, including on AIM, the following
happened.. This is how is happened from start to finish, and I got
to talk with Jason for all of 45 minutes on April 1, 2003.

Nurit: Sammi are you there, it’s Nurit
Samantha: HI!
Nurit: Jason is here
Samantha: Hello to you both!
Nurit: I’ll put him on and you can ask him questions ok?
Samantha: ok.. thanks
Jason Nesmith: Hi Sammi it’s Jason
Samantha: Hi Jason
Jason Nesmith: What would you like to know?
Samantha: I have some questions around here..
Jason Nesmith: let’s have them
Samantha: you wanna do it here?
Jason Nesmith: why not unless you have a better idea
Samantha: This is great. I thought that since I have never seen an
interview or anything from you on the web that I could do it for my
web site. Sound good?
Jason Nesmith: Yes sounds good
Samantha: ok.. first, what have you been up to lately?
Jason Nesmith: I just finished my second full length album. It’ll
be available on line in the next couple of weeks, I’m looking for an
independent record deal. Been writing with a lot of people through
my publishing deal with Universal. I’ve started playing with a guy
named Mark Ford. He used to be in The Black Crowes and I am still
the Musical director for Joanna. She just made a video in which I
appear and we’re waiting to go on the road in a few months.
Samantha: Do you have a name for the new album?
Jason Nesmith: Ummm I’m tossing a few ideas around but I haven’t
stuck with any of them yet. There are twelve new songs on this
Samantha: I have your EP, Nomedia, and your first solo album,
Greetings From Pleasure Island, and I play them almost non-stop.
Will you be selling this new one on Videoranch like ‘Greetings From
Pleasure Island’??
Jason Nesmith: Yes
Samantha: I take it you are close to your father if you are selling
your music on his site. Right?
Jason Nesmith: Yes very much so. In the last few years my dad and I
have gotten very close. We have a lot of things in common and we
get along well.
Samantha: You worked on one of his albums before, have you asked him
to work on yours?
Jason Nesmith: No I never have asked him. But we do play together
for fun.
Samantha: What is it like coming from a musical family? I know
Christian plays music, Jonathan helped you on your first album, your
sister I know nothing about except that she has done some acting.
Jason Nesmith: I don’t know if you know this but I didn’t grow up
with the three of them. I was raised by my mother and she was the
one who turned me on to music. She had an acoustic guitar around
the house which ended up being my first guitar.
Samantha: I know that Michael was married when you were born. You
went to music school. right? Jason Nesmith: Yes I did one year at
Berklee College of Music in Boston. I also lived with Jonathan that
year because he also went to Berklee.
Samantha: So you would say music is in the genes?
Jason Nesmith: I’m actually wearing cords right now.
Samantha: Did music come naturally to you?
Jason Nesmith: Yes I always felt drawn to music
Samantha: Do you play venues much?
Jason Nesmith: Lately I’ve been playing live with Joanna and I’m
going to be doing some shows with Mark Ford but I have not performed
my solo stuff live yet. However I’m planning to put a band together
and go out and play some of the songs live.
Samantha: just locally or do you have a nation wide fan base?
Jason Nesmith: right now it would be just locally and my fan base
streeeeetches across the globe
Samantha: I know it comes up to Canada! So this means people loved
your EP and last album?
Jason Nesmith: Yes I feel I got a great response from the EP and the
first album but this new one kicks some serious a*s.
Jason Nesmith: serious bum
Samantha: You can swear!
Jason Nesmith: What!
Samantha: Do you find fans love you and your music or your link with
your father?
Jason Nesmith: I don’t have the slightest idea. I would hope it was
me and my music
Samantha: I’ll admit, the first time I ever heard anything from you
was the self titled Nancy Boy cd. I had told the guy in the
store “do you know who that is? That’s Jason Nesmith! Son of Michael
Nesmith!” Some how I got to leave the store with the cd for free.
After that it was totally forgotten that you were “son of…”
Jason Nesmith: I’m really glad to hear that you like my music.
Thank you very much
Samantha: You’re very welcome! Any artists that move you?
Jason Nesmith: Lately I’ve been listening to Delaney & Bonnie,
Crosby Stills, Nash & Young, The Band, Clapton, Gilberto, Stan Getz
and James Brown. These are some of my recent interest. However, I
like all sorts of music. Too many artists to list here.
Samantha: You sound like me. I can go from listening to you to
listening to L7. So I want to ask you this but it’s up to you if you
want to answer. Are you married/single or married to your music?
Jason Nesmith: I’d rather keep that private for now. And Sammi I
have to leave for a session with a new artist named Nicole Chorino
Samantha: No problem.. I’m out of questions! I’ll put these up on my
web page. Do you know the address?
Jason Nesmith: Yes I have it bookmarked. I check it often. Thank
you so much for your support. It means a lot to me.
Samantha: Thank you for the music, Jason! We love it!
Jason Nesmith: Talk to you soon.
Samantha: I hope so! Bye
Jason Nesmith: Bye

A big thank you to Nurit, who helped make this interview possible!


From: “Katherine”


I had a wonderful time today at Tim Rice and Elton John’s production
of Aida! Although I currently live in Indianapolis, I didn’t know
how to get to the theater, so I just barely arrived on time for the
show. I was fortunate to have orchestera seating, second row!

Micky looked fantastic in his white wig! He has lost some weight
since last August! He really looked evil in the production. Ya
know, I have never pictured him as evil, even when he played the bad
guy in Invisible Mom 2, he just didn’t seem very evil. However, he
is really working hard at it in this show. This is a complement to
his acting abilities, I’m not saying he is evil, I am just saying
that he did an excellent job acting the part of a villian.

After the show, I stood outside the stage door. The actors came out
and were very good about talking with the small gathering of fans
outside. When Micky finally came out, he was very kind to sign my
wooden Monkees sign for me. He was in Jeans and really relaxed. Ya
know, I think he is really enjoying himself, and since all the
pressure isn’t all on just him to make a great show, maybe he can
relax a little. He posed for a picture and then I left him so he
could go eat before this evening’s show. There were only two or
three other people there to see him, and if there were other Monkees
fans there, I didn’t see them.

Micky said that Donna had been with him much of the tour, but, now
she is in CA for short time. Well, this isn’t a typical review for
me, but it was a fantastic day!

Now, on another story, I found the stuffed Monkee at Carlton Cards.
There were many on the shelf. This Monkee sings the Monkees theme
song, but the singers are not the original Monkees. The cost of
this Monkee was less than $10.00, because it was half-price on
clearance. Well, good luck finding it, if you want it, and have fun
at Aida if you go.



From: “Leigh”

Saw the show last night from an amazing 2nd row seat. Wonderful! I
guess we had the understudy Prince, but it was still beautiful.
Micky has a wonderful evil smirk on for the whole show. Funny, he
looks sort of like little Micky Braddock with his white sugar bowl
wig. Full circle. Micky’s voice was wonderful, and the show put a
lump in my throat. How many times have I used the word wonderful?

Went to the stage door, there were only 4 other people there besides


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