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Micky in TV Guide

March 27, 2011 by  
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From: Stefanie Trump

Check out the new issue of TV guide (Oct 9-14 issue) -in the Cheers and Jeers
section, a ‘Jeers’ goes out to Rick Springfield for appearing on the ‘VH1
Behind the Music Special’- it reads’

‘Jeers to a dubious judgment. Just what exactly was ex-pop idol Rick
Springfield thinking when kept his promise to appear on VH1’s deliriously
juicy “Behind the Music Anniversary Special’? Honoring commitments is all
well and good, but Springfield had to know that the subject of his September
18 arrest on a domestic assault charge would be prime fodder for the
September 24 program. Talk about a classic ‘Behind the Music Moment’, A soft
spoken Springfield, having already spent a night in jail, faced questions
from host Kathy Griffin, while fellow guest (and former Monkee) Mickey Dolenz
(spelled wrong!) looked on. Dolenz is hoping to produce a series starring
Springfield, but the funniest Monkee couldn’t help himself when Springfield
was asked what he has coming up. “Indictment?’ quipped Dolenz. Hey, it’s
his joke, not ours!”


Stefanie Trump

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