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Micky in Star magazine – Boy Bands Special in UK Sunday

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From: DavidThuman

micky dolenz is in this weeks star magazine dated august 23. he is on
the last page on the hey remember me feature.


UK fans: Please report on this TV special – thanks!

Growing pains

David Stubbs
Saturday August 14, 2004
The Guardian

Going indie: New Kids On The Block crashed when they tried to assert their

It’s different for girl bands. It doesn’t matter that your routines are
choreographed, that the music you’re singing/ miming to is emanating from
somewhere invisible up in the rafters, or that you’re a sex object. You can
still seem feisty, girl powerful, dangerous, in a hen-party way.

For boy bands, it does matter. How humiliating, grown men dancing in sync
on the end of someone else’s string, being ordered in and out of vans,
crooning deodorised drivel, wearing matching outfits, baring their chests
not just for the girls but, possibly, other grown men. Boys have different
self-expectations, of credibility, of self-assertion, which eventually tell.

Teenage Kicks: The Story Of The Boy Band (Sun, 10.15pm, BBC1) chronicles a
lineage from preconceived teenypoppers the Monkees to Busted. Repeatedly,
it’s these boys’ seething desire to be men, or at least lads, that’s their

When the Monkees balked at being manufactured, they broke free and made
“electric country pop” in a suicidal stab at seriousness – their TV series
was cancelled.

Many ex-boy band members look sad and spat out – Mickey Dolenz looks

Boy bands are transient but the hysteria remains constant. “It’s the
girls,” says Louis Walsh. Anyone who’s heard the squealing white noise at a
Smash Hits Awards gig, more fearsome than My Bloody Valentine, will know
what he means. The bands will keep coming. The boys haven’t a chance.,11710,1282756,00.html

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