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Micky Dance-a-thon, Invisible Mom Appears, Bears

March 27, 2011 by  
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From: “Band 6”


Ami Dolenz is very much involved in a children’s charity event which shall
be taking place in November

Ami along with her mother, Samantha Dolenz and Father, Micky Dolenz are
organizing a huge dance-a-thon for Kids at Universal Studios, City Walk,
Hollywood, CA. All proceeds shall be going to a number of child related,
non-profit organizations.

There are several ways to help. Check out the website at and that will explain it all.

Kirk & Sue


The film which features Micky Dolenz called “Invisible Mom II” is on
Showtime channel today. It is a free preview weekend for some cable and
satellite TV customers.


From: Lenora

I was in Walmart tonight and I found a set of collectible Monkee bears!
I hadn’t seen these before, or heard about them.

They come sealed in plastic boxes, and they’re $13 each. They’re a
limited edition of 10,000, one of each Monkee. Each one is in the red
8-button shirt, with their name embroidered in black, and in gold, their
instrument (I didn’t look too closely at all of them but Micky’s got a
drum on his shirt), and the logo is embroidered on the back. They’re
manufactured by Dart Flipcards Inc. The box has an email on it, for the

I don’t know where else they might be found. They might not even be at
all Walmarts. But they are definitely adorable! There were also two
Jimi Hendrix bears (one in a Sgt Pepper type suit, and one in a fringed
jacket with a bandana).


__ __
( _—-/_ )———————————————..eeeee..–+
| _ /_ / Lenora McCoy MacKenzie e8″ 8 “8e|
| _/_ /_ _ d8 8 8b
| |_____/_/ /| “I prefer to drink, not drive” 8! 8 !8
| ( (_)__)J-) ~John Entwistle~ 8! .dWb. !8
| ( /`., / Y8 .e* 8 *e. 8P
| / ; / *8* 8 *8*|
+—| === |dwb——————————————-**ee8ee**–+

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