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Micky back on the radio this morning

April 3, 2011 by  
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Former WCBS-FM (101.1) morning host Micky Dolenz calls Ed Walsh and Donna
Hanover tomorrow morning on WOR (710 AM New York) to talk about his life
over the past year


The Walk-in Theatre
Asheville NC

Remember drive-in movies? This is the same deal, except you walk into the
back parking lot of the Bledsoe Building on Haywood Road, where a free
movie will be screened. On July 14, it’s The Graduate. On July 28 as a Bele
Chere weekend special, there will be a showing of the oddball Monkees film
Head. On Aug. 11, it’s The Muppet Movie. On Sept. 8, the comedy Caddyshack
gets a showing, and the series finishes for 2006 with Young Frankenstein on
Oct. 13. It’s sponsored by the merchants in the Bledsoe Building. Leave
pets and coolers at home (food and drink are sold).


From: Laura

Catchy tune, except they could’ve left the Tork comments out. Wonder how
they talked Davy into being in it. (you can buy some more hay for your
horses, mate!) LOL I think these guys are English.


I Wanna be your Davy Jones video


From: Teresa Gibson

Peter Tork will appear in Dallas on July 12 at Poor David’s Pub, south of
the downtown area. Show is scheduled to start at 8:00, and tickets are $20.
Tickets can be purchased in advance from More
information will be forthcoming at Poor David’s website:

Teresa Gibson


From: Ed Olsen

Hi Group,

I just listened to the complete Andrew Sandoval interview from the 24 hour
marathron and he says that they are going to release 40th Anniversary
Deluxe 2 CD Editions of all the Monkees albums up to Monkees Present and
that it will take about a year to release them all. This interview was done
in April. But I heard they were only doing the first 4 albums as the deluxe
editions. Does anybody know which is true? Only 4, or up to Monkees Present

He also said disc one would be the stereo mix plus rare tracks and that
disc two would be the mono mix plus rare tracks. Are there mono mixes all
the way up to Present? I thought they stopped the mono mixes at Birds and
the Bees and the Monkees.



From: “Jessika”

In the Target stores and online, they have a really cool Monkees
shirt, check it out! I got one and I love it!!


From: “Cindi”

Speaking of Gakky Two-Feet, here’s a link to a great article that appeared
in today’s Denver Post. I suspect it may be in other papers as well.



From: Derek Thomas

Per Andrew Sandoval over in the Steve Hoffman website, replying to a
question about” My Community”: Here’s my answer: That’s not Michael on “My
Community.” I can’t discuss Monkees reissues any further than the fact that
in late August you will be able to buy the first two (if you want).

Here is the link to the thread:

Derek Thomas
Columbus, Ohio


From: Maryann Treppiedi Jacobs

Gakky Two-Feet (Micky’s children’s book)

Hi Gang,

I just bought two copies of this (one for my niece’s 4th birthday gift, the
other for my own 2-1/2-year-old daughter), and it took me a little while to
make the connection… The creatures, “hominidees”, look, for all intents and
purposes, far more like monkeys than like early humans. HAR!

Also, Micky names one of the hominidees “Gleeb”, which was cute… Could not
remember what it meant, I had to look it up online today (it was Micky and his
first wife Samantha’s word for “love”)… But I DID know it was some Monkee
or Micky thing I’d heard of before. When I was paging through the book at
checkout, I laughed out loud as I saw that word!

My Borders bookstore (West Windsor, NJ area) had three in stock. Didn’t want
to order it online since I needed one the same day for my niece’s party –
nothing like shopping at the last minute! Seriously though, my niece ADORES
and has a gazillion of them already, so it’s impossible to buy her a book she
doesn’t already have, so I pounced on this opportunity, to give her a
newly-released book that I was sure her mother hadn’t even heard of yet! 🙂

It’s cute… although my husband, sister-in-law and I have decided to skip
the word “hominidee” and just say “monkey”. Hey, our girls’ aren’t even in
elementary school yet, we can explain the theory of evolution to them later

—Maryann Treppiedi Jacobs
“Music is religion; Karaoke is a cult.”

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