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Micky Back In CA! Davy Concert Canceled!

April 3, 2011 by  
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From: Anthony

–The Monkeesrule43 Online Mailing List–

**Davy Concert Canceled**
For those of you planning to go to the Davy Jones concert on August
3 at the Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank, NJ, the show has been
canceled. This is the venue’s official statement: “Two Guys from
Brooklyn, promoters of the July 25 concert by Ben E. King and Martha
Reeves, and the August 3 concert by Davy Jones have canceled both
performances. The promoters were renting the theatre for the purpose
of presenting these concerts, and although the Count Basie Theatre
was not involved in the booking or cancellation of these shows, we
do regret any inconvenience caused to ticket buyers. For a full
refund, including all handling charges, ticket holders should return
their tickets to the box office by mail (99 Monmouth Street, Red
Bank, NJ 07701) or in person. Refunds will be issued via check
within one week of the receipt of unused tickets for these
performances.” To see the full tour schedules for all of The
Monkees, visit the Solo Tour Dates Page.

*On TV**
The Monkees will featured on the VH1 special “100 Greatest Rock &
Roll Moments on TV” on July 16 at 7pm EST. “50 Greatest Teen Idols
of All Time,” which features Davy Jones at #43 has been scheduled
for another showing on VH1 on July 17 at 3:30pm EST. For the
complete listing of upcoming TV appearances, visit the News Page.

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From: Brad Waddell

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From: “Linda Key Key”

“The Monkees” are now on the Disney Channel at 1 p.m. and on Disney
Channel +1 at 2 p.m. The show has been on for some time so try to
catch them if you can!


From: “Jeff Gehringer”

With “Aida” in Southern California for two weeks, Micky did some
television publicity for the show. On July 1st, he did a five-minute
interview on the CBS morning news. He looked great, but a little
tired. He said nothing really new, except that he was a little
nervous about the local opening since his daughters will be in the
audience. He spoke more about The Monkees than “Aida”. They showed
the show opening, and a clip of Micky singing “I’m a believer”. They
also had a clip of last years Monkees tour with Davy. Micky spoke
about the 1967 Monkees tour, and Jimi Hendrix. He also recited the
words to the Monkees theme song, at the news anchor’s coxing. It
was great to see Micky again, and he seems to really be enjoying the
role in “Aida”. He said he plays the bad guy, and has not had the
chance to play evil roles since the Monkees. He spoke about his
role of “Payton Place” in the 60’s. Welcome home, Micky.


From: “Nez4Ever1230”

The cable television channel TV Land is currently airing a
commercial for the channel in which several stars of some series
currently airing on the channel are shown in clips of the series.
David appears (wearing the guys famous red buttoned down shirt)in a
clip from the episode from their series entitled The Spy Who Came In
From The Cool. The clip airs toward the end of the commercial.


From: “Nez4Ever1230”

The latest issue of People Magazine (the July 14, 2003 issue)
includes a regular feature entitled Pop Quiz in which a celebrity is
interviewed. It is located in the Scoop section of each issue. This
week’s Pop Quiz is with Sean Combs. In one of the questions
concerning television music groups, he is asked to choose between
The Monkees and The Partridge Family as one of his favorite
television groups. His answer was not the guys unfortunately,
although he likes both of the groups. The feature is located at the
top of page 24. In my opinion, David, Michael, Peter & Micky are # 1
always & forever!! Thank you.


From: “Jeff Gehringer”

With “Aida” in the Los Angeles area, Micky is doing press for the
show. Here is a recent article on the show.

‘Aida’ connections
Monkees’ Dolenz and ‘Lion King’s’ Nala (Paulette Ivory) starring in
County performances
By Alessandra Djurklou
Staff writer
WHAT DO A WEDDING singer and a Monkee have in common?

Well, they both star in the national tour of Disney’s “Aida,” ‘
which stops at the Orange County Performing Arts Center Wednesday
through July 13.

With music by Elton John and lyrics by Tim Rice, “Aida” ‘ is the
story of star-crossed lovers in ancient Egypt. It is the pop version
of the classic Verdi opera by the same name, and this version
circles around a Nubian princess who is enslaved by the Egyptians.
During her ordeal, Aida falls in love with the captain of the
Egyptian army, Radames, and he with her, but their romance is too
politically fraught to end happily.

In the touring cast, Aida is played by British actress Paulette
Ivory. Ivory has a long list of West End theater credits (she played
Nala in the London premiere of “The Lion King” ‘) and was on the
working-class Brit soap “East Enders.” ‘

But international audiences may be most familiar with her (without
even knowing it) from the hit movie “Four Weddings and a Funeral.” ‘

“I was the second wedding singer,” ‘ said Ivory of her part in the
early ’90s comedy that helped launch Hugh Grant’s career.

The small part was also her first link to “Aida” ‘ composer Elton

“My credit (in the film) was right after Elton John” s,” said
Ivory. “That was my claim to fame.” ‘

With “Aida,” ‘ Ivory’s name is just as close to John’s, but one gets
the feeling the famed sunglasses-sporting musician may be paying
more attention to it now.

For Ivory, it is a chance to play a character she really enjoys.

“She” s a very strong, very passionate woman,” Ivory said. “I
identify with her very much. I” ve been in that situation, where
I’ve fallen for someone I shouldn’t have.”

Landing the part was a direct result of Ivory’s previous work on a
Disney musical. Insiders who had seen her work as Nala encouraged
her to go see “Aida.” ‘

Ivory said she was “blown away” ‘ by the production, and decided to
try her luck at the lead role in the national tour. Her final
audition was scheduled for Sept. 11.

“That was canceled,” ‘ Ivory said. “I had another audition a few
days later.” ‘

She got the part, “but obviously, I couldn” t celebrate.”

Playing the part since is celebration enough.

“People have come up to me and said, ‘I” m so moved,’ ” Ivory
said. “It” s the best reward I could get.”

But Ivory isn’t the only cast member who got her start in a pop
culture smash.

The role of Zoser, Radames’ ambitious father and the biggest
obstacle to the couple’s love affair, is played by Micky Dolenz.

Yes, the same Micky Dolenz who played the drums in ’60s sitcom “The
Monkees,” ‘ about a manufactured boy band that far pre-dates the
likes of ‘N Sync.

Zoser, though, is as far as you can get from the carefree Micky of
the Monkees.

“He” s the bad guy, he’s the villain in the piece,” Dolenz
said. “He” s plotting to have his son take over the throne. It is a
thrill to be doing such a role.”

And as far as Dolenz is concerned, it is not such a stretch —
though fans who are used to him as a madcap percussionist may find
it a bit jarring — since it is really just a return to his acting

“Before I was in ‘The Monkees,” I was cast a lot as the bad guy, the
bad kid, the delinquent,” said Dolenz, who had his first screen
test at age 6, and whose parents were both actors.

That penchant for villainy could have cost him his Monkee suit if it
hadn’t been for the fact that Dolenz had left acting a few years
before to pursue a college career as an architect.

“It really struck a chord,” ‘ Dolenz said. “I was going to fall back
on show biz if I couldn” t make it as an architect.”

But then, the “Monkees” audition came along.

The part became so iconic that Dolenz and two fellow Monkees
actually turned into a real band, which still tours the country
giving concerts.

In fact, Dolenz would not even have played Zoser if it hadn’t been
for Monkee Davy Jones’ refusal to tour this summer.

“I’ve thanked him a number of times,” Dolenz said. “Not only is it a
great musical, but a great part.”

But Dolenz has always had other projects than the Monkees on his
plate — apart from the occasional musical (he’s also
done “Grease” ‘ and “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the
Forum” ‘), he produces and directs.

“I” m either a renaissance man or a dilettante,” he said. “I’ve
never been able to sit still.”

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