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Micky and Davy at Fan Convention – UK Documentary

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From: Scott Catton

BOTH Davy Jones & Peter Tork will be featured guests at UNITED FAN CON
November 10-12 in Springfield MA.

There also will be a film crew there doing a Monkees documentary.

More info at (781) 986-TREK.


Scott Catton



Hi, Brad. Our convention, United Fan con, will be held from November
10-12 at the Springfield Marriott in Springfield, Massachusetts. For
complete convention details, log onto our website,
Our convention hotline for information is (781)986-TREK.

In addition to Peter Tork and Davy Jones, the convention features
actors, artists, and writers, such as William Shatner, Grace Park, and
Linda Blair, to name but a few.

Davy will be appearing in concert on Friday night at 8PM. Prices are
$45 for regular tickets, and $75 for front of room tickets. Davy may
or may not sign autographs following his performance. He is not
contracted to sign, therefore the decision to sign will be his. Peter
Tork will be appearing as one of our featured guests on Saturday and
Sunday. He will be signing autographs and taking photos with fans both
days. In addition, he will be doing a Q&A on Saturday, as well as
attending our banquet Saturday night, and performing an acoustic
mini-set in our cabaret that same evening. On Sunday, Peter is
expected to attend our breakfast with the fans, and close out the
convention with a full concert with his current touring band, Peter
Tork and the Shoe Suede Blues. Admission to Peter’s concert is
included in advance ticket purchases, or you can buy concert only
tickets, which include basic admission to the event on Sunday, for
$30. Peter’s concert will begin at 5PM on Sunday. In addition to all
these activities, a Northern Ireland film group called DoubleBand
Films will be filming Peter Tork during the course of the weekend for
a 40th anniversary Monkees documentary which will be shown on the BBC
in the UK next spring. There are several different ticket options
depending on what people would like to see at the show, including
all-inclusive Monkees packages.

Please do whatever you can to help promote our event. We are a fan
run, non-profit event that raises money for charities. This year we
will be raising money for Linda Blair’s World Heart Foundation and the
American Diabetes Association.


Paul Scott Aldred
President, United Fan Con, Inc


A company in UK is making a TV documentary about The Monkees and their fans=

and they want YOU to be in it – so UK fans – especially if you have a
memorabilia collection on the Monkees – write to them at this address:

Ronan Feely

DoubleBand Films,
3 Crescent Gardens,
Northern Ireland

t. 028 9024 3331
f. 028 9023 6980


From: Rachael

Micky Dolenz in Pippin is on tour ending up on Jan 15.

The link to the dates, tickets, etc., is:

There are also a couple of videos you can see, one has Micky singing in it.=

Hope you can get to go!


From: “Aaron Handy III”

And yet another important connection to The Monkees television series
passes from this life.

Writer Stanley Zachary (?) “Zack” Cherry, who, with the late Joel Kane,
composed the script to Episode No. 56 of The Monkees, “Some Like It
Lukewarm” (a.k.a. “The Band Contest”), succumbed to cancer on September
27, 2006 at the age of 74. In addition to The Monkees, Cherry produced,
directed and/or wrote episodes for a variety of series, including The
Dick Van Dyke Show, The Kids from C.A.P.E.R., The Addams Family,
Gilligan’s Island and The Many Loves Of Dobie Gillis (his first venture
with Joel Kane). He wrote the 1971 film Bunny O’Hare with Monkee
writing alumnus Coslough Johnson. Variety has an obituary.

To absent friends…


From: MTreppiedi

I checked the archives first and didn’t see anything about this… although
there’s a blurb on the home page of Davy’s site (

scroll down).

My husband, who’s a newspaper copy editor, is getting our three-year-old
daughter hooked up with various kiddie CDs, DVDs and books from a woman at =
paper who reviews such things and therefore gets them FREE. Her kids,
however are
too old for a lot of it, so she’s giving them to Tom when she’s done with
them. Tonight he came home with a Sandra Boynton board book, “Your Personal
Penguin,” and included with it was a promotional CD – Davy singing a musica=
arrangement of the book’s words. (My husband feels very triumphant that he=

has not
only brought home something to make Marni smile, but Mommy as well!) The so=
is TOO CUTE and I think Marni will bug me to play it endlessly… She’s sou=
asleep when hubby comes home from work, so this will wait until tomorrow.

So now I have this, plus Micky’s “Gakky Two-Feet” book (by the way, Marni n=
refers to her khaki shorts – that she still wears around the house now that
it’s too cold to wear them outside – as her “Khaki Two-Shorts” – HA!). Stil=
missing Micky’s “…Puts You To Sleep” CD, and yes, I’ve seen it on eBay, b=
yikes, that fetched a big bid last time I saw it there!

The writing on the CD says it’s just a promo copy, and that the song will b=
available to consumers as an MP3 download only… but I’m guessing you need=
buy the book first
or, as it says on Davy’s site, purchase $100 worth of
merchandise from, to get a promo CD of the song…

—Maryann Treppiedi Jacobs
“Music is religion; Karaoke is a cult.”


From: “Caroline Boyce”

To All My Music Friends,

I have good news =85 Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart have been nominated to be
inducted into the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame 2007 in the Non Performing
Songwriter category.

It reads:

“The songwriting team of Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart were responsible for=

such classic hits by the Monkees as their TV theme song “Hey Hey We’re =
Monkees,” “Last Train to Clarksville” and “(I’m Not Your) Steppin=
‘ Stone,”
which was also a hit for Paul Revere and the Raiders. The duo’s first hi=
came in 1964 when Jay and the Americans reached No. 3 with “Come a Little=

Bit Closer.” Boyce & Hart eventually signed with A&M Records, where they=

recorded such hits as “I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonight” and “Alic=
e Long
(You’re Still My Favorite Girlfriend)” and toured with the Monkees.

Key songs in the Boyce & Hart catalog include “Come A Little Bit Closer,=

“Hey Hey We’re The Monkees,” “I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonight?,=
” “Last
Train to Clarksville ” and “Valleri.”

2007 marks the 40th Anniversary of Boyce & Hart =85 we have some projects i=
the works and Tommy & Bobby receiving this honor would be so wonderful!

If you’re a member of the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame or know someone who=
=85 I ask that you please vote for Tommy & Bobby =85 The SHOF requests tha=
the ballot be received by Tuesday, November 14 th, 2006.

Bobby and I thank you for your support =85 Have a great day!

Caroline Boyce
Magic Dolphin Music, Inc.
p. 615.269.8567
c. 615.473.8567
f. 615.469.4806


From: Laura

This interview with Michael Nesmith is long, but well worth reading. I’m a=

big fan of his latest CD, “Rays”, so I really enjoyed reading about how it=

came together. I love that he doesn’t rule out performing live!!

Peace, Love & JOY, Laura “The best way to find yourself is to lose
yourself in the service of others.”-Mahatma Gandhi


From: Bill Groves

Thought I’d give you a heads up. I recently revived Television Chronicles=

in online form, and am recycling, revising and updating a number of
articles from our print incarnation.

For September, I’ve done an all rock & roll edition, the centerpiece of
which is an enhanced update of the Monkees piece I did in our second issue=

way back when.

The feature is up.

To get to the main Monkees feature, just go to the Program Selector
page. There’s another supplementary
feature, as well as the episode guide, that links from the main Monkees pag=




From: “Debbie”

Hi Brad ~

Peter Tork made an appearance at the recent Rock ‘n Roll Fantasy Camp.
He appeared as part of the Counselor/Special Guest Jam. Besides Peter,
other jam members included: Spencer Davis, Kelly Keagy, Kip Winger,
Barry Goudreau, Mark Slaughter, Dickey Betts, Michael Lardie, Skunk
Baxter, Sandy Gennaro, Simon Kirke, Jerry Renino and Mark Farner. The
jam was described as “awesome!”

You can check out the entire story at

~Debbie Taylor


Pop guitarist Casey dies

Larry Rodgers
The Arizona Republic
Sept. 21, 2006 12:00 AM

Phoenix-bred guitarist Al Casey, who died this week at age 69, helped put
the city on the pop-music map.

Casey left his mark on recordings by fellow Arizonan Duane Eddy, the Beach=

Boys, Monkees, Frank and Nancy Sinatra, Glen Campbell, Ella Fitzgerald and=

scores of other stars.

He teamed with Eddy to create the twangy, echoing guitar sound that would
evolve into surf music in the late ’50s. advertisement


From: Rachael

Hi everybody! Just thought I’d say that I went to MI thi past wknd to see
the play Pippin, and I got to meet Micky, omg! Has anyone here gone to see=

it yet? Such a talented cast, and Micky as King Charlemagne is to die for,=

lol. Here’s a link to an article about him/it, with a short video, in which=

he talks about the fans who have gone to see it.

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