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Michael wants your opinion

March 27, 2011 by  
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This is from Michael Nesmith’s web store

From: “foreman”

Live at the Palais: We get emails daily asking us to please put Live at the
Palais, the Michael Nesmith album, out on CD. It’s the number one most
requested item at Videoranch. We always write back apologizing and telling
people not to hold their breath because Nez will NEVER put Live at the
Palais out on CD as for as long as he lives. Now, things have changed. Nez
just listened to Live at the Palais for the first time in many years. And
he thinks it’s OK to put out on CD. But he also thinks Live at the Britt
is enough. There’s no need to have two live Nez albums out. We ranch hands
think Palais and Britt are totally different types of performances at two
different times in Nez’ career. We haven’t decided what to do. Is Live at
the Britt enough? Please help us. If you have the time, and any feelings
about Live at the Palais at all, please email us
whether you would like to see Live at the Palais available on CD or not. Or
call us toll free at 1-866-727-2639 (800-PAPANEZ). This will help our decision.

A few other things: Elephant Parts on VHS is on sale for the next 2 weeks
at $15.95. Tapeheads on VHS’ price has been lowered to $12.95. As John
Cusack’s character says in Tapeheads “you get a lot for your dollar”. Click
here to order″>>

Television Parts Home Companion: Television Parts Home Companion is being
manufactured as I write this email and should be available by the end of

Repo Man Collector’s Tin DVD: The Repo Man Limited Edition Collector’s Tin
DVD (wow that’s a long title) have been selling like hotcakes. We’re
running out and then that’s it. So, if you’re interested in it at all,
now’s the time to get one. I watched it the other night and the sound is
amazing. Sounds so much better than when the movie first came out. And the
commentary with Nez, Alex Cox and some of the cast members is hilarious and
very illuminating.

That’s all for now. Hope to hear from you regarding Live at the Palais!

Sincerely yours,
Navajo Slim”>http://www.videoranch>


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