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Love Bug – Manson Myth

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From: dearhunterx

I read this in the New York Post today under Neal Travis New York section.
Titled Manson Monkee business

ONE of the great urban myths of pop music has just been put to rest
by Davy Jones, an original member of the made-for-TV group The Monkees
serial killer Charles Manson never tried out to be a player in the
teenybopper ensemble, “I jokingly said (he did) because I meant that
everyone plus the kitchen sink wanted to be a Monkee,” Davy told
Webster Hall art curator Baird Jones the other night at the Vuitton
celebration in Rockefeller Center.
“Stephen Stills auditioned and was turned down. Glen Campbell
played guitar for us for a while. But no Charlie Manson, please,”
he said. “Within days of my remark, I was reading detailed reports
in national magazines about Manson sending in a cassette … Manson
being angry about not making the cut…
Manson wanting revenge against Davy Jones. I started that rumor with
a bad joke and I’ve had to live with it for 30 years.”


From: “Carlisle Blessing”

i had picked up a copy of Mojo at Borders cos the Who were on the cover…
flipping thru it today, i see an article on Julie Driscol. this is from
page 78-79 of the september issue:

“Soon after the Andrews debacle, the Auger/Driscoll Trinity appeared in the
NBC-TB special 33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee, directed by legendary Jack
Good. ‘Good was such an amazing individual, a heavily unlikely guy to be in
rock’n’roll,’ remembers Brian Auger. ‘He’d turn up in his RAF blazer and
flannels and the old school tie, talking in an upper crust accent. he’d
contacted our manager and said he had an idea for a special with the
Monkees. Julie and I looked at each other. The Monkees? But when I saw the
script and saw that they were basically making fun of each other, I said we
should go and do it.’

Viewed now, 33 1/3 looks like a dry run for Head, the Bob Rafelson-directed
movie where the Monkees savagely critiqued their own myth. ‘They turned out
to be a great bunch of guys. I was amazed at their attitude,’ says Auger.
‘We were getting fitted for our clothes and I’d be hanging in there
thinking, I hope I remember my lines. and Nesmith and the others were so
casual. We had an insane time doing that show.’ Auger played several
roles, mad professor in his psychedelic laboratory and Charles Darwin among
them. Then there were the stunts. At one point Auger was required to
perform, precariously, on the top piano of a four-tiered piano sculpture,
while three other pianists hammered away beneath. The others were Little
Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Fats Domino.

For the show’s finale Good assembled a cast of thousands. Mike Nesmith
begins the proceedings, strumming an understated version of Listen to the
Band – Monkees unplugged style. The track then develops into a 10-minute
superjam featuring The Monkees, the Buddy Miles Express, the Clara Ward
Singers, assorted freaks (“Jack got all these people off Sunset Strip,”
remembers Auger) and the Auger/Driscoll Trinity. ‘One take. No rehearsal,’
says Auger. ‘And the footage was shot as a video with blue screen –
chrome-a-key they called it. Those kinds of effects were revolutionary for
that time.’

So was the Music. There is one wonderful moment, with Listen To The Band
rapidly disintegrating into atonality, where Driscoll – sans face paint and
dressed in plain black sweater and jeans – hears her calling. A look
somewhere between mischief and awe sneaks across her face and she begins to
what can only be described as pogo, leaping with glee on the spot like she’s
suddenly been possessed. Then she starts giving it the full Yoko and the
track moves up into a whole new stratosphere.”

there’s also a review of the Headquarters Sessions in the same Mojo
Magazine, page 86.

9-time survivor of the Curse of Tork/Galleran
“You should be a hero to yourself, and if
not, check it out.” -Peter Tork


From: Estrella Lee

The Disney movie “The Love Bug” (1997) will air on the
Disney Channel on Saturday afternoon, September 30th.
Micky Dolenz makes a brief appearance as Donny Shotz
(a mechanic?). Check local listings for time.



From: Randi Waddell

Micky Dolenz & Christian Nesmith news

MICKY DOLENZ (Monkees) and SABLE 1st KLOS Local Licks Winner (approx
1980) Just Added to BRAIDSfest 2000 Line-Up! HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Sept.
26 /PRNewswire/ — Micky Dolenz (the Monkees) and SABLE (features:
Joe Narce, Christian Nesmith, Kenny Kassoff & David Chuchin) just
added to extensive line-up for BRAIDSfest 2000. Former SNL & current
Comedy Central diva Victoria Jackson will host a 2 day music festival
Oct 3rd & 4th @ The El Rey Theatre (in Hollywood) for BRAIDS (Breast
Cancer & Pediatric AIDS). Joey Molland’s Badfinger closes the 2 day
show on the heels of their Capitol Records release The Very Best of
Badfinger. This follows the 1st Annual BRAIDS benefit concert held
6/14 @ The EL Rey where Berlin Headlined a gala that raised monies on
behalf of American Cancer Society (Breast Cancer Program), and The
Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. Terri Nunn (Berlin) Waddy
Wachtel (Linda Ronstadt, Stevie Nicks, x-pensive Wino’s) and Phil
Chen (The Faces, Rod Stewart, Jeff Beck (Blow By Blow) recorded a
Studio & Live version of George Harrison’s If I Needed Someone, which
will also be included on the upcoming BRAIDS benefit foundation
charity CD. Comedian Allie Mandel will auction off celebrity
Memorabilia includes a dinner/date with Bernard Fowler of The Rolling
Stones, a Michael Jordan signed L.A. Clipper Hat, and more. Other
artists contributing to the CD &/or BRAIDSfest include Micky Dolenz
(the Monkees), Billy Preston (Beatles, Rolling Stones, Solo Legend)
Mark Hudson, Bernard Fowler (Rolling Stones Singer) PF Sloan (writer:
Secret Agent Man; Eve of Destruction) AZUL (featuring Marcus Nand,
Randy Castillo (Ozzy Ozbounre & current Motley Crue) & Carmine Rojas
(David Bowie & Rod Stewart) Jana Jacoby (Rod Stewart) Paul Blazek, &
Michael Tovar) & Kenny Miles. In addition, Bernard Fowler will
contribute to BRAIDS charity CD — Rolling Stones singer Bernard
Fowler has lent his talents to the BRAIDS benefit foundation charity
CD release by singing Lead on And Your Bird Can Sing a John Lennon
composition from Revolver, and harmonies on Locked Away, a X-pensive
Wino classic. For more info: SOURCE the BRAIDS
benefit foundation CO: BRAIDS benefit foundation ST: California IN:
HEA ENT SU: 09/26/2000 11:00 EDT


From: Carol

Micky will be on Disney’s Love Bug on Saturday Sept 30 at 6:30 pm. The show
is airing on the Disney channel. He will also be in the Invisible Mom II
which is airing on Showtime. It will air Sunday, Oct 1 at 6:45 am.


From: Joseph Cooper

I’m a Believer from the 1986 MTV Music Awards is now in rotation on VH-1


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