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Live CD Released! Monkees Tour Site Gone!

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The Monkees Memorabilia Price Guide & Reference Calendar 2003

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Great product.

From: Bruce John: Yes, Brad, I received the calendar. What great
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professional, and included many items I did not know existed. I
liked the Monkee dates on the calendar also, such as the dates of
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From: “Brad Waddell”

Apparently, The Monkees have ended their relationship with David
Fishof, at least for the time being. The web site which used to host
their official tour dates, photos, and information was
called “” – and is now gone.

In its place is an offer to sell the web site name along with
multiple pop-up windows with explicit nude photos of porn web sites.

You would think that they would be more careful about shutting down
a web site like this one which is referred to by many family
friendly web sites such as mine. Please do me a favor and remove
links to from your fan web sites, as it is not only
no longer relevant to The Monkees, and is now potentially
distressing to their fans.



From: Anthony

–The Monkeesrule43 Fan Site Mailing List–

**Live CD / On TV / SSB Date**
Today (1/28) is the official release of the “Monkees – Live Summer
Tour” CD! Be sure to check it out at your local record store or
online retailer. The Micky Dolenz directed movie, “Malpractice” will
air on Lifetime on Feb. 5 at 9pm EST. Peter & Shoe Suede Blues are
beginning to add concert dates to their 2003 schedule and the first
addition is on 7/16/03 in Uncasville, CT at the Mohegan Sun Casino
(Davy Jones will be performing at same venue on 2/7/03)

**Rhino News / Nez Newz**
Rhino Handmade has made an announcement to all Monkee fans alerting
them that there are only about 50 copies of the limited
edition “Headquarters Sessions” 3-CD set left in stock. Don’t let
this good opportunity go to waste, because once these collector’s
items are gone, they’re gone forever! Earlier this week I spoke to a
Videoranch representative to check up on Nez’s latest activities.
When asked about the status of his long awaited album “Rays,” I was
told that not much news was available at the time and that “he’s
been working mostly on ‘American Gene’ lately.” It was also said
that they’re “hoping to have the first draft finished in a few
weeks.” – An official Monkees site
that is your one stop on the web for Monkees news, bios, history,
mailing list & more!


From: “Amazon Alerts”

“Live Summer Tour”


Our Price: $14.99 — You Save: $2.99 (17%)

Release date: January 28, 2003
Label: Win Media
Format: Audio CD
More Info:


From: “Videoranch Foreman”

Wow! The Valentine’s CD from Nez is a huge hit. Thanks everyone. If
you haven’t ordered yours yet, there’s still plenty of time. We’re 3=

weeks away from Valentine’s Day.

A few pieces of news: We’ve had a lot of requests for the Videoranch
T-shirt and Baseball hat gift pack, so we’re making it available
again. It’s $35 for the two which is an $11.95 savings.

We’ve also got a new MP3 download. It’s a live version of Tonite
with the John Hobbs, Joe Chemay, Paul Leim, Billy Joe Walker, Jr.
band from the early 80’s. Take a listen to a sample of it.

Have a great weekend!



From: “Sally Carpenter”

Here’s some background info for those who bought the “Live Summer
Tour” CD. The photo on the back cover is the Sun Theatre in
Anaheim, CA where the show was recorded. The guys performed 28
songs that night, but only 15 are on the CD and not in the order
they were performed. Here’s the correct order of how the show went
(*** indicates one or more song omitted from the CD). This info is
from one of the set lists I got after the show (the list taped to
the floor of Micky’s side of the stage)

For Peter’s Sake
Randy Scouse Git
Mary Mary
Goin’ Down
Can You Dig It
Nice To Be With You (a last minute substitution for the Oliver
That Was Then This is Now
Porpoise Song (immediately followed by Listen to the Band, also
Daydream Believer
(encore songs) I’m a Believer, Steppin’ Stone, Pleasant Valley

Also omitted from the CD is the band’s medley played before the
concert announcer welcomes the guys onstage. The CD also omitted
all the jokes and talking except for Micky’s intro to “Randy
Scouse.” Also left out is Davy telling a theatre employee not to
walk in front of the stage his solo!

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