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Tonight Show & KTLA!
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From: Brad Waddell

Welcome to the Monkees.Net Alert Newsletter!

We’ve had a lot of requests – 🙂 – and we’re happy to do this favor for
the largest Monkees group on the planet – we really appreciate your support
for the Monkees-Alert list and the Monkees.Net web page!

If you missed The Monkees on tour in your area, or they did not come near
you, or you saw a show before they started selling the new Live Monkees
2001 CD, or if your dog ate your T-Shirt – you are in luck! We are going to
one of the last USA shows in Texas and are offering to pickup Monkees
merchandise for any list member who needs it!

OK – here is how it works. There is a flat shipping and handling charge of
$6 for any number of items you want if you live in the USA or Canada. If
you live anywhere else, the charge is $10.

Here are the items we expect will still be available – if any item is not
available, we will send you a refund for any items not included. I am also
assuming these prices will be correct, but some venues have added a
percentage to these prices, and if they do, I will let you know.

Short sleeve t-shirt $30 (large only)
Long sleeve t-shirt $45 (large only)
Group photo 8×10 inches $5
Group photo magnet $5
Tour book $15
Monkees Live in Las Vegas 2001 CD $20
Stuffed monkey wearing small Monkees T-shirt $20

OK, there are 2 ways that I will accept payment.

The preferred method is Paypal – a totally free service that allows you to
pay me instantly from a credit card or from your bank account via the
Internet. It is totally safe and used by 8 million people. Detail the items
you want in the message box in Paypal, add up the total amount and send it
to my e-mail address: – this link will work to sign
you up for this free service:

The other way is via Money Order in the mail, because of the time
constraints, we cannot wait for personal checks to clear. If you prefer
money order – send it to:

Brad Waddell
581 W. 4th St. #99
Benson AZ 85602-6501

Deadline: This is important – if your payment does not arrive by September
4, you will not be able to obtain your items. So you must mail immediately,
but as I said, Paypal is preferred because it arrives immediately and
cannot be lost in the mail. Thanks again for your support!


Here is a special offer for our readers, please support this newsletter!

Receive 50 free minutes and a chance to win an all expense paid trip to the
Superbowl when you sign up for our 4.5 cent per minute long distance
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The Tonight Show is repeated late at night after the show “Later” and the
show with the Monkees should be repeating next Tuesday Night/ Wednesday
Morning at 2am EST. We will announce again as the date gets closer.


From: Roseann Flickenger

Greg Sokoloff from The FeedRoom (
speed and low speed links to Davy’s appearance on KTLA5 this morning.
They can be viewed at:


(ed: you may need to click the search button and search for “Davy Jones” if
this link does not immediately show the correct video clip)


From: Dream82298

The obituary of Dave Barry was in my local paper today. He died of cancer.
Monkees fans will know Barry as Inspector Blount on “Monkees Chow Mein.” He
also made an appearance at the Monkees 1997 Convention.


From: “Sally Carpenter”

This article was in a Los Angeles newspaper, “Entertainment Today” for
August 17-23:

The Monkees
House of Blues
Wednesday-Thursday, August 22-23

With all the recent hoopla surrounding The Monkees, including a VH-1 movie,
“Daydream Believers,” and a Rhino Records four CD retrospective called
“Music Box,” it was logical that the boys put together a tour to
complement it all. The Monkees seemingly have more lives than a cat, as
this is their third comeback tour; they did one in the mid ’80s to support
their “Pool It” CD, and then in 1996 to support their next release,
“Justus.” Unlike the “Justus” tour however, their spiritual leader Mike
Nesmith will not be with them for this one, but the other three guys have
proven they can put on a fun, tuneful performance without him, and The
House Of
Blues is the perfect milieu for their fun and grand stage show. The
Monkees are a band who have recently been receiving their long overdue
kudos, and if you check them out at The House Of Blues you’ll find out
why. For further information on Monkee business, please refer to their Web
site at (David Bash)


From: Emily

Been There, Sung That * source/credit: New Orleans Times-Picayune/nola]

*NSYNC is just the latest version of a classic that is
as old as rock `n’ roll itself: the Boy Band. A look
at some significant signposts along the way.

The Beatles

Watch old videos of the Beatles’ appearance on the Ed
Sullivan Show. Listen to the shriek of young girls
screaming at the tops of their lungs. Compare it to
what you’ll hear in the Superdome tonight. Sound

Herman’s Hermits

Riding the Beatles’ wave in the United States, the
four clean-cut pop rockers sold more than 10 million
records, at one point placed nine songs in a row in
the Top Ten, and for a brief period in 1965 seemed
poised to challenge the Fab Four for dominance.

The Monkees

They were supposed to be a tongue-in-cheek television
show mocking the Beatles. But so ingrained was the Boy
Band concept that Davy Jones and company took off, and
sold more than 16 million albums and 8 million
singles. In 1967, they outsold the Beatles and the
Rolling Stones. (Monkees trivia: The group’s
disastrously bad 1968 movie, “Head,” was co-written by
and starred a little known actor named Jack

The Jackson Five

The future King of Pop and his brothers merged rock
and soul sensibilities in the early 1970s to great
success. Despite his youth, Michael’s polish on a
string of hits — including “I Want You Back,” “ABC,”
“The Love You Save” and “I’ll Be There” — foretold
future greatness.

New Kids on the Block

Launched in 1986, the group helped to define the
modern version of the Boy Band, with five diverse and
attractive young men who put together a string of
singable pop hits. The New Kids had teen girls
everywhere swooning and established a formula for
modern megaband success.

Backstreet Boys

From a sales standpoint, still the king of modern boy
bands, but after some internal strife and substance
abuse issues, Backstreet has fallen behind *NSYNC in
the battle of the boy bands. The Boys hold the record
for consecutive weeks with at least one song in the
Top 40.


The epitome of the modern Boy Band, *NSYNC fills
stadiums and arenas with thousands of screaming fans,
all of whom seem to argue over which one is the
cutest. They come to see the pyrotechnics and flashy
choreography as much as to hear the music. And, of
course, they come to sing along with every song.


See if this is familiar: Five young men are chosen
from auditions to form a band that will be packaged
and marketed to a nation of hungry teen music fans.
O-town, product of the popular television show “Making
the Band,” is still a pretender to the kind of sales
seen by *NSYNC. But they prove one thing definitively:
Boy Bands are forever.

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