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Last Chance for 2002 tour items

April 3, 2011 by  
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Last chance on this fan club purchase! Offer expires on Wednesday!

The Monkees tour for 2002 has been completed, and the last of merchandise
from the tours is now available for purchase through this fan club! They
make great Christmas gifts!

This is your chance to get your pick of the last of the items before they
are totally sold out, as many of the items have less than 100 total left
before they are gone forever. I have been told that entirely new
merchandise will be sold on the 2003 tour dates, so this is your last
chance for most of these items.

We are in contact with the merchandise people and we can order Monkees 2002
tour merchandise from the remaining stock for any list member who needs it!

OK – here is how it works. There is a shipping and handling and credit card
charge of $6 for the first item you want if you live in the USA or Canada,
$1 for each additional item. If you live anywhere else, the charge is $10
for the first item, $1 for additional items.

Here are the items which are currently available – if any item or size is
not available, we will send you a refund for any items not included. If it
is not on the list below it is not available. Here is a link to a big photo
of all of the items:

Monkey Around Adult T’s red…30.00 M L XL
the red tshirt has the pic of davy hanging upside down and
MonkeeMania 2002 on the back
Groovy Guys Adult T’s black…30.00 M L XL
picture of the guys standing together, the one from the 67
concert program cover, mike with his arms folded, davy in
the red/white polkadot shirt with the Monkees belt buckle
Monkey Around Children’s tshirt…red…20.00 S M L XL (kid sizes)
the kids shirt is the same as the red one for adults
Cut & Sew Sleeveless T w/PAC&J…40.00 S M L
Pisces album photo on the front and black on the back
Ladies T’s stud logo baby doll T….$40.00 S M L
black Monkees logo in rhinestones
Baseball hat…25.00
the hat is black with red embroidery, Monkees logo guitar
Metal Keychain…10.00
thermos shape with photo of davy and micky
Stuffed monkey wearing Monkees logo t-shirt… 20.00
order now – less than 20 left
Poster 18″x24″ $10.00
band photo from Headquarters album cover
psychedelic color glows with black light
Monkees Color Photo Collage Pillowcase $15.00
Size: 29.5 inches x 19.5 inches, White cloth
Item is hot and was totally sold out on tour, but they have
done a special small print run just for us!
MonkeeMania 2002 Live CD….15.00
Micky and Davy live in Toronto Canada

USA shipping: $6 first item, $1 each additional item
Overseas shipping: $10 first item, $1 each additional item

OK, there are 2 ways that I will accept payment.

The preferred method is Paypal – a totally free service that allows you to
pay me instantly from a credit card or from your bank checking account via
the Internet. It is totally safe and used by 8 million people, and works in
many countries worldwide. Paypal has recently been acquired by

Detail the items you want in the message box in Paypal, add up the total
amount and send it to my e-mail address:

this link will work to sign you up for this free service:

The other way is via Money Order in the mail, no checks accepted. If you
prefer money order – send it, along with your list of items, mailing
address and email address to:

Brad Waddell
6965 El Camino Real Ste 105 #488
Carlsbad CA 92009-4101

Also send me an email with the above information for my records.

Paypal is preferred because it arrives immediately and cannot be lost in
the mail.

The deadline for this offer is October 30, 2002, because we have to place
the order before the items are unavailable. This is the last fan club order
that will be placed for this set of tour items. Items will be ordered in
November and should ship out to you in late November or early December –
Guaranteed Christmas Delivery!

Thanks again for your support!

We’re happy to do this favor for the largest Monkees group on the planet –
we really appreciate your support for the Monkees-Alert Newsletter and the
Monkees.Net web page!


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