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Happy B-Day Peter! Two Man Band Reviews!

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Happy birthday to Peter Tork! Today (February 13), he turns 62.


From: Anthony

–The Monkeesrule43 Online Mailing List–

February 9, 2004

**2nd Pressing of Uncut DVD**
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**New Davy Date**
Davy Jones has replaced the recently cancelled Cambridge, UK
performance with the following:
4/6/04 — Norwich, UK — The Waterfront

February 10, 2004

**Meet the Royals Update**
As most of you know, “Meet the Royals” (hosted by Davy Jones) has
been off the air for over a month. The January 25th episode was
pulled from A&E’s schedule at the last minute and it has not
reappeared since. Here’s the latest update on the show’s status…

According to the executive producer of “Meet the Royals,” the series
is currently on hiatus. At this time it is unknown when or if A&E
will ever air it’s remaining three episodes. A&E is reportedly very
happy with the show & Davy’s job as host, but the ratings have taken
a fall since its premiere. Unfortunately, that’s what determines the
fate of a show instead of its quality.

Many people blame A&E themselves for the program’s less-than-
desirable ratings. They changed the time slot, skipped weeks, &
preempted the show so many times that people lost interest and got
tired of looking for it every week. To address your complaints to
A&E, you can visit their message board and request the return of the
show at

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From: “Katherine”

Two Man Band in Westboro, Mulligan’s Tavern, 2/6/04

Oh what a night! The snow was supposed to come, but all we got was
sleet and freezing rain on this chilly February night.

Mulligan’s Tavern on the Green is a cute little restaurant with a
bar located on a golf course. The place is actually rather
charming. Dinner is only available by reservation, but the food is
absolutely delicious. I had the Pork Chops, mother had the Filet
Mignon. I met the cook after the show and told him that dinner was
wonderful. I love having men cook for me! The place is not that
difficult to reach in central Massachusetts if you simply stay on
route 30. However, if you follow Map Quest directions to get there,
you will most likely get lost. I’m happy that this was one concert
for which I didn’t need to rely on directions.

The room where Two Man Band played was L shaped. The short part of
the L had chairs set up for seating and the other part had tables
for dinner reservations. If you had reservations you were supposed
to sit at the table and if not, then, you could sit in the chairs.
Some people in the chairs actually had a better view of the stage
than those who had made dinner reservations. The tiny stage area,
wasn’t really a stage, but simply the corner of the room from where
our favorite two guys played their music. Enough said there.

James’ Set:

Stolen Season
Last Day of Summer
Just Like Tom Thumbs Blues
One Heart Falling
Fairweather Town

All the usual stories were there, and James was hilarious, as
usual. He is such an incredibly talented musician, but, if he ever
forgot how to play the guitar, he could make a fine living at being
a stand up comedian. I laughed all night long!

Peter’s set:

Long Title: Do I have to do this all over again? or, The Karma Blues
It aint’t your fault
East Virginia Banjo
I Truly Understand
Cripple Creek
Good Looker
Daydream Believer
Lady’s Baby
Sea Change
Gettin’ In

Peter had the same trouble tonight as he did the night before
remembering the words to MGBGT, a song which he wrote himself about
a past true love in his life, his car. Okay, well, when changing
from Guitar to Banjo, Peter made a show of straigtening his collar.
I picked up my camera to get a picture of that, and he quickly
finished and stuck his tongue out at me. “Not so fast My Sweet
Petuti.” I laughed. He then told everyone that I was always trying
to get pictures of him in embarrasing positions to go into the anals
of history forever… As if pictures I take are of any importance
to anyone besides me. Anyway, I was able to get a candid shot of
him later in the show doing something else, and he noticed it too
late. I returned the sticking out of the tongue. Two can play at
being immature.

Peter and James came on and did their set:

Easy Rider
All I Ever Wanted
One Trick Pony
Some Say
Hi Hi Babe
Easy Rockin
Til Then
Bull Dozer
Every Day
Touched Like Magic

The timing in Miracle was right on! It was the best I have heard
them do it. My mother especially enjoyed Til Then, a Mills Brothers
song from 1943. Also, during Milkshake, I pulled out a pickle and
had it on a plate. At the appropriate time during the song, I
picked up the plate and sank my teeth into the pickle! Peter either
didn’t see it, or didn’t want to acknowledge it. Oh well, it was

For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about, lyrics to
Milk Shake:

She wore an apron that was covered in Gravy Stains She had a little
Green book and she had Varicose Veins I was tired I was hungry I was
ready to snap
She dropped a steaming gumbo right in my lap

I was alone otherwise I would have trashed the place But I was
soothed by the music and her beautiful face The meat was chewy and
the chicken was bland
I’m not a pigeon but she had me eating out of her hand

And I feel like a Milkshake
I never ordered a slice of life a la mode
What I need is an earthquake
I could Hide in a crack in the road
But I feel like a milkshake, feel like a milkshake.

She started patting my pant it really tickled,
She grabbed my plate and sank her teeth into my pickle
She sat down on my lap and started picking my teeth
She was naked as a baby underneath..

I know the rest, If you really want to know the words, email me and
I can tell you

Five of the girls got together to give Peter and James a present
with some cards for Valentines for both and birthday for Peter.
Denise, Erica, Anne, Joanne, and I had our picture taken together at
the Town Crier last week. I took it, got the picture blown up to an
8 x 10 and added words and editing to make a nice photo. Then, I put
the pictures in some really nice wooden frames. James’ was
labeled “Jamesettes” and Peter’s was labeled “Tork Wenches”. They
seemed to really like them. We got hugs and kisses from both of
them! (on the cheek of course, after all, one of them is a married
man.) James said he may even post the picture on his web site.
I’ll be looking for it James!

I thought the night went very well! The atmosphere was so
fantastic. We had a waitress who was wonderful too. Oh, one funny
thing happened when we were there eating dinner before the show. A
young girl who was bussing the tables there, asked if the guy with
the banjo could be asked to move the banjo so she could adjust a
table placement. Ha ha ha. She didn’t know Peter’s name. She was
quickly told, his name is Peter, you know. She said, oh yeah, you
told me, one of the Monkees, right? She had no clue, never had
watched the Monkees on TV, never had heard of them before now! It’s
hard to believe, isn’t it! She made me feel old, but, at the same
time, I felt sorry for her because she had been deprived as a child
from the knowledge of such a funny wholesome show. All the regulars
were at this show, and then some. Mulligan’s Tavern could not
believe the incredible response! The place was sold out! I don’t
think they could have squeezed another person in there if they
tried! What a great thing that was for Peter and James!

I was so tired after the show, Once Again, I was happy to only have
a 15 minute drive back to mother’s house so I could crash as soon as
we got there! Once Again, isn’t that the name of a Two Man Band
Album! Well, what do you know! We both went to bed as soon as we
got back because in the morning, we would be heading to my house
before going to the Saratoga, NY concert the next night.

So, to recap, great show, great venue, icy roads, tired fans, lots
of fun!


From: “Katherine”

Two Man Band – Fall River, Narrow Center for the Arts

On February 5th, 2004, Two Man Band landed in Battleship Cove, Fall
River, MA to put on a fantastic performance.

My mother and I arrived in Fall River and found that the Narrow
Center For the Arts was located on the third floor of a very old
brick building that was lacking handicapped access. I don’t know
how she did it, but, my mother managed to climb the stairs with me
to the third floor! She had some very good incentive waiting for
her at the top: Peter and James Lee Stanley.

James and Peter both saw me at different times and greeted me by
name. Ladies and gentleman, that is still a thrill! Denise was
there before me, and then, after mother and I, many familiar faces
were soon to follow. Erica and her mother, Sue were there, Carlise
and Carol from Shoopies were there, and Cindy from Colorado sat with
Mother and I. The night was fun from the start. I was so excited I
could hardly sit down.

The venue, although in need of general repair, had a certain, Je ne
sais pas, ya know, that special something that makes it feel very
comfortable. There were some tables set up in the front, and then,
the rest of the seats were in pews. If you want your name on a pew,
you only have to donate a few thousand dollars. If you want your
name on the building, a million just may do it. The Narrow Center
for the Arts is a nonprofit organization which relies on the
donations of others to maintain itself.

Okay, James did the following set:

Stolen Season
Last Day of Summer
Just Like Tom Thumbs Blues
One Heart Falling
3 Monkeys
Somewhere In Between
Fair-weather Town

James did a wonderful job, just as he has at the other venues.
Stolen Season, was inspired by a naked Gweneth Paultry? (I don’t
know how to spell her name, but I love the story.) One night James
was watching the movie, Shakespeare in Love. He saw a naked Gweneth
reaching up to her lover and saying, “this is our Stolen Season.”
He thought, what a fantastic concept, you see, if you are sleeping
around, you are just a slut, but if you have a Stolen Season, well,
you are just overcome by poetry. How can you help but be caught in
the romantic moment?

The Last Day of Summer was written on September the 12th, 2001 to
commemorate the 10th of September, our last day of innocence.
Because, after September 11th, all of us have changed in one way or

Just Like Tom Thumb Blues was written by Bob Dylan, but, sung so
well by James.

Peter came on and did his set:

Long Title: Do I have to do this all over again? or, The Karma Blues
Sister Kate
Giant Step
I Truly Understand
Cripple Creek
Cou Cou
Good Looker
Vagabond John
Come Home to My Kitchen
Dress Sexy For Me
Lady Madonna
I’ll Spend My Life With You
Sea Change

Okay, this is a painfully honest opinion here. If you don’t want to
hear anything negative, then don’t read the rest of this paragraph.
About Peter, I really enjoy his music. I love listening to his
guitar playing, banjo playing and piano playing. It must be
incredibly difficult to remember all the notes to play during these
songs. But, the words, the words have a certain flow to them.
Sometimes, I have noticed, that Peter will either forget the words
for a moment, or lose his place in the song. He does it so well
though that he can just stop singing for a second, while he
continues to play, and then jump right back into the song with the
correct words. That has pretty much happened in at least one song
every concert I have seen him in this tour. It isn’t even the same
song every night. I enjoy him anyway, I just get frustrated

During Dress Sexy for Me, Erica and I got up and danced, as usual.
We pulled the lace out of our bras, and really had a great time.
Our dancing was more coordinated than it has ever been. This time,
when I pulled out my lace, it was a lace thong that my Mom picked up
at Walmart for $1. Peter had us turn around for the second chorus
and show the audience what we were doing. What a great time! I
can’t wait to do that at my next Shoe Suede Blues Concert!

Peter and James did the following set:

Easy Rider
All I Ever Wanted
One Trick Pony
Some Say
Hi Hi Babe
Easy Rockin

My two cents on Two Man Band is as follows

James is consistently cheerful at these events. I love that he can
always smile at things and be very accepting of his fans. I can’t
imagine being “on” at all times like that. He is truly an
outstanding performer with an uncanny patience and calm that is to
be admired.

Peter is Peter. He is so much fun on the stage, his moves
definitely have that sex appeal that moves any warm blooded American
woman to be tickled from the inside. He is the most flirtatious
person I have ever met, and how can we help but love him.

Together, James and Peter balance each other out very well. James’
patience, Peter’s sex appeal, James multiple foot pedals for a wide
variety of sounds from his guitar and Peter’s fantastic talent on
multiple instruments. They play off each other with their well
rehearsed banter, and even surprise each other from time to time
with an offhand comment or action. As I have seen them together on
the road for these 7 concerts in the past three weeks, I have
noticed that the combination of Peter and James works to the
advantage of both of them. James seems to take care of Peter.
Peter seems to attract a huge following to the shows. James handles
the money at these things, Peter introduces former Monkees Fans to
the full bodied voice of Mr. James Lee Stanley. I don’t know how to
describe James’ voice to those who haven’t heard it in a way that
can provide full understanding. He has a chest voice, even in the
upper ranges, rather than a head voice. Peter usually sings the
lower notes and James the higher. Their harmonies provide a sweet
sound in my ear. Once in a while each of them do a throat roll that
just hits my soul and knocks my socks off. I love that!

Okay, well enough of that.

Peter asked me again about my daughter Amanda. I told him that I
invited her to come, but she didn’t want to go. She showed her
friends at school the picture of her and Peter, but that she was
just not overly excited about telling them she hugged an “old man.”
Okay, Old Man! I told Peter that I didn’t think he was an old Man,
but, she did. He understood that perfectly. “How old is Amanda,
anyway?” Peter asked. Thirteen, Amanda is thirteen years
young. “That’s what I thought.” Peter replied.

After the show, I got my Picture with Peter and James, Mom had her
picture with Peter and James, and I got my hugs and we left.

After the concert, I was so happy that Mother’s house was only an
hour away. By the time we got to her house, I was ready to crash!

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