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Happy 36th Birthday – The Monkees! – New Monkees CD?

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From: Aaron Handy III


The Royal Flush” (prod. #4701) aired on this very date @ 7:30/6:30 p.m.
Central Time on NBC Television as the premiere episode of The Monkees, a
comedy-fantasy series from Raybert/Screen Gems TV Productions heavily
influenced by The Beatles’ A Hard Day’s Night (United Artists, 1964) and
Help! (United Artists, 1965), which reflected the misadventures of an
unknown, young, longhaired, modern-dressed group and its dreams on the way=

to fame and fortune. Produced by Robert Rafelson and Bert Schneider, it
starred David Jones, Micky Dolenz, Michael Nesmith and Peter Tork, all of
whom were chosen from a lot of 437 applicants who answered an ad in the
Sept. 8, 1965 issue of The Hollywood Reporter.

The sponsor of the week was Kellogg’s, and the songs were were Boyce &
Hart’s This Just Doesn’t Seem To Be My Day and Goffin & King’s Take A Gia=
Step. The third Monkees episode to be filmed, The Royal Flush was the first=

to be helmed by James Frawley, an initial member of innovative NYC comedy
troupe The Premise, who would go on to direct the bulk of The Monkees’ 58
half-hour segments (32 to be exact). Frawley would soon be greatly rewarded=

for his efforts on The Royal Flush; it won the Emmy for Outstanding
Directorial Achievement In A Comedy Series for 1966-67.

The success of the TV series and the hit records it helped generate made
The Monkees the rage of America, imitating and, at times, even eclipsing
The Beatles’ own success! The series cranked out 58 episodes for 2 seasons=

on NBC, finally ending in September 1968. But what a following The Monkees=

have had during the course of that run: 2 Emmy Awards, 4 #1 hit albums, 3
#1 hit singles, and 2 sold-out concert tours…not to mention the
admiration and adulation of fans worldwide, something which continues to
thrive to this very day!!

A Happy, Healthy 36th Anniversary to David, Micky, Michael and Peter!!!!!

CELEBRATING 31 YEARS ON EARTH (Sept. 30, 1971-2002) – Aaron Handy III
The Aaron Handy III TV Web Shrine


From: Katherine Johnston

Just found this interview with Davy in conjunction with the Oyster Fest
show – it mentions that Micky and Davy are going to be recording a new CD
at the end of the year — is this too good to be true?,1413,96%257E3817%257E840401,00.html?searc=


Article Last Updated:
Thursday, September 05, 2002 – 1:12:55 PM MST

Hey, hey: Micky Dolenz, left, and Davy Jones will perform as The Monkees
Sunday night at the Norwalk Oyster Festival. (Contributed photo)
Monkee Business
A reunited Jones, Dolenz to perform at Oyster Festival

Since leaving Manchester, England, more than 40 years ago, Davy Jones has
been in the public eye via Broadway, television, movies and records.
He wouldn’t have it any other way.
“I’ve always been famous. I don’t know why,” Jones, 56, said in a recent
phone interview from a Minneapolis hotel room. “I was supposed to get out
there and go around the world and meet people and spread positive vibes.”
Jones will team with Micky Dolenz to spread some of those vibes when The
Monkees (minus Peter Tork and Mike Nesmith) perform at the Norwalk Oyster
Festival Sunday night at 7.
“It’s just Mickey and I and we’re having a good old time,” he said. “We’re=

out here singing all the hits and we do some shtick. We’re just jamming
around, laughing at each other on stage all the time.”
Even Jones has to be a bit surprised that The Monkees have had such
longevity. After all, the show, which debuted in September of 1966, was
canceled in late 1968 and the group broke up the following year.
But thanks to reruns, “The Monkees” has now entertained generations of fans=
“It’s kind of cool that we’ve been sort of reinvented every couple of
years,” Jones said. “There’s just an amazing reaction wherever we go and
it’s not just one particular audience.
“Sometimes there’s two, three, four generations watching us at the same tim=
The secret to The Monkees’ success is simple, according to Jones.
“People get what they expect. They hear the tunes and we do them well.
We’re not take-the-money-and-run guys.”
Jones and Dolenz are the only two Monkees involved with the group now.
Nesmith has only appeared at a few concerts since the Monkees reunion in
1986 and worked on the group’s 1996 album, Justus.
Tork left the group last year and is concentrating on his blues band, Shoe=

Suede Blues.
“He’s just doing his own thing,” Jones said of Tork. “He runs hot and cold=

on [The Monkees]. Last year, he just got a little tired.
“It gets to be overwhelming sometimes and it started to overwhelm him.”
Jones and Dolenz, however, show no signs of slowing down. The two worked
together in the early 1970s after The Monkees broke up and have been part
of every reunion since.
“It’s a brotherhood,” Jones said of his relationship with Dolenz, who is
getting remarried later this month. “We’re just so attuned to each other’s=

moves and what we do. I do many shows on my own, but when I’m out there
with Mickey, I feel a lot better.”
Oddly enough, when the two aren’t together as The Monkees, there isn’t much=

“What he’s doing when [we’re apart] I have no idea,” Jones said. “We rarely=

talk on the phone when we’re not working.
“I never even knew Micky Dolenz bowled until about a month ago. That blew
my mind because I love to bowl.”
Jones and Dolenz are scheduled to record a new album for teen-pop guru Lou=

Pearlman later this year in Orlando, Fla.
“We’re going to try to get in the studio and cut something decent . . . I
hope,” Jones said with a laugh.
The hardest part about being a Monkee, Jones said, is living up to people’s=

“It’s a bit of a responsibility trying to keep your nose clean and making
sure you conduct yourself in a reasonable and gentlemanly fashion,” he
said. “It’s a continual thing. As soon as you leave the door, you’re out in=

the general public.
“Nowadays, we may stay late in the bar and sing Beatles tunes around the
piano, but nobody’s rat-faced [drunk], falling about and breaking chairs.”
However, he doesn’t feel trapped by his fame and doesn’t understand people=

who let it get the better of them.
“I do believe Michael Jackson could go shopping at the supermarket if he
wants to,” Jones said. “He just doesn’t have to show up in his Rolls Royce,=

moonwalking into the cheese department with his sparkly shoes on.”
Jones, who moved to the Hell’s Kitchen section of New York when he was 16
to work on Broadway, also is writing a musical he hopes will take him back=

to the Great White Way.
“I have a piece of work that’s coming up that I think is going to be very
important,” he said. “I got it in my mind that I want to have a show on
Broadway. It’s almost like an awakening, an empowerment.
“Theater has always been my backbone because that’s what I do best and
that’s where I feel the most comfortable. I feel real good about it.”
In addition to his other projects, Jones, a former jockey, raises horses at=

his Beaverton, Pa., farm and even has a few thoroughbreds that race
“It’s always been something I’ve enjoyed and wanted to do,” he said.
“That’s what I do when I’m not doing the thing with Mickey and the other
“I said to my second wife ‘Next to my horses I love you the most.’ That
didn’t go down too well and it cost me a fortune.”
The Monkees perform at the Norwalk Oyster Festival Sunday night at 7 at
Veterans’ Park, Seaview Avenue, Norwalk. For more information, call 838-944=
Oyster Info
The Norwalk Oyster Festival turns 25 this year and has a full slate of
musical acts to help in the celebration.
Johnny Maestro and the Brooklyn Bridge will perform Friday night at 9 on
the Main Stage, while K.C. and the Sunshine Band will be there Saturday
night at 9.
There are two headliners Sunday. The first is ex-Allman Brother Dickey
Betts and his band Great Southern at 2 p.m. The Monkees featuring Davy
Jones and Micky Dolenz close out the event Sunday night at 7.
For a full entertainment schedule, visit the Web site at
In addition to the music, there will be the usual assortment of arts and
crafts, food, kids entertainment, harbor cruises and tall ships, as well as=

the Big Boy Toy Show. And, of course, oysters.
Special events include a Sept. 11 commemoration with U.S. Rep. Christopher=

Shays, R-4, Saturday at 2 p.m. and a demonstration by 22 skydivers Saturday=

at 5 p.m.
Oyster Festival hours are Friday 5-11 p.m.; Saturday from 10 a.m. to 11
p.m.; and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Admission is $8 for adults, $5 for seniors, $3 for children 6-12 and free
for children under 6. For more information, call 838-9444.
Oyster Festival hours are Friday from 5-11 p.m., Saturday from 10 a.m.-11
p.m., and Sunday from 10 a.m.-9 p.m.
General admission at the gate is $8 for adults, $5 for seniors, $3 from
children ages 6-12 and free for children under 6.
For more information, call the Norwalk Seaport Association at 838-9444 or
visit the Web site at


From: Ronald L Cohen

Hi Brad,

At the end of the entertainment section of the CNN news this morning,
September 5, shortly before 7AM EDT, a comment was made about a
possibility of another Monkees TV show with a new set of guys. Then Carol
Costello and the lady who delivers the entertainment news (I did not
catch her name) said ” Who knew? The Monkees were a fake band and they
could not sing”. They said it a few times. Needless to say this was very
angering and everyone should contact CNN and lodge a complaint. They
should be informed that they should know what they are talking about
before they say it. Just because they are a generation removed from the
Monkees is no excuse for not knowing the facts.

Ron Cohen


From: SMCtopia

I was just over on Amazon and a DVD called “Live Summer Tour” is available
for pre-order with a release date of November 12. I’m guessing this is the
King Biscuit DVD. There’s not much info about this release, except that it
is 75 minutes long. Just thought you’d all like to know…



From: Brad Waddell

Here is a link to purchase the new Monkees Live Concert DVD – purchase it
here and support this newsletter – and get a great price! thanks!

Monkees – Live Summer Tour 2001 (Concert on DVD)


From: regionalgirl1

Brad, another Monkees mention in the Datebook section of the San Francisco=

Chronicle, from September 6, 2002.

“ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL: Commenting on Tuesday’s item about Monkees=

remainder Davy Jones playing in San Francisco, TIC spy Maxine Carlin, just=

back from a Beatlefest in Liverpool, was astounded to see that Micky Dolenz=

is going to play at the Los Angeles Liverpool Days, a Beatles convention in=

Pasadena. In Liverpool, Beatles mecca, there were 500,000 fans gathered,
she harrumphs, and “not a Monkee in sight’ “.

Okay that’s three of our Monkees mentioned in that section in two days.
Could a brief mention about Peter Tork follow soon?!?

— Linda Seitas


From: Yahoo – Entertainment Highlights in History

In 1966, the television series “Star Trek” premiered on NBC. It ran for
three years.
Also in 1966, the comedy show “The Monkees” made its debut on NBC. The show=

featured a rock group that was supposed to be the American version of The


From: Nez4Ever1230

In the latest issue of People Magazine (the September 16, 2002 issue) there=

is a very interesting reference to the guys. In an article on The Rolling
Stones entitled
As Years Go By there is a photo on page 116 that was from June 1984 of band=

member Mick Jagger and an unidentified woman. In the background of the
photo is a sign that reads ” TV Dinner As Eaten By The Monkees” and there
is an orange TV dinner box with the Monkees logo in white letters behind
the sign! There is a photo
on the box but unfortunately, it is hidden behind the sign. The article
begins on page 114 and runs through page 116. In my opinion, David,
Michael, Micky & Peter are # 1 always!
Thank you,


From: Chimpatty

As you recall, Natural toured as the Monkees opening act last year. They
are coming out with their album and these are the dedications. The guys
really appreciated the Monkees and included them in the dedications. I
thought everyone might enjoy these.

Patty Mallett

It may seem typical, but I can’t go without thanking above all God, whom I=

always feel watching me, and I thank unconditionally for everything
imaginable, but first and foremost… My Parents. They are about as close
of a second as you can get to God. I couldn’t ask for a more supportive,
creative, loving, consoling, generous, and understanding family. Mom…
Dad… I may not always express it as much as I’d like to, but… You
taught me to see the world as limitless. You’ve given me endless
opportunities, and support in every area I have ever been interested in.

But most of all… You’ve shown me nothing but love. And I hope you know
how much “I love you more than you love me, I cross my heart I do. First
can only beat second, second can never beat first.” I only pray you’ll help=

me raise my family, so I can hope to do half as well as you have. Lara, if=

I could ever understand the way your mind works, who am I kidding… I’m
just a Bass player. You’ve been the best big sister. Nobody looks out for
me like you do. I can only repay you in Massages. Sorry. And the newest
addition to our immediate family, I’m proud to say, Brian. You’re the only=

person on earth good enough for my sister. You’re an amazing person, and
you NEVER STOP! Take a day off!

Ben Bledsoe

Ok, ok… Onto the real world. I would like to thank all the rest of my
family, Grandmom and Granddad, The Bledsoes, The Hunters, The D’Louhys.
(Especially all my cousins that had to sit through all the Christmas
morning pictures every year with me.) I want to thank Veit Renn for giving=

us our boost into the big leagues, and being an amazing teacher, and
mentor. I hope we can work together, again, someday. Jaco Pastorius, Albert=

Manglesdorf, Bass Central for helping me find the perfect combination of
MTD and Eden. Michael Tobias – You have gone above and beyond anything I
would have ever hoped for. Thank you first for you amazing Basses, but
above that… Thank you for helping me in more ways than I can count. Hard=

Rock Caf=C3=A9 and Hotels – Lou Carrier….You party animal…Rita, You’re=

amazing. Planet Hollywood and Robert Earl… You’ve helped in countless
ways. We’ll always be there for ya’. Keep Paradise Pumpin! I’d also like to=

send a quick thank you to the Argyle Hotel in Los Angeles for being the
best hotel on earth… All my agents, Judy Savage and the Savage Agency,
Marla Dell Talent, Helen Gittens, and also a huge hoorah to Bruce DuCat for=

making me “Act Reel.” Two of the biggest industry reasons I am where I am
today are Gregg Brooks and the late great Les Abbott. Gregg, You’ll never
know the effect your positive teaching had on me. Rock Shop…. You’re the=

only shop that does it right.

I have to start this out with an unbelievably HUGE thank you to Mike
Castonguay. I would have never thought that some guy that I was gonna’ take=

Bass lessons from would become the biggest influence on my life second only=

to my parents. You taught me to truly love everything about music. Holy
Big-time. And somehow we managed to drag you into being our Musical
Director. There is no way to put into words what you’ve done for me. Keep
Rockin’ and Let’s keep writing! Paul and Beki Russo – What a great pair.
Paul, thank you for sticking through everything with us. We’re here for you=

more than you know. Just wait till we actually have some say! Mallysa
Byrnes……Great Tour Schedules. Kidding. You will always be a part of my=

life… whether you like it or not, you’re too cool to lose. Kelly, thanks=

for keeping the NYPD/Office engine running. Chris Adler – You are my
Pro-Tools savior. Is there anything you don’t know? Please? Glenda Robinson=

– Till the bitter end… I swear my phone really doesn’t work! Thank you
for always being there for me. I hope I can always do the same. You’re
somethin’ else. Justin Olson – The only guy who knows how to give it to
me…The perfect monitor Mix. JD Ohlsen – No relation. We miss you, man.
Benji-Bear didn’t make it. You’d be proud. Everybody at BMG.- U.K.,
Germany, Austria (mmm), Asia… etc. Everybody at Trans-Con. Walker (I DO
know who you are!), Bling Blingin’ Mandy, Kamla, Greg McDonald- Nobody
works like you. Thank you for being so open and honest with us, and always=

Kickin’ Butt. Ryan Bukowski. Susan and Eric Schilling – Unbeatable team. I=

don’t know which one of you is luckier. All I know is you’re both amazing.=

Thank you Eric for the Bomb Mixes.
Sarah Dunne- Sometimes I call Trans-con just to hear your voice on the
message, Megan the Vegan (I miss your food), Neils Caster The smartest man=

alive… And Matt.;-) This leaves Lou Pearlman. The un-describable man. As=

you say… We do the Show, You do the Business…That’s Show-Business. I
don’t think we could make a better match. You never cease to amaze me with=

your brilliant ideas, your morale, and your ability to take anything and
turn it into the truth.

Now for the Old-School list, My Friends, and such: Adam Rubin, Joey
Portera, Scott Schaffer, Mike Castonguay, Mr. Shaffer, Mr. Spo., Mr. Hall,=

Mr. and Mrs. Eissele, Arielle – You’ve helped me find myself. (Which is a
big deal, since I lose everything.) Thank you for being my sanity. Manny
Lujan – The King, Sharron Kennison, Skye Morgan and the Sour Patch Union
Crew – Thanks for keeping the West coast on my mind, The Lyons Family- My
Once and Always Serrogate Family, Jenn Kaiser – The best friend I could
hope for. I’d better see you soon! Hey…Where’s Cinnamon? Kevin Fabrikant,=

Cheney Maison, and Howard Aaronson….The Mod Squad of the Legal system.
Dr. Major – Thank you for keeping us all healthy. Josh Duke – The times
we’ve had… It’s about time for some more. The Monkees- You guys were the=

best first tour we could have hoped for. We’ll never forget you. Thank you=

for teaching us that every night is new and fun. Jerry Ranino, Sandy
Ginero, Loafy, Aviva, and the WHOLE Monkees band. Annabelle Jones- you are=

my Queen of England, The Original LM Crew – Melissa Ortiz, Cory Warren, Jen=

Cipolla, Natalie Armstrong, Christina Vincent, Dara Reinhold, Ashley
Brewer, Brian Nolan, Stew… And a special thank you to Constance
Katsafanas for helping me find Natural. And Last but Surely not least Marc=

Piacenza – You are the Grease that keeps us going, brotha’. Nobody can
stand us, but you. Errr….What I meant was… You’re very important to us,=

and… woah… I’m already half as old as you!? I’d better start my will.

First I want to thank my family Mom, Dad, Katie, Tiffany and Sam. It=E2=80=
because of you I am doing what I love, and I couldn=E2=80=99t love you guys=
for that, =E2=80=9CThe Doc=E2=80=9D is smiling down on all of us for our st=
rength! My
=E2=80=9Cmanager=E2=80=9D and friend Paul. We have become great friends and=
partners in the past 2 years: Much success to you, NYPD, and Beki. Marc,
through thick and thin you=E2=80=99ve been there for us by our side, keep
=E2=80=9Cloading and unloading heavy boxes.=E2=80=9D Mallysa and Kelly than=
ks for
working so hard in the =E2=80=9CBack Office.=E2=80=9D

Mike Castonguay; you are truly =E2=80=9CThe Essence.=E2=80=9D Greg, Scotty,=
Cleaner,=E2=80=9D Fisch, Vazquez, Janet, Mandy, Kamla, Ferderigos, Jack, Be=
Kirsch, The =E2=80=9CMix Man Schilling=E2=80=9D and Susan (don=E2=80=99t te=
ll Eric) Laura,
Sara and all the rest of the =E2=80=9CTranscon family.=E2=80=9D My second f=
amily Andy,
Ronni, Shana and Michelle, love you guys. =E2=80=9CCrazy C,=E2=80=9D the wo=
rld is a
crazy place but at least we are both in it together.J My
Marina=85.speachless!!!! John the wheelman, you see it all, Richie =E2=80=
Ford Man=E2=80=9D Carbone. Mrs. Blanner, the German has come in handy. JD, =
to the
great times on the bus! My American Boom Boom.J My first Orlando friends
the Johnstons and Cummins=85.=E2=80=9DRoom Service=E2=E2=80=9Dat 80J Jessi,=
we=E2=80=99ve been
through a lot but that is the learning trials in life. It=E2=80=99s all wor=
th it
in the end. Go Walkers!

Patrick King Jr.

Deborah, I would look like a buffoon on stage without the training from the=

best. Remember our Oletta Adams song. Jarrod my lifelong partner-in-crime,=

go get =E2=80=98em for me! All of my sisters through the dance years, thank=
s for
the best times. Showtime Dance Studios, THS, Apollo, AJMS, T-ville, Disney,=

Bozo, Star Search, ShowStoppers, Showbiz, the =E2=80=9CPeep=E2=80=9D ride, =
Brantley at 6 am, Starbucks, Lugar=E2=80=99s, Morton=E2=80=99s, Christini=
Lowrey=E2=80=99s,) Gerry and Mark, thanks for the vocals. Georgio keep on r=
the moves. Tony A.K.A. =E2=80=9CStanky,=E2=80=9D to a great friendship. Pet=
er, =E2=80=9CHere
comes ROCKS!=E2=80=9D Susan: Griffin is waiting. The big man=E2=80=99s fami=
ly, the
Calixes, Pashains, Lenny, Berry, and Mother, great times in NYC. My four
brothers, Michael, Ben, J and Marc all I can say is=85Mahouffina! Still
working on my 70 Hatty. Louu=85my flight instructor, I would have never in =
million years imagineed having the great relationship that we have. I can
count on you for anything, ask for advise, and trust you indefinitely. As
we like to say =E2=80=9CWhat goes around comes around=E2=80=9D and =E2=80=
=9CIt=E2=80=99s not about
the $, it=E2=80=99s about the $!!!!! From the =E2=80=9CMillennium=E2=80=9D =
to the =E2=80=9CG
V-SP,=E2=80=9D The most important thing is that =E2=80=9CWE=E2=80=9D know w=
here it=E2=80=99s at.
L.Y.A.R.P. God Bless America ****Patrick

I think the first person I have to thank is the person who changed my life.=

He took me from a struggling life and gave me every single one of my
dreams. He is my family when my family can=E2=80=99t be there. He=E2=80=99s=
my friend
when my friends aren=E2=80=99t around, he=E2=80=99s my mentor and he has ta=
ught me,
that anything, no matter how big, is possible. So to Lou Pearlman, thank
you for believing in me and always being there. To my mother, father and
sister. You guys have put up with so much from me and no matter what crazy=

thing I wanted to do, you all were always by my side. You would give me the=

last 20 you had, and for a long time I took it and didn=E2=80=99t say too m=
But you kept me afloat when I would have sunk so many times. Your
unconditional love and support mean=E2=80=99s so much to me and I just hope=
I can
support you someday and give back to you the life time you gave to me.

Mom, Dad, Michelle, I love you from the bottom of my heart. There are so
many people behind the scenes that do so much for us. Paul Russo thank you=

for steering us in the right direction and making us part of your life.
Marc Piacenza – You are the only other one who knows what we go through.
You gave up everything to just leave and come with us. Thanks for being my=

big brother, Mallysa Byrnes, thanks for always being there for business and=

as a friend. You are the glue that keeps us all best friend=E2=80=99s. Mike=
Jan Bledsoe, I don=E2=80=99t think I could ever do anything to thank you en=
for taking me in, letting my eat your food, sleep in a bed and feel like
part of your family and not once asking anything in return. Thank you. Mr.=

& Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. King, Mr. & Mrs. Horn. All of you have always filled
in when I needed help. Thank you. Greg McDonald, Scott Bennett & the rest
of the Trans Con family =E2=80″ and I say family, you all of you have don=
e so
many special things for us.

Marc Terenzi

Susan Schilling. Thank you for losing sleep so many nights for us, pulling=

out your hair, taking your days off to come in and rearrange the whole
studio. Chris Adler & Justin, Thanks for always coming out on the road
doing things for us that no one else could do. Glenda Robinson, thanks for=

putting us first. My best friend Damian Portier, thank for sharing all my
adventures with me and always letting me know everything will work out. To=

the Monkees – David Jones, Peter Tork and Micky Dolenz. Thank you for
teaching us so much about the road.
Mike Castonguay, thank you for always doing things for us and for teaching=

me the passion for music. All the tech=E2=80=99s from T-Con Studios who sta=
yed up
so many late nights. The BMG Munich crew. You Rock. Antje and Anna thanks
for loosing sleep over us. Jan & Thomas Stein, thank you for believing in
us and giving us a chance. I=E2=80=99m sure I forgot a lot of people that I=
think about later. So to all the people who helped get me here – Thank you!=

And of course, the reason why I do what I do, to all the fans! You are
always here unconditionally and you will always be there for us. I promise=

I will always be there for you.

Thank you God for giving me the talent, strength, and ambition to let me
pursue my dreams. Thank you to my parents for putting up with me for 23
years now and being so supportive of everything I do no matter how
ridiculous some of my decisions and ideas were. I know things have been
tough sometimes but we made it thought it like always, so I just wanted to=

say thank you for giving me the best 23 years a kid could have. I would
like to thank someone who has played a huge role in my life for the past
two hears, has taught me everything I know about the music industry, took
care of me when I needed financial stability, always was there to talk to,=

and is someone that I am proud to call a friend. Lou, I can=E2=80=99t thank=
enough for everything you=E2=80=99ve done for me because you have done so m=
Thank you for teaching me, coaching me , listening to me, guiding me,
understanding me, helping me, and last, for being my friend. You really are=

“Big Poppa”. Thank you Glenda for being a friend and for being a shoulder I=

could lean on throughout this adventure. I could not have done it with out=

you. BOO!! Did I get you?

Thank you to Marc Piacenza for being the Best “Lab Rat” anyone could have
and to “Officer Friendly” for keeping us safe. Thank you Marc for being
there as a friend and tour manager, and don=E2=80=99t forget to eat your ca=
To Paul “The Pizza Man” Russo for keeping our money tightly watched and
giving us free food whenever we wanted. To Mallysa for being just you and
making me laugh when I needed to laugh the most. To Kelly for making sure
we always have updated schedules in our hands. Thank you to all the
Trans-con family. Greg, thanks for fighting for us. Janet, you=E2=80=99re t=
best, you always make sure I have everything in order. Thank you Susan for=

dealing with me and my plane flight, passport, and last minutes upgrades
issues. Thanks Mikey (My Greek speaking friend). Thank you to Nannie and Ed=

for being the best aunt and uncle anyone could have, and to Geri and family=

you have a special place in my heart. GERI YOU ROCK. To my cousin Tina and=

family. I love you guys. Thank you to all of my friends who have supported=

me my whole life. Georgia, thanks for being there for me when I couldn=E2=
always be there for you.

“J” Josh Horn

Thank you to Dolores and Buddy McCrory for helping me reach my goals.
Billy, you=E2=80=99re the best friend anyone could have, and thanks for alw=
being there. Thank you Theo Mike and Thea Seva for the great food, support=

and hospitality. Donna, we have laughed and cried together and you still
listen to me complain when things may not be so great for you either and to=

me that means more than anything. (“I have often taken this road many
times”) Remember? To Jan and Scott, Thanks for all of the years or support,=

late night dinners, and coffee talks. Emily, you amaze me with your talent=

and I know there is a place for you in the world of success. Thanks for
being my friend. To Pam and Ashley for being some of my most spontaneous
friends, and for humoring me with my infatuation with scary things. Keep
practicing Ashley. To Judy for being the most clever woman I know. To
Terrence who gave me the chance to prove myself at an early age and taught=

me everything I know about acting. Hey, how about that Great Expectations
musical, wouldn=E2=80=99t that be a great idea. Thank you Tracy for being a=

special part of my life. To the Powers family. Bonnie, watch out for the
flying squirrels. To Kathryn for always making me laugh. Have you had your=

yeast roll today? To Sherry Stevens my vocal coach. You know I would not be=

here today doing what I am doing if it were not for you. You trained my raw=

talent into something that I could use and now can=E2=80=99t live without, =
you. To the Andersons who have been so supportive throughout all these
years even though there was a major gap of time in our lives. To Diana who=

is like a second mom to me. When are you going to make more Chinese food
with duck sauce. To all of the crew at Ice House, Moonlight Players,
Melonpatch, and Baystreet. Those were the days. To all my school teachers
especially Mrs. Wakefield and Mrs. Grill. To everyone at BMG, Thomas Stein,=

Jan, Doris, Gandy, Holger, Marcus, Oliver, Gary Cooper, Anne (mouse),
Antje. Here is to more success. To Mr. And Mrs. Johnson for being there to=

talk to, and making the best out of situations. To Mr. And Mrs. Bledsoe for=

letting me play on the piano until all hours of the night, letting me say
over and eat your food. By the way I am still waiting for that salmon
dinner. Just kidding. To Mrs. Terenzi for being so kind to me and sending
my mom pictures of us that she didn=E2=80=99t have or couldn=E2=80=99t get.=
Thank you
to Patrick=E2=80=99s mom. Did you get my message? Thank you to all of the f=
around the world who have supported us throughout the years and who I can
always count on to know our schedule better than me. You are the greatest.=

And Finally, thank you to Ben, Michael, Patrick , and Marc for being the
brothers I never had.

I would first like to thank the people who have been there from the very
very beginning for me. That is my Family. You guys have supported me
throughout everything and have helped me through things no matter what. Mom=

and Dad, everything you have done for me, if I didn’t agree with you back
then, I realize that you were right now. You both could not be any more
perfect for me. You have made me and let me be who I am, I don’t know too
many people that could deal with that, but I hope you are proud. Kristin,
you are the most determined person I have ever met. And no matter what
happens, you are exactly the person that you want to be. Thank you for
teaching me that, you rock!!!! All the Beane’s and Johnson’s out there,
thank you so much for your support! Thanks to all my dance teachers
throughout the years-Deborah, RJ, Rolann, etc. Scott you are my long lost
big brother. Tony, you truly are a best friend, thanks for always being
there…just think back to the lip liner days! Kyle- you freaking pimp!
Torrey, I can’t believe I found you. You have helped me through so much and=

made everything perfect, you’re not getting away from me…penguins stick
together! The DeVitto’s sorry about the 5am alarms! Liberty, I couldn’t ask=

for a better mentour. You have gone above and beyond for me thank you so
much, no one can ever match you but I’m gonna try!

Tim Berkebile you rock star, half-a-….whatever, Sandy Genero thanks for
teachin me the tricks of the road, Gene and everyone at TAMA the best drums=

in the world,Bari and the family of Pro-Mark woohoo! my own sticks!!, Bobby=

and the Sabian crew, Mike Castonguay, you make me sick….holy
geniussathon….you’ve been a great friend and teacher, Veit Renn, thanks
for believing in us, The Monkees, you’re words are helping us through so
much you guys gave us the perfect first tour, The biggest family on earth,=

Trans Con Family….all of you are so amazing to us there are so many names=

so I’ll just name a few….Marc Piacenza you are the only person that knows=

what we actually do…..I’m sorry! You try to be tough but I know you care=

about us and we love you!, Paul, thanks for holding it down, so when you
coming to Germany? oh shhhhhh…. Mallysa weird spelling but you have been=

so amazing, we’ll be back soon!

Michael Johnson

Glenda, our road mother, you have always been there for me thank you!, Greg=

McDonald, you knew Elvis! You’re the best “no” man there is! All the T-Con=

Technicians you’re all awesome to work with, Susan and Eric Schilling,
Justin Olson for giving me perfect mixes, Chris Adler for having your
masters in everything, ughh, the T-Con list could go on forever, everyone
in the offices, the studios, and all the artists are the best. BMG UK, BMG=

Austria, BMG Munich, everyone from Trans Con Asia thanks for making us feel=

at home all over the world. Robert Earl and Planet Hollywood, Rita and Lou=

Carrier from Hard Rock, Hard Rock Munich, Chad Pitt thanks for all the
crazy studio times! Claire’s Accessories, Sak’s Fifth Ave., Matt and Pop
Star Mag, Kevin Fabrikant, Cheney Maison, Bill Pringle, the dream team! I
know I’ve forgotten like a million people that have done so much for me. I=

haven’t forgotten you, I just didn’t know how to spell your name…..or
something…. ok, Lou Pearlman, there is no way that you are human! Humans=

have flaws, and everytime I think you might have a flaw, there is a reason=

for it. You are an amazing man and I am blessed to be able to work with
you. I know you can help me with anything whether it be personal or
business, you know it all. I have learned so much from you, the most
important thing is that you truly love what you do and it shows. You’re the=

perfect person to help me through the business and life. You’re making my
dreams come true and I hope to make yours come true as well! Alright you
freaking guys, my four brothers, whatever the heck we are, we have been
through I think everything there is together and we laughed about it the
whole way!!! If this all ended now, it would be the best experience in the=

world for me. Thank you for putting up with me, I don’t know how you do it.=

I have never doubted that we’re gonna fulfill all of our dreams because we=

all know what it takes to do it and we love what we do. After all we are
putting the boy back in….wait we’re putting the group with
boys…….wait………ummmm Mahoofina!!!!! You guys kick @$$ nobody rocks=

the playback like we do! Can’t wait till we’re like Piacenza’s age and
still playing together!!! Thank you to everyone who has supported me in
these 20 years……aww man I’m 20 wow. Thanks!!!!!!!!

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