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Get Head – Monkees in Vanity Fair

March 27, 2011 by  
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From: “Alicia Jones”

Hey hey!!

I was checking this week’s TV listings, and saw that AMC (American Movie
Classics) will be showing HEAD this weekend!!

For those of you who have cable, remember…on AMC…Saturday, January 13th
at 10pm EST and Sunday, January 14th at 4am EST!! Check your local
listings for the AMC channel and get your VCRs ready!!

Peace, luv & ev’rything else!! :o)*
~Alicia Jones


From: Ellen Barnhart

According to Entertainment Tonight, Davy is
concentration more on “Monkee Business”, and, in
addition to the tour, they are thinking about
“Broadway, a movie, and more recording”. Micky, Davy,
and Peter also posed for a spread in Vanity Fair,
although they didn’t say when that issue will be on newstands.

*Monkeemaniac, Nezhead, etc.*
Official Secretary of SYMK


From: Nez4Ever1230

In the January 9, 2001 issue of Star Magazine there is a paragraph in the
column entitled Star People which mentions that Micky’s eldest daughter Ami
Dolenz is engaged to marry actor Jerry Trumble. The column begins on page 12
and continues through page 14. The paragraph on Ami and her fiancee is on
page 13.
Thank you,


From: ~Lauren~

Hey everyone!

New movie comin out in march…. not about the monkees though. But
Daydream Beliver is used in it, but rumor has it that its not sung by our men
the Monkees! I forget the movie’s title but it’s about a fairy tale and Mike
Myers plays the lead cartoon guy. Thought youd like to know. and Circle Sky
is on a VH1 greatest Hits or Greatest Music cd. kewl huh?



From: Josie

As you know, the TV show Dawson’s Creek releases soundtracks of the songs
used during the show. On the most recent soundtrack, a country singer…i
believe her name Mary Beth Edwards, sings a re-worked version of Daydream
Believer. It’s not as good as the original (of course not!), but I thought
I’d let you know.



We get asked a lot about the tour dates for 2001 – believe me, you will
hear about them as soon as we do – their management has not yet released
the dates, but when they do, you will see them here! thanks!


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