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First Reviews are In!

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The first reviews of the concert tour are in. We will not be featuring very=

many of these (cause the list could get huge!) but a few, and no set lists=

will be provided. However, if you want to see the set lists from this tour=

(and all of the others) you can go to:

Where Mark Thompson has put together a full review. Thanks Mak!

Also new on Monkees.Net – a search engine – now you can search almost all
of the documents on Monkees.Net for specific information you are looking
for. Hope you enjoy it!



From: Jonathan Apple

Monkees Concert – Clearwater, FL 3-10-01

Hey, Hey Micky, Davy & Peter!

Wouldn’t have missed last nights concert for anything…great show. I was
7th row center and could see the obvious excitement you had as you took the
stage last night. For 3 hours, you guys knocked yourselves out and we
certainly appreciated your efforts.

A few thoughts about the show:

It seemed that you were throwing many special performances at us in an effo=
to find out what worked and what didn’t. I applaud your efforts, however, =
relation to the last tour, it seemed to me that the “Natural” set in the
middle of your show was out of place with an audience that came to see
“The Monkees!” Although their efforts were also appreciated, and they
certainly are talented “boys”, the show would have been better served witho=
them. And, sorry to say, but “Natural” should not have been on stage near
the end of the show. Although you do not need a warm-up act, if necessary,
put them at the beginning, before you start. In the middle of the show put=
them in a difficult situation where the audience feels they’ve “escaped” th=
dreaded opening act.

The previous tour seemed to be more to the point, concentrating on “The
Best of The Monkees”. Although my wife and I enjoyed last nights show, and
certainly hope it will not be our last time to see “Our Monkees”, we liked
the previous tour show much better and hope you’ll return to a show more li=

Thanks a ton,

Jonathan Apple
Syndicated Oldies Radio Show Host
Oldies Coast-to-Coast(tm)


From: Judy Larson

Last Nights Concert! (YOU STILL GOT IT….)

WOW, Thank you for the wonderful concert you gave to us. All three of you
sound as great as you did many years ago. We really enjoyed our selves and
it brought back a lot of good memories. I keep singing your songs over in
over in my head. I will have to pull out the big records and play them
again. Thanks for bringing us back to the good old days…..

Davy you still have that groove on & that gorgeous smile! ( I’m sure it
doesn’t surprise you that I had a crush on you back then, like many of the
other ladies.) Mickey we love your since of humor and you living life to t=
fullest really shows and Peter you were great and love those pants! 🙂

Hope you have a wonderful tour and enjoy being with each other.

Love From One Of Your Many Fans! Judy Larson


From: “Ray Nelson”

Just seen the group at the House of Blues in Orlando last night, the place=

was packed. They were very funny and put on a very good show. The natural,=

“boy band”, had a spot, and were shoved down our throat, in the middle of
the show. Just a handful of classic songs (TV show songs) were missing from=

the show, “She, No Time, Cuddly Toy, Star Collector, and Words”. They
performed everything else. The group also had a solo spot in which each
member did a non-Monkee song. Mickey did a blues song and also Purple Haze,=

Davy a vaudeville song, Peter a classic rock song. A bunch of Mike Nesmith=

songs were also performed. They also pointed out that he was not present to=

perform them. I was surprised at how many teenage kids were at the show,
and knew the words to all the classic songs, a lot of singing along was
going on.The show was very good as my wife, who is not a big Monkee fan,
laughed her butt off and said she would go see them again. Peter is a very=

impressive musician. Looking forward to Davy at Epcot!


From: Jenny

(This is the grand prize winner of the Monkees.Net T-Shirt contest with the=

8-Button Shirt design)


We just got back from the concert in Clearwater and it was SOOOOOO GREAT!!!=
and thank you so much for picking my design for the t-shirt cause that got =
back stage and we got to meet Davy and Micky!!!! Peter had already left, da=
it, but there’s always tomorrow night!!!!! They like the shirt!!! and signe=
it too!!!! I am so happy I may never get the smile off my face!!!!!

Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!



From: “Bonnie Verrico”

As part of their Spring Into the Blues Tour, April 20-May 6,
2001, the Peter Tork and Shoe Suede Blues will be hosting a
fan party to thank their loyal fans for supporting them over
the years. The Spring Into the Blues Fan Party will be held
on Sunday, May 6th 2001 from 1:00-4:00pm at Club 66, 207
Edgewood Road in Edgewood, MD.

This tour will most likely be the last upper east coast tour
Shoe Suede Blues will take part in for 2001. Fans from all
over the country have been asking for Shoe Suede Blues to
play in their neighborhoods, so the band will be hitting the
roads across the country for the rest of 2001 & early 2002.
Join Peter Tork, Tadg Galleran, Michael Sunday, Stevie Gurr
and John Palmer for music, conversation, food and fun at
this farewell (for now) fan party – your ticket price
includes a Hot/Cold Buffet Lunch and live performances by
Shoe Suede Blues and Jane. The event will only be open to
ticket holders and limited to approximately 80 people, so
there will plenty of time for meeting and talking with your
favorite band member and fellow fans. Please feel free to
bring along your cameras, video equipment, and memorabilia
for autographing!

Advance tickets for this event are as follows: $30 for
adults (11+) and $15 for children (3-10). Group rate $25
per person for groups of 4 or more adults. Advance ticket
requests must be received by April 18, 2001. A limited
number of tickets may be available at the door for $35 each.

Check or Money Order (sorry, no credit cards) for tickets
should be made out to Fiore Promos Agency and mailed (with
your contact information, see below) to:

Fiore Promos Agency
Events Department
2014 Tanglewood Drive
Waldorf MD 20601

If you would like to come to this fun event, please provide
the information below with your check or money order for
tickets to the Spring Into the Blues Fan Party. For your
convenience, a printable ticket order form can be found at Remember, the deadline”> Remember, the deadline
for advance tickets is April 18, 2001.

Please provide the following:
Day Phone
Eve Phone
Type of Ticket (adult, child or group adult)
Number of Tickets
Total Amount Enclosed

Please contact the Fiore Promos Agency , Ph 301-843-2448,
e-mail for more information.


Peter Tork & Shoe Suede Blues
Spring Tour! April 20-May 6, 2001


From: “Bonnie Verrico”

Just got word that Peter Tork and Shoe Suede Blues will be
performing at a benefit for Beyond Baroque and Felicity
House on April 7th. Here are the specs:

When: April 7, 2001 from 8:30pm-12:00am.
Where: The Church in Ocean Park, 235 Hill Street, Santa
Monica, CA
Tickets: $7.00 in advance/$9.00 at the door

Also appearing is DJ Paul the “Music Pilot.” Free swing
dance lessons will be given from 8:00-8:30pm.

There is plenty of no-permit, no-meter parking from 4th
street & east. The benefit is accessible from the Santa
Monica bus lines 1, 2, and 8, as well as the MTA bus line

Peter Tork & Shoe Suede Blues
Spring Tour! April 20-May 6, 2001


From: “Bandsix”

Hi guys Are you young (ie not a first generation fan), living in the south=

east of England, a Monkee fanatic, and willing to appear on tv? Band 6 has=

been approached by a London-based tv station who want to put out a
programme on pop fans. They would like to include the Monkees but want to
concentrate on young fans and why the Monkees still appeals to a new
generation so long after the first showing. If you’re interested and fit
into this profile, contact Sue for more information and to be put in touch=

with the folks in charge of the programme. Email me or phone me on 020 8470=



From: adamsfamily

This St. Petersburg Times ( story has been sent to
you from adamsfamily

Here is the scoop on the first concert. It was great!!

Just plain Monkee business
=A9 St. Petersburg Times, published March 3, 2001

CLEARWATER — Watching the Monkees perform in 2001 isn’t the flashback=

to yesteryear you might imagine. Sure, the beloved made-for-TV pop act of
the 1960s serve up familiar pop hits such as I’m a Believer and Pleasant
Valley Sunday, and the same shenanigans that endeared them to a generation=

— and, in reruns, to that generation’s kids.

But the Monkees’ three remaining original members have evolved over the=

decades, and they aren’t ashamed to show it. That doesn’t simply mean
Mickey Dolenz’s hairline has crept back; it means Dolenz, 55, and band
mates Davy Jones, 55, and Peter Tork, 57, are comfortable enough to let a
bit of their “real” selves shine through. (Fourth member Mike Nesmith, now=

a multimillionaire, has since removed the fuzzy winter cap, refusing to
participate in any Monkee business.)

The Monkees was a precursor to today’s chart topping teen pop acts. The=

Pre-Fab Four, as they were dubbed, are getting a lot of attention recently=

as pop’s Original Boy Band. The show was also the first to feature the
wacky foibles of communal living (see MTV’s The Real World).

The Monkees showcased four characters who used their real names. What
you find, more than 30 years later, is that these four were, largely,
playing themselves.

Thursday at Ruth Eckerd Hall, in the first show of the 2001 Reunion
Tour, fans learned that Dolenz is still a wisecracker, Jones a charmer, and=

Tork, the sweetly vulnerable one, is the same, just not as stupid as his
onscreen persona.

All three, certainly, are unabashed hams.

The Monkees walked onstage, kicking their legs out to each side in that=

famous Monkee walk, before launching into Last Train to Clarksville. Tork,=

who got his start on the Greenwich Village folk scene, deftly played
guitar, tickled the keyboards and reminded fans it was he, not alt-rocker
Beck, who was the first rock ‘n’ roller to pluck a banjo.

Dolenz, too, strummed guitar, sang and hopped behind the drum kit to
bash out, and sing, the funky Mary, Mary.

The Monkees were backed by a stellar eight-member band, including a
horn section. Dolenz reminded us with a powerful Randy Scouse Git that he
did have a hand in songwriting. That original protest tune found Dolenz,
center stage, banging mallets on a large drum as he sang.

Tork, too, sang originals, such as the quirky Your Auntie Grizelda.
Even Jones performed several self-penned tunes.

These guys can play. But, now that they don’t have to prove it, the Monkees=

are free to do what they do best, to entertain. They are blessed; they can=

do that, still, by just being themselves.

– Gina Vivinetto can be reached by e-mail at>


From: “Caroline”

Article in St. Pete Times

This was in the St. Petersburg Times Thursday:
Copyright Times Publishing Co. Mar 1, 2001

Building 7566 looks like all the rest of the buildings in the maze that’s
the Offices at Southland. The signs say lawyers and e- companies rent space
here. If they can find their way in.

You open the door and there they are. Not more than 20 feet away. The
Monkees. Two of them, anyway, rehearsing with their nine-member band.

Davy Jones is wearing wire rim glasses and clowning with one of the crew.
Mickey Dolenz, who looks like he’s morphing into Jack Nicholson, strums an
acoustic guitar, his eyes closed.

You start to smile, but hold it in. This is business: You’re here to find
out what’s up with these guys on the eve of a national tour that starts
tonight in Clearwater. Besides, you were never a huge fan of their catchy
little ditties. That was for the girls.

But then the keyboard player hits the opening notes of Daydream Believer,
and Jones and Dolenz step to the front.

Oh, I could hide ‘neath the wings. Of the bluebird as she sings.

The six o’clock alarm would never ring.

You weren’t going to succumb.

But you do.

The band, especially the horn section, sounds terrific. Jones’ voice doesn’=
have its old strength, but he doesn’t sound that much different. Hey, he’s
55. Give him a break. At least a senior’s discount.

As the rehearsal moves along, Dolenz sits on a stool in front of the band,
closes his eyes again and listens for mistakes. Half an hour later, Peter
Tork arrives. He hugs everyone, then trades his coffee for an electric

They play A Little Bit Me and Cuddly Toy. Solid and tight. Everyone is

Of the four Monkees, (Mike Nesmith isn’t joining the tour), Jones has
changed the least. His hair is long and (mostly) dark, and he’s still got
that old excitement about touring. Sort of.

“The road is a killer,” he says. “That’s why Mike doesn’t do it. You try to
stay in shape, but when you’re on the road, it’s hard not to eat the other
half of the sandwich.”

He’s been divorced twice and recently broke up with his girlfriend, a
29-year-old actor who lives in Hollywood. Why?

He extends his arms in the tiny room where he’s being interviewed. “This,”
he says. “The road.”

He stops and smiles. Don’t misunderstand, he says. The Monkees enjoy
touring. And the money. They were paid $450 a week for The Monkees TV show,
and they each receive royalties of less than $15,000 a year.

“I get letters from 14-year-old girls in Brazil who see the TV show and
think I’m young,” he says. “Remember, I have daughters 12, 19, 29 and 32.”

When he’s not touring, Jones tends to his horses and lives in a mobile home
near Stuart. He also owns a home near Harrisburg, Pa. Without prompting, he
recounts how he was up for the role of Newkirk on Hogan’s Heroes and Robin
on Batman when he got the chance to join the Monkees. “It was rock ‘n’ roll
and birds,” he says, grinning. “That appealed to me.”

Now, in a sense, he’s caught in a tender trap. “The public won’t let the
Monkees go. The companies won’t let it go. It’s like the Mafia. Once you’re
in, you can never get out.”

He wishes the Monkees could have at least evolved; be more than what they

Dolenz and Tork wander in. Just you and . . . the Monkees.

Before he leaves to pick up letters from his daughters, Jones lets you know
it’s not so bad being famous for being in a band that recorded mostly other
people’s music and dissolved after only four years. He tells about a time i=
1985 when the only work he could get was playing Jesus in a production of

“I’m on the cross singing, ‘I’m dying . . . I’m dying.’

“And some guy in the audience yells out, ‘Give us Daydream Believer before
you go!’ “



From: “Davy Jones Forever”


Hey everyone, I just got an E-Mail from our friendly Beavertown
photographer and this time there was pictures of the museum in there! You
can view the pictures at

it looks as if they are working from the top down and from the outside in,=

also if you look closely you can see their port-a-john on the construction=

site, I just thought that was a sort of comical thing to point out to
everyone 🙂 I wonder if David ordered that!

Regional Girl


From: Corinne F.

I’ve just seen the first two shows of the “Final Tour”! Woohoo! Mar. 1 was
the 1st @ Ruth Eckerd Hall, Clearwater, FL. The guys put on a spectacular
show! It was even better than the one in ’97! They came out @ 8:10 and play=
for an hr. and a half. There was a 15 min. intermission, then “Natural”, a
new boy band that’s much more talented than N’Sync or any of those other on=
performed 4 songs. Then Peter, Davy, and Micky returned for another hour of
music, jokes, and dancing! Hot DAMN it was such a GOOD SHOW! Mar.2 my hubby
and I went to House of Blues in Orlando for the next one. We got there earl=
since it was standing room only, and managed to squeeze a mere 8 ft. from t=
stage. Once again it was a fabulous show, and this time we got to dance! Ev=
if you only like a few songs, go and see them if they come to your town. I’=
never been to a better concert, seen so much energy radiate from guys neari=
55+ yrs. old. And they sound GREAT! Micky’s voice sends chills. Davy never
stops moving, and Peter is a major surprise and delight, playing 4 differen=
instruments for the songs. OH, and lest I forget, the backup band was FAB!
Almost every song sounded just like the LP version! GO SEE THEM!



From: “Webmaster (Rhino)”

RhinoNews Feb 2001

A NEWSLETTER Issue #23 — February 2001
Unsubscribe –


Yeah, yeah they’re The Monkees. And Rhino’s favorite ’60s hitmakers return=

with a new box set and a string of tour dates across the country as the
group gears up for its 35th anniversary.

“Wait a minute,” you’re saying. “Didn’t Rhino already put out a Monkees
box?” In fact, we did, in 1991. That earlier effort, Listen To The Band,=

hit most of the same musical bases as the new set. But there are a number=

of reasons for Monkee maniacs to celebrate the February 20 release of The
Monkees Music Box.

Three years after Listen To The Band, Rhino began issuing The Monkees’
individual albums with remastered sound, bonus tracks, and new liner notes,=

and the treasure trove we opened with these album reissues gave the impetus=

for Music Box. The new 4-CD set includes a couple of additional rarities
(as well as material from The Monkees’ 1996 reunion LP Justus). All tracks=

benefit from remastered sound. The liner notes have been completely
rewritten, and the booklet is filled with photos in glorious color!


From: Estrella Lee

The episode of Sabrina, The Teenage Witch titled
“Dante’s Inferno” will repeat on Thursday, March 8 on
WB. This episode has Davy Jones making a cameo as
himself, who is conjured into the episode by Aunt
Hilda’s (Caroline Rhea) punnitis when she says “…
monkey on my back”. Also guest starring is Teri Garr.


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