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First Reviews are In!-2

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The first reviews of the concert tour are in. We will not be featuring very
many of these (cause the list could get huge!) but a few, and no set lists
will be provided. However, if you want to see the set lists from this tour
(and all of the others) you can go to:


From: Heather Allman
From: “Mark Thompson”
From: “Sergio R. Lopez”

Ran across this article at…enjoy!


Hey, Hey, They Were the Monkees

The Monkees defined the adolescence of the ’60s, after the awakening but
before it got heavy. With the release of a fine new compilation,’s
Jonathan Gregg considers their legacy

The year 1966 was an interesting time in pop music. The Summer of Love
hadn’t yet made the youth revolution – and its inevitable commercialization
and polarization – official, but the good vibes were already there to be
enjoyed by anyone who was paying attention. Following the Beatles’ cue,
musicians were savoring a climate of experimentation with the new paradigm
of self-contained performing and songwriting units – a business model that
the big labels hadn’t yet figured out how to fully control and stifle with
accountants. But at the same time the Brill Building-type songwriters for
hire, which included the finest pop-music talent America ever produced, were
still cranking out songs by the yard in a last-gasp bid for teen
immortality. The time was ripe for a naοΏ½ve and yet monstruously successful
hybrid, and Bob Rafelson knew it.

Rafelson, a jack-of-all trades hipster at Hollywood’s fringes, and his
partner Bert Schneider, decided to assemble a made-to-order rock ‘n’ roll
band to star in a TV show. Rafelson claims he’d thought of it before “A Hard
Day’s Night,” but whatever the case, the success of the Beatles movie, with
the ur-rock video montage of “Can’t Buy Me Love,” greased the skids in a big
way. Rafelson found himself deluged with applicants for the band, turning
away the likes of Steven Stills before settling on the four lads who would
succeed beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. As the implications of his project
began to sink in – namely, that it could be huge – Rafelson and company
(i.e., Don Kirshner, later the man behind the Archies, a band that couldn’t
talk back) realized they had better come up with some real tunes, and turned
to the best American songwriting talent money could buy.

What they got from Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart, Carole King and Gerry Goffin,
Neil Diamond and others was a repertoire that any “real” band would envy,
rivaling that of any ’60s pop stars. It wasn’t heavy, but brother was it
tuneful, and fun. What’s more, the made-up combo more often than not sang
the hell out of their hits, and eventually demanded more control over their
destiny (exit Kirshner) and began to play and write their own songs, some of
them quite decent: They woke up, but for a short while the dream continued
anyway, and they got to become the real band their critics had savaged them
for not being.

It couldn’t last, and it didn’t. The Monkees’ golden age ended,
appropriately, with the concept carried to its logical extreme, a Bob
Rafelson and Jack Nicholson film called “Head” that was essentially about
the destruction of the group. The Monkeees were not a Woodstock kind of
band, and most definitely not a post-Altamont proposition. But for a brief
span, they were a bona fide phenomenon, a brilliant, opportunistic creation
that somehow also managed to encapsulate the giddy, innocent sincerity of
the mid-’60s.

Who better but the archival geniuses at Rhino to give the Monkees their due;
indeed, it would take a curmudgeonly soul to find a harsh word for this
exhaustive – and later on, truth be told, exhausting – anthology of their
work. Music aside, the package is terrific, with an extremely entertaining
and informative bio; extensive liner notes chronicling the genesis of each
tune, with quotes from the band members and producers (one of them Chip
Douglas, the brother of Jon Voight, who went on to write “Wild Thing” in 15
minutes, making a fortune that surprised him most of all); and breakdowns of
each session, including the musicians and producers. (Bet you didn’t know
Neil Young played with them.)

And at least for the first two of the four CDs, it’s obvious why the Monkees
were as big as they were. These are great songs, pure and simple – two words
that describe them perfectly. The “Monkees Theme” works just like the stroll
down the street whose rhythm inspired its composition, a nice-guy “We’re the
Jets”; “Last Train to Clarksville” is a guitar-driven thing of pop splendor;
“I’m a Believer” and “A Little Bit Me, a Little Bit You” remind us what a
distinctive stylist Neil Diamond was before he descended in the
bathos-sphere with “I Am, I Cried” and “Longfellow Serenade.” And “I’m Not
Your Stepping Stone” simply rocks.

And are just the straight uptempo numbers. If the tune’s your thing, you
won’t find much bigger hooks than “Daydream Believer,” and “Pleasant Valley
Sunday” has a breezy, lovely Carole King melody; social commentary never
felt so un-preachy. They didn’t play much on the early stuff, but Mickey
Dolenz could really sing, and when they finally did start to play their own
instruments, the difference wasn’t all that noticeable.

The Monkees also presaged the advent of country rock, notably in Mike
Nesmith’s compositions and their wonderful cover of Michael Murphy’s
deceptively simple-sounding “What Am I Doing Hanging ‘Round?” There are also
ample pleasures to be derived from lesser-known songs; the Monkees came from
the era when albums were supposed to be more than just filler to put around
singles, and for the most part they delivered.

For a while, anyway. Disc Three marks the end of the ’60s hits, and while
its often skirts the edges of silliness, it’s surprising how consistently
listenable it is, especially “Porpoise Song,” the failed single from “Head,”
and Nesmith’s contributions. It also features a live cut, “Circle Sky,”
which lays to rest any doubts about their viability in concert. Nesmith’s
nasal vocals nothwithstanding, his efforts are about the only redeeming
feature of the final disc, a somewhat grimmer prospect that includes
late-’60s meanderings – and more of Mickey Dolenz’ inane flights of fancy
than any sentient being should be forced to endure – along with some
ill-advised harder rock material from their various latter-day incarnations.

But it’s hard to get mad at these guys. Apparently, they rarely did at each
other, and if it was more obvious on TV, that good-naturedness somehow comes
through on record as well. The last two tracks find the full foursome back
together in 1996 (Nesmith had long refused to participate), playing their
own songs and instruments, and even if it’s long past the point of
relevance, it has a certain wistful sweetness. Indeed, there’s a fundamental
decency, wit and charm in evidence throughout this collection that so
completely transcends the Monkees’ prefab origins, and those of their
modern-day counterparts – New Kids on the Block, anyone? – that it’s a
pleasure to be able to recognize them as their own men. They deserve it.


From: Katie

I went to the House of Blues concert in Orlando, Florida. I was dressed
as Mike and my mom made me a green hat with buttons. During a song that
Davy was singing he came right over to us and pointed at me. After
intermission I had a friend throw it on stage for me. Davy picked it up and
put it with the rest of his props. If you see a green hat with buttons at
one of the concerts it’s mine! Please e-mail me and tell me what happened.
The House of Blues wouldn’t allow cameras!!!
Peace, gleeb, and the Monkees,


From: “Ana”

Hello Everyone,

I attended the Westbury Show March 11th. I have to say, i’ve seen them,
together and alone several times, and never have I been disappointed, but
this time it was just incredible, I was lucky enough to have 5th row aisle
seats (thanks to my best friend in the world) I was on the aisle that they
entered and exited it from, so every time I turned around one of them was
walking by me and shaking my hand, my family pretty much had to scrape me
off the floor by the end of the show. I just had such a great time, they
were incredible as usual. They just put on such a great show!!! I don’t
usually email you, but I am on your mailing list, and I just had to share
this with everyone, my friend took some great pictures, see his link
below. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.



From: “Emily Brown”

I’m back from my concert!!! Ok let me try and recollect the day for you…
I got up at like 8 Tuesday and got ready. My friend and her mom came and
got us and we went and got our other other friend Emily in Birmingham. On
the way up there, we called the radio and requested some Monkees songs
since we were going to the concert, and they put us on the radio! When we
finally got there, like 45 min. before it started, we knew we were in
trouble cuz of all the cars that were ahead of us, waiting to get in to the
concert. We got out, and I had to wait on my dad outside to come and pick
something up that we had to bring for him. So… that kinda didn’t help us
any, cuz there were no good seats left. I saw all these people coming in
bringing their records and stuff for them to sign, and I didnt know we
could bring the stuff in!! I left my records and magazines in the car!! We
waited forever for the show to start, and the ppl were getting kinda
impatient. Then they finally had Natural come out and start it up. Oh my
gosh, let me tell you!! They are really cute! (Not as cute as the Monkees
though!) And that group is really really good!! They play their own
instruments, can sing, and dance (you know, like boy bands do). It was soo
awesome! After they got through, we waited for about 15 MORE minutes for
the Monkees to get out there, and the bands started playing a Monkees
medley, and ppl were screaming!! Then… they came out there doing their
Monkees walk, and we were just freaking out!! Everyone started rushing the
stage, and we went down there too! We fought for a spot up there and got..
FRONT ROW CENTER!!!!! There was nothing in front of the stage trying to
keep you away from it. We were like right up under them!! We were screaming
the whole entire time, like after anything they said, and before and after
every song. When they would get quiet, we would yell stuff at them. Like
one time when Davy was telling everyone to shut up, (he was j/k and stuff,
probably cuz we were all screaming at 50 y/olds), Mallory says, “Hey Davy!
Hey Davy!!” and he says, “Wha??” like he’s trying to sound annoyed, and she
says, “CUTE pants!!” and he smiles and says, “Thanks very much. Now shut
uuuup!! ” and he was laughing. He could so tell that we were obsessed with
them LOL cuz I would either be screaming or like in shock just staring with
my mouth open. And one time when he was doing either “Girl” or “I Wanna Be
Free” he saw me staring at him and he just looked at me and smiled. Maybe
it was just me, but I saw stars in his eyes!! LOL Seriously I did!! And he
reached out and held my hand when he goes, “I wanna hold your hand, walk
along the sand..” And then he held my friend Emily’s hand too! I had tears
in my eyes!! After he did that, Micky came out there talking about how Jimi
Hendrix opened for them back in the day. He was imitating the little kids
that came to see them.. “Daddy, why is that man setting his guitar on
fire??” “Oh, um, cuz he’s cold son” “Well daddy, why is he peeing on it??”
“I don’t know, watch the concert!” LOL and he said “did anyone know that he
opened for us??” and we started screaming and he looked at us and said, “Oh
whatever! You werent even born!! Your parents werent even born!” lol And
then he started playing pueple haze and we were acreaming and dancing and
then we held MICKY’s hand (hahahaha Elizabeth!) and it was Emily Simon’s
turn to get all in a daze. lol Then Peter came out and played something by
Bach on the piano, and it was really good! Then he sang a song, and we were
freaking out. My sister help up a poster she made that said, ‘PETER- STILL
FINE AT 59!!” and he started laughing and said, “You really think so??” and
blew her a bunch of kisses. Then he held hands with us (notice a trend
here?? LOL). Sleepy and DHMF(internet friends of mine) were up front too
and Sleepy started moving her finger, you know, like the international sign
for “Come here” LOL and he got all flirty with it, and started doing that
to her and acting like he was gonna pull her up on stage. (heehee) One
time, Davy was singing, and I just sighed and did my hand to my chest, in
shock, (Davy saw me, of course) and I looked over at Peter and he saw me do
that too and he started laughing at me! Oh, and while Davy was singing (I
think it was “She Hangs Out”), he accidentally spit on me!! LOL Now, with
anyone else, I’d be grossed out, but this was DAVY’s spit!! LOL
hahaha Davy couldnt get us to be quiet, cuz he would say stuff and ppl
would turn it around to mean something else and the crowd would start
screaming louder! We (me, Emily, and Mallory) were screaming and holding
our hands up there so they’d touch them, and Davy started mimicking us,
waving his hand and stuff! It was soo funny! then he said, “I bet you can
see straight up my nose from where yall are (talking to us) and the people
behind us started screaming lol Then they all came out there and sang some
stuff, and they were all talking to each other and we were still screaming,
and he said, jokingly, “Those girls down there on the front row wont be
quiet!” (smiling at us) and said, “They need a good lashing!” and of course
the older women started screaming. LOL and he was like, “I cant say the
right thing, ever!” hehehehe Of course, there were some rude people there
This woman standing next to me was sooo drunk, and she was dancing all
around pushing me over, even though she had plenty of room! She was rude to
my friend Ashley, then she started yelling at me, telling me to move out of
her way. So.. I made my sister swap with me, cuz I knew Mallory could stand
up for herself. lol Well, I think I’m gonna skip forward to near the end of
the show, during Daydream Believer, when Davy did his “Davy Dance” and we
all started screaming (they all can dance very well!!) and I started doing
the Davy Dance too! Natural came out while they were doing that, and so
they were holding or hands (these guys range from 17 to 22) and they were
even cuter up close!! I think they’re probably gonna get famous. At the end
of the show, Davy started grabbing ppl’s hands and he grabbed ours and
looked at us and said, “Thanks for coming”. Then Micky got everyone’s hands
again and then.. Peter came over there and KISSED my sister on the cheek!!!
And then he saw me, and I guess he could tell we were related and…… HE
CAME AND KISSED ME!!!!!! Oh my gosh!! I started screaming and hugging
mallory and Emily, and then Sleepy came over there and said, “Did he just
do what I think he did??” I was screamed, “Yes!!” Then, the drummer gave my
sister a drumstick, and Mallory reached up there and god Micky’s bottled
water!! (we own Micky Germs!!) DHMF, Sleepy, Emily Simon, and I all got
our pics taken together, then one of the cute guys from Natural came out
and we started talking to him and asking if they were all doing autographs.
He said for us to go to the side door and they might all come out. So we
went to go and get a shirt, of course they would only have X-Larges. So we
got a picture, in case we were to get an autograph. As we were going out,
this girl came up to me and said, “Are you Emily??” and I said “Yeah” and
she said, ” I talk to you on the internet!!” It was this girl from Alabama
that I talked to earlier on anther yahoo chat. (I was looking at all the
Monkees clubs, and saw a bunch of ppl from Alabama on one, so I decided to
post) After I talked to her, we went out and were gonna wait for them to
come out. I asked the security gueard really nicely if he thought they were
gonna sign autographs. He just looked at me and smiled and said, “Very
small chance” and I said, “Is that a maybe??” and he just laughed. We left
without their autographs, but so?? We touched them, THE MONKEES!! I have
got some really good pics!! I cant wait to get them developed!! Oh, and I
think I broke my finger or something during the concert, cuz I accidentally
hit it on the side of the stage, and it started swelling really bad. Oh
well. SOUVENIR!!! LOL This is pretty much all I can remember (since I was
just in total shock at them being in the same room as me, breathing the
same air.. LOL) I am STILL in shock! I don’t think I’m gonna recover! If
you want to see pics from the Atlanta concert, you can go to this website…

Go to the part that says, “tour 2001 pics” My friends and I are in alot of
the pics! We have all have on red shirts. I have straight blonde hair and
was on the front row. Now I can prove that I was there!! Please dont take
the pics though without permission from the webmaster, I think they are

~*~*~Emily~*~*~ (a.k.a. monkeemily)


From: “Rob White”

I saw the show in DC last night. Hoo & Zan were there front & center. As
always, it was terrific watching them having fun! This is my 5th show in 15
years and I thought it was the best yet. The mix of songs was great (five
from HEAD!) and the acoustic songs in the middle (What Am I Doin Hangin
Round was cool) was fun. They did a lot of Nez stuff, which I really
appreciated. The crowd was totally digging them & it seemed that Peter was
having the time of his life! I brought 3 women who had never seen the boys
and they were flabbergasted. They now want to see Peter play solo! They were
amazed that Davy looked almost the same as 1967! He still needs a bro,
however. I did not see Peter’s blonde girlfriend (who was at the 930 Club a
couple of years ago). Did they split-up? If so, too bad.

I am so tired this morning (4.5 hours sleep).

Robbie White


From: Shirley Steffey

Hey Hey Monkees
My daughter and her friend and I attended your concert at the 9:30 Club on
Wednesday, March 14. It was great, what we got to see. Unfortunately,
during the concert on daughters friend and I were struck by a flying beer
bottle. Needless to say, we were both stunned by this. We had to leave the
floor and seek medical assistance. The club supervisor, Raphael and the
medic, Jim were both very kind, but we still missed a large part of the
concert. The worse part was that a guy standing next to us turned around
and congradulated the guy that hit us with the bottles, and said we deserved
it. Fortunately he was asked to leave the club, because that type of
behavior was unacceptable. My daughter and her friend drove all the way
from Ohio to DC just to see you guys. It was such a let down that this had
to happen. I have attended dozens of concerts, and have never, ever been
hit by anything. The girls were just so excited about seeing you. I just
wish it had been a better experience. One of you may have see the girls.
They were waiting outside when you left in the white van, it was the dark
haired girl sitting on the stool, and the blood standing next to her. But
at least they got to see you for a while. Thanks again for the concert.
Maybe next time will be better. They’re hoping that you’ll be appearing in
Columbus, Ohio, that’s were they live. We’ll see.
Sincerely yours,
Shirley Steffey


From: Steven Fustero


Had a great time Wednesday night at the 9:30 Club
in Washington, DC watching the Monkees perform just
about everything in their repetoire.

I had never bought the “Head” album, but the new
CD is terrific. I only bought it after
going to Wednesday’s concert where the boys
did about three of the tunes from the HEAD track.

Peter played great lead guitar and Davey and Mickey,
well, they were Davey and Mickey.There was alot
of excitment in the air, the guy three Monkees were
great and I think they fed off the crowd pretty

The place was packed and there were actually Monkee
groupies there. Yes. Young girls twenty years of age
hoping to touch the guys.

Anyway, they did one encore and really got the crowd
going. Hey, hey, the Monkees were very loved Wednesday
night in DC. It was a blast.

A fun time had by all.

Highly recommended.

Go see them.


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234 From: Brad Waddell
Date: Mon Mar 19, 2001 5:11am
Subject: More concert reviews than you can shake a banana at!

From: A.S.

There is a quote from Michael Nesmith in the book “Model Patient: My
Life as an Incurable Wise-Ass” by Karen Duffy. Karen Duffy was an MTV VJ
and a model (if you don’t know who she is). She contracted a horrible
illness called sarcoidosis in which she has lesions formed inside her
body causing her to be in a great deal of pain. The quote can be found
on pg. 205: “Michael Nesmith once said to me, ‘Some people are insecure,
some people have a big butt, some people wet the bed until age
twenty-five. You have a lump in your head. Big deal.’ ”



From: “Anna …”

I just went to, a site for tour dates, and there is a picture
of the Monkees in concert in Atlanta on the main page.


(ed: it’s not there anymore – sorry!)


From: “Samantha”

Hey Brad! I just found this. there was a *very* small Monkee mention, but I
thought you would like to send it to your alert list!

‘Pop Pap’ May Enrage Stars But Sets Tills Ringing

Reuters Photo

By Paul Majendie

LONDON (Reuters) – From The Monkees to the Spice Girls (news – web sites),
manufactured pop bands have made a mint for the music industry. Now it is
the turn of Hear’Say.

George Michael and Bono may rail against the endless stream of plastic boy
and girl bands dominating the charts but tweenies — the eight to
16-year-olds who buy records by the fistful — love the instant pop

The Monkees had the mighty power of U.S. television behind them when they
tried to recreate the zany allure of The Beatles’ “A Hard Day’s Night” —
and it worked in the hit parade.

The Spice Girls were created from an advertisement in a trade magazine
seeking singers. They have sold more than 38 million albums around the

A fifth of Australia tuned in to watch five girls being chosen in television
auditions for an instant pop group ”Bardot” whose first single soared
straight to the top of the charts.

Now history is repeating itself in Britain where hype reigns supreme — in
the playground at least.

Hear’Say were picked from 3,000 hopefuls in “Pop Stars,” a compulsively
watchable television series that stripped bare the naked ambition of pop
wannabes desperate to fulfil their fantasies with a record contract.

Since forming on the TV show, Hear’Say have become an overnight sensation in
British music, smashing Britney Spears’ record for the fasting-selling debut

Their song, “Pure and Simple,” is expected to shoot straight to number one
on Sunday.

So is this the death knell for gritty rock ‘n’ roll?

George Michael certainly thinks so. He complained that everyone over the age
of six in Britain is bored to death with the record industry’s clumsy,
cynical attempts to make money.

Bono from the Irish supergroup U2 agreed: “People are sick to the teeth of
processed and hyped pop bands. It is crap.”

But others argued this was just a classic case of “oldies” looking
nostalgically through rose-tinted spectacles.

“When it comes to rubbish, every generation has its fair share,” argued
commentator Cosmo Landesman in the Sunday Times.

“We know that looking back to a golden age of pop is the first sign that we
are turning into our parents,” he said.

Dr. Martin Cloonan, lecturer in pop music culture at Glasgoww University,
agreed: “This dip in interest is not new. It is cyclical. If you look at
the years before punk arrived, then the same lethargy was setting in then.”

“The UK music business earns around 600 million pounds a year and worldwide
the industry is making 40 billion pounds. It is hardly a crisis we are
talking about.”





From: “Katie =-*”

Hi! I went to the Kahuna Pavilion Monkee Concert on March 15th, Thursday!
It was the best! I have never heard such great music live before! They
made the cutest jokes too! I was so excited when they came out! I was
shaking and taking pictures of whatever I saw! After the concert people
were waiting for autographs but about half just figured that they
weren’t… in the end there were about 20 or 30 of us left, including
me! We all wanted to go backstage but they said you couldn’t go unless you
had a pass!
I was so pi**ed but waited anyway! One of the security guards was getting
pretty mad and he goes “Okay! I’ll give out a backstage pass! Everybody
guess a number 1 through… 1 through 50!” Everyone started screaming out
numbers. I said numbers like 3 and 28 and stuff and then I finally
screamed, “13!” and he goes, “You got it!” and I screamed and crawled under
the little police thingy. And then I jumped on him and gave him a hug and
screamed, “Thank you! I love you so much! You’re my best friend
now!” and he goes, “Okay girl! Okay! Now go!” and he gave me a
sticker. I ran back and waited in a line to go see the guys! We walked
through all these psycadelic lighted hallways and finally stopped in a
hallway where the guys signed autographs. Unfortunately, Davy left right
after the concert due to bronkitis (I’m not sure how to say it). I felt so
bad and sad for him! I got a picure with Micky and his autograph. He was
drinking beer and his breath kinda smelled but I was too excited to
care! Then I got Peters autograph but there was no more film left in my
camera! I already have a picture with him but I was real mad with myself
afterward! It was so much fun! Ahhh!!!!!! hehe=-) Well I just figured I
Love Always To All!


From: Julia

Hi my name is Julia and I am 15 years old. I absolutely love the Monkees and
last night (March 16), I went and saw them at the Xanadu Theatre in Atlantic
City. I just wanted to comment on how spectacular the show was. I don’t
know if anyone will ever read this, but I just really wanted to let whoever
know that the show was incredible. It definitely was one of the best nights
of my life and well, honestly I just wanted to say thank you for bringing so
much into my life with such a great show.

Your truly,


From: Carroll Kruger

I have to agree that this current Monkees tour is the
best I’ve ever seen, too!! I saw 2 shows: one in
Easton, PA and again in Westbury, NY. The guys exuded
confidence and musicality but most of all, they seemed
relaxed, at peace with themselves, and like they were
having a good time. One of the high points was seeing
Davy do the medley from “Oliver!”; it was easy to
imagine him as the Artful Dodger and his Tony
nomination was well-deserved if this little peek into
the past was any indication. Also loved seeing Micky
man the tympani for “Randy Scouse Git” and his bluesy
rendition of “Since I Fell For You” amply demonstrated
the range of his vocal skills. I think Peter blew
everyone away when he flawlessly played the Bach piece
and it’s always great to hear his version of “Higher &
Higher”. He has definitely taken a pop/soul standard
and made it his own. I have seen the guys throughout
many incarnations in the 80s and 90s (and once even in
1967!!) – this show was amazing. I hope they don’t
wait so long in-between tours again. Perhaps if we
all flood David Fishof with letters and e-mails saying
how great the shows were, we’ll see them again soon
and for a more extensive tour.


From: tony

hello my name is tony nemati from new jersey..
last night i saw the monkees perform in xanadu theater in atlantic city and
let me tell you these guys can really put on a show.. they played for 3 hours
and they pretty much played every monkees song i can think of.. everyone of
them still got it.. the show was great music was great and i can honestly say
it was the best show i ever went to .. i am 19 years old and i listen to hard
rock and i still thought the monkees were the best.. i would like to thank
the monkees for such a great time..
i will be so upset when the tour is over..its a crime to see such a great
band stop performing when they still have the talent and the heart..
fan forever,


From: ~Bethany


Yes, that Micky, last night. For those of you at the Taj concert last night
you may recognize this story — I was the girl onstage that Micky hugged
during “Steppin’ Stone.”

Here’s the story: it’s a long, but interesting, one. My friends and I
accidentally ended up parking at the Showboat casino at around 7 o’clock.
We wandered into the gift shop while my mom was gambling and they had those
b’day keychains, the ones with famous people’s b’days on ’em. Turns out
Micky was on one.. but for March 9 (for those who don’t know, his b’day’s
the 8th!). We thought this was hilarious so we bought it.

During dinner at the Taj buffet, we got the bright idea to put a note on it
and try to take it up to Micky during the concert. We found a receipt in my
friend Aidan’s pocket and wrote a lil’ note on it: “Dear Mick & friends, we
found this keychain hilarious and we think you will too. LUV YA! Bink,
Aidan, and Linds.”

Right after intermission and Natural’s set, Lindsay and I snuck up to the
front and stayed there. At the end, during “Daydream Believer,” we
essentially gave up and decided to just throw the thing onstage in the
hopes someone would get it. No one did.

So finally, during the encore of “Steppin’ Stone,” some guy asked me what
it was. Lindsay and I explained it to him and, since it was still
relatively close to the edge of the stage, he said I should go get it to
give it to Mick. I did. Picked the thing up and ran to the other side of
the stage, but Micky didn’t see me.

So I stayed there for a sec, and then was ready to leave and began to walk
away, when Micky grabbed my arm and swung me around into a big bear hug! I
was excited, to say the very least. Security came running onstage and took
one look at Mick and, I guess seeing that he was okay with this, walked off
to the other side. He pulled back and smiled at me and then took the
keychain from me. I enjoyed the final number, “Pleasant Valley Sunday,”
from the front row, and got to grab Peter’s hand.

IT WAS AMAZING. Seriously, the show was very well done. A lot of the
problems people complained about earlier — sound being bad, Micky seeming
spaced out — were definitley not evident at the Taj. It was a great venue
and the concert was absolutely wonderful.

A very special favor to ask: if ANYONE was at the show last night and
happened to get a video or pic of me onstage, can you PLEASE notify me
off-list? Lindsay tried to take a picture, but the flash didn’t go off, so
it didn’t take. THANK YOU, and enjoy your respective shows!



From: —Maryann

Ok, finally checking in here… I’m getting too old for this, I was wiped out
so I slept most of the day!

Bear with me while I go into complete fan mode for a moment. I usually
pretend to be sane around most people (!!!), but Debbie (my Monkee
partner-in-crime from 1986-on) and I were in the front row last night,
almost center, right near Davy (my childhood favorite!), and now I simply
can’t hide it. πŸ™‚ We have NEVER been that close for any concert in our
lives, Monkees or otherwise, with the exception of Peter’s blues and acoustic
shows. Please don’t hate me, I went out of my way for those tickets because
it was Deb’s birthday this week. πŸ™‚ Finally, I gave her something that is
truly priceless!

Anyway… I have to be perfectly frank here – the last time we saw the
Monkees live as a group, in the late 90s, I was not nearly as impressed as I
was last night. Maybe it was just that particular venue I was at on the last
tour (I tend to not travel around for more than one concert because I drive
too much on the weekends anyway, but I think that’s gonna change if they’re
doing it again this summer!), I don’t know. But last night – what a great
show! Those of you who still have shows to attend, I envy you. Those who are
not going this time – TRY to, or maybe we’ll all be able to catch them this
summer (here’s hoping, anyway!).

Sorry I don’t have a set list to offer – I was obsessing over my cameras! –
by I can report on some of their clothing πŸ™‚ Lots of shiny stuff that
interfered with my camera’s autofocus mechanism (come on guys, you’re killing
me here! :-). Davy came out at one point in this red shirt and I had to hang
onto my friend Deb for support, saying, “Ok, I’m officially eight years old
again” (the age when I discovered the Monkees). Oh yeah, and I love red!
Speaking of red, someone please tell me what is up with Peter’s shoes? Shiny
red rubber who-knows-whats… I took a close-up of them. Had to be done!

They all looked fabulous. At one point, Micky was standing in front of us in
leather pants, and Deb and I just looked at each other and giggled, not quite
believing A) We were that close and B) He was looking a little too good in
them! Frightening that this man is old enough to be our father. (But then who
wants to see their own dad in leather!!!) Also, speaking of Micky, during the
show he wished his girlfriend a happy birthday, which I thought was sweet.

They were ALL OVER the stage, all night. What energy, all three of them! And
the acoustic set… what a brillant idea to keep that in the show. (Think I
first saw it in ’89?) I was watching Davy watching Micky play the guitar,
very cool.

The horn section – priceless. Three guys and a chick. I honestly cannot
remember the girl’s name even though I have certainly seen her enough, but
Deb’s comment was “Must be tough to be the only girl on tour with them.” I
just looked at her. (I think I could deal with it just fine!)

(ed: Aviva is the Sax player)

The guys in the horn section played only on a few tunes, and the rest of the
time kept us entertained with interesting dance moves. Any time I did take my
eyes off the guys, it was generally to see what the horn section was up to!

About their special guests… Natural surprised me. Yes, I was skeptical of
this set-up at first, but it seems to make sense to me now after seeing it.
Generally, I’m not into that music, but they did put on a good show. (If
anyone’s bringing teenagers to these shows – or IS a teenager πŸ™‚ – they are
gorgeous, talented, and gracious when approached by concert attendees, it’s a
bonus!) It didn’t hurt that they were a bunch of good-looking boys. I do
stress BOYS… think I’d have gotten arrested if I talked to any of them for
too long! HAAA!

Ok, I’m done for now. My thoughts are still a bit jumbled (understandably!).
I do think I can return to my normal mild-mannered self before Peter returns
to the East Coast with Shoe Suede Blues – as long as Davy doesn’t tag along
in that red shirt, I’ll be fine and will be able to relax and appreciate
Peter’s talent without distractions… πŸ˜‰

—Maryann Treppiedi Jacobs (Hightstown, NJ)
Web “Dominatrix” of:
“I’ve been watching you with telephoto eyes… Won’t you Smile For The
Camera?” RLS


From: ~Ronni

Hey guys!
I went to the concert in Uncasville, CT, the Mohegan Sun concert, and
they were amazing!
I took my boyfriend, who’s not really into the Monkees, and he didn’t
expect to enjoy it as much as he did. They opened with a whole lot of old
stuff, which surprised me. I expected a LOT more newer stuff, solo stuff and
what not… but I was pleased when I knew all the words to the majority of
the songs. As always the guys were energetic, had GREAT stage presense, and
were just wonderful overall. Micky did a song that he said his mother sang to
him in the womb (when *he* was in the womb). He made little jokes (about that
big) of course… Peter played some stuff on the banjo and did Bach’s eighth
two-part invention on the keyboard, and I was ECSTATIC because that’s a piece
that I’ve learned to play.
My boyfriend and I spent the beginning of the second half of the show
making fun of Natural. I have a personal dislike for Backstreet-boy-wannabe
bands, and Natural definitely didn’t impress me at all.
They played a lot of Nesmith stuff during the second half, including
Papa Gene’s Blues. Davy put on a wool hat and dark sunglasses during it,
which, of course, the entire audience thought was absolutely hillarious.
I thought the show was absolutely amazing, personally, and wasn’t
disappointed in the least. I’m still in shock. I *saw* the Monkees… I was
trying to get my mother to let me stalk them, and to seduce one of the stage
hands into letting us go back, but it wasn’t gonna happen (although she
wanted to).
Among the old stuff they did, were all the singles, of course, Take a
Giant Step, Circle Sky, Listen to the Band, Shades of Grey, the Porpoise
Song, Long Title (Do I Have to Type This Out All Over Again?), Can You Dig
It, Look Out, Mary Mary, Goin’ Down, RSG, She Hangs Out…

~Ronni AKA Melanie Rose Frances Naomi Tork

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235 From: Brad Waddell
Date: Fri Mar 23, 2001 2:48am
Subject: SSB Update, Concert Reviews, Music Box Review

From: Donna

Hello Brad & All!

Sorry for the late notice, but “Dirt Duel”, the Adam-12 episode that
features Micky is on today on TV Land. Times are 10:00 a.m. Thursday 3/23
(eastern), and it repeats at 3:00 a.m. Friday 3/24 (eastern). It’s a good
episode and Micky is in quite a few scenes.

Donna “I know the plans I have for you, to give you a future and a hope, says the
Lord” Jeremiah 29:11

(ed: quoting davy “I was a bit late on that one” – watch for it, we’ll
catch it next time.)


From: “Bonnie Verrico”

Hi Everyone,

The venue for Shoe Suede Blues’ performance in Portland,
Maine has been changed due to the overwhelming response from
fans! Here is the new location of the show on Tuesday,
April 24, 2001:

State Theater
609 Congress Street
Portland, ME
Club 207-879-4525
Ticketmaster 207-775-3331
Tickets $12 advance/$15 door (same as before)

Also, because the venue is larger, the band will be
performing one long show instead of the
preveiously-announced 2 short shows that night.

Hope to see some of you there!

Peter Tork & Shoe Suede Blues
Spring Tour! April 20-May 6, 2001


From: C. Brian Jasper

Below is my Goldmine Magazine review for the music box. your people will
get to read it first!

Monkees Music Box. Rhino R2-76706

With the Monkees latest reunion, Rhino has sure flooded the market with box
sets. This one coming on the heels of last fall s “Headquarters Sessions”,
and on the dawn of the “Summer of 1967: The Complete U.S. Concert
Recordings”, due May 9th.

The big question from fans, surrounding this box set is this: do I have to
do this all over again? Literally a reissue of a reissue, are the
remastered differences in these songs strong enough to merit us all to buy
these tracks, albeit loved and cherished as they are, again? The smaller
question is: if I do buy it, can I – on a clear conscience – take my old
Rhino box set Listen To The Band to the second hand shoppe as trade bait? I
can answer these questions in quick order.

Mike Nesmith was once quoted as siting the reason he didn t listen to, or
value very highly, the Monkees records was because of the lackluster sonic
range of the recordings. Nesmith felt like the Beatles “Rubber Soul” was
filled with depth and clarity compared to the Monkees efforts which (in
comparison, mind you) just sort of sounded flat and lifeless. Well, this
new revamped Rhino box set alleviates that feeling for Monkee aficionados
partially, but not entirely.

This set, nearly a mirror image of the 1991 rhino box, (save for a track or
two plus and/or minus), boasts sound quality improvement on a number of
tracks, however surprisingly not all; Rhino would have done themselves a
favor to have taken a closer listen to the old box, and maybe have
revisited some of their original production notes.

Right away the good work of finding the true original masters to these
songs coupled with new millennium mastering technology shines on cuts like
” The Monkees Theme”, “Last Train To Clarksville” and “Take A Giant Step” –
the latter which is laughably superior in clarity and detail over the old
box version, with the weightier presence you d purchase a remaster for.
Then comes “Papa Gene s Blues”. Huh-oh. What happened? Somebody dropped the
ball. The 1991 box version rips this one!

Most of these tracks are punchier than the single CD issues of the Monkees
catalog, as Rhino admittedly sacrificed in places on those CDs for the sake
of continuity. However, on this new box, the sky was supposed to be the
limit; yet some songs here just aren t as strong as their now said-to-be
out-dated old version masters. Take for example the case of “Sweet Young
Thing”. On this new box the stereo spectrum on this cut is flipped – with
the drums largely on the right channel instead of the left; and the
separation is not as dramatic. No clear cut winner here, just a huge
difference depending on your listening preference. There s no need to
continue track by track. This is pretty much my point for the remainder of
the set: if you ve grown accustomed to the mixes and masters used on 1991
box, then you will definitely want to hang on to it; if you ve never bought
the 1991 box – you probably ought to invest in one, as it is now, with this
release, officially out of print.

As for the remaining aspects of the Monkees Music Box, the art work is
again – as with the 1991 box – sadly adolescent. In fact, the nice cover
shot is a wash when you flip the set over only to see the track listing in
the same cartoon-ish font and color scheme – literally – as last years
Archies compilation (Repertoire 4804-WG). Open the box up, and worse:
cartoon characters of the individual Monkees are printed on the face of
each CD!

A golden opportunity to bring some deserved respect to this body of work,
and re-define Monkees legend for a new generation, blown again to crass and
(calculated?) commercialism. Final synopsis: mixed and remixed and
remastered, over it s predecessor, the Monkees “Music Box” is at best a
mixed bag.

-C. Brian Jasper, Goldmine


From: ” Sally Carpenter”

Two interesting items from the LA Life section of Los Angeles Daily
News. The “industry shutdown” mentioned in the first article refers to
possible strikes this summer by the screenwriters and screen actors.

Another film likely to be cutting its production schedule close,
with the industry shutdown breathing down movie producer’s necks, is Samuel
L. Jackson’s “No Good Deed.”:
It has a targeted start date of May 9 with Bob Rafelson
directing. That’s the Rafelson remembered by baby boomers as one of the
producers of the original “Monkees” TV show and the director of “Five Easy
Jackson–who has been hurrying from project to project since last
summer–will play a San Francisco cop who tries to help a friend find her
missing daughter and winds up taking on an international ring of bond
thieves in the flick.

Kristin Hersh says her admittedly broodings could’ve been penned
by the Monkees, “But only is something really horrible had happened to them.”
Don’t tell singing simians Davy, Peter, Micky and Mike, but Hersh
appears Saturday in a free show at Borders in Westwood.
Hersh, a founder of Boston’s now-defunct Throwing Muses, will
perform material from her fifth solo album, “Sunny Border Blue,” in which
she plays all the instruments.


From: “Steven Bradley”

‘Morning Glory: The Tim Buckley Anthology’ is released this week by Rhino.
The review in this week’s New Musical Express describes it as “two CD’s, 37
songs, one infinitely creative madman”.
Spanning nine of Buckley’s albums from 1966 to 1974, the set includes “the
original ‘Song To The Siren’, still stunning, reprieved here with it’s
never-before-released version from the Monkees TV show. Tim Buckley, dead at
28, was a unique voice and here’s the chart of it’s full progression”,
reports the NME, giving the album 8 out of 10.

As this is the first ever official release, we can expect a vastly improved
sound quality over the bootlegged versions, taped straight from the TV. Tim
was Micky’s guest on the ‘Frodis Caper’ episode that Micky directed, and was
the last programme to be shown in the Monkees second season.

meanwhile, in rainy England…

‘The Definitive Monkees’ compilation CD slips down the chart. Having entered
at number 15 two weeks ago, it dropped to 27 last week and 59 this week. The
boys are in good company, though, with the Beatles’ ‘1’ next to them at
number 59.


I reported on 4 February about the group ‘Hear Say’ manufactured by and for
television, drawing parallels with the Monkees. This week their debut single
is number one, and they are all over the newspapers. A successful
experiment, then, but I wonder if like the Monkees they will still be with
us 35 years after the launch…..


From: “Mary Scheib”


Did you see the review by Theresa Wiltz
in the Washington Post? She trashed the Monkees.
It’s terrible. She says they shouldn’t be out
touring, that they are has beens with no talent.
Even talks about receding hairlines.
Was in March 16 edition of Post.

I saw them at the State Theatre in Easton, Pa.
and I thought it was the best show since they
regrouped in ’86.
I wanted to email Ms. Wiltz but she did not
have an email address at the Wash Post website.



From: Lindsay

At there is an article about the group “O-town” that compares them to
the Monkees (No, I’m not an O-Town fan. I was supposed to be looking for a
book review, and somehow the word “Monkees” made its way to the search
box…). There are several Monkee mentions:

“Think “Real World” meets the Monkees. That’s the roundabout way O-Town, the
latest boy band, was created.”

“Just as the Monkees were created as much for their TV personas as their
musicianship, so did the O-Town Boys come together.”

For the full article:




Show Reviews:


From: Dori & Tara

My sister and I saw your concert at the Taj in Atlantic City on St.
Patrick’s’ Day. It was fabulous. This is the third time we saw them. Our
first time was in Atlantic City at Rum Point (Harrah’s stands there now). We
saw Davy, Mickey and Mickey’s sister Coco. Then we saw them again in
Atlantic City on there reunion tour in 1986. I guess we are fans that love
them. We are older as well as they are, but they sure look good and I think
they always will.

Again, we had a great time, it brought back childhood memories as well as
a great night out with the girls and seeing old friends. Thank you for the
memories, the Monkees will always shine on and live in our homes forever.
Thank you and hope this is not the end of the tours. Maybe you can do it
again soon. But always come back to Atlantic City so we can see you again
and again.

Fans from New Jersey.
Dori & Tara


From: Ronald L Cohen

I never thought the opportunity would again arise but I had the
of seeing the Monkees in concert once again at the Westbury Music Fair on
March 13. I’ve lost track of how many times I have seen them in person.
They just get better and better. Despite the aging — Micky being bald
and Davy going gray — It’s always a pleasure to see them.
Aside from the music being terribly loud, I loved it. They performed a
total of 26 songs from their own albums plus another 6 they did
individually. They performed five of Mike’s songs including a couple I
had never heard them do in concert before — “Papa Gene’s Blues” and
“Circle Sky”. They even took turns with the stanza’s with another one of
Mike’s leads — “What Am I Doing Hangin’ Round?” Another surprise was
“It’s Nice to be with You”. It’s not one of the standards and, if you are
not a great fan, you would not know where to find it in their
It was great watching each for their strengths in performing. Micky
bounced around the stage on only two songs. He generally stayed in one
place playing the guitar and singing although he did play the drums
twice. Davy continued to bounce around the stage almost continually
having a great time. Peter went from one instrument to another — various
guitars, banjo, keyboards. he even played his little Bach number. It was
great watching his professionalism.
It was announced that one of their concerts during this tour may be
taped for release on video. If this is actually done, it would be the
crowning addition to any Monkee fan’s collection. This is the way they
should be remembered. There is even talk that, if this tour is
successful, they might even play on Broadway.



From: mandy

my name is mandy and i am 15 years old. I saw The Monkees last night at the
Uncas Pavillion ( connecticut) and it was GREAT!!!! im still recovering! I
went through hell and back to see this concert since i live so far away. ( i
live in Rhode Island). But it was well worth it. Ive been a huge fan since 97
and never did i think i was going to be able to see them live!!! I certainly
can say that i am the happiest girl living! Since i lived so far away i didnt
get to listen to the local radio stations to win backstage passes, so that
bummed me out. but seeing them being happy and doing what they do best paid
for that. I was so busy taking pictures last night that i couldnt wait to get
them developed. Well i just came back from CVS and only about 2 pictures came
in clear enough( since i took the pictures with a cheesy disposable). so im
begging any of you munkee fans out thier if you have got any concert pictures
of the boys please send them to me at stellerangel116@a… you will make
my mlife happier than it already is!! tyhanx. and peace out!!!
a very, very, very, very, very, very, HUGE fan:

(ed: a number of show photos are now online at


From: Doris

I have to tell everyone about the show at the 9:30 club in DC, and ask a

I was so psyched to be in the second row, just 18 inches from the stage,
dead center! There were no seats, so we were all just standing, pressed
up against the stage. They sounded great! They looked great! And they
allowed cameras!

I had bought 3 pink roses, and had them each separately wrapped in clear
plastic and put individual cards in each one. I had read that Davy was
opposed to hunting, so I bought an anti-hunting bumper sticker and stuck
it in with his flower. The bumper sticker was facing out, so you could
read it from a distance, crystal clear. When “Girl” started, several
people who were too far back threw their flowers on stage, or had other
people pass them up and throw them on stage. But I was so close, I held
the flower out and he came forward and took it from me!!! Then he held
the flower up to his chest and sighed! The bumper sticker was facing
straight out towards the audience! I tried to take a picture, but I
wasn’t fast enough, and he leaned the flower up against a speaker and
kept singing. At the end of the song, someone scooped up all the
flowers and took them off stage.

***If anyone has a photograph of Davy holding flowers from the 9:30 Club
show, please get in touch with me! I saw a few flashes go off while he
was holding my flowers. Email me at sweetvegan@h… Thanks!***

At the end of the concert, I still had Micky’s and Peter’s flowers in my
hands. There just wasn’t a good time to hand them their flowers, since
both of them had guitars in their hands most of the time. As they were
taking their bows, I held the flowers out and yelled “Micky!” “Peter!”
Davy looked right at me, and really looked puzzled as to why Micky and
Peter wouldn’t take their flowers. Then they all left the stage, but it
was clear that they would come back for an encore, because Micky kept
egging us on to keep clapping. So I thought they would take the flowers
during the encore.

At the end of the encore, as they all took their bows, I again held the
flowers out and yelled “Micky!” “Peter!” They *still* ignored me, and
kept bowing. And again, Davy looked right at me. Finally, *Davy*
stepped forward and took the flowers, and made it a point to look at
the cards inside, and nodded to me like, “OK, I’ll give these to them.”
I nearly fainted! Just as they were leaving the stage, all three of
them stepped forward and we all stuck our hands out and they touched the
fingertips of the people in the front rows. At that point, both Micky
and Peter touched my hand, and I think that maybe they would’ve finally
taken their flowers then.

A fabulous show all around!


Help save the NJ black bears!


From: “ginger fitts”

Mohegan Sun Show

Got back from the show last night, Better than the Lowell Show!!! I
actually got to take 2 rolls of pictures
and they came out super! I was on the isle in the 16th row, but I kept
scootin up to the 5th row for pics!
Micky was wack! When he got to the kettle drum for RSG he started doing
the witch scene from Macbeth ,
cackle and all! Peter goes to him and says, “Micky, you’re beginning to
scare me.” to which Davy replies, “What do you mean beginning? he’s been
scaring me for 30 years!” They seemed to have loosened up more, having
more fun, bumping into speakers and stuff. Peter ackowledged his family in
the audience, “They came such a long distance to see me!” Micky wandered
off to his drums, saying “Micky needs drums..Micky need Prozac!” Four
words..Micky in leather pants! I hope they decide to tour again this
summer! I’ll be there!



Here are my two cents about the concert in Washingon DC.

As a fan, and this being my first concert, I thought it was wonderful. Alot
of fun, great music, and the comfort level and chemistry of those on stage
was great. I loved the backup musicians and was particularly impressed with
the saxiphonist/keybordist/ flutist/ etc. I did not catch her name, but she
did a great job (although there was just a slight tendency to be a bit sharp

As a professional musician myself, I also have to say that the show was
pretty tight. All three of the Monkees are obviously solid musicians, and I
personally enjoyed hearing each of them showcase their talents in both the
Monkees standards and with other songs too. It seems unfortunate that many
of the folks were less attentive whenever they did songs that were not
necessarily known as Monkees songs. I think I was one of only a few who was
really into Micky singing “Since I Fell For You”. Now that man KNOWS he can
sing some Blues! He really needs to consider putting out a blues or R & B
album. I have read several times that that is his favorite musical, genre and
it shows. He has a wonderful fluid quality to his voice which makes his
ability to deliver on some of those difficult phrases appear to be

Anyway, that’s it for my long two cents. I had a great time, took lots of
pictures, and was nice and close to the stage to boot.



From: Shelly Peace

just a note about the Mohegan Sun show……

It was awesome!!!!!!! Micky was great! I was really impressed with all three
of them, all the energy and fun they were having. My seat wasn’t that close
to the stage but the huge TV screens on either side made it a real theatrical
event, I brought my boyfriend, it was his first monkees concert ever I
believe I converted him, he had nothing but good to say about them, and him
being a singer himself!!! even the “boyband” Natural, kept us entertained,
they’re style was fresh with the slight metal egde to it. The Monkees were in
top form, It is definatly a must see concert!!!!

Second Generation Monkees lover
Shelly Peace


From: Laura

I went to the concert in Jacksonville and had a
lot of fun. I was also at the concert 5 years ago. I was very impressed
with Peter’s rendition of Bach. I think he is a true artist. But, Micky’s
Going Down blew me away!


One more thing, if any of you have applied for a NextCard credit card and
had any trouble with the image from the Monkees.Net web page, please see
this web page for information:

They have imposed restrictions on what sort of images can be used, but you
should still be able to get The Monkees on your credit card.


why can’t wait to see The Monkees in Vegas and Phoenix!

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236 From: Brad Waddell
Date: Mon Mar 26, 2001 7:30pm
Subject: TV Appearances, Nez tribute, the only bad review!

Hi all. I will be going to the *last* show of the current Monkees tour in
Phoenix Arizona. I have received several requests to purchase items at the
concerts, and since the tour managers seem unwilling to sell them to me
directly or via the web page, I am willing to purchase some items for you
at the last show, if you can send me the payment of the item cost plus $4
shipping per item. Let me know if you are interested. is the
fastest way, my id there is: brad@m… thanks!

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