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Extremely Rare Live Nesmith Performance Today

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The Videoranch3D 2010 Global Zone Concert Finale is happening on
Saturday December 18, 2010!

The final shows of the VR3D 2010 Concert Season will be broadcast
worldwide via In celebration of 150 concerts in VR3D
Michael Nesmith will make a rare live appearance with an acoustic solo
set at 2:00 PM (CST)

Videoranch3D is a 3D virtual online world, where live musical
performances occur in real-time, attended by a virtual audience from
all over the world.

Visit to register and download our free VR3D software.

If you have an older PC or a Mac without Windows installed, you can go
to and click on the Visit Videoranch2D link to
watch the live show.


Interview: Micky Dolenz, singer, Monkees, Hairspray

IF you recognise the gait as Micky Dolenz comes walking down the
street, then it’s odds on that you are old enough to remember The
Monkees, the pop group manufactured for TV in the 60s, and now widely
hailed as the original boyband.
Dolenz was their drummer and lead vocalist, scoring hits with classic
songs such as Daydream Believer, Last Train To Clarkesville and
Pleasant Valley Sunday.

Now a youthful 65-year-old, Dolenz flies into the Capital next week to
star alongside Michael Ball in Hairspray, at the Edinburgh Playhouse.


From: Phil

Here in Hartford, CT… over-the-air channel 61.2 just came online
showing a test pattern and logo stating “Ant Tv Coming Soon”

I decided to punch this in to google, and this is what I found.

Scroll down to the show listings….

Looks like both Circus Boy & The Monkees will be showing on digital
sub-channels nationwide starting in January



From: Rick

I just wanted to let you know that is publishing my fictional
book “Last Train to Murder.” In it a murder happens on the train and
it is up to the Monkees and their new friend, reporter Josh Adams, to
find the real killer after Peter is accused of the murder. You can see
more if you go to


From: Eric Lefcowitz

I wanted to let you know I’m introducing the movie “Head” in a few
weeks. Your New York area followers might be interested in this:

One last bit of info: I taped a half-hour segment for the syndicated
radio show called Sound Opinions. The hosts are really big fans of the
Monkees and it should be a good show when it’s edited. Just wanted to
let you know that happened and will send the link as soon as it’s up
on their site–it could be a few weeks before it runs.

Thank you,



Hair Hair It’s the Monkee ; Stage Star Micky Dolenz Reveals Truth
Behind America’s First Boy Band

MONKEES’ legend Micky Dolenz yesterday looked forward to celebrating
60 years in showbiz while starring in a hit musical north of the

The US star will hit Edinburgh in Hairspray six decades after
attending his first movie screen test which paved the way for a career
of hit records, movies and Broadway shows.

Micky plays Wilbur Turnblad opposite Michael Ball as his longsuffering
wife Edna in the rock ‘n’ roll musical set in 1962.

It tells the story of how his daughter Tracy – a big girl with big
hair – dreams of singing on The Corny Collins Show, a TV pop music
programme in Baltimore.

He reprises the role played by Christopher Walken in the 2007 Hairspray mov=


Evolved Monkee

He’s a man of many instruments who isn’t monkeying around.

At least, you can say those days are behind him.

Peter Tork, born Peter Halsten Thorkelson, is performing with his
group, Shoe Suede Blues, in a double-header weekend performance at the
Bordentown Record Collector.

You may first remember him from his stint and ultimately, his big
break, with the Monkees in the ’60s (thanks to good friend Stephen
Stills). Shortly after departing the Monkees, Tork set out on an
up-and-down solo career.

Now with his Shoe Suede Blues “” formed in the mid ’90s “” Tork has
embraced his love for the blues. The result has been a combination of
seasoned musicians who have played together across the country for
more than a decade:

Bandmates include Richard Mikuls, David Bronson and Arnold Jackson “”
veterans of the field who have shared the stage with icons such as BB
King, Ray Charles, the Righteous Brothers and Chaka Kahn, among


From: Robbie

“The Amazing Zig Zag Concert” LIMITED EDITION, 5CD Pre-Order Info

*Hello Everyone!*

*Back again to hip you to another very extremely kool forthcoming new
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in about three weeks. Unreleased until now, “The Amazing Zig Zag Concert”
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mags/fanzines, it struggled along on a hand-to-mouth basis issue after
issue, many of them written and produced on the kitchen table in rural
surroundings. Along the way it featured, interviewed and shone the
spotlight on everyone who was anyone, from superstar to busker, in both
British and American rock circles – the line-up of acts they covered is e=
today both breathtaking and enviable. Eventually the magazine was bailed ou=
by Tony Stratton Smith, the owner of Charisma Records, who also helped to
underwrite a concert to mark the magazine’s 5th anniversary. The then co=
team of Zig Zag writers, Pete Frame, Andy Childs, John Tobler and Connor
McKnight drew up a list of acts; the Charisma booking agency turned the
fantasy into reality by taking care of the bookings and work permits, and
even managed to hire the historic Roundhouse in London’s Chalk Farm – a
former train-shed that subsequently became the underground movement’s
cathedral of dreams. The artists involved on the day – and featured in al=
their glory on this beautifully presented 5 CD boxed set – were three of =
Zag’s favourite UK bands of the day, Chilli Willi & The Red Hot Peppers,
Starry Eyed and Laughing, and Help Yourself; and two revered American acts:
Michael Nesmith (together with his pedal-steel player Red Rhodes) and John
Stewart, plus his bass player Arnie Moore. Though veteran engineer Vic
Maile captured the day on his mobile studio, recordings were never released=
lying forgotten until surfacing on this glorious box set co-ordinated by
former editor Andy Childs and Nigel Cross. “It’s fair to say that if you=
not a fan of country-rock then this album’s probably not for you. It was
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immaculate, that amazing atmosphere dripping from every whoop, holler and
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sleevenotes as this ‘day trip to utopia, a celebration of our treasure-trov=
corner of the rock culture’!” – Record Collector *
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EXCLUSIVE: Micky Dolenz on being a Ringo All-Starr, reuniting with the Monk=

Both Peter Tork and Davy Jones have been quoted recently as being
interested in a Monkees reunion that is currently being discussed, but
not yet finalized.

Now add Micky Dolenz to the list. In a recent phone interview we did
with him about his “King for a Day” tribute album to songwriter Carole
King, he told us, “I will never say never.”


Micky Dolenz pays tribute to King-ly songwriter, is ok with Monkees reunion

Micky Dolenz is certainly one of the great voices of rock ‘n’ roll.
The list of his best moments in the Monkees only starts with such
songs as “Last Train to Clarksville” and “(I’m Not Your) Stepping
Stone.” With his latest album, “King for a Day,” though, Dolenz has
turned his voice and his attention to Carole King, who wrote songs for
the Monkees and many more throughout her career.

The album features Dolenz’s versions of 13 King songs. Also on the
album is a great version of “Don’t Bring Me Down,” done by the
Animals; “Up on the Roof,” done by the Drifters; and “Will You Love Me
Tomorrow” and “It Might As Well Rain Until September,” which King
recorded herself. Much of the album has a “Pleasant Valley Sunday”
sound to it, though “Don’t Bring Me Down,” which opens the album,
rocks hard like the Animals’ version.

He also reworks “Sometime in the Morning,” which he sang with the
Monkees, in two different versions. One has a bluegrass touch, the
other a decidedly acoustic sound.

The album was produced by Jeffrey Foskett, musical director for Brian
Wilson. The musicians include veteran guitarist Jeffrey “Skunk”

“I’ve always been a fan,” he told us on the phone about Carole King.
“She wrote great songs for the Monkees.” He also give credit to Gerry
Goffin, who often co-wrote with her.

And, he says, “‘Pleasant Valley Sunday’ was such a great song. I still
sing it onstage.”

Did the Monkees ever consider doing other songs by Carole King? He
says there could have been acetates or demos that weren’t recorded for
one reason or another. But, he says, “we had very little or any
control over the songs.”

Three tracks on the album feature some special guest appearances.
“Crying in the Rain” features his sister Coco. And two others feature
friends: “I Feel the Earth Move” has Emily Osment from “Hannah
Montana,” and “Just Once in My Life,” originally done by the Righteous
Brothers, features surviving Brother Bill Medley singing with Dolenz.

Would you consider doing more King songs besides these? “We’ll see how
this one goes. If the record company wants to,” he says, “sure.”

There has been much discussion on the web by fans pushing for the
Monkees being inducted in the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame, but each year
nothing happens. Are the Monkees resigned to not being there? “I’ve
never been one to chase award, plaques or trophies,” Dolenz says. “I’m
really grateful to the fans who have started a petition or supported
the Monkees for the Hall of Fame. And I have nothing against the Hall
of Fame. They do a lot of great charitable work.”

However, he says, “it’s only a few people that run it and decide who
are going to get it in it. And it’s private, like a golf club. So as a
private club, they have a right to let in whoever they want and keep
out whoever they want. It’s up to them. It’s not a democratic thing
with a public vote. And it isn’t industry wide. They don’t represent
the whole rock ‘n’ roll industry and they can do what want.”


From: Ruth

Thank you for posting the contest!

My husband won a pair of tickets for the Davy Jones Concert for
Saturday night! I am thrilled!


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