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From: Randi Waddell

Watch Extra! tonight (syndicated – various times) to see Micky Dolenz
sitting with Rick Springfield on a story about the following show:

Watch behind The Music Anniversary Sunday September 24 on VH1 at 11am EST
9pm EST and 10:30pm EST which will feature Micky Dolenz and Rick Springfiel=


From: “Nicole Fernandez”

Here’s an article I found on the re-release of “Headquarters” by Rhino
Handmade. All credit should go to the writer, and its publisher, Billboard=


Found @

A Peak Into The Monkees’ ‘Headquarters’
By Sean Egan

LONDON – The story of the Monkees is one of the strangest in pop music
history. It all began when four actors with incidental musical ability were=

recruited in 1965 to star in an NBC television show marrying surreal humor=

with fine pop craftsmanship.

The only trouble was that said pop craftsmanship had little to do with
them: session musicians and freelance songwriters provided almost all the
music. When this fact became known, the group became instantly despised by=

the counter culture.

But, the Monkees instigated an insurrection that saw them win creative
control and the right to play on their own records. Triumphantly, their own=

music turned out to be as enjoyable as the stuff atop which they’d
previously just overdubbed vocals. The result? The Monkees were still
despised — except by the millions of mostly female fans who continued to
send their records to the top of the charts.

This bizarre story has now reached what may be its concluding chapter, with=

Rhino Handmade’s release of a Beatles “Anthology”-style box set
demonstrating the incremental development of “Headquarters,” the 1967 album=

on which the Monkees first fought to play. The original album shares space=

on three CDs of previously unreleased demos, early takes, studio gossip,
and additional material from the recording sessions.

“We had a huge falling out with the producers and the record company and we=

all stuck together on it,” remembers Monkees drummer and lead singer Micky=

Dolenz of the Monkee uprising. Initially, Dolenz and Davy Jones — who
considered themselves primarily actors — were less worried about playing
on the records than colleagues Mike Nesmith and Peter Tork, primarily

Things changed when the band’s debut album was issued in October 1966.
“When I discovered that they had not given any credit to the other
musicians that had played, that did concern me because then it became
apparent to me that the record company and the producers were being
dishonest about the issue,” Dolenz says.

But things got worse. “More Of The Monkees” was released without the band’s=

knowledge or consent in January 1967. The Monkees, now rivalling the
Beatles in record sales, used their economic muscle to force a change,
threatening to go on strike unless creative control was ceded to them.
After initially warning them of legal action, their producers gave way.

“For all of us, it was not to prove that we were the greatest musicians in=

the world,” Dolenz says of “Headquarters.” “It was about the spirit of the=

thing. This was about us and our artistic input. The music was what it was=

and the instrumentation and the technique and the abilities that each of us=

had. This was about, ‘Hey, listen folks, this is what the real Monkees
really sound like.'”

It was a Dolenz song — the excellent and somewhat subversive “Randy Scouse=

Git” – that was pulled off the album for release as a single in the U.K.
Mysteriously, none of the album’s tracks were released as singles in the
States. “I think that was basically all those powers-that-be saying, ‘Okay=

you guys, you got what you wanted — now fuck you,'” Dolenz suggets.
Nevertheless, the album shifted a million units, topped the charts, and is=

still considered one of the Monkees’ best efforts.

Strangely, though, they never made a “pure” record like it again. Although=

the Monkees retained creative control, the group went back to the old
method of using session musicians on succeeding albums. “When it was done,=

we all kind of said, ‘Okay, we’ve done that now. Let’s move on and do
something else.’ We’d been there, done that, got the t-shirt. The only one=

that wasn’t happy with that was Peter Tork. He claims that that was the
reason that he quit,” Dolenz says.

Dolenz reports that he is ambivalent about the new “Headquarters” set. “I
have mixed emotions about releasing unfinished works,” he says. “This is
the equivalent of releasing an artist’s sketches after he’s finished the
painting and showing all the different stages. A lot of the stuff was a
work in progress. A lot of it was simply goofing around.

“On the other hand, for someone who was really into the Monkees and really=

into the music and really into what was going on behind the scenes, it’s a=

lot of fun. To me, the most interesting stuff is the dialogue going on
between each of us and the producer, Chip Douglas. That’s very amusing and=

brings back a lot of memories.”

Dolenz’s concerns notwithstanding, the release of the box set confirms the=

sea change in the perception of the Monkees since the ’60s. Back then, the=

general public would have scoffed at the idea of the band receiving such
reverential treatment three decades down the line.

“I don’t know if last laugh is the right term, but certainly there is some=

degree of vindication,” Dolenz admits.

[“Headquarters Sessions” is orderable only over the Internet. Contact:]



Monkee Business Fanzine Monkees News Update
updated September 15, 2000

Davy can be found on tour, playing a number of solo
shows with his band across North America:

Date & Venue
Sep. 23, Houck Stadium, Southeast Missouri State College, Cape
Girardeau, MO, part of Family Weekend activities,
Davy’s concert follows the football game,
audience will be allowed on the field during
Davy’s show, 573-651-2113
Sep. 30, Mohegan Sun Casino, Uncasville, CT, 888-226-7711
Oct. 7, Oldies Festival, Oldtown Memorial Park, Pasadena, CA,
Oct. 20, State University of New York, Fredonia, NY, 716-673-3501
Nov. 4, St. John the Baptist High School, West Islip, NY,
631-587-3565 for tickets, Davy shares the bill
with the New Rascals and Johnny Maestro & Brooklyn Bridge
Jan. 27, Moraine Valley College, Palos Hills, IL, 708-974-5500
Feb. 24, Rajah Theatre, Reading, PA, 610-371-8820
Apr. 7, 2001 Morganton Memorial Auditorium, Morganton, NC, 800-939-SHOW

Micky has several irons in the fire this year professionally, but he will
still find time to tour with the Teen Idols (Micky, Bobby Sherman, and
Peter Noone) this summer. He also has a solo rock’n’roll show where he
does a full show of Monkees hits and rock’n’roll classics, backed by
his band and his sister Coco on vocals.

Micky Solo Dates
Sep. 23, Wild Adventures Theme Park, Valdosta, GA, 800-808-0872 or, concert follows classic car show
Sep. 26-Oct. 1, Cactus Pete’s, Jackpot, NV, 775-755-2321
Oct. 21, Gina’s Altamonte Springs, FL, 407-834-5880, free outdoor show,
VIP tickets available
Dec. 16, Horseshoe Casino, Bossier City, LA, 318-742-0711
Dec. 19-26, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Eastern Caribbean cruise

Micky with the Teen Idols Dates
Oct. 7, State Theatre, Easton, PA, 610-252-3132
Feb. 10, 2001, Capitol Civic Center, Manitowoc, WI, 920-683-2184

Peter Tork and Shoe Suede Blues will play the following dates:

Sep. 17, Harvelles, Santa Monica, CA, 310-395-1676
Sep. 21, Upstairs at Tierney’s, Montclair, NJ,
Sep. 22, Mama Blues’ Pizza Party fan party at
Upstairs at Tierney’s, Montclair, NJ, 1 pm to
4 pm. Tickets are $20. For more info, call
Fiore Promotions at 301-843-2448 or e-mail
Sep. 22, “HEAD” screening (large screen video
presentation) with Peter and Shoe Suede Blues
in attendance at the event room of the Soda
Pop Shop, 558 Bloomfield Ave., Montclair, NJ,
6 pm to 9 pm. Peter and the band will do a
question & answer session after the film.
Space is limited. Tickets are $20, or Pizza
Party and “HEAD” Party combination tickets
are $35. For info, call Fiore Promotions
(301-843-2448), or call the Soda Pop Shop
(973-509-7113) the day of the show to ask
if tickets will be available at the door.
Sep. 23, Guiness Oyster Festival, Walnut Street
Railroad Station, Montclair, NJ, free
festival, call 301-843-2448 or 973-509-0309
for more info, or e-mail
or Shoe Suede Blues
will play two sets, approximately 3 pm to
4 pm and again about 9 pm to 10 pm.
Oct. 21, Fundraising Sober Dance for Beyond Baroque
Childcare program, The Church at Ocean Park,
235 Hill Street (corner of 2nd), Santa Monica,
CA, call 310-202-7934 for more info

Michael Nesmith is working on his movie, “Fried Pies”, a second novel, The
America Gene, and he is opening another branch of his company Videoranch in
Anchor Bay Entertainment will be releasing some of Nez’s films on DVD for t=
first time: “Timerider” will come out May 2001, “Tapeheads” will be issued
January 2001, “Michael Nesmith–Live At The Britt” will come out January
2001, and “Repo Man” was released Aug. 22, 2000. In a preview of “Timeride=
Nez’s company Videoranch has released the soundtrack album to the film this
summer. Check out for details.

Rhino Records’ Handmade division has released a new 3-CD
set chronicling the making of the Monkees’ album “Headquarters”.
The compilation makes use of unreleased demos, backing tracks,
studio chatter, song fragments, and early versions of tracks.
The complete track listing is available at
Only 4500 copies of “Headquarters Sessions” were pressed.

Maggie McManus (
2770 South Broad Street
Trenton, New Jersey 08610-3622
Four issues per year, $12 per year.
Make check/money order payable to Maggie McManus.


From: Pat Baima

About a month ago, someone posted that the Davy Jones concert at Morai=
Valley Community College in Palos Hills, Illinois was not taking place. Th=
person stated that he/she had contacted the college, and the college knew
nothing about the concert. I called the college last week, and Davy is goi=
to perform there on January 27, 2001. I ordered tickets, and I have alread=
received them in the mail. If someone is going to call the college, it mig=
help to tell the box office that this concert is “not in the brochure.” Wh=
I first called, they looked in the “brochure” and could not find this
concert. Then they stated that this concert is “not in the brochure,” and
they found it quickly. I hope this helps someone!


From: “Band 6”


A new magazine – Mojo Collections just out in the UK has a couple of Monkee
mentions. Page 33 has a picture of the Monkees UK black and white cards wit=
the wrong picture for the wrapper (being a US one) and on page 34 a picture
and a mention of the Headquarters Sessions CD.


MOMS OUTTA SIGHT – starring Micky Is being shown on the following dates
during September.

Moviemax 3 – 8th 13.00 and 05.00. 13th 08.40 and 15.40. 24th 10.30
and 17.20.

Moviemax 4 – 5th 11.15 and 04.25.

Moviemax 5 – 2nd 10.30. 16th 10.30. 21st 16.30 and 04.30.

BUT only on skydigital in the UK

Fans in the UK are now receiving copies of the HQ Sessions CD set however
the Vat and duty comes to around =A310 making this set very expensive

Kirk & Sue


Cincinnati City Council Suspends Noise Ordinance to Allow for World’s
Largest Chicken Dance & Kazoo Band Starring Davy Jones of the Monkees

CINCINNATI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sept. 13, 2000–The world’s largest
kazoo salute will go on, thanks to a last-minute resolution, and
sound judgment, by Cincinnati City Council. City Council today
unanimously approved an 11th-hour resolution to authorize Cincinnati
City Manager John Shirey to suspend the city’s Loud Noise Ordinance
to clear the way for the World’s Largest Chicken Dance and Kazoo Band
featuring Davy Jones of The Monkees at 4 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 16.
Approximately 30,000 on kazoo are expected to go humming into
history, backing up Jones performing beloved Monkees’ hits. The
World’s Largest Chicken Dance and Kazoo Band is the annual highlight
of Oktoberfest-Zinzinnati, the nation’s largest Oktoberfest, set for
Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 16 and 17, on Fifth Street and historic
Fountain Square. The official City Council resolution reads, in part:
“Whereas, due to the enormous popularity of Davy Jones and the
distribution of 30,000 free collectible kazoos, this massive,
monumental and historic Chicken Dance and Kazoo Band stands to be in
violation of Cincinnati Municipal Code Section 910-7, which prohibits
any sound-producing instrument from emitting loud and raucous noises;
and “Whereas, this Council has determined that it is in the best
interest of the City of Cincinnati for its citizens to strike up the
band in celebration of `Gemuetlichkeit,’ which is German for
`goodwill’; and “Whereas, this Council does not wish to see Davy
Jones of The Monkees incarcerated, so long as he professes to be
German during the Oktoberfest-Zinzinnati festivities, nor any other
citizen incarcerated for taking part in the World’s Largest Chicken
Dance and Kazoo Band…” “Daydream Believers” will congregate en
masse at 4 p.m. Saturday when Jones leads the largest music ensemble
of all time on Cincinnati’s historic Fountain Square during the 25th
annual Oktoberfest-Zinzinnati. The Greater Cincinnati Chamber of
Commerce, organizer of Oktoberfest-Zinzinnati, will distribute 30,000
free neon-colored kazoos in the minutes leading up to the World’s
Largest Chicken Dance and Kazoo Band. Jones joins a prestigious list
of artists who have lead the World’s Largest Chicken Dance and Kazoo
Band at Oktoberfest-Zinzinnati. Previous band leaders: the late great
New Orleans trumpeter Al Hirt in 1998 and Grammy Award-winning
accordion wizard Weird Al Yankovic in 1999. Jones will lead the
multitude of baby-boomer fans in performing the Chicken Dance before
launching into magical renditions of beloved Monkees’ hits such as
“Daydream Believer.” Rick Hubbard, “The King Of Kazoo,” will warm up
the crowd with his kazoo wizardry. Hubbard, of Hilton Head Island,
S.C., has given away more than a half-million kazoos at festivals and
performances across the U.S. Oktoberfest-Zinzinnati is the nation’s
largest authentic Oktoberfest, with 500,000 expected to attend this
weekend. The 2000 Oktoberfest-Zinzinnati will be held Saturday and
Sunday, Sept. 16 and 17, on five blocks of Fifth Street — stretching
from Race Street and historic Fountain Square to Broadway in Downtown
Zinzinnati. The hours will be 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Saturday and 11 a.m.
to 9 p.m. Sunday. Admission is free. Oktoberfest-Zinzinnati is
produced by The Downtown Council, the rock `n’ roll division of the
Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with the City
of Cincinnati and numerous German-American organizations. Go online
at CONTACT: The Greater Cincinnati
Chamber of Commerce Raymond Buse III, 513/579-3194


From: Melhi

Andrew Sandoval, producer on the Rhino reissues, ML2&3 and the recent Rhino
Handmade Monkees Sessions box has graciously agreed to do a Q & A with us.
For those who may not be familiar with him, his work on the catalog has
drawn positive media attention, mainstream interest and critical acclaim to
the Monkees catalog and has set new standards of excellence in the
industry. (He’s also been instrumental in feeding our need for more, more,
more – we’re very fortunate to have him in our corner!) I’m sure many of
us have questions about his work on the Monkees catalog and particularly,
his most recent work on the HQ Sessions release. This is our chance!

To participate:

1. Think of up to three questions

2. Mail them by PRIVATE mail to: with the word
“Sandoval” in the subject line. (These mails will filter into a special
mailbox so that I don’t miss any.)

3. Send them no later than Wed. Sept. 20 (Only 6 days left!)

Note: Even if you are new and still on newbie lurk, you are welcome and
encouraged to participate in the Q & A.

What happens after Wednesday’s deadline?

1. I will compile the questions and forward them to Mr. Sandoval.
2. He will choose which questions he would like to answer
3. When he returns his answers, I will post the Q & A, here – and later,
it will be webbed on the resource site.

So, if you haven’t already, get your questions ready and send them on in!!


Nothing succeeds if prankishness has no part in it

Melhi 101:

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