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End of the line for MBF – Peter at Autograph Show

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From: Aaron Handy III

R.I.P Monkee Business Fanzine (1977-2002)

The Monkees Fan Community is about to lose one of its most celebrated and
cherished newsletters.

Monkee Business Fanzine, a quarterly-published, all-Monkees magazine since=

June 1977, founded by Maggie McManus, is ceasing publication after the June=

2002 issue (its 101st overall). That’s right, Monkeemavens–never again
shall MBF provide us with over 30 pages of the best possible mixture of
informative and entertaining features, Monkees news from around the world,=

collectibles news, photos, a question & answer column (P.O. Box 9847),
Monkee concert coverage, or special notice by mail or e-mail when Monkees
events come up between issues. The June 2002 issue will mark exactly a
quarter century since its humble beginning.

I first subscribed to MBF in 1994 (I still have the “welcome” letter by
Maggie accompanying the first issue they mailed me [June 1994]!), and have=

saved every issue mailed to me after for its last 8 years. I recieved the
news about MBF’s imminent demise with the new ish (#100, March 2002) that
was mailed to me just this afternoon, and, boy…what a blow. I truly
fancied getting advanced word on all The Monkees’ video releases, CD
reissues, tour dates, getting in touch with a couple of Monkeefans in the
classified ads…I even submitted a couple of stories to MBF back in 1995.=

(My review on Missing Links Vol. 3 I sent abck in ’96 still hasn’t been
printed, though!) And so, I have dediced not to renew my subscription to
MBF, as I see no point in doing so; I’m just gonna let it quietly expire
and consign myself to the fact that MBF #100 was my final issue. Now I
gotta find a whole new Monkees fan magazine to subscribe to!

God, am I depressed. Monkee Business Fanzine was, I’m sure, a most
promising publication. Sure hate to see it go… <:/>
Aaron Handy III
The Aaron Handy III TV Web Shrine


From: “Michael P Paquin”

Monkees Wacky Wobblers in special blue shirts and single boxes


My name is Mike Paquin and I am distributor of “Wacky Wobbler” bobbing
heads, of which “The Monkees” are a newer release. The Monkees set as you
may know, is available as a 4 piece deluxe boxed set of all four guys,
licensed by Rhino and distributed through small gift and novelty stores.
BUT…There is also very limited production repainted (blue shirts instead=

of red) Wobblers that are exclusive collector’s editions. Yet they will
still sell for regular retail price! At least for a few weeks they will.
Both Micky and Davy, will be exclusive to Spencer’s gifts stores around the=

country and should start popping up in about 1-2 weeks. Spencers did not
order Mike or Peter in the blue shirts and single boxes, so we have been
chosen to be the exclusive distributor of the Peter and Mike Wobblers.
These will also come in the rare single window boxes, with stickers, and
the repainted shirts, and are also being offered for retail of only $30 for=

a set of two, plus shipping. The big news is that this set is limited to
only 480 of each guy! Anyone who buys the Spencers set, or just fans of
Mike and Peter, will want to get these while the getting is good. I expect=

these to be sold out in the next few weeks, with very limited marketing. If=

I sent out a scad of press releases and worked ebay, they would have sold
out in a day or two, but we wanted them to be spread around among fans. As=

it is, I posted only to one Wobbler board and sold 20% of them in just a
couple days. Wacky Wobblers are the hottest new collectible and recent
retirees are going for as much as $200 each already within weeks of
retirement. Feel free to check out ebay and se the hype for yourself. We
wanted to give the Wobbler collectors and Monkees fans first shot, before
the secondary market dealers suck them up for resale. When these are sold
out, that’s it, and I expect them to be selling for as much as $100-$200 a=

set by summer, but I am still selling them for just $30 plus shipping for
the set. This is special deal and will not last long, so I hoped to get
word out to the Monkees fans ASAP. I am not sure if you can or will let
folks know, but I’m sure they would be very grateful if you did. Please see=

the press release below for the details sent out a few days ago, and if you=

have any questions, please feel free to call or email me. Regards, Mike


Good afternoon Ladies and Gents, we have a really big show for you. And a
really big announcement!

Funko has decided to do something special for all the loyal “charter
members” of the FunKo Wacky Wobbler collecting community. That’s You!!!!=

And The Wobbler King is bringing it to YOU!!

Being the King (Wobbler King that is) of Wacky Wobblers by Mail, I have
been chosen to oversee this little project, and make sure the real fans get=

what they are supposed to. BUT=85where you usually buy the rare stuff from =
and pay collector prices, this item is being offered for RETAIL price of
$15 only. They will be sold first come first served, and when they are
gone, they are gone! I’m sure the secondary market will be bonkers, so ma=
sure you take advantage before they sell out. This will be a good chance
for you fans to pick up a couple extras for traders too, to help you get
even more rare stuff!

As everyone knows by now, there is a new Monkees boxed set, many of you
have surely gotten it by now. Most of you also realize that Spencer’s Gif=
will have the exclusive Blue Shirted Davy and Micky in the special single
boxes. What very few knew up till now, is that by popular demand, it was
decided there needed to be at least a few Blue shirted Mikes and Peters, to=

fill out sets for you loyal collectors. So=85..There will be ONLY 480 piece=
of Peter and 480 pieces of Mike, in the exclusive blue suit and in the
individual Monkees boxes, exclusive to The Wobbler King! This is the
smallest official FunKo Wacky Wobbler release ever!! There has never been
an actual retail release this low, AND never available at retail price!!
You’ll still need to grab the other two guys in the single boxes and blue=

shirts, at your local Spencer’s store, but you can order the limited
release Mike and Peter by mail order directly from That Toy Guy/The Wobbler=

King. The other two guys will likely sell out at retail quickly and go
through at least one or two additional production runs, making the expected=

ratio roughly about 10 to 1 on blue shirted Davy and Micky vs blue shirted=

Peter and Mike. Needless to say, these two are the hottest Wobblers to
grab! There will be a limit of 6 sets (12 pcs) per person, so we can assure=

that everyone gets a shot, and you guys are getting a crack at them BEFORE=

they go on Ebay. I may offer them on ebay for the same low low price of
$15@, very soon, but Mike and I wanted to give you guys on the Wobbler
board first crack at them. The cost is $15 per guy and the shipping is
broken down below. These will be absolute gold as traders, because many
people will miss them. There is a whole world of Monkees fans, who will
also want them, so once word gets around, these should sell out quickly. I=

will have them in hand and will begin shipping them out 02/27/02. I am
taking orders NOW, right up to shipping day, as long as they don’t sell o=
first. You can email me , or call toll free 888=

486-9489, I can be reached from Noon to 10pm Eastern, 7 days a week. The
limit per customer is 6 sets! Thanks for being fans of FunKo Wacky Wobblers=

and The Monkees!!!!

1 set of both $30
Priority Insured mail $10
Total due $40

2 sets (4 pcs) $60
Priority Insured mail $10
Total due $70

3 sets (6 pcs) $90
Priority Insured mail $15
Total due $105

4 sets (8 pcs) $120
Priority Insured Mail $15
Total due $135

5 sets (10 pcs) $150
Priority Insured Mail $20
Total due $170

6 sets (12 pcs) $180
Priority Insured Mail $20
Total $200


From: “Al Bigley”
From: “Denise M”

Monkees CD Part of Clarksville Tourism
Wed Feb 20, 8:49 AM ET

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – City leaders are hoping their connection with The
Monkees can help boost industry.

A CD by the 1960s pop group is part of an information packet that will be
used to market Clarksville starting March 1. The reason: The group’s hit
“Last Train to Clarksville” also is the city’s claim to pop culture

“Several materials will be mailed through the year to key audiences totalin=
about 600 =97 both inside and outside of the community,” Michelle Dickerson=
the local economic development council said last week. “We’ll use materials
within the community so that we can all promote Clarksville with a
consistent and accurate message.”

The package promotes a new 964-acre industrial park.

“Last Train to Clarksville” was a No. 1 hit for The Monkees in 1966.


From: “John or Bonnie Verrico”

Hi Everyone…

Peter Tork announced today that he will be appearing at the Super Mega
Show on April 6-7, 2002 at the MEADOWLANDS EXPO CENTER 355 Plaza
Drive, Secaucus, New Jersey (201) 223-1000 or e-mail: Show Hours – Friday 4:00PM to 10:30PM,
Saturday 10:00AM to 7:00PM, Sunday 10:00AM to 5:00PM. You can also
check out the following link for more information:


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