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Elephant Parts on DVD! Davy Tour Dates!

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From: Anthony

–The Monkeesrule43 Fan Site Mailing List–

**Davy Solo Tour Dates**
Davy Jones is continuing to add concert dates to his 2003 schedule.
Recently, four new dates have been added and one rescheduled. The
following is his full 2003 itinerary: 4/25-28/03 Orlando, FL EPCOT @
Disney World */*/* 6/6-7/03 Halifax, NS Casino Nova Scotia */*/*
7/3/03 Mason, OH Pine Hill Lakes Park */*/* 7/10/03 Chippewa Falls,
WI No. Wisconsin St. Fair */*/* 7/19/03 Westbury, NY Westbury Music
Fair */*/* 8/08/03 Santa Cruz, CA Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk */*/*
9/13/03 Florence, IN Belterra Casino & Resort */*/* 10/4/03 Tulsa,
OK Tulsa State Fair

**Headquarters Sessions / Nez DVD / On TV**
For those of you who’ve held off on purchasing the 3-
CD “Headquarters Sessions” set, you’ve waited too long. Rhino
Handmade has officially sold out of the limited edition set that was
released in 2000 and it will no longer be available. A brand new DVD
release of “Michael Nesmith In Elephant Parts” will hit stores on
March 18th. This 1980s comedy/musical, which includes an all new
commentary by Nez, is now available at Videoranch before anywhere
else! The TVLand Awards, which will feature Davy Jones as a
presenter & award nominee is now scheduled to air on March 12,
instead it’s original date of March 9. Micky Dolenz’s “Mom, Can I
Keep Her?” will air on TMCe on Feb. 23 at 2:05pm EST & on TMCw on
Feb. 23 at 5:05pm EST.

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From: “Videoranch Foreman”

Greetings from Videoranch!

The street date for the new Elephant Parts on DVD is March 18th. But
Videoranch has it available now! It’s got a great new commentary by
Nez. Plus, the sound and picture quality are improved. The cool
thing about DVD is the chapter selection feature. Every clip in the
Elephant Parts DVD is a separate chapter, so you can go directly to
your favorite part and watch it over and over.

The MP3 live version of “Listen to the Band” from the Gretsch
concert is available again. It’s a worthwhile download. Check out
the sample.

We’ve been upgrading the quality of our videos at the Formosa
Diner. Check out the Daily Specials and you will see what we mean.
If you’re on a fast connection, choose “Large”. Here’s a sample.
Choose “Small” if you’re on at a slower connection.

We have 2 new sale items this week:
Pretty Much Your Standard Ranch Stash is $12.95, regularly $16.95.
Sample Tantamount to Treason is $11.95, regularly $16.95. Sample

That’s it, for now. Give us a holler if you need anything.

Your friends at Videoranch
toll free 1-866-727-2639


From: “Kelly”

On page 64 of the February 14th issue of Entertainment Weekly, there
is a picture of the Monkees and a brief mention of the “modern”
Monkees show currently in development. The text reads:

Bea Arthur, call your agent: Several shows from TV’s past may get a
second lease on life this fall. NBC–which has already ordered new
episodes of the ’80s cop drama Hunter to air on Saturdays this
spring–is developing a modern-day Monkees with American Idol
producer Simon Fuller. Fox has a remake of Mister Ed in the works,
UPN is working with Aaron Spelling on a new version of his ’80s hit
Hotel, and The WB wants to bring back yet another incarnation of
Tarzan. Though it’s only in the script stage, NBC Entertainment
president Jeff Zucker is already singing a happy tune about The
Monkees, an updated version of the classic ’60s comedy that will
chronicle the search for four young men who can sing, dance, and act
goofy for the camera. (The gang may even recut “I’m a
Believer”.) “Look at what’s going on in TV right now, with
unscripted programming and musical talent,” says Zucker. “The
Monkees combines all of that.”

Best wishes to all,


From: “Blu Silva”

I just ran across a wonderful article in the February 2003 issue of
Harp Magazine written by Peter Buck of R.E.M. entitled “Reflections:
Peter Buck on the Monkees”. A quick quote: ” I could think of a
thousand groups and a thousand albums, but you know, I hate to admit
it, but The Monkees’ TV show was probably my biggest influence.”

Worth searching out a copy of the magazine for. It’s on the last

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