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From: Brad Waddell

The Monkees were great on the CBS Early Show this morning – very funny
banter ragging on Micky’s “vulcan” line and the Mike issues. A great
performance too.


From: Eileen


On August 3, l963, I saw the Monkees at the Cafe Rafio in Greenwich Village=
New York. They wrote this on my dinner menu, (which I have framed) “To
Eileen, the first to ask for our autographs, hold onto them, they will beco=

Please convey how I got this to them. I wonder if they remember this: I wa=
up front at the Club Rafio and they were performing on stage and no one was
even noticing them. I felt sorry for them, and i think I was one of the fe=
applauding them. When they walked off stage, I called them over and told th=
that I loved the show and could they give me their autographs. They were
very surprised and sat down with us for a few minutes and wrote the above. =
always saved the menu and now have it framed in my home office.

I would love to show it to them.



From: “Bandsix”

The photo that appeared in the US edition of National Enquirer dated 19th
June, is in the UK edition dated a week later, so UK-based fans can get it=

by purchasing the June 26 issue and looking at page 8.

Sue Waller
Band 6 – The Monkees Official UK Fan Club


From: James Sunday

Monkee streets in Folsom Ca.

A local TV station ran the story on Monday. Here’s the address.

Enjoy, James

Developer ‘Rocks’ Folsom Neighborhood
Streets Named After Famous Musicians
FOLSOM, Calif., 5:28 p.m. PDT June 11, 2001 — Some of rock and roll’s
biggest names, and some only true fans would recognize, have found a home
in a Folsom neighborhood.
All the streets in the Broadstone development near Highway 50 and East
Bidwell are named after rock musicians.
In a first ever move, Elliot homes chose the names of dozens of rocks stars=

of the 60s, 70s and 80s for the new development.
Company executives said they got their inspiration from a list of
historical names from the city.
“At the very top of the list, the very first name on there was Clapton. So=

that started our thought process on rock-and-roll stars. And then we went
to the Rolling Stone Encyclopedia,” project manager Price Walker said.
For many neighborhood residents, musicians like Eric Clapton are from
another generation.
“To me it’s just another street =85 no big deal,” resident Reggie Dunn said=
Most residents do admit the street names have style.
“Much better than Oak or Pine or whatever =85 very different,” resident
Roxanne Curran said.

Broadstone Folsom Street Names
Joplin, Janis, Singer
Tork, Peter Monkees Guitarist
Nesmith, Michael Monkees Guitarist


From: Kim

Before They Were Rock Stars
30 min.
The early years of recording artists such as Lauryn Hill, Trisha
Yearwood, Natalie Merchant,
Vanessa L. Williams, Collective Soul, the Go-Go’s and Davy Jones, as
well as Taylor Dayne,
Debbie Gibson and Sheena Easton.
Rating: TV-PG
Category: Biography
Show times
Date Thursday, June 21
Time 8:00 PM EDT
Channel VH1

As always, please check your local listings and times, as these are for=

the East Coast.


From: daydream7a

The Monkees’ behind the music will air Tuesday, june 26th at 7 pm
central on vh1.


From: Laurabeth Albright

Ami and Micky Dolenz are both mentioned in a sidebar story in “Soap Opera
Digest”, June 19, 2001 edition. On page 42, in the pink box, they are
talking about Cinderella-inspired movies and Gina Tognoni (who plays Kelly=

on “One Life to Live”) says that her favorite Cinderella-type of movie is
“She’s Out of Control” with Ami and Tony Danza. She’s says that it is a
bad movie, but she loves it because Ami was so pretty in it. There is also=

a picture of Ami Dolenz (who used to play Melissa on “General Hospital”)
and Tony Danza.
Laurabeth Albright
Shelbyville, Kentucky


From: “Hinton, Lori “

Ft Wayne Show 6/13/01

My family and I attended the show at the Embassy Center in Ft Wayne IN last=

night. It was both one of the best shows and one of the worst shows we’ve
been to. (It was one of the worst only because of the horrible sound
system in the Embassy Theater. It was atrocious. You could hardly hear
Natural singing over the music, and were lucky if you understood what they=

said. Many of Micky’s vocals could not be heard very well, if at
all. Some of the mics were cutting in and out. The sound was out of
balance. As far as sound systems, I think they would have been better off
with tin cans and strings!)

On the other hand, it was also one of the best shows….. Why? Because
Davy, Peter, & Micky truly seemed to be at ease and having fun with each
other. Their voices were so strong, and wonderfully mature. They looked
good. And, despite the crappy sound system, they still managed to sound
good for the most part. Davy and Peter especially were in rare form. They=

have so much energy. At one point, my 9 yr old son leaned over and asked
(about Davy) “He’s always moving! Doesn’t he ever stand still???”

During one song, Davy wore the green wool hat with the 4 buttons on it. I=

thought about how excited the gal who gave it to them would be to know it’s=

still on the tour circuit!

Natural has relaxed and become more at ease since we saw them in
Merrillville. They joked around a lot more, and again performed their
outstanding a capella version of some Billy Joel tunes. What a bunch of

As always, I sat and soaked in every note, every move, and every enchanted=

moment, all the while wishing that the show would never end. As always, I=

desperately hoped that this would not be the last time I see them
performing together in concert. And as always, I wished mightily that they=

would release a video of their concert tour so that I can relive the magic=

again and again. (hint hint hint)

Thank you, Micky, Davy, Peter, Natural, and the rest of the band, for
providing such excellent entertainment, and making our lives a little brigh=

Love, peace, and Monkees-


From: Christi York

Fort Wayne Indiana

I just walked in the door (3:14am) from the best night
in my life….so far. The Fort Wayne show was great.
Natural started the show and the Monkees played for
about 2.5 more hours after them. Most things were the
same as in the spring but Micky didnt’ sing Purple
Haze, Davy sang a song from Oliver and also sang I
wanna Be Free. David and Sandy didnt’ do their All In
The Family skit (I asked David why after the show and
he said they almost did it, but it was scratched at
the last minute) I got right up at the stage and
grabbed Peters leg. hehe We also got to grab Their
hands at certain times too. Davy even held his
microphone out to me at one point. Then after the
show, we ran into the guys from Natural who without
hesitation signed and posed for everyone that was
waiting outside. We waited for almost an hour when an
insider(David) whispered to me and my friends that Davy
was still inside and would be outside shortly. He
came out and the 4 of us stood and talked with him for
a little bit and then the other people that were
standing outside, which had dwindled down to about 15,
noticed him so he moved on. Micky and Peter had
already taken the skywalk and were staying in the
hotel across the street. Davy was getting on the tour
bus to drive 12 hours for his next performance. He,
his band members and the guys from Natural took teh
time to talk to whoever wanted to talk and really
showed they care about their fans. This night was
really something special. All except for the fact that
I hit a deer on the way home and banged up my brand
new car! I haven’t even had it a week yet!! Oh well,
I met Davy Jones so that makes me feel better. Now I
am really looking forward to the Sterling Heights
Michigan show. Hope it can be just as great!!



From: After Today

Just wanted to share my little story with you all=85

When I was in Florida with my marching band, way back
in April, the very first of the Disney parks that we
went to was EPCOT, and when my band director came on
the bus to give us our announcements for the day. When
he finished with the group announcements, he said,
“Oh, and you’ll never guess who’s here giving free
concerts=85Davy Jones.” My friend V and I screamed,
because we’re both huge Monkee Junkees!!

We found out that Davy was doing three shows.
Unfortunately, we missed the first one. We got to the
second one, but not as early as I would have liked and
got an unspectacular seat. Davy was in top form, of
course. He was singing with the Monkees’ tour backup
band, who were also great. After the show, V and I
managed to get second row seats, and then went to
visit our friend Eric, who plays trumpet in the
Monkees’ backup band. He was a sweetheart as usual,
and introduced us to the whole horn section.

The third (and final show) was even better than the
second. Eric pulled a few strings with Davy and got
him to sing right to me during “A Little Bit Me, a
Little Bit You,” which was just plain amazing. The
only negative thing I can say about the show is that
it had to end. I can’t wait to see Davy, Eric, and the
other guys in State College on July 1st.

Go here to see my pix of Davy:

And oh yeah! Buy the Natural CD!!! 😛

–katie…aka Portman.


From: Emily

Fort Wayne Show

Hi!! I just got back from the Monkees show in Fort
Wayne, IN and all I can say is: AMAZING!!!! All fo the
songs were so full of energy and Micky, Peter and Davy
all sounded amazing!! For the majority of the concert
they were bouncing around the stage like kids, having
a blast and interacting with each other and with the
audience. They played for around 1 and 1/2 hours and
did three encore songs. They sang many classics such
as Last Train to Clarksville, Daydream Believer and
Circle Sky as well as song picked by each individual
member. For example, Davy sang a medley from Oliver
and Peter sang an old Blues song. All in all it was a
WONDERFUL show!!!! I didn’t want it to end. Oh, I
bought a picture of the guy and this adorable white
monkey with a Monkees shirt on it at the merchandise
stand 🙂 It’s so cute. I took a whole roll of film of
the Monkees as well as Natural (the opening act). I
will put them on my website as soon as I get them
developed. I will email you the web address when I put
them up. On a note about Natural…they started out
kind blah but they got really good the further they
went on and by the end they were amazing.

Emily 🙂

Visit my homepage at:


From: Marlena

Hi all! Just wanted to give a word or 2 about the
Cleveland, Ohio concert. It rained, as I am sure you
heard. Yes, the guys still played, sang, and joked
about it. It (the rain) actually woke people up I
think. The only things that bothered me was the fact
that my ticket said “row 5” and in “Section 3”. When I
called ticketmaster, they told me it would be 5th row
from the stage. Well, when I was seated I was in the
third section from the stage (about 10 rows per
section), actually about row 25!!!!! You could imagine
the heart break I’m sure. My heart sunk. Then later
while taking pictures on my sis’s digital camera, the
ushers said we couldn’t take any pictures. By the end
of the concert I was determined to get closer to see
them. After the first time they left the stage, and
then came back on, I dragged my sister to the isle and
toward the front of the stage. There were camera’s
flashing and girls giving roses to Davy. I did manage
to sneak a few good pictures! I was sooo glad. I know
the concert had to be shorter than other concerts
because of the weather. But I wanted to tell everyone,
GO SEE THEM! They look and sound terrific, and as
always they kept me smiling, no matter what seats I
got!!! ;0)
~Marlena Buttolph~ 26, Ohio


From: ~Ashton~

I just got home from your concert in Fargo, ND. And it was awesome. You
guys rock. Me and my friends were trying to get backstage passes, but we
weren’t that lucky. But you guys put on an awesome show. And the band
Natural who opened for you, they were awesome too. They were also a bunch =
hotties, they are going to make it big. Thanks for the good show!!!!!!!!!

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