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Disney Micky (the other one) – ticket updates, here they come!

March 27, 2011 by  
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From: Kit-Kat

(Micky Dolenz) will be on the Love Bug on Wednesday the 24th on the Disney
Channel the
time being it says here 9:25pm

Invisible Mom II will be on Showtime on Tuesday the 23rd

Peace Out!
Love Always N’4Eva,


From: Kim

March 6- Tuesday Atlanta, GA Center Stage Theatre

Well, for anyone thinking of heading Atlanta-way, I called the box office

Here’s the deal: the tickets go on sale next Saturday the 27th at 10 am. (I
can post the phone # if anyone needs it.) The tickets are $45 each, and
there is *no* assigned seating! That’s right, it is festival seating. Yuck!
And there are just over a thousand seats. I spoke to friends who saw the
Beach Boys play there in ’93. They didn’t remember if there was a balcony
or not, but there might have been. Quote: “Excellent acoustics.” The seats
were arranged in a
gently-sloping pit towards the stage.


From: Tiffany Spiecker

WKQL 96.9 in Jacksonvile, FL has been playing a promo for the new tour
that’s like, “Guess who’s comin’ to town? *bah dah dum – theme*” and they
say they’ll start offering chances to win tickets to the Monkees’ invasion
of the First Coast (which is southern east Georgia to like, Flagler, FL) on
Monday morning.



From: “Alicia C.”

Hello all Monkee fans,
Ruth Eckerd Hall, March 1st in Clearwater,FL. The Monkees reunion tour
tickets are $39.75. If you are a member, you don’t have to wait to purchase
your ticket. You can buy them now. To be a member it cost $35.00. Take care!!
Love Alicia Castellano

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