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Davy TV Land Special Wednesday – Micky on Tony Danza Friday

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From: Julie McArthur

Just a reminder that the Living In TVLand with Davy jones is on tomorrow
5/3. It is on at 10 E/P.



From: Hooloovoo

Micky will be appearing on the Tony Danza show Friday May 5th to promote
his new book! The show is on at various times in different cities so check
your local listings here:


Hooloovoo —
Eagles may soar, but weasels aren’t sucked into jet engines.


From: robynapelt

new photos of micky donna taken april 25th 2006 on


From: tacoclark

Collectors Choice Music has released a CD of Diane Hildebrand’s album,
EARLY MORNING BLUES AND GREENS. That was her only album, originally
released on Elektra (in 1967 or 1968). The fine print on this reissue says
it’s manufactured by Rhino, but it’s on the Collectors Choice Music label
and, so far as I can tell, it’s only available from the Collectors Choice
Music catalog and website. A nice sixties folk item.


Mark Carter


From: fichteradio

Our newspaper has devoted an audio podcast to the Monkees. I conducted
phone interviews with Peter Tork and Micky Dolenz and edited them to a 14
minute mp3 file. You can access it at: – Click on podcast.
I also have the full length audio interviews which are more than 40 minutes
long in unedited form. If anybody has a Web site that can host a large
audio file, I would be happy to make them available. This is all in
conjunction with Peter and Micky’s Wildwood appearances.
Jack Fichter
Cape May County Herald
(New Jersey)


Ex-Monkee Davy Jones saddles up for a ‘normal’ life

Scripps Howard News Service

INDIANTOWN, Fla. — Davy Jones embraces the past and cherishes the present,
but says his future doesn’t include any more Monkees reunions.

This year is the 40th anniversary of the created-for-television, pre-fab
four, and Jones, at 60, says he’s had enough _ especially after the last
reunion, a ’97 British tour that ended in acrimony.

“I would not work with those guys again if my life depended on it,” says
Jones, who was born in Manchester, England, but has owned a home in this
rural Florida town for 20 years.

“I can’t be responsible for their attitudes and the way they treat people.
The way they talk.”

Jones is the subject of Wednesday’s (May 3) episode of “Living in TV Land”
(TV Land, 10 p.m. EDT).

Jones says part of the bitterness from the last reunion came _ in his
opinion _ because Michael Nesmith, Peter Tork _ and, to a lesser extent,
Micky Dolenz _ think of themselves as rock stars, and not veterans of a
popular 1960s sitcom about rock stars. The four rarely agree on anything.

“Get over it, OK?” Jones laughs. “The Monkees is gonna be the Monkees
forever and ever. It’s going to be like the Marx Brothers and the Three
Stooges and the Bowery Boys.”

Jones performs about 100 solo shows every year and his set is chock-full of
Monkees hits and Monkee-esque stage patter.

“I’ve got friends that I’ve known for 40 years, and a lot of people that I
don’t know that talk to me as if they do know me,” he says. “Which makes me
feel good. I’ve touched a lot of people’s lives. The Monkees touched a lot
of people’s lives, and I can’t destroy that by going out with those guys
and having bad attitudes around me.”

Jones’ extended family may include millions of fans worldwide, but his
inner circle is small. Twice divorced, he has four grown daughters and two
grandsons _ and a stable full of the best pals a longtime horseman could
ask for.

Every morning at 6, Jones drives the 30 minutes from his home to exercise
his 12 horses, groom them and clean out their stalls. As a youngster in
Manchester, he aspired to become a jockey, and today several of his horses
race at Florida tracks _ with someone younger in the saddle.

He spends the summers at a ranch house in Pennsylvania (he also owns an
estate in England and an apartment in Los Angeles). The horses make the
journey, too.

But, says Jones, what he craves is stability. Something normal.

“I don’t want to be Peter Pan all my life,” he muses. He loves the fact the
locals have gotten used to him turning up in restaurants and grocery stores.

He has applied for American citizenship _ something he says he should’ve
done years ago.

“This is such a beautiful, amazing country; there are so many places you
can go,” Jones says. “This is where my loyalty lies now … I want to be
American. I’ve been here since 1962, and everything was given to me. So I
want to die an American, 30 years from now.”


From: “Katherine McCabe”

I haven’t seen this posted yet so I would like to be the first to say that
Peter came out and played on stage for two songs at Wildwood! It was an
incredible experience to see them on stage together! The entire weekend was
a blast, but the highlight was most certainly seeing Peter and Micky
together. They sang For Pete’s Sake, and then, Peter did Lucille. What a

Thats all for me,



From: Joanna Parsons

I must agree!! The fun started Friday night with a dance hosted by
The Geeter himself, Jerry Blavat. If you are from the Philadelphia area you
allready know who he is. If you are not from the area, you will remember
him as the emcee of the band contest from episode #56, “Some Like it Lukewarm”
Saturday during the day The 1910 Fruitgum Company and The Rip Cords
Then came Saturday night!!!! The Rip Cords performed again, followed by
The Crystals, followed by The Grass Roots(who were great!), followed by
Peter Noone(always an energetic, fun experience)….then Micky! Not only
did he have Jerry Renino and Wayne Avers with him, but also Sandy Gennaro
and Dave Alexander!! I knew we were in for a treat!
If you have seen Micky solo lately you know he mentions the
songwriters as he performs the songs. So, he says he wants to sing a song,
but he has trouble “remembering the words” and “wished someone would help
him”. Suddenly, there was Peter! It was soooo cool. As Kathleen mentioned,
they sang For Pete’s Sake and Lucille. Peter and Micky signed autographs
after the show. Might be the closest we get to a reunion…………………..
Sunday Peter was in North Wildwood at an ice cream shop called Cool
Scoops. I got there early and about 15 of us were invited to sit in while
Peter did a radio interview. The dj’s name was Jimmy Jay, and he said the
interview will be posted on the web page – Be sure to
look for it. When Peter was asked about the possibility of a 40th reunion
tour he said that he wants to do it, Micky may be persuaded, but Davy is a
definite NO! Jimmy Jay split us into four groups and we did the song
Zilch. I don’t know how we sounded, but we did our best!
The Monkees tribute group The Missing Links were there. They arrived
in the Monkee Mobile!!! Took my breath away when I saw that! They were
pretty good. Peter joined them on stage for 4 or 5 songs. Just for Sunday
the town renamed the street “Monkee Way”. They also gave Peter a plaque
commemorating The Monkees 40th anniversary. It was very nice.
Sorry if this was a long post….I’m still on cloud nine!


From: Laura

OMG!!!! You guys should’ve stayed for the Missing Links concert yesterday
in North Wildwood. Peter was there. The mayor of Wildwood gave him a
plaque in honor of the Monkees 40th anniversary. The Monkeemobile was
there. My friend Katherine, from MA, sold his merch. Peter jammed with
the Missing Links for about 6 or 8 songs (those guys are REALLY great!!).
The mayor re-named a portion of 12th Street in Wildwood, “MONKEE WAY”. It
was FREAKIN’ INCREDIBLE!!!. Pics to follow (you KNOW I took a
bunch). Peter was so sweet to me at the autograph table. Gave me a big
hug and signed three things for me (More of the Monkees, ’87 Tour Book, and
a photo I bought there (old photo/young Peter – he had a stack for people
who hadn’t seen him before and needed something to autograph – I think
Katherine sold out of the pics!).

Anyway – rambling – still on a MAJOR Monkees high. Will write a
comprehensive review when I get my head out of the clouds.



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