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Davy Tonight

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From: “Carolyn J. Sheild”

Tonight on Entertainment Tonight, Davy Jones was mentioned as having a
birthday today. (They said he was 54 today, but we know he turned 55). Then
the show
previewed next weekend’s broadcast (Sat. Jan. 6, CBS, 7-8pm Eastern) as
featuring teenage idols and where they are now. They showed that they will
be interviewing Davy Jones, Bobby Sherman, David Cassidy, and others. When
they previewed Davy’s portion, he said something like, “The 14 year olds are
now 44 and thanking us for helping them through their youth”. They also
showed Davy singing “Daydream Believer” with the Teen Idols. Look for Davy
on Entertainment Tonight next weekend!

Happy New Year,


From: “Blush AKA Callie”

I’m really bad at summarizing things, so I’ll just type up the whole
article. It’s short. 🙂 The Monkees part is at the bottom.

January 5, 2001 edition of Entertainment Weekly Magazine, page 12


While some might find Adam Sandler to be Satan incarnate, is it fair to
blame him for Time Warner’s slide in earnings growth? In a Dec. 18 press
release, the media giant (and EW’s parent) projected an earnings dip – in
part due to the “disappointing performance” of his Little Nicky. The
bedeviled New Line flick reportedly cost $80 million but hasn’t cracked $40
million after five weeks. Despite Warner Bros. duds like the $70 million
Red Planet, which opened the same day and has earned $17 million so far,
Nicky was the only movie cited. (New Line declined to comment.) Perhaps
Sandler will become an all purpose scapegoat for woes like these.

*The predicted U.S. recession
*The Monkees reunion tour
*Irritable bowel syndrome
*Charlize Theron’s 1,427th film
*The looming actor’s strike
*Arnold Schwarzenegger’s alleged groping of a blond British TV presenter
*All those annoying talking fish

– Gillian Flynn


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