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Davy Revvin’ With Ford!

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From: Anthony

–The Monkeesrule43 Online Mailing List–

**Davy Hosts “Meet The Royals”**
Some new information on Davy Jones hosting “Meet The Royals” has
popped up… Although the show was previously reported to be airing
on A&E, it will be shown on the E! Channel. (Thanks Laura) The show,
which Davy filmed in Boston, MA, will be about the secrets and
scandals of England’s royal family. At this time, a specific
premiere date for his episodes is unknown. Some reports say
September 10th, while other sources state the show will begin on
September 5th. More information will be known soon.

**Davy Merchandise Update**
According to a representative from Davy Jones’s merchandise company,
Hercules Promotions, the “Monkee Mania 2002 Live In Toronto” CD will
indeed be available online at Davy’s official site, along with other
items from his 2003 solo tour. They say all other Monkees
merchandise will only be available at Davy’s concerts.

**On TV**
Davy Jones’ appearance on “Rowan & Martin’s Laugh In” will air on
TRIO on August 29 at 8am EST & 1pm EST. The Monkees’ appearance on
the show will air on September 14 at 9am EST on TRIO. VH1’s teen
idols special, “Bubblegum Babylon,” will air on August 16 at 7pm
EST. Micky Dolenz’s guest starring role on the December 2001 episode
of “The Drew Carey Show,” called “Drew and the King,” will air on
TBS on August 13 at 4:30pm EST.

**Peter At Super Mega Show**
Peter Tork will be appearing at the 2003 Super Mega Show in
Secaucus, NJ on September 20 & 21 with the famed MonkeeMobile.
During Peter’s time there, he will be signing autographs and
performing concerts. More information can be found at

**Uncut Live DVD**
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From: “Estrella”

Many of you may have heard about this in May, but since it’s around
the corner I thought I’d do a reminder.

On the weekend of August 15 and 16, Davy Jones will the celebrity
guest at two charity events that is in conjunction with the Woodward
Dream Cruise in the Detroit, Michigan area. The word “cruise” does
NOT refer to boats, but to the ’50s famous cruising strip (read:
cruising in cars). The best way to describe it is a big-ass car
show with over 30,000 cars being shown off. Here’s a link to the
Dream Cruise:

**Specifically, Davy will be in Birmingham, Michigan (just a few
miles off of Detroit) doing two charity events for “Revvin’ with
Ford”. RwF is described as “a non-stop show within a show, a self-
contained extravaganza of music, food, nostalgia, kid-friendly
activities and, of course, classic cars from the Ford family of
nameplates.” Davy Jones will be the guest at at the Revvin’ with
Ford Charity Preview pay event Aug. 15 – the Preview pay event I
believe is exclusive and not opened to the public. However, on
August 16, at 6:45 p.m. Davy and his band will be performing again
at the Ford Pavilion, and this show is announced as open to the
public. For more information check out Revvin’ with Ford’s website
or call 1-800-473-8846:
Celebrities box on the top part of their page and see a short bio on


From: “Bootsie”

The EMP (experience music project) Museum in Seattle, Washington
currently has a Nirvana exhibit that includes a Univox Hi-flyer
(guitar) that Kurt Cobain used (and smashed). The info provided at
the exhibit says Kurt decorated the guitar with images of his major
influences. Next to a photo of the Mod Squad Kurt drew a crude
Monkees trademark guitar. I never knew he was a Monkees fan. Check
it out at

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