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Davy On TVLand Awards! TV Appearances!

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The Monkees Memorabilia Price Guide & Reference Calendar 2003

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From: Cindy Poe: I love the calendar! It has all the b’day’s and
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Great product.

From: Bruce John: Yes, Brad, I received the calendar. What great
service! I thought the calendar was very well done, looked
professional, and included many items I did not know existed. I
liked the Monkee dates on the calendar also, such as the dates of
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From: Anthony

–The Monkeesrule43 Fan Site Mailing List–

**Micky in “Aida” Tour Date Changes / On TV**
Micky will kick off his 6 month tour with the cast of Elton John &
Tim Rice’s “Aida” later this month in Ft. Myers, Florida. The tour
schedule has recently seen a few changes including the rescheduling
of the tour’s two Wisconsin stops, the cancellation of the Denver,
CO show, & the addition of a long stay in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Check out the tour dates page for the tour’s current schedule.
Micky’s late-2002 appearance on “Crossing Over with John Edward”
will air on SCI-FI on Feb. 17 at 11:30pm EST. Also, the “Rave On”
episode of “Boy Meets World,” featuring Micky, Davy, & Peter from
the mid-90s will air on the Disney Channel on Feb. 19 at 5pm & Feb.
20 at 12am EST.

**Davy At TVLand Awards**
Davy Jones has just sent out an announcement to all Monkees/Davy
fans letting them know that he will be presenting an award at the
First Annual TVLand Awards in March! Davy has also been nominated
for an award for his 1971 appearance on “The Brady Bunch!” Help Davy
come home with the award by voting for him at He has
also invited fans to cheer him on on his walk down the red carpet on
March 2 at the Hollywood Palladium. The awards show will air on
TVLand on March 9.

For more of this newsletter, visit – An official Monkees site
that is your one stop on the web for Monkees news, bios, history,
mailing list & more!


From: “Videoranch Foreman”

Happy Friday!

A quick reminder that Valentine’s Day is exactly a week away. That
means you have seven days left to order the Videoranch Valentine
From Nez. After the 14th, it will no longer be available. It makes a
great gift! If you have any questions about it, give us a shout. An
all new Elephant Parts on DVD will be out in a few weeks. It’s got a
great new Nez commentary. He has some very interesting information
about how Elephant Parts was made. Seriously, this time. The DVD
also has some great stills, including the one below. Recognize the
piano keys? Those are the ones Nez danced on in the video “Magic”.

Have a great weekend!
Your friends at Videoranch!


From: “The Monkeegirl”

Date Channel Title Who
Fri Feb 7 WMAQ Saved by the Bell: The College Years Amy Dolenz
Sat Feb 8 WMAQ Famous Homes & Hideaways Davy Jones
Fri Feb 14 WGN Drew Carey Micky Dolenz
Mon Feb 17 SCIFI Crossing Over With John Edward Micky Dolenz
Wed Feb 19 Disney Boy Meets World The Monkees

Check your local listings for times and channel number.


From: “Cassidy”

Hi Brad and Anthony,

This is from Davy’s Update List… if you haven’t gotten this
message from somebody else already, here it is:

Forwarded from Davy’s Update List:



The FIRST ANNUAL TV LAND AWARDS will be airing on Sunday March 9,
2003. The Awards tapes on Sunday, March 2 at the Hollywood Palladium
and will be similcast the following week on both TV LAND and NICK AT
NITE. The Awards will honor legends and innovators of modern and
classic television.

Davy will be on hand to present an award! On Sunday, March 2, Davy
will be part of the Pre-Show/Red Carpet Arrivals which will take
place from 3:30-4:45 PM. The Awards Show follows from 5:00-7:00 PM.
Davy would like to extend the invitation to all his fans and friends
in the Los Angeles area and beyond, to come out and cheer him on, as
he makes his way up the Red Carpet!!!

CATAGORY, so here’s your chance to cast your vote for Davy and
become a part of the ceremony!!! LOG ONTO TVLAND.COM to CAST YOUR
VOTE FOR DAVY!! On the site, you can access the TV LAND
AWARDS section and fill in the ballot. Davy is nominated
as ‘Favorite Guest Performance by a Musician on a TV Show” for his
appearance on ‘THE BRADY BUNCH’!!! So cast your vote NOW!!!

Also, be sure to pass this info to everyone on your mailing list, so
that we can be sure that everyone casts their votes for Davy!!! We
are thrilled that Davy will be a presenter on the show…but by
casting your vote, you can also make Davy an award winner as well!!!!

Go to TVLAND.COM now and cast your vote for Davy!!!!

Peace Love & Harmony,


From: “Loni Reeder”

Here’s a little something that I saw in “The Wave” Magazine, a local
entertainment publication in San Jose, CA. This was on Page 55 of
the January 30th – February 12th edition (if this is a duplication
of something someone else has already sent to you, please forgive
the repetition):


Hey, hey, we’re not dead yet!

The Fab Four (that is, the “fabricated” four) known as The Monkees
pioneered the field of corporate-created pop acts that continues to
this day (read: New Kids on the Block, Boyz II Men, Backstreet
Boys, N’Sync, etc.). But what makes The Monkees stand apart from
their contrived successors is that they actually possess a morsel of
musical talent and stage appeal. How else do you explain the
January 28 CD release of “The Monkees – Live Summer Tour” more than
30 years after the group’s official break up? Recorded live during
a reunion concert in August 2001, “Live Summer Tour” is a
surprisingly pleasant reminder of a simpler time when bubble gum pop
was cool, the Volkswagon Beetle wasn’t annoying and we killed the
View Cong instead of Al Qauda.

Loni Reeder


From: “Frev”

Just to remind folks that Davy Jones February 9th, 1964 appearance
with the cast of ‘Oliver!’ on the same Ed Sullivan Show that the
Beatles made their American debut is now available as part of a 2
DVD set commemorating the four historic Beatles live perfomances on
the Sullivan show. I just received my set and the quality is
incredible, the best you’ll ever find, taken right from the master
tapes. The price for the DVD’s and VHS video’s are $39.95. While
available on the site, I recommend that folks order
the DVD’s or tapes from the Fest for Beatles Fans site, who are
selling it for the same price. There have been complaints about the
delivery system the Sullivan site uses, and folks who’ve order their
sets from the Sullivan site in December have yet to get them,
including myself. The Fest for Beatles Fans site gives rush
delivery. I ordered mine on Jan. 30th, and received them Feb. 5th.
The site address is:



From: “Nez4Ever1230”

In the February 11, 2003 issue of Globe Magazine there is a column
in which celebrities who are celebrating birthdays February 7th
through February 13th are listed. Peter is listed as celebrating his
61st birthday on February 13th. The column is located at the bottom
of page 48. In my opinion, David, Michael, Peter & Micky are # 1
always! Thank you.


From: “TJ. Church”

Thought I should write, & tell the people my thoughts on the new
Live CD, now that I finally had a chance to listen to it. Kind of
upset they didn’t include the post-“Randy Scouse” talk that the band
had @ the show I saw in Cleveland. (Then again, the show I had
didn’t have Peter, so I better than broke even.) Also, must say I
like the sound quality on this recording much better than that of
their post-Headquarters Live ’67 CD. Lastly, must admit this is the
first time I’ve learned the words to “Can You Dig It?” (Strange but
true, I always thought “make your soul to fly” was about flying

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