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Davy On Scooby Doo Tomorrow!

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From: “Aaron Handy III”

Monkee Dav(e)y Jones’ guest appearance on Hanna-Barbera’s The New
Scooby-Doo Movies, “The Haunted Horseman Of Hagglethorn Hall” (prod.
#61-15, first aired on CBS December 2, 1972) is scheduled to air on
Cartoon Network early Wednesday, February 5 @ 4:00 a.m. Eastern/3
a.m. Central.

This news should be ideal for the VCR crowd (of which I am proud to
count myself as a member). So fire up them recorders!


From: “Estrella”

Davy and his home will be featured on an episode of “Famous Homes
and Hideaways”. This is a syndicated show, and Davy’s episode is
*NOT* due on the Travel channel, but until for a long while. I will
see Davy’s episode on the FOX channel at 5:00 am on February 10th, a
Monday. However, people in Albuquerque, NM will see the episode on
the FOX channel at 6:30 am on Sunday 9th. So as you can see the
time and date varies.

I recommend to all those who intend to catch Davy and his Beavertown
home on this syndicated show, check your own local listings (online
and offline) to see when your weekly version of “Famous Homes and
Hideaways” airs.

“Davy Jones Private Place
Davy Jones started his show biz career at age 11 with a role on the
long-running BBC soap Coronation Street. It didn’t take long for
theatrical agents to spot the young talent and he was soon cast as
the Artful Dodger in the London production of Oliver. But it was
Davy’s role on the Emmy Award-winning TV series The Monkees that
made him a household name. Also a musical group, The Monkees
recorded several best-selling albums. Davy continues to act in stage
productions and he’s a passionate horseman. We visited Davy Jones at
his lovely Pennsylvania home.”



From: “Videoranch Foreman”

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From: “Sally Carpenter”

I found this article on the internet at Notice there
are a couple of errors, as Micky only directed one Monkees episode,
and Michael, not Peter, was the missing Monkee on the 1986 tour.
Also, the TV movie Malpractice isn’t listed under his directing
credits. The photo of Micky that appears on the site is at least
ten years old. It’s the same photo on the back of his autobiography
from 1993!


Monkees drummer Micky Dolenz is going legit. The performer will
begin touring as Zoser in Aida on February 25 at the Barbara B. Mann
Performing Arts Hall in Fort Myers FL, according to his website.

Dolenz is best know as the drummer of The Monkees, although he did
not know how to play the drums when he was cast in the popular
television show of the same name. Dolenz additionally sang lead
vocals on numerous Monkee tracks, including the number one
hits “Last Train to Clarksville” and “I’m A Believer.” After the
television show went off the air in 1968, Dolenz continued to act.
In 1977, he starred in the musical The Point in The West End.
Dolenz, who had directed episodes of The Monkees, produced and
directed pieces for the BBC and London Weekend Television. His
directing credits also include episodes of Metal Mickey, Luna, No
Problem!, Murphey’s Mob, Boy Meet World and Pacific Blue.

Dolenz and The Monkees (minus Peter Tork) reunited for a 1986 summer
tour. Ten years later, theys (sic) again joined together, this time
for a “30 Year Reunion” tour. In 1997, there was also a reunion
special, Hey Hey It’s the Monkees, which aired on ABC.

Dolenz is expected to stay with the Aida tour for six months and
then come to Broadway next January.

A spokesperson for the Aida tour could not confirm the casting of
Dolenz on Broadway.


From: “Bruce John”

Wanted to let the readers know we attended Davy’s solo concert in
Reno, Nevada last night. It was strange to see him alone, as we
have seen him with his partners three times together over the past
two years. Davy is an awesome entertainer, very funny and
charismatic and what a great singing voice! It was too bad that
the Celebrity Room at the Nuggest was only half full, maybe because
of a snow storm in the area that night. Davy commented about the
snow, saying it was the biggest dandriff he had ever seen. The band
was the same as before except for the guitarist and bass player.
They were all very good. Davy sang all Monkees songs, except for
two other songs that we really liked. The highlight of the night
was his whole hearted and fabulous rendition of “Valleri”. He
really connected with the audience, walking through them
during “Girl” and shaking hands and kissing the girls. We were
surprised at how well he sang “I’m a Believer”, which I could not
imagine anyone but Micky singing. It was a great night and we are
glad we went (but how we missed Micky and Peter!)

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