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Davy interview tomorrow – Davy loses a friend

April 3, 2011 by  
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From: Brad Waddell

From: Jacqueline


I just saw on the WPIX N.Y. Superstation that Davy Jones will be on
tomorrow morning (May 30th) at 6am.
Well that’s when the show starts. I’m not sure when he’ll be on…

(ed: WB11 Morning News 6:am EST)

I’m not sure what channel that is for everyone but it’s the WPIX N.Y
Superstation so you should all check your local listings. It’s a morning

Peace Love and Monkees Forever



From: Davy’s Dream Web –

Hey Everybody,

The Monkees appearance on The Early Show on CBS has been confirmed for
Thursday May 31st. Please check your local listings for times.

I also wanted to share a bit of bad news with all of you. Davy’s horse
Digpast fell in a race on Saturday breaking his shoulder. Unfortunately,
Digpast did not survive the injury. Please join us in sending our deepest
sympathy to Davy.



From: “Denise McCabe”

I was wondering if Digpast died on Sunday. My husband and I went to the
Lexington concert and when Davy was introducing “I’ll Love You, Forever” he
said that he had lost a good friend that day while the friend was
racing. My husband said that Davy said something to the effect of “Play it
for Diggy”. I couldn’t find anything online about Digpast having died, and
was just wondering if that was the friend who had died.



From: Jennifer A Smith

I have been watching this amazing tv show on satelite television! It’s on
the teenage channel called TROUBLE it shows all the fun programmes! The
Monkees are shown every night at 10.30pm and on Saturday it is shown at
9.00pm and 9.30pm it’s a double bill and on Sundays at 9.30pm!!!! They have
just finished showing all the episodes in order and are starting from the
beginning again. Yesterday (28th of May) was the very first episode which
was just great to watch!!!! If you have Sky Digital (UK) it’s on channel
607! so
tune in cause it’s great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you want look on the website

:From Jennifer A Smith

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