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Davy in Kentucky – Monkees in Dallas?

April 3, 2011 by  
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From: “Karen Fuller”

Here’s one for all the Davy fans out there:

Davy Jones will be in Lexington Sunday for the High Hope Steeplechase and
its Chaser’s Eve party on Saturday. A former member of The Monkees, Jones
is a fitting host for the weekend’s events as he holds an amateur rider’s
license and owns and operates a farm in Florida. The 36th annual High Hope
Steeplechase is again at the Kentucky Horse Park. Gates open at 10:30 a.m.
The first event, terrier races, begin at noon. Post time is 2 p.m. The card
includes the $25,000 Coca-Cola Sport of Kings Stakes over jumps and the
Blood-Horse Sportsman’s Challenge. The day’s proceeds benefit Central
Kentucky Riding for the Handicapped and the Kentucky Horse Park Foundation.
For information visit or call (859) 255-5727…


From: Nancy

Brad, I recently read that Davy Jones broke a couple of ribs and that he
is not going to be in the steeple race this Sat.(May 18) in Lexingtone, KY.
Have you heard anything regarding this? Have you heard if there is going to
be any National coverage of the Celebrity Celebration for McDowell Cancer



From: Aiden Simington

The June 2002 edition of the UK music magazine ‘Mojo’, has an
illustration of The Monkees on the cover, and a 6 page article on ‘Head’
inside. It’s a pretty good article; The writer avoids all the myths and
finds time to write:
“They were pretty good live for a band who supposedly couldn’t play their
instruments” and other myth-busting stuff, and calls the Head concert
sequence “stunning”.
The article contains some quotes from Dolenz, Tork and Jones that I haven’t
heard before (and some I have), but all the Nez quotes are old. They’ve
also interviewed Rafelson, who says he’s just been approached to do a
directors cut for a new DVD of ‘Head’ but will probably refuse as he never
watches his films.
It’s a good, well-written article and well worth buying.

aiden simington

“You’ve got a sheet on man, you look weird”


From: “Steven Bradley”

the Monkees are featured on the cover of the new (June) issue of UK music
magazine, “Mojo”. The new issue features ‘music at the movies’ and the cover
picture, an artist’s illustration, features the 4 Monkees from ‘Head’.
the 7 page article on ‘Head’ starts on page 48. it includes colour photos,
and some previously unsees black and white photos e.g. davy with jack
nicholson and bob rafelson, peter draining the water out of his boots while
shooting the swimming pool (‘porpoise song’) sequence, etc.
the text includes quotes from interviews with all 4 monkees, plus bob
rafelson. overall, the piece is very favourable, praising the film as one of
the all-time great pop/rock movies.
purchase of this magazine is strongly recommended for monkees fans !



I just to let everyone to know that starting June the 1st TV LAND is
going to start running THE MONKEES on weekends. All I can say it’s about
time. I’ m so happy!!!!!!


From: Julie


I live in a suburb of Dallas, Texas and heard on the radio this afternoon
that The Monkees were coming to Dallas in July 2002. I do not see them on
the tour date schedule and wondering if you could confirm. Thanks.

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