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Davy Complains – Tribute CD’s

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From: “Mystic”

From The Telegraph UK Saturday September 30th 2000

Monkee Business

Jack Nicholson, the evil-looking star of The Shining and One Flew Over The
Cuckoo’s Nest, has more strings to his bow than we thought. He was, it is
claimed, directly responsible for the demise of the Monkees, the
squeaky-clean 1960s popsters. Thirty years later, the band’s petite English
singer, Davy Jones, has finally aired his grudge.

Nicholson wrote and produced Head, a “satirical” film about the band. The
result left the Monkees far from happy. “He did a terrible writing job,”
Jones tells me. “He had written this crazy movie, which ended up completely
finishing our career.”

The film tells the story about the band’s psychedelic, drug-fueled journey
through the 1960s. “Jack was putting in stuff like explicit Vietnam war
footage and tapes of assassinations,” Jones explains. “It was guaranteed to
turn off our very young audience. It almost seemed like that was what he
was trying to do.”





From: Mark

Hi guys,

I have just released a CD with a (pardon my bias) great cover of “Love is
Only Sleeping.” I have been looking on the web for sites dedicated to The
Monkees and saw the page for your mailing list.

You can check out my site at and be sure to
check out my page talking about the Monkees. Although I didn’t put a
downloadable/streamable sample from that song on my website for copyright
reasons (the rest of the songs are original).


From: Planting Seeds Records

The mid fidelity indie rock tribute to the Monkees will be released on

Various Artist: “THOUGH THE LOOKING GLASS: indie Pop Plays The Monkees”
(PSRCD-002) featuring such indie pop faves Wolfie, The Mendoza Line,
Bikeride, Sunday Smoke Kit, the Rockets Red Glare, Marykate O’neil,
Headquarters, Astropop 3, echo orbiter, jumprope, and much more…

Look for this comp available at: (Parasol Records) (Darla Records) (Planting Seeds Records) + a few more distro’s TBA

Be sure to pick yours up…

for questions or advanced orders email us at:

Planting Seeds Records
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