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Davy Book Tour

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X-eGroups-From: Brad Waddell
From: Brad Waddell

From: Davy’s Dream Web –

Hi Everyone,

Davy will be doing an internet radio broadcast tomorrow at 5:00pm EST. He
will be interviewed by Paul Sladkus on Good News on the internet:

I have more precise times for some of the other appearances as well. Take
a look…

UPDATED: March 16th, Fox and Friends at 8:47 AM EST.
UPDATED: March 16th, MSNBC at 3:30 pm EST.

Have a wonderful week everyone and I hope to have more updates for you



From: John or Bonnie Verrico

Shoe Suede Blues is Wanted In Texas!!! (Deadline: Monday, April 10,

You are invited to join Peter, Tadg, Michael, Stevie, and John for a gathering
of food, fans, friends and fun at the “Wanted in Texas” Fan Party generously
hosted by our tour sponsors, G.B. Records! The party will be held:
Sunday, April 16th 2000 from 5:00-8:00pm, Los Vaqueros Restaurant, 2629
North Main Street, (historic Ft. Worth, Texas). This is an informal
“meet and greet” event at which you will have a chance to chat with the
members of Shoe Suede Blues, get an autograph or picture, and maybe,
just maybe, we’ll even be able to talk the guys into providing some of
their fine music for us to dance to!

“Wanted in Texas” Fan Party tickets cost $20 per ticket for adults and
$10 per ticket for children (10 and under). Admittance and light
refreshments (nachos with salsa and cheese, chicken and veggie quesadillas,
ice tea, etc.) are all included with your ticket price. Soft drinks will
be offered
for sale at a cash bar. The party will be limited to approximately 50-60
so that everyone will get an opportunity to fully enjoy themselves in an
and informal atmosphere. Please order your tickets now to make sure you
don’t miss out on this fun event!

Ticket can be ordered through the Fiore Promos Agency (anyone who has
already submitted
a request for tickets does NOT need to re-order… your order will be
filled within the next few days). Please print out complete the
information below, include your check
or money order for your full order amount (made out to Fiore Promos
Agency), and mail everything to:

Bonnie Verrico
Fiore Promos Agency
2014 Tanglewood Drive
Waldorf, MD 20601

Tickets will be mailed to you by mail within 5 working days of receipt
of order. Ticket orders MUST be received by Fiore Promos NO LATER than
Monday, April 10th in order to be
guaranteed tickets. For fans who live in the area, G.B. Records will
also have a small amount of tickets available for order. If you live in
the Denton or Fort Worth area, please call Gary McGrath, 817-989-0523 to
arrange to get your tickets. Management reserves the right to remove
anyone from the party who appears to be intoxicated or is causing a
disturbance. All fan party tickets are non-refundable.

Any questions regarding the Fan Party should be sent to Bonnie Verrico,
Fiore Promos

Shoe Suede Blues “Wanted in Texas” Fan Party Ticket Order Form
Los Vaqueros Restaurant
April 16, 2000



Evening Phone Number:

I would like to order __________ adult tickets at $20 each and ________
(10 & under) tickets at $10 each.

Please find enclosed my check or money order for $______________ to
cover my order.

“You only have one time to be now”
-Stevie Gurr, Shoe Suede Blues LIVE!
available at and on the Weekend in Texas Tour!

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