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Cruise, Photo Show, Tour CD set released

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From: Hooloovoo

The cost for the 1967 Tour CDs is $59.98. Not terrible for 4 full length CDs.

Now available from:


Hooloovoo —
Eagles may soar, but weasels aren’t sucked into jet engines.


From: Rose Eckhoff


The following artists will be appearing aboard ship on
Costa Cruise Lines . . . . VICTORIA:


Date: JANUARY 13 – 20, 2002
(leaving from Ft. Lauderdale)

If intersted in attending let me know ASAP so I can
put together a good cruise rate!!!!

Rose Eckhoff, Ind. Travel Agent
Travel Planners International
Phone: 1-800-631-3636, ext 1-328 (Message)
1-407-671-8378 (Business/Home)


From: Idyle

Dear Brad,

Thanks for all the great info. You and Maggie do a fantastic job.

This might be of interest to anyone going to the show in Wilmington,
Delaware, on 3/15. There is a show of Linda McCartney’s pictures of 60’s
rock stars at the Delaware Art Museum in Wilmington thru 3/17. It is close
to the concert, but unfortunately the museum is only open from 9a-4p
Thursday. They are open Wednesday from 9a-9p. Their number is
302-571-9590. For info on Linda’s art go to

The Easton, PA, show was great. They just keep getting better. Everyone
should see them if possible.



From: Robin

While lightly perusing my stack of aging newspapers, I came
across an article about Peter in the Chicago Tribune (prompted
by his (fabulous) concert with James Lee Stanely in Chicago
that night). I didn’t see it mentioned in the archives of either
this list or of monkees-alert, so I thought I’d post it here
for those interested.

Keep in mind this article is more than a month old, so as much
as I’d like for the parenthetical aside about SSB to be true
(you’ll know what I mean when you get to that bit), it, well,
isn’t. But that’s minor. It’s quite a nice article, and
satisfyingly lengthy.

Robin There’s No Place Like (the monkees’) Pad at

Chicago Tribune, Jan. 31, 2001
Tork isn’t singing the blues over days as prefap pop star
By Steve Darnall
Special to the Tribune

When the Beatles’ “One” knocked the Backstreet Boys’ “Black
& Blue” off the top of the album charts last month, a
collective shudder went through the record industry. Word
began going around that the “teen-pop” wave–whose members
seemed more interested in footwork than fretwork–had finally

Peter Tork knows something about the pitfalls of prefabricated
pop. Back in 1966–when Britney, Justin and their classmates
weren’t even strands of DNA–Tork was a struggling musician
plucked from among hundreds of hopefuls to star in a TV sitcom
(along with actors Mickey [sic] Dolenz and Davy Jones and
fellow musician Michael Nesmith) about a fictional pop band
called the Monkees. Of course, in this case, the fictional
band would sing on real records.

To fans who fell in love with “Last Train to Clarksville” and
“I’m a Believer,” the Monkees were the new Beatles (John
Lennon compared them to the Marx Brothers); to critics, they
were the Emperor’s New Clothes, especially when a frustrated
Nesmith told the press that the four Monkees hadn’t been
allowed to play on their first two albums.

“We took a lot of flak for [not playing] and basically it’s
Nesmith’s fault,” says Tork, whose new acoustic album, “Once
Again,” brings him to Fitzgerald’s in Berwyn on Wednesday.
“I don’t know if anything would have come of it if he hadn’t
said anything. I don’t think anybody would have cared, and
I don’t particularly think anybody cares now.”

That may be Tork’s polite way of suggesting we change the
subject, but history certainly seems to bolster his case.
Nesmith’s proclamation certainly didn’t do the Monkees in
(although it did lead to them taking control of their musical
destiny) and their songs went on to become staples of oldies
radio and wedding receptions.

Tork willingly admits “I haven’t paid much attention to ‘N
Sync and Backstreet Boys.” At the same time, he acknowledges
that “you’ve got to admire skill and you’ve got to respect
effort. You don’t have to like anything, but I believe you
do have to respect and admire.”

Admiration is one thing, longevity is another. The fact is
the Monkees are still popular, 35 years after the fact. Last
year, VH1 paid tribute to the band with a biopic (“Daydream
Believer” [sic]) and a slot on the network’s “Behind the
Music,” and Rhino Records released “Headquarters Sessions,”
a limited-edition, behind-the-scenes look at the Monkees’
first album as a band (Tork: “There are a couple of nice
things I’d forgotten about, but overall it is a _bore_.”)
Next month sees a new four-disc retrospective hit the stores
–just in time for Tork, Jones and Dolenz to hit the road
with a 35th anniversary tour. (Tork’s blues band, Shoe
Suede Blues, is scheduled to open.)

It’s tempting to speculate whether 98 Degrees or ‘N Sync will
enjoy such attention four decades after the fact. Of course,
as Tork points out, none of today’s bands enjoy the exact
situation that the Monkees did.

“The point is, everybody missed the point,” he says. “We
weren’t just a TV show, we weren’t just a pop band, we weren’t
just four individual personalities struggling with whatever,
but it was the sum total of the things that made the Monkees.
Anybody who goes, ‘Well, they didn’t play their own instruments’
or ‘They can’t act’ is missing the point.”

These days, Tork’s main focus is “Once Again,” (released on
California’s Beachwood records) and his current “Two-Man Band”
tour with friend and producer James Lee Stanley.

“James comes out and does his set solo,” Tork says. “I come
out and do a set solo, then we do our duo set. Then we
struggle to greet each and every person and sell each and
every one of them at least two CDs, and then shake every
hand and go on our merry way, leaving behind trails of joy
and love and taking everybody’s money.”


From: “Rich Dart”

Hey Hey They’re Monkeying Around But Without Creamed Corn – Indie Press

Micky Dolenz, Peter Tork and Davy Jones played to a packed house at
Wallingford, CT’s Oakdale Theater Saturday, the first of two dates in the
state. However, there was something missing from their last appearance in
CT: their opening act. The last time the Monkees played Connecticut was in
November of 1997 when they performed at the Palace Theater in New
Haven. One of the highlights of that show was an extended set by the roots
rock band known as Creamed Corn. This time around, there was no Creamed
Corn and don’t think that it went by unnoticed. During a soft,
self-reflecting moment of the show, the Monkees talked about the musical
influences that shaped their careers and also about the influence that they
had upon the musical world themselves. After naming several known bands
such as the Beatles and Jimi Hendrix, an over-enthusiastic audience member
yelled from his seat, “What about Creamed Corn?” Prompting an
over-enthusiastic response from the rest of the crowd.
The three Monkees pressed on without addressing the subject. Which
leaves one wondering, what about Creamed Corn? Why were they not part of
the show? In anycase, they still remain cult heroes of the internet with
their holiday hit, “Ukelele Underneath The Christmas Tree” being a favorite
on the Dr. Demento Show. . . .


Show Reviews:

From: “ginger fitts”

Lowell MA Show

Ok, I don’t know how these guys do it….but they just keep getting
better! This was a wild show, lots of screaming, lots of folks running out
for food and drinks during the show!? When Natural came on, I just had to
get a drink myself. Very talented kids, but don’t stick it in the middle
of the Monkees, the guys seemed to loose some momentum after the break, but
still were fantastic! Somone put a Frodis sign on the stange, Davy picked
it up and said “Frodis, The Frodis Caper, well all know what that means!”
Clothing wise, they looked fantastic! Best outfits ever! Peter kills in
the red velvet frock coat! (sigh) Oh, on my way in I was passing at a
snai’s pace all these apartments, and one was called, “The
Nesmith”, honest! Well despite driving in a snowstorm,
(Oohhh can’t wait to do That again) I had to shovel out the end of my
driveway at one in the morning, sometime in the morning….
Can’t wait to to to Mohegan and get more pics, only got to take pics here
at the very end!


From: Carleen Phillips

Atlanta Concert

The guys are in top form. This was the first Monkees
concert I’ve attended and I had the time of my life!
I heard in some venues “Natural” performed in the
middle of the show, but here they opened. Very
impressive! I got to meet them after the show and
they are wonderful! As for the Monkees, they seem to
be enjoying themselves and the audience. I stood at
the stage’s edge directly in front of Micky who kept
smiling down at me! After repeated eye contact with
him, Davy and Peter I was in heaven. The music was
great, the backup band wonderful, and the brass
section hilarious! Keep up the GREAT work, your fans
really appreciate it! And Happy Birthday Micky!!!!


From: DiGoldman

Two friends and I saw the “Boys” on Friday night in Lowell, Massachusetts.
They were great, as usual. We weren’t too impressed with “Natural”. They
should have been on before The Monkees came out – not in the middle.

I am a “First Generation” fan, and have never missed a reunion tour since
they began them.


From: “Erica Davies”

Lowell, Mass concert review

I know you are not featuring many concert reviews, but I would like to tell
everyone about my experience meeting the Monkees. I went to the Lowell,
Mass concert with my mother, two friends Jen and Martha on March 9. I
thought the concert was amazing. Back at our hotel, we see Peter, Micky
and Davy come in. Can you believe it?, the Monkees were staying at the
same hotel that I was in. I didn’t get a chance to meet them that night,
but was able to meet them the next morning. Jen, Martha and I went to the
hotel’s pool at 6:30 am. We had just gotten to the Jacuzzi for the second
time, when Davy walks into the pool room. He walks past us to the exercise
room and waves to us. During our third visit to the Jacuzzi, Davy walks
over to the side of the pool, his shirt off and goes for a swim. My
friends and I watch in awe. Before we knew it, he got out of the pool and
came into the Jacuzzi with us!! After awhile, Jen, Martha and I get out to
cool down and dry off. A few minutes, Davy comes over to use to dry off.
We had a five minute conversation with him!! He signs my Headquarters cd
for me. After he left, Jen saw his towel sticking out of the wet towel bin
and stole it for me! We go wake my mother up and get ready for
breakfast. In the restaurant, we are seated at a table diagonal from
Davy’s! Later, we see him in the lobby. Jen and Martha get his autograph
and we have our picture taken with him. He tells us that he is going to
the bus to get us pictures. He brings each of us a picture of himself and
signs them for us. A little before 9, we see Peter! He signs my cd and my
mother takes a picture of me standing next to him. I’m still in shock
about our Davy experience that I don’t have the nerve to talk to
Peter. Over 2 1/2 hours later, Micky comes down. He signs my cd and we
get pictures of him. Before he left my sight, I wished him a happy belated
birthday. He pauses and says “Oh thanks. It was yesterday, no the day
before that.” So that was the end of my Monkees experience.

Erica L. Davies


From: Lisatafro


no new info to send, but the concert in westbury last night was great!
“natural” are a great new talent as well – some people in the audience were
complaining at intermission that “this is a rip-off, where are the monkee
songs, they’ve only done 5″. i know they did more than 5 originals during
the first half, but also incorporated their own stuff and some didn’t
appreciate listening to guys sing anything but the standards.

they came around in the second half and enjoyed the rest of the show – only
thing i didn’t like were the security guards at the venue – every time i got
up to take a picture, this one guy kept creeping up behind me and yelling in
my ear to go back my seat. i wasn’t even standing or blocking anyone’s view
– oh well – i got my whole roll anyway!

hope they add more shows on the east coast in april/may – any updates?


From: Twinkle590

Here’s a cute tidbit: I went to the Monkees concert last night, March 11,
at the Westbury Music Fair and when Micky was talking to the audience, a
couple of people yelled out “Happy Birthday!” Then, in a matter of seconds,
everyone in the audience, along with the band, began to sing Happy Birthday
to Micky! He was a little embarassed, but really happy all the same! The
concert was an awesome experience!

Peace, love and Monkees,


From: sleepyjean3

I awoke this early this morning, and walked around my living room. Last
night felt so unreal, as if it were all a dream. Then I walked into the
bathroom, and I saw my Monkees t-shirt in the reflection of the mirror.
It was no dream. I had gone to my first Monkees concert.
I’m only 18. In 1986, I was only three, and I doubt my parents took me
to a Monkees concert, because they’re not really big fans, and I don’t
think any of up knew about the JUSTUS album and tour. Anyway, I was
really excited about this one. The ticket master person told us that
they were second row seats. My father was going with me to the concert,
and we had made a deal. I got the radio going, and he got it coming
back, so I brought my cd player, for the ride back. We flicked around
the stations. The ride was really short anyway. When we had finally did
arrive, I almost bounced out of the car. I found that I was the only one
really dressed like a Monkees fan, with my little wool hat,demin jacket
(It’s too easy to dress like Mike Nesmith), flared jeans, and a Monkees
lunch box to complete the ensamble.
There was a lady selling Monkees photo albums outside the building. She
said that they weren’t being sold inside. It had really great photos,
and it only was ten bucks, so I bought it. Before I went in, I saw a
picture of Micky, Davy, and Peter from the director’s chair photo. I
took a picture of it, with my new Monkees photo album, and lunchbox.
Inside, the lady who took our tickets could tell that I was a big fan.
Next, I went over to the merchandise booth, and I was deciding what I
wanted to buy. I had come with a t-shirt in mind, but they had the
cutest little stuffed monkeys. Finally, I decided to buy a black t-shirt
with the logo on the front, and areas where they did and will be touring.
I went into the bathroom, and put the shirt on. Meanwhile my dad was on
line, and got us some popcorn, soda, and a coffee. After that, we went
to our seats. The ticket master lady lied. It was more towards the back
of the theater, but it was alright, because it was a small theater. If
you have ever been to the Westbury Music Fair, you’ll know that the
theater is round, with a revolving stage in the middle.
The Monkees came on first. They were introduced with the band playing a
medly of a few of their songs. After a fifteen minute intermission,
Micky came on stage and introduced the “opening act”, a boyband, and Lou
Pearlman’s latest experiment, named Natural. They played a few songs
that were okay. The teenage girls seemed to be going for them. While
they were doing a song accapella, the back up band came back on stage.
They were soon followed by The Monkees. They chatted for a while, then
Natural did one last number, where they danced around. They’re just
biting off of *NSYNC. The music was alright, but I wouldn’t be surprised
if they went nowhere. I did see Davy getting into it. He looked like he
was dancing along.
After the boy band left, the Monkees did more songs. They left Daydream
Believer to almost the very end. At that time, we all sang along, and
they brought back Natural to sing with them at the end of the song.
Right after Daydream Believer, a new found friend of mine and I left the
concert early, and ran to the back of the building. We waited there for
two hours, hoping to catch a glimpse, and maybe an autograph or two (or
three). An hour into the wait, a security guard told us that they had
left. Only the die hard fans, or should we say skeptical fans, stayed.
We waited for another hour, when they took down the barricades, and I
left, heartbroken. The concert was great. My voice still hurts from the
cheering, although it could just be a cold coming on, from standing in
the cold weather with a denim jacket. It still seems unreal. In the
beginning of the show, I snuck into the front of row, and took some
pictures, so I hope they came out. I think the most memorable was when
they did some Nesmith songs, and Davy put on a wool hat, complete with

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