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Concert Season Returns – Micky in Newsday

April 3, 2011 by  
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From: Brad

Great photo of Micky in NY Newsday Online Edition today.


Micky Dolenz, erstwhile Monkee, hangs with the snow monkeys at the Central=

Park Zoo.
Photo: Elizabeth Lippman

May 20, 2006 — LEAVE it to a Monkee to write about … evolution? Micky
Dolenz – former drummer (and wiseguy) of the ’60s sitcom’s prefab four –
enters the kids’ book arena this month with “Gakky Two-Feet,” a
lighthearted look at the first biped.

Gakky, a sweet-tempered hominid, gets grief for his prehistoric
predilection for walking on two feet when everyone else is gettting around=

on four. Only when a lion chases him does his tribe realize that bipedalism=

pays off.

Darwin would have been proud.

“I’ve always wondered what it was like for the first hominid,” Dolenz says.

At Central Park the other day, dressed like a Raider of the Lost Ark, the
61-year-old singer tossed off phrases like “seminal moments in
anthropology” and took pains to explain the difference between monkeys,
Monkees and apes.

He says a publisher approached him years ago about doing a children’s book=

– one built around one of the Monkees’ hit songs – “but somehow, I couldn’t=

come up with an interesting story about a train to Clarksville.” (All
together now: “Take the last train to Clarksville/And I’ll meet you at the=

station/You can be here by 4:30/’cause I paid your reservation, don’t be

Instead, Dolenz decided to write about Early Man. Growing up in California,=

not far from the La Brea Tar Pits, he’d become fascinated by anthropology.

He’d also read his fair share of Kipling’s “Just So” stories and, for good=

measure, worked with animals on the ’50s TV show “Circus Boy” – where he
got in trouble for handing an elephant his candy bar (“At least take the
wrapper off first!” the animal trainer yelled.)

“To the average person, there’s little or no difference between monkeys and=

apes,” Dolenz says, “but if you studied the DNA, there’s only 2 or 3
percent difference between humans and chimpanzees.”

As far as monkeys and Monkees go, he says, there was no connection between=

the simians and the pop stars.

“Back then, groups just took the name of an animal and spelled it
different,” he says. “You never saw the Byrds with birds, or Beatles with
roaches, or the Turtles with actual turtles. I guess it was kind of a fad
back then.”


From: kathy52467

Micky is doing a concert May 19th in Franklin Park, IL at 8:30pm with his
sister Coco.


From: “Teresa”

Davy Jones will make an appearance at the Artsfest music festival in
Addison, TX on May 27, beginning at about 8:30. Tickets are $6 at the


From: Hooloovoo

Hey folks,

Just a heads-up that Micky has set up a new fanmail address to replace the
old CBS-FM one. Fanmail can now go to:

Micky Dolenz
Paradise Artists
108 E. Matilija Street
Ojai, CA 93023


Hooloovoo —
Eagles may soar, but weasels aren’t sucked into jet engines.


From: “robynapelt20002001”

new photos of micky with his book gakky two -feet reading it to
school children on 32 photos in all all
close up click onto photos to make them big and you can put them into
pic file on your computer micky has his hat on in all the photos
also 3 photos of micky with jerry springer on .
the photos on getty were taken on may 4th 2006 and wireimages photos
taken on may 2 2006 . from robynapelt micky has new tour
dates micky coco 5/6/06 spa resort casino palm springs also
railroad daze in fraklin park IL 5/19/06 also 96 whnns palooza7
memorialfran park kenmuth MI 6/3als/06 o lock 3 akron ohio 7/4/06
also river winds amphitheater thorofare nj 7/28/06 also the cell
block 11 erie pa 7/29/06 also superrun2006 henderson events plaza
henderson 9/23/06 also foxwoods resort casino mashantucket ct free
show club bb 4/25 to 26/06 new date to come for foxwoods as micky
is to do another show there but no date as yet .see for
more tour dates also


From: Laura

Monkee Business Delights Fans 5.3.2006

Wildwood- “That was then, this is now,” sang Micky Dolenz to 3,000 fans
who were concentrating more on the then, than the now, at the Fabulous 50s=

Weekend Salutes the 60s, April 29 at the Wildwoods Convention Center.

The former Monkees drummer, singer, and actor headlined a four-and
one-half-hour show that spanned the 60s from The Rip Chords performing
their hot rod tunes “409” and “Little Cobra” to the Grass Roots leading
sing-alongs of “Midnight Confessions” and “Sooner or Later.”

The red-gowned Crystals brought sweet voices and looks to match, singing
their hits “Doo Ron Ron,” and “He Kissed Me.”

Peter Noone, original lead singer for Herman’s Hermits, delighted the crowd=

with a dozen of the band’s hits. “H-E-N-R-Y” shouted the audience for a
sing-along of “I’m Henry the VIII, I Am.”

Noone showed a biting sense of humor, referring to the convention center as=

an “airplane hangar.” He claimed to be the youngest performer on the bill.

Noone took a couple of potshots at Dolenz and Monkee Davy Jones, joking
that Dolenz would ride back to his hotel in an ambulance.

The weekend was all about the Monkees. however. Monkees merchandise sold
briskly in the lobby.

The crowd received an unexpected treat when Monkee Peter Tork joined Dolenz=

on stage for two songs. The pair had not appeared together since a 2001
Monkees tour.

Dolenz played electric guitar throughout the show, a switch from his usual=

acoustic model. He delighted the crowd by playing drums on “Mary, Mary”
and “Circle Sky.”

He acknowledged the song writing talents of Monkee Michael Nesmith,
performing two of his compositions. Dolenz’s sister, Coco, took lead vocals=

on Nesmith’s “Different Drum,” a song he wrote for Linda Ronstadt.

The concert ended at midnight with a line of least 200 fans waiting for
Micky Dolenz’s autograph at a book table in the lobby.

On April 30, Tork appeared on 12th Avenue in North Wildwood outside Cool
Scoops Ice Cream Parlor for a renaming of the block to Monkees Way. On hand=

was the Monkees’ customized, 1966 Pontiac GTO convertible and a Monkees
cover band called “The Missing Links.”

North Wildwood Mayor Bill Henfey officiated over the ceremonial street

Cool Scoops owner Paul Russo presented Tork a plaques commemorating the
40th anniversary of the Monkees television series and albums on behalf of
the Greater Wildwood Chamber of Commerce.

The weekend’s festivities started on Friday night with Philadelphia radio
legend Jerry Blavat holding a well-attended record hop at the convention


From: Paul Russo

Hi Brad,

Hi, This is Paul Russo the owner of Cool Scoops Ice Cream Parlor and
founder of Super 60’s Sunday.

I hope you were able to enjoy or first 60’s event featuring our beloved

I have been a fan for 40 years and when the opportunity came to us to host=

this reunion / award event we jumped at the chance.

The Missing Links, Americas number one Monkees Tribute Band were fabulous.=

The original Monkee mobile created by Mr. George Barris was on hand to
deliver the Missing Links to the stage. Our fine Mayor Mr. Bill Henfey
renamed 12th Ave.. Monkee Way as we presented Mr. Tork his 40th Anniversary=


The most exciting part of the weekend was when I asked Peter Tork if he
wanted to go see Micky at the concert hall. He said yes and the rest as we=

say it..IS HISTORY. This reunion was a surprise to all the concert goers
and fans. This will probably be the only reunion the fans will get this
year or ever.

I am pleased to have gotten them together for all the fans and especially M=

Thanks to Micky and Peter for being such great guys.

I am looking forward to doing something like this next year. Stay tuned!

Yours in Coolness,

Paul Russo
Cool Scoops

p.s Check out our website for video clips and pics of the event….coming=


See this web address for very cool photos of the event now:


From: Russ Lindway

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From: Jennifer C. Huebl

From NY Post (the link includes a photo of Micky):

April 29, 2006 — MICKY Dolenz was once a Monkee, but when it comes to
grudges, he has a memory like an elephant. The target of his ire is People=

maga zine, which caught him in the audience at “American Idol” and asked
him to compare “AI” and “The Monkees.” “I said, ‘They’re both phenomena,
but “American Idol” is a talent show and “The Monkees” was a sitcom,’ “
Dolenz, 61, told The Post’s Barbara Hoffman the other day at the Central
Park Zoo. “But the way [the People reporter] put it, I said, ‘AI was about=

talent, and the Monkees wasn’t.’ Irresponsible journalism!” And yes, he
said, he really did play the drums on his records – when they let him.


From: Mickyrobindolenz

hi, i was also in wildwood sunday, and i video taped some of peter on stage=

and him signing autographed and took some still shots as well, i had a
great time, i didn’t know he was with micky the night before, i knew micky=

was there in wildwood doing a show but not peter joining in. now, when i
asked peter if he was going to do a monkees 40th he flat out said “no” i
said “how about by yourself” and he said “that i will do” then i had him
sign my tv guide with the “then and now” article.
it was such a fun day, i met a girl, in line that was before me, i hope her=

picture turns out, i’m the one who kept saying to her and peter “this is
the wedding shot”
i also met the dj’s wife, we sat together on the ground in the front row,
she was very cool.
a bunch of us die hard monkees fans are really hoping for some kind of mini=

reunion before the end of th year. if only the three of them. of if two of=

them show up in different duets.
we will all be there if they want to do it.



From: Spottiswoode, Heather

As a life-long fan of the group, I enjoy receiving the email alerts. Just=

wanted to share that I live in Peter’s hometown and word a couple of years=

ago was that he was “back” at times to live in the family home. Back in
September a band of his played an outdoor concert in town and it was the
first time I’d seen him perform in 19 years and it was a thrill. The band=

was great and the audience loved them. My 5 year old daughter has become a=

fan and we watch the Monkees on DVD and many of their songs are on my iPod=

and she knows them all. We recently saw Peter when we were out to dinner
and he seems very down to earth and cool.


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