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Columbus Date Change – Davy Brady

March 27, 2011 by  
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From: “W Mooney”

The “Getting Davy Jones” ep. of “The Brady Bunch” is going to be on Nick
At Nite At 5:30 this morning for anyone who missed it last time!



From: woolhat80

Hey-the group who is covering Im a believer is Smash Mouth..just thought i’d
let you know!:

SMASH MOUTH will cover NEIL DIAMOND’s “I’m a Believer” for the upcoming
soundtrack for the animated feature “Shrek”
(c/o Rolling Stone Daily



From: KennyPearson

monkees show that was supposed to be on march 23 in columbus ohio has been
changed to the day before thursday march 22, tickets go on sale saturday
for it
36.50 being the higher priced tickets thanks-Kenny Pearson


From: KennyPearson

i got the information from ticketmaster, i then called the venue in Columbus
and they said yes it had been changed, Im not sure what is going on with
the date in chester wv (was origianally 22) but they still know nothing of the
monkees. Tomorrow tickets go on sale for the monkees in Columbus for
member (which i am). if i can be of any more help let me know-Kenny

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