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Christmas Cheer from Davy

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December 19, 2008



Santa is still #1

‘Chestnuts roasting on an Open Fire’ or ‘Jack Frost nipping at your
nose’? What makes Christmas ‘feel Christmassy’

(MMD Newswire) December 19, 2008 — From Credit-Crunched Toy retailers
keen to sell their goods to devout Christians wanting to increase
their flock for the Christmas Services, marketing men and academics
have argued for years over the icons and tokens that surround
Christmas. Is it a pagan Festival or a Christian time to think of
others? Or just an excuse to drink and eat too much and argue with the

Davy Jones, one-time boy singer with The Monkees, decided to make a
new Xmas song for ‘the terrible year of 2008’, he sought the help of
the men in white coats

Three songwriters dubbed ‘three wise men’ researched the themes and
ideas that surround the holiday period with the help of the public,
academics, scientists and composers of previous hits, and now they
claim to have found the twenty things that really make Christmas so

Their results were not an idle academic study, because they have put
the top twenty ‘Christmassy things’ in a rocking new Xmas download by
Davy Jones of the Monkees, released worldwide on i-tunes and other
download sites on Monday 15th December 2008. A Limited Edition three
track CD is available on the UK site of Amazon

The writers, Rikki Blue, Paul Clark and Stephen Irvine, used Google,
Yahoo, ‘hits’ on websites, themes of popular tv specials and a
specially commissioned poll of music fans, and were surprised that the
twenty most popular aspects of Christmas included kids, Reindeer and
parties- and Religion.

“We wanted to create the ultimate Xmas song that would chime with kids
from London, Moscow, Washington, Tokyo and Sydney- a real rock number
that combines what makes us feel good during the coldest most
miserable part of the year.”

The song features the classic and the clich=E9d from sleighbells to a
kid’s chorus. 10% of the profits from the song will be going to help
sick children in UK hospitals.

Having created ‘the most annoyingly Christmassy Christmas song ever’
we needed to throw in the twenty most popular Christmassy things and
began a search to see what makes Santa Rock’n’ Roll.”

“We found that, despite becoming a more Secular society, at the heart
of the twenty most Christmassy things we found the core ingredients
for a fun time- from sweets and Carol singing to Bing Crosby.” Said
Paul Clark, one of the lyricists.

Before we all rush to condemn the list as yet another cynical nail in
the coffin of the traditional Christmas of old, Davy Jones says to
take it all with a pinch of salt. “It’s a fun song and a real
Christmassy thing. If people ‘get it’ and it lifts them up at the end
of a horrible year that’s great. We’re just having a good time and
reminding everyone that Christmas is about laughter and family.
Hopefully it will sell enough for us to donate a decent sum to a UK
children’s hospital, so it’s in a good cause. It’s only rock ‘n’ roll
– It’s Christmas!”

The results of the study show the twenty most popular things that we
think are ‘Christmassy’ –

1. Santa/ Father Christmas/ St Nicholas
2. Reindeer/ Rudolph
3. Toys
4. Sweets and Xmas food and drink
5. Games with the family
6. Cheer – including alcohol
7. The Party of the Year
8. Xmas Rock’n’Roll
9. Church Bells
10. Sleighbells
11. Children singing Carols
12. Bing Crosby and White Christmas
13. Tinsel
14. Cards
15. Gifts
16.Being with someone we love
17. Xmas or Yule Tree
18. Nostalgia- turning back the clock
19. Religion- Christianity
20. Scrooge from Dickens ‘A Christmas Carol’

The composers, who have released the song by Davy Jones as a worldwide
download for Christmas, incorporated the entire list into the lyrics-
in the order of popularity.

“We start with Santa and his Reindeer and end with the ending of A
Christmas Carol. It’s a list of Christmassy. Now that’s my idea of a
modern ‘It’s A Wonderful Life'” said the composers.


Santa’s tuning up his band
Reindeer’s revving up as planned
It’s here, It’s Christmas time
Let’s make this Christmas fine.

Toys and Sweets and Games and Cheer
For the Party of the year

This year we’re really gonna have a ball
It’s Christmas
Come on it’s only Rock ‘n’ Roll
It’s Christmas

The Church Bells ring out ding-a-ling
The sleighbells ring out ting-a-ling
The children sing Bing sing-a-ling
It’s Christmas

It’s more than tinsel, cards and gifts to me
There’s someone special sitting under Yule Tree

This year we’re turning back the clock
It’s Christmas
Come on- Are you ready to rock?
It’s Christmas

“And so, as Tiny Tim observed=85.
God Bless us, every one”

Lyrics (c) 2008 Blue/Clark/Irvine (P) 2008 Formative Records – used
with permission



The short version: The new single by Monkees legend Davy Jones, ‘It’s
Christmas’, brings us wide-eyed Christmas cheer.

The long version: ‘It’s Christmas’ is a Christmas present to this mad,
sad world, direct from Monkees legend Davy Jones. A Christmas single,
it’s filled to the brim with the raffish mischief and bonhomie that
has so long been Davy’s trademark, and it’s just plain good fun. As
Davy says,

‘It’s been a dreadful year in some ways, but this song is full of hope
for the future. It’s about the true meaning of Christmas, and having a
good time with those who matter most to us. Christmas has always been
‘more than tinsel, cards and gifts.’ If it lifts people that’s

The start of the song is a none-too-subtle nod to the classic spoken
word introduction to ‘Daydream Believer’. ‘What day is it Skip?’ Davy

A dozen children shout in reply. ‘It’s Christmas Day!’ ‘Oh right! No
need to get excited, it’s because=85 I’m sure you know.’ At this point
Davy is interrupted by a sudden thwack on a snare, and we quickly find
ourselves rollicking through the first verse. ‘Santa’s tuning up his
band, Reindeer revving up as planned=85′

‘It’s Christmas’ is that most glorious of things, a ridiculous
Christmas single, fully adorned with sleigh-bell solos, children’s
choirs, and vast quantities of Christmas cheer.


Who: Davy Jones

What: ‘It’s Christmas’ single release

At radio: From November 15th

For download: From December 15th, available from iTunes
[worldwide], Rhapsody, Napster, Amazon MP3, Lala, Shockhound, Groupie
Tunes and Amie Street

Physical sales: A limited edition CD is available only from
Amazon’s UK store, , from December 1 (featuring the
radio mix along with two Christmas cracker remixes)

A little more about Davy Jones and the Monkees

Born and bred in Manchester, Davy Jones began entertaining at 11 years
old as Ena Sharples’ grandson on Coronation Street. Theatrical agents
rushed for his signature, and he quickly found himself starring in the
West-End as Oliver’s The Artful Dodger. By 16, he was playing this
role on Broadway, and it was for this role that Davy was nominated for
the prestigious Tony Award. Soon he found himself on the legendary Ed
Sullivan Show – and his debut there was the very episode that
introduced The Beatles to the US. From this moment Davy was infected
with a desire for pop-star adulation.

He says:

‘I saw those guys [The Beatles] on Ed Sullivan. They’re from the
North too, you know. Well, there they were performing in the US, and
everyone was going crazy. That just changed my life, I guess.’

A miraculously short time later, Davy found himself with all the
adulation he could handle, bobby-sox tumbling all over the world as
his made-for-TV band The Monkees enjoyed hit after hit. Davy compares
The Monkees TV show to legendary pseudo-documentary A Hard Day’s

‘There was no plot to The Monkees – it was just A Hard Day’s Night all
year long. They were great times, the Monkees days. It was crazy,
but we had so much fun!’

Four handsome boys with clean hair and irresistible smiles, the band
(and the show) brought happiness to everyone who came across them
during their flight through teenybopper stratospheres in the mid-60s,
and have continued to do so ever since. Their hits, ‘Daydream
Believer’, ‘Last Train to Clarksville’, ‘A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit
You’, and ‘Pleasant Valley Sunday’, all sold in the millions. The
biggest hit of all was ‘I’m a Believer.’

‘And then I saw her face,
And now I’m a believer!
I couldn’t leave her if I tried=85′

These simple lyrics, delivered over a beat backing with energy and
joy, proved irresistible. The track eventually spent an incredible 7
weeks at no. 1 in the US, along with a four week stint atop the UK

Following the demise of The Monkees in 1970, Davy has observed
entertainment fashions as they come and go, whilst still sneaking out
for occasional forays such as featured performances as Fagin in
Oliver, occasional music releases, and his many live performances.
Lately, he’s also tried his luck with the pen, writing a successful
memoir, Daydream Believin’.



An image of Davy Jones is available – email
Song clip is available at on the multimedia page


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“Last Train to Clarksville,” included on The Monkees’ 1966 self-titled
album, was the group’s debut single, and peaked at #1 on the Billboard
Hot 100 chart in the United States. According to the song’s authors,
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Erik Stein


From: Jennifer Huebl

December 8, 2008, 4:44 PM

Then They Saw His Face, Now They’re Believers


It was, Jim Kerr said, one of those “Rod Serling-esque ‘Twilight Zone’
experiences” for everyone involved. And it would not have happened if
he were not a “degenerate smoker.”

Mr. Kerr, the morning host on WAXQ-FM (104.3), was having a late
dinner on Saturday night at Elaine’s, the Upper East Side restaurant
for people whose names are inevitably rendered in boldface. With him
were Micky Dolenz, a star of the Monkees, the made-for-television
bubble gum band from the 1960s known for hit songs like “I’m a
Believer,” as well as Mr. Dolenz’s wife, Donna.

As smokers will do, Mr. Kerr went outside to light up a Kool.

From Elaine’s neighbor on Second Avenue, Pat O’Brien’s Bar, singing =97
some of it on key, some of it off =97 caught his attention. “Its
clientele is very young =97 I’d be surprised if the there was anybody in
there over 30,” Mr. Kerr said, “and they play the music really loud.”

Loud enough for a degenerate smoker to hear that they were playing
“I’m a Believer,” but not so loud as to drown out everyone singing
along. Which, to hear Mr. Kerr tell it, was just about everyone in Pat

Mr. Kerr opened the door to Elaine’s: “Micky, get out here right now.”

Mr. Dolenz headed to the sidewalk, wondering what was going on. “I
said, ‘We’ve got to see this,?” Mr. Kerr recalled.

They stood in the doorway at Pat O’Brien’s, taking in the singalong.
“There was one young guy who looked like he was about 25 and was so
into it, doing all the mannerisms, all the vocal inflections,” Mr.
Kerr said.

“All of a sudden, a woman looks over at Micky Dolenz’s face and lets
out a big scream =97 ‘There’s the guy who sang it!'”

Mr. Dolenz is 63, but as Mr. Kerr said, “His face has never changed.”

The Pat O’Brien’s crowd poured onto the sidewalk =97 even the bartender
vaulted over the bar to invite Mr. Dolenz in for a drink, Mr. Kerr
said. Mr. Dolenz “was having his picture taken with a million
cellphones,” Mr. Kerr said, so he ran back into Elaine’s to get Mr.
Dolenz’s wife.

“We’d been talking about audiences that are aging,” he said, “but here
was this young crowd freaking out like Monkee mania all over again.”


From: Aaron Handy

We lose yet another member of The Monkees television series’
celebrated staff. Courtesy of

Robert Schlitt dies at 75

Writer-producer worked on ‘Matlock,’ ‘Five-0’


Veteran television writer-producer Robert Schlitt died in Encino.
Calif. on Nov. 25. He was 75.

Schlitt served as producer and writer on “Matlock” and supervising
producer of “Father Dowling Mysteries” and wrote episodes of shows
including “The Mod Squad,” “Hawaii Five-O” and “The Streets of San

Born in Brooklyn, NY, Schlitt served in the U.S. Army in Frankfurt and
Paris, playing in a Special Services Jazz Band.

In 1957 he graduated from Columbia U., then traveled to Paris where he
worked as an actor and musician for two years, along with assisting
French filmmaker Jacques Tati in film post-production.

Schlitt’s translation of Felicien Marceau’s “The Egg” opened at
Broadway’s Court Theater in 1960, where it was included on best-
of-season lists.

He also co-created and performed in a satirical radio sketch program
on WBAI, “It’s Your World And You Can Have It.”

This work landed him a trip to Hollywood to write the premiere episode
of The Monkees with his then partner, Peter Meyerson.

He continued to work in television for the next 35 years, with
episodic writing credits that included “The Nurses,” “NYPD,”
“Adam-12,” “Kung Fu” and “Lou Grant.”

Writer-producer credits include “The Blue Knight,” “Hill Street
Blues,” “Q.E.D.,” “Chicago Story,” “The Lazarus Syndrome,” “Jake and
The Fat Man” and the Perry Mason TV movies.

He also wrote two films, The Pyx and Been Down So Long It Looks Up To Me.

He is survived by his two sons, two daughters and four grandchildren.

Donations may be made to the LUNGevity Foundation’s Robert L. Schlitt
Memorial Fund, or at 312 464-0716.

With Peter Meyersen, Schlitt’s written contributions to The Monkees
were its series premiere, “The Royal Flush,” and Episode No. 7, “The
Monkees In A Ghost Town,” the original story of No. 23, “Captain
Crocodile” (its teleplay they wrote with Gardner and Caruso), and No.
27, “Monkee Mother”.

To absent friends…

Aaron Handy III
The Aaron Handy III TV Web Shrine – A Site Dedicated To Favorite
Shows—Yours And Mine! –


Peter’s featured alumni – Class of 1959!

In being a big fan of Peter, I thought it would be cool to access his
high school’s website. In doing so, I came across that his school is
having a 50th anniversary celebration, and Peter is named in the class
of 1959 alumni!

I thought you might like to see this and perhaps share with the fans!
The school is also putting out a commemorative book and there is a
chance that Peter might be featured in the book.

Thanks for all the great emails and updates – I enjoy reading each and
every one.
Keep up all the good work!

Anne Pinna in New Port Richey, FL.

The following page from the “Edwin O. Smith High School” web site has
been sent to you by Anne Susan Pinna

You can access it at the following URL:


From: Valdirenzo

Many local Comcast cable systems are offering “The Monkees.”for FREE,
if you have their ON DEMAND service, which is included in many Comcast
packages. Here’s how to find the program. Click on ON DEMAND, which in
most Comcast systems is located on Channel 1. Then click on TV
ENTERTAINMENT. Next click on TUBE TIME and then select THE MONKEES. It
is available in a beautifully restored color version.


from: Christine Schraml

Thanks to everyone on the list for their great information.

Just got this forwarded to me from a friend. Micky is on the third
season of a reality show called Gone Country on CMT. It will debut in

Below is a link from announcing the cast:,,20238563,00.html


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