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California Tour Dates Announced – Germany too?

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From: Brad Waddell

From: Deidre Corwyn

Tickets on sale Saturday and Sunday!

There is a new Monkees date for August 18 – The Filmore, San Francisco,CA
The Filmore tickets go on sale, Sunday, July 15, at 10 AM, probably PDT.
The show starts at 9pm.

{from the Orange Co. Register, the local newspaper}:

At the Sun Theater in Anaheim: The Monkees, August 24th, $50, on sale at
10AM Monday. (This is a dinner theatre according to what was posted.)
Ticketmaster has these tickets going on sale on Saturday at 10 AM — it
doesn’t indicate if that is PDT, but I suspect it is.
Show starts at 8pm.


From: dave jones

EEEEEK! Here they come! They will be comin’ to my town!

This is in this morning’s (Friday 13th) Orange County Register:

Also at the Sun Theater in Anaheim: The Monkees (minus
Mike Nesmith), August 24th, $50, on sale at 10AM Monday.

This is the 1st I’ve heard of it mentioned anywhere. But if
tix go on sale in 3 days, it must be confirmed.

Gee, I don’t have to drive to another state this time! I live
5 miles from the Sun theater!!! EEEEEK!!! (front row,
front row, front row). It’s a dinner theater, so I’ll be eating
with the Monkees again! There’s just something about
the guys and food that go well together…



From: “Estrella Lee”

The Sun Theater has a web site at that has phone
numbers for tickets. Also has listed a Monkees date for
The Fillmore ( in San Francisco on August 18 at
9:00 p.m.



From: BB

Germany tour dates?

Well – we have heard rumors. One of us works in the music business, and she
got a promoter’s flyer from a friend who works in a box office, and it said
that a Monkees date was in preparation for 11/4.
the promoter is Karsten Jahnke ( – for any of you who
understand German), and the reply to our mail/guestbook entry was that
they’re working on it, and we should be patient for a while longer. That’s
as much info as we have, no venues, no cities.
I can keep you up-to-date on this if you want!

Thanks for the quick reply. 🙂



Friday July 13, 5:55 pm Eastern Time
Press Release
This August, BRAVO Unveils an 8-Part Anthology of the Music That Defined a=

BRAVO On Sunday, August 12

NEW YORK–(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE)–July 13, 2001–For eight weeks this summer,=

BRAVO will bring viewers on a century-long journey through the history of
popular music via the U.S. Television Premiere of POPULAR SONG: SOUNDTRACK=

OF THE CENTURY, an 8-part series featuring contemporary and archive
interviews and performances from the most well-known names in music – a
total of almost 150 writers, performers and producers who have individually=

and collectively made an indelible mark on the history of modern music.

A compelling history of the popular music which has been the soundtrack of=

the past 100 years, from the songs sold as sheet music on Tin Pan Alley at=

the turn of the 20th century to the billion dollar pop industry of today.

goes back to the beginning to recap the various stages of popular music,
culminating with the experimental and diverse hits of the late Seventies,
Eighties and Nineties.

Within three years of the Beatles conquering America, Tin Pan Alley was
back in business in the guise of the ultimate manufactured pop act – The
Monkees. Formed to appear in a television show about a struggling band, The=

Monkees became a teen sensation. Within the mix of music that emerged in
the Seventies was a plethora of teen-oriented acts like The Osmonds, The
Jackson 5, Bay City Rollers and Mud.

The Eighties marked the peak for songwriters Stock, Aitken and Waterman,
who had seven records in the
Top 20 and, in a six year period, clocked over 100 hit singles. Their
music, which became the trademark of most Eighties tunes, was unashamedly
commercial, upbeat and danceable, instant and disposable.
This final installment of POPULAR SONG: SOUNDTRACK OF THE CENTURY features=

interviews and performances from Bananarama, the Bay City Rollers, Boy
George, David Cassidy, Neil Diamond, Carole King, George Michael, Kylie
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Girls, Robbie Williams and producers Don Kirshner, Jonathan Kin and Mickie=


Bravo, The Film and Arts Network, offers critically acclaimed American and=

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From: “Twiggy Git”

Hey dude, i’m not sure if i’m sending this to the right person or place,
but theres an article about the monkees westbury show 7-15-01 at the
following address:,2049,5-5-10069-21,00.html

hope its useful info

-Twiggy Git-

(ed: this is a very nice video interview of Davy with some live show footag=


From: Estrella Lee

The episode of “The Brady Bunch” titled “Getting Davy
Jones” will re-run twice on Wensday, July 25, (9:00 pm
EDT and 12:00 am EDT) and once on Saturday, July 28
(10:00 pm EDT) at Nick-at-Nite. This is where Marcia
promised to have Davy Jones sing at the prom, with a
pretense that she could easily do so because she’s his
fan club president.



From: Kim

Pilot Episode
30 min.
In the series pilot, the group auditions for the Sweet Sixteen Party—and=

Davy falls for a sweet 16-year-old. Micky Dolenz, Mike Nesmith, Peter Tork.=

Rudy: Bing Russell. Vanessa: Robyn Millan. Russell: Richard St. John. Jill:=

Jill Van Ness.

Cast: Richard St. John, Jill Van Ness, Peter Tork, Bing Russell, Robyn
Millan, David Jones, Micky Dolenz, Mike Nesmith
Rating: TV-G
Category: Comedy

Show times
Friday, 27 (check your local listings–mine has 8:30 am edt)
Screen Gems Network

Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
Dante’s Inferno
30 min.
Forced to date others, Sabrina and Harvey try to ease the pain by
double-dating—but Sabrina’s escort has never been in the mortal realm
before. Davy Jones has a cameo. Yenta: Teri Garr. Dante: Jason James Richte=

Rating: TV-G
Category: Comedy

Show times
Monday, 23 5:00 PM EDT
(check your local listings)UPN

Invisible Mom 2
95 min.
A 12-year-old orphan (Justin Berfield) is accepted into a loving family
headed by a mother (Dee
Wallace Stone) with a talent for vanishing into thin air. Karl: Barry
Livingston. Olivia: Mary
Woronov. Bernard: Micky Dolenz.

Cast: Dee Wallace Stone, Justin Berfield, Barry Livingston, Mary Woronov,
Micky Dolenz
Rating: PG
Content: Violence
Category: Movie, Comedy
Director: Fred Olen Ray
Release Year: 1999

Show times Date Time Channel Saturday, 28 8:00 AM 75 SHO


From: Amanda Laws

Hey Monkees fans, Monkeegirl from here to tell you that if
you havent seen it yet, the Smash Mouth video for thier cover of “Im a
Believer” is now airing.

In my opinion, the song has been ruined by this cover, but you might not
think the same. Watch for it, I just seen it on Nickalodean, it may show up
on VH1 and MTV


Purple Butterfly Productions


From: “Britt …”

Boston Concert Review

Last night I went to the free Boston concert at the Hatch Shell. It was the=

most unbelievable night of my life! I thought I’d have a better spot on the=

lawn, seeing as we got there 6 hours early, but we (me, my mom, my friend
and her family) were still quite a ways back. I also thought the concert
would only be so-so seeing as it was a free one. I should have known
better. I mean, it’s the Monkees we’re talking about! I had gone to the
Lowell, MA, Wallingford, CT, and Uncasville, CT concerts in March, but this=

one took the cake. The guys seemed exceptionally happy and goofy, and just=

in an all around great mood (but who wouldn’t be when over 100,000 people
show up to see you?). The sound was also incredible. The only thing was
that on Higher and Higher, when Pete plays the banjo, you couldn’t hear the=

banjo at the beginning. That was the only downfall all night, though. They=

cut out the part of the show where they all sit on stools and play songs
like What Am I Doin’ Hanging ‘Round? and Papa Gene’s Blues, and Davy didn’t=

sing his medley of show tunes, but it really didn’t take away from the
performance at all. I was so impressed. And the excitement in the crowd was=

wonderful, too. Natural did not join them for this concert, but instead an=

extremely talented group named Beatle Juice opened. Seriously, if you
closed your eyes you would swear you were listening to John, Paul, George
and Ringo. I would pay to see Bealte Juice any day; that’s how impressed I=

was. While the show was so incredible, the thing that made the night most
special for me was all the wonderful people I got to meet. Monkees fans are=

the nicest people in the world!!! 🙂 My mom and I got off the T and had no=

idea how to get to the Hatch Shell, but we saw a man and woman carrying a
cooler and chairs and asked if they were going to the concert. They said
yes and that it would be okay if we followed them in. When we got there and=

staked out our spot, my mom asked these two nice women, Leslie and Leona,
who were sitting in front of us where the best place to get food would be
(we didn’t realize there were vendors). Well we got to talking and they
invited us up to their blanket. They were the sweetest people! They offered=

me their food, they took pictures with their digital camera and sent them
to me, and they made the 6 hours pass extremely quickly. I’m so happy I got=

to meet them! Where else besides a Monkees concert can a 17 year old make
friends with women in their 30s? My friend Anna and her family met us at
about 5:30 and sat with us. But then Anna’s mom decided it wasn’t right for=

two huge fans like Anna and me to be sitting where we were, so she helped
us get up to about 50 feet from the stage. The two people who let us stand=

on the edge of their tarp there were so kind, also. They didn’t have to let=

us there, they could have asked us to go back to our own stuff, but they
welcomed us. And not only that, the man, Jim, was taking awesome pictures
with his digital camera and offered to send them to me! Geez, I invaded
their space and they send me pictures! (The pictures are excellent, by the=

way!) When the show ended (do they really HAVE to end? I could have stayed=

there the rest of my life and been the happiest person in the world), my
mom and I waited for about an hour by the Charles River so that we wouldn’t=

have to fight through the crowd to get on the T. When we finally got on, we=

stood near a party of women who had all gotten backstage. Sherri, the
keyboardist Dan’s, sister was one of the women, and she was very nice. She=

claims to have taught Dan everything he knows! 🙂 The other women were so
kind, also. I talked with Jane for about a half hour (her idol as a child
was Micky, and he’s my favorite, and she also bought his Oh No Zone
painting, my favorite piece of art. Unfortunately I do not have the money
or the room to buy it.) I didn’t want the concert to end, I didn’t want the=

T ride to end because I loved talking to everyone, I just didn’t want the
night to ever end. It was magical, that’s the only word to describe it. I
had really wanted to get backstage to see the guys, but you know what,
meeting all those other awesome people made up for it. I made actual
friendships, which I think is way more valuable than any autograph could
ever be. I got home a little after midnight and expected my excitement to
be over, but then my brother told me about a phone call he had gotten from=

my aunt earlier that day. My cousin, who waitresses on the Cape, was
Micky’s waitress that afternoon! I guess when she found out it was him she=

ran back into the kitchen, called her mom, and said “I have to say
SOMETHING to him for Britt (me :)), but WHAT do I say?” I still haven’t
heard if she ended up talking to him, but who the heck cares? I’d be happy=

just to wait on him! I better stop writing now because this is definitely
long enough. I just want to thank the Monkees for being awesome, and the
Monkees fans for being even better! Thank you so much!



From: “ginger fitts”

Boston Concert

Ok, Brad…I hate to rain on the parade, but in my opinion this was not one=

of the guys better show! Bad venue choice!
I would rather pay 40.00 for a good seat and be surrounded by like minded
people. So my friends and I decide to do the shell and we got there at
10:00 AM, got a good spot mind you, but it went downhill from
there. People trying to squeeze in front of you, some guy tried to get his=

wife into the handicap section cause she was pregnant, that was a
no-go! By the time the show stared, I was whooped, then had to stand
through the whole thing! The Monkees were not at their best I have to be
honest, it was a very mechnical performance and very very fast
paced!!! Davy’s tea party joke fell flat! But the worst was yet to
come! We had a drunk guy who’s wife tried to horn in on our spot and we
kicked her out, well this guy started to fight with the boys in back of us=

and my friend’s husband started to get into it, cause she kept being a
b…. and deflating all the kids beach balls. So durring the fight a
mentally handicap lady was with her friends and got her leg hurt! I shoved=

through the crowd to get the police and the medics who came quickly and got=

her out! They were super! After that, I could have cared less about the
show I was so angry at what happened! Like I said, I’d rather pay buck for=

a good seat! So on the way home we decided we wouldn’t go again,
especially after Davy looked at his watch durring the show! Was he late
for a date? All I can say is I hope for better this friday in Gilford, at=

least that’s home for me and fouth row I hope to get some dynamite
pictures! so, If you don’t wanna print this, I’ll understand, but if you
think of the other reviews I’ve written you gotta know this was an off
night for the guys…thought the bootleg t-shirts were better than the ones=

they were selling! Out of 8 monkees shows I’ve seen I’m glad there was
only one bad apple in the bunch, and it was free!



From: “Erica Davies”

Boston Concert

Vickie, Michelle, my mom and I went to the free Boston concert yesterday.
We arrived in Boston around 11:50, and then proceeded to get lost trying to=

find the Boston Common Parking Garage. After finding it, we went into
Cheers to use the bathroom. An employee saw our signs and tee shirts and
started to quiz us. He asked us what Peter’s and Micky’s full names are.
He was very impressed that Vickie and I knew the answer. After getting
lost, we found the Hatch Shell around 1:00. We found a place to sit near
the sound system area. My mom and Michelle left us, to go walk around
Boston. Vickie and I decided to go walk around and try to find
Monkeestock. We couldn’t find it, but found someone to ask about getting
backstage passes. We were told that they had already been given out. We
went back to our area and had lunch, before walking around some more. We
met some really nice people that were sitting in front of us. I don’t know=

their names, but if they’re on this list, hello from the Jacuzzi Girl. An
old couple tried to convince us that we didn’t need all the space that we
had. We told them that we had been there since 1 and would be dancing all=

night. They said to go dance near the stage. We said we couldn’t because=

there wasn’t any room for us near the stage. After a lot of arguing, they=

finally left. They were so rude to us.
Sometime after 6, my mom and Michelle came back. About 10 minutes before
the concert started, I spotted a Monkeestock sign. So, Vickie and I made
our way to Andrea, Steph, Michelle, and Becky. I really enjoyed meeting th=
Beetlejuice came onto the stage around 6:50. About an hour later, the
Monkees came onto the stage. Vickie and I spent the entire concert
dancing. Well, she did most of the dancing. I danced some, but spent a
lot of time jumping and waving my dork sticks in the air. I did a lot of
screaming and singing. Some how, I left the concert with a voice. We
decided to wait for the crowd to thin out before leaving. Vickie and I
went back over to Andrea, Steph, Becky and Michelle, to see how they liked=

the concert. They of course loved it. Andrea, Vickie and I did the Monkee=

walk for a bit, until we ran out of room. We talked a little more, before
Vickie and I had to go help pack our stuff.
I can’t believe how rude the people in Boston/Massachusetts are. The only=

nice people that we met were from out state. Everyone else was rude to us,=

including the old couple and all of the drivers.
Leaving Boston was horrible. We got lost. To make things worse, we
couldn’t find a place to go to the bathroom. We even went to so called 24=

hour McDonald’s. We found out that the drive through window was open 24
hours and not the rest of it. We eventually found a little cafe called
Caffe di Calabria. They let us use the bathroom, so we bought pizza there.
We ended up having a 12am dinner, but we didn’t care. Around 1am, we were=

back on the road to home. We got home around 2am.
Other than the Massachusetts/Boston drivers being mad at us for driving
slow in Boston, we had a great afternoon and evening.


From: Debbie Ahern

Cape Cod MA concert

I went to the concert at the Melody Tent in Hyannis,
Cape Cod, Massachusetts on July 13!! It was a moment
that I had waited almost 30 years for; to see The
Monkees in person. And I must say, I was far from
disappointed. The concert was absolutely wonderful!!
I sang, I cried, and I danced. When I got home after
the concert, I pulled out a video tape and, once
again, sat and watched it for hours! Mickey, Peter,
and Davey still sound and look great. Made me feel
like a kid again. Thank you, thank you, thank you for
a wonderful show!

Deb Ahern



Westbury concert

The Westbury concert was great. Mickey’s voice actually sounds better than
in the 60’s. Peter continues to be everyone’s cuddly friend. Davy is as
cute as ever. Keep those little shuffles in there. It’s great fun to see
these three again. It’s even more fun because it was live. Thanks for a
fantastic evening to all the Monkees there.


From: Vickie Berryhill

My Boston,MA Concert Review

Hello Brad,
Well, I didn’t think it could be done, but it was!!! I flew to Boston
last week to see Erica Davies and her family. We went to see the Monkees
twice in one week!! The first one was on my birthday(July 10)in
Portland,ME. What a birthday that was! WONDERFUL!!!! Erica and I already
sent you our review of the Portland show. We then went to Boston on
Saturday(July 14) to see these great guys!! They never disappoint me. I
went to see them in Tunica,MS(I am from southwest Mississippi) in March and=

they were SUPERB!! I didn’t think the Portland show could be better than
that, but it WAS!! And it just kept getting better. Even the Boston concert=

was better than the first two. These three concerts that I have been most
fortunate to attend have been the best entertainment I have had ever!!
Thanks MONKEES, You ARE the GREATEST, and I love ya’ll. I have been a fan=

since 1966.
The band is wonderful also. Yes, I love them too. They are such talented=

people. I have talked to Aviva twice. She is very nice as well as the
others. I love the Monkee Overture that they play. It really gets your
heart pumping, that is , if it already isn’t.
The day was starting out bad. It started to rain around 2:00 or so. It=

stopped some and then started back up again. Of course, the big MONKEES
fans that we are, we just sat there. We weren’t going anywhere. NO, not
us!! Well, it finally quit,thank goodness!! It was pretty weather by the
time they came out. They started singing about 7:50 Sat. night. I was one=

happy woman, amongst many others. We were throwing beach balls around and
signing them. This was a free concert at the Hatch Shell in Boston. I was
told that it was the biggest concert held there so far!! Way to go guys!!
We all danced and sang along with them. SUPER MUSIC!!!! One of my
favorites was Randy Scouse Git. I just loved the dialogue before and after=

the song too. These guys sure know how to entertain, don’t they! They all=

sang some of their own music. I thouroughly enjoyed my week of
MONKEEMANIA!! I hope I haven’t left out anything. This is one week I will=

never forget as long as I live. Those of you who are planning to go to an
upcoming concert… I wish you a grand experience like I had. HAVE
FUN,MONKEE FANS/FRIENDS!!!!!!!! Vickie Berryhill


From: “Kelly Lidji”

Dewey Beach Show

I’m sitting here recovering from the great show in Dewey Beach,
Delaware. My friend Nicki and I, being who we are, arrived at the Bay
Center eight hours before the show started. But with general
admission, when you get there means how close you are. So we spent the
day in beach chairs catching the sun and watching the band set up and
practice. Very cool.
Living here outside of Baltimore, Nicki and I have the privilege of seeing=

almost all the Shoe Suede Blues shows that come around. So we actually
are friends with Peter. (I still can’t get over that) About a year and a=

half ago I became his massage therapist when he comes to town. (That’s
what I do for a living)
So, Peter had left us passes for before and after the show. It is very
cool to watch the sound checks. They kid around a lot and it’s very
obvious they have a great respect and admiration for each other.
The Bay Center itself holds a few hundred people, and by the time the show=

started the place was packed. I mean PACKED. Nicki, my Mom, my sister
Maggie and myself were pressed right up against the stage. Myself directly=

in front of Peter, of course. The stage itself was raised of the floor only=

about 2 feet. So they were practically on top of us. Close enough to see
all their dental work. Hee Hee.
Natural was great, they seemed more confident and polished since I saw them=

at the 9:30 Club in DC in March. Their harmony is great.
The Monkee show itself is practically indescribable. They sounded amazing=

and looked unbelievable. Mickey was wearing these great leather
pants. Davy had a wonderfully cut long coat. Peter had on his amazing red=

outfit. The long coat with the red pants and shoes. The set list was
slightly different then the spring tour. More active, with less quiet
music. Though, during both Davy and Mickey ballad solos, Peter was dancing=

offstage with the tour manager. Very fun to watch.
It was the drummer, Sandy Gennaro’s birthday. And at one point, all of the=

band, came out with pie plates of shaving cream and COVERED him with
it. It was a riot. They had to stop and clean the stage.
During the whole show the heat kept rising, so by the time it was over it
was about 120 degrees at least.
Unfortunately all shows must end. And after their encore people began to
clear out. We gathered ourselves together to go backstage. This turned out=

to be a room off the banquet halls kitchen. Just the four of us, our
friend Bonnie and her 2 friends, and Peter. It was great. He stayed
talking with us for quite a while about the tour and when we would get
together again. Very sweet. He is really the kindest, most gererous,
giving man I have ever known. After he finally had to leave we went outside=

and found Eric the trumpet player. He just might be the cutest and
sweetest guy in the world. What a doll. Then we found Marc from
Natural. Hubba Hubba. Also very sweet.
We took the most amazing pictures of the whole show. (Not surprising
considering the subjects, and where we were standing) All in all it
couldn’t have been much better!

Cool, huh?



I just came back from the Monkees Concert at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Ne=
Jersey. I am 44, and I took my 9 year old son. He knew more of the words to
the songs than I did.

Anyway, it was the best all around show, the total performance, I have seen
in many, many years. These guys are not a bunch of has-beens reuniting for =
few bucks, they are truly great performers who give the audience more than
bargain for.

They’re back !!! And they’re better than ever !!! And by the way, these guy=
have managed to really bridge the generation gap, especially after watching
50 year olds dancing next to 15 year olds at the same concert. That’s a gif=
for any group.

Pat Flanagan
Point Pleasant, New Jersey

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