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Another Davy Interview, Tour date cancelled

April 3, 2011 by  
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From: Brad Waddell

Davy Jones will be interviewed on the New York CBS affiliate Channel 2
Tomorrow (Friday) at 4:pm EST


From: Joanne Lynch


I just got back from seeing the guys at Trump Plaza recording for the Early
Show. They were in rare form and they all looked great. They performed four
songs and did an interview. I’m not sure when the show will be aired, I
think it may be tomorrow morning.

(ed: we hear June 8)



From: “LuVamp”

Hey guys,

I just found out (through a friend with tickets) that the Aug. 3, 2001
Monkees concert in Savannah, GA was canceled. My friend was told the
cancellation was due to “routing problems.” I find that odd as they have a
couple of days between the Florida dates and that one, then a rather large
gap after. Anyone have more information on this? Have they scheduled more
concerts elsewhere that made the Georgia date impossible? If so, bad for my
friend but possibly good for me. ;-P



From: “maggie mcmanus”

Monkees content: There’s a full page article with Natural discussing what
it was like being on tour with the Monkees in the July ’01 issue of Pop
Star! magazine—-has a nice (altho small) photo of the Monkees and Natural
together. The issue of Pop Star has a several page section on Natural and a
fold-out centerfold poster, as well. All this before their record even
comes out!!!

On my first “fun” day out since spending the last month working on the new
issue of MBF, I was cruising Freehold Raceway Mall (NJ) and I visited the
Claire’s there to see if they had the Natural CD-ROM which is advertised on
Claire’s website. The clerk looked very annoyed and informed me, “We ain’t
got no CD like that.” 🙂 Fortunately, I happened to be going by the Six
Flags Outlet on my way home, and at the Claire’s there the manager said
she’d gotten her personal copy of the CD-ROM already and was expecting to
receive a quantity by the end of the week. She showed me the issue of Pop
Star. She said Natural will be making personal appearances at Claire’s
stores all over the U.S. and they will be live and in person at the Freehold
store on July 12. She said she was surprised anyone had heard of them
already! She didn’t say what she thought of the CD, tho.

One more interesting thing about Natural (and then I’ll shut up): I was
searching the web to see if their songs were available anywhere as
downloads. When I didn’t find anything under Natural, I started searching
by song title and found “Where The Party’s At” and “Back For More” credited
as UNRELEASED *NSync tunes! So they’re getting *NSync’s old



From: DSEntertainment

Hi Brad,
Just wanted to get some news out to loyal Monkee fans. I interviewed
Davy Jones 2 weeks ago for preview of current tour, (I write for a
Cleveland newspaper where the tour opened Saturday, May 26th, in the
middle of a major rain storm!). Also met and spoke with Davy, Micky
and Peter at a private rehearsal the night before. In fact, my wife
and I were only audience members.
I gotta admit it was a GREAT experience! I plan to post everything
in the summer issue, (July), of Twelveteen Online Magazine, which is
part of my entertainment business. By the way, the Davy interview
lasted almost an hour and was so funny we had to keep trying to catch
our breath because we were laughing so hard! The complete interview
will be posted.
You may have visited our magazine before. I’m the author of the
book, “How To Be A Working Comic,” which features an interview with
Micky Dolenz about starring in a successful TV sitcom. Out-takes and
backstage photo from this interview are currently in the “Hall of
Fame” section of the magazine which is located at”>
I’m alerting you to this because it looks like that article with
Micky will be replaced by the interview with Davy – along with the
Monkee’s rehearsal experience/review.
If you’ve enjoyed Micky’s interview in the past – I hope you’ll read
it again during this next month. Then stop back in July and get all
the new scoop from Davy.
Keep Laughing!!

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