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2nd Season on DVD! Nez Update!

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From: Anthony

–The Monkeesrule43 Online Mailing List=97

October 10, 2003
**Season Two On DVD**
According to, “The Monkees: Season Two” DVD set is
now scheduled for release on November 18, 2003. The previously
announced date was November 11, but Rhino has apparently decided to
push the 5 disc set back a week. There’s still no word on what extra
features will be included, but stay tuned. (Thanks Aaron)

**Peter On New Album**
Aura, the North Carolina based group that was reported about a few
months ago, will have a new CD called “For Pete’s Sake” available at
features a cover of The Monkees song “For Pete’s Sake,” with Peter
Tork accompanying the band on banjo along with his friend James Lee
Stanley, who provided lead guitar on the track.

**On TV**
Micky, Davy, & Peter’s mid-90s appearance on “Boy Meets World” will
air on October 12 at 3pm EST on the Disney Channel. On October 14,
the Monkees edition of “E! True Hollywood Story” will air on the E!
Channel at 7am EST. Remember, like previously announced, that Micky
Dolenz will be featured on HGTV’s “Rock Gardens” on October 12 at
9pm EST. For all upcoming airings of Davy hosting “Meet The Royals”
and additional showings of “Rock Gardens,” click the “All Upcoming
TV Appearances” link on the news page.

**Uncut Live DVD**
Don’t forget to reserve your copy of the new limited
edition “Monkees – Live Summer Tour – Extended & Uncut” DVD! After
months of requests by the fans and a petition campaign by
Monkeesrule43 Online, King Biscuit Entertainment finally gave us
what we wanted. Although it was said that we need to reach 500
online orders before it gets released, King Biscuit is trying to
figure out if an early release is possible, but nothing has been
gauranteed so far. In the meantime, if you haven’t yet pre-ordered
your copy, you can do so at
Stay tuned for an update soon!

September 28, 2003
**Two Man Band Live**
Peter Tork & James Lee Stanley’s newly scheduled performance on
November 23, Backstage at the Coffee Gallery in Alta Dena, CA is
reportedly going to be recorded for an upcoming live album featuring
the duo’s “Two Man Band” show.

**Davy Tour Dates Recap**
As a reminder, here are all of Davy Jones’s upcoming tour dates:
10/18/03 — Lockport, IL — East High School
11/6/03 — NorthUmberland, PA — Front Street Station
11/7/03 — NorthUmberland, PA — Front Street Station
11/29/03 — Pala, CA — Pala Casino
12/31/03 — Maricopa, AZ — Harrah’s AK-Chin Casino
2/14/04 — Tiffin, OH — Ritz Theatre

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From: “Derek Thomas”


(1) “Rays” … is the CD going to see the light of day in 2003???
Has Nez written any songs??? According to the ArtistPro mag he
(2) “American Gene.”… any newz… possible audio CD in the
(3) ‘MOST REQUESTED QUESTION’ (Maybe Nez needs to hear this
one…)…. “The Monkees” 1997 TV Special written and directed by
Nez… release through Videoranch??? Why not included with “The
Monkees” Season 2 DVD??? Rhino states Nez won’t release the rights.


Hi Derek,
In response to question #3: it is my understanding that Michael,
Micky, Peter, and Davy all own the rights to the 1997 Monkees TV
Special. I was told that your information is incorrect.

I haven’t heard anything new regarding Rays or The America Gene.
It’s much too soon to say whether The America Gene will come out on
audio. I think the first step is getting a publisher?

Thanks for your interest.
Take Care,


From: “Kathryn Saunders”

Hi everyone, I just came from Walmart, and while walking through the
kids section, I noticed there was a Monkee Mobile toy car there! I
was very shocked to see it there on the shelf, however I never
bought it because it was $40 canadian, and I already have one
similar to it, but for anyone else who is looking for one, go on
over to Walmart and check it out! Good Luck!


From: “Stuart Phillips”

Hi Brad,

I composed the background music on all but four episodes of the
Monkees. I’m also the composer of the music to Battlestar
Galactica… Knight Rider… The Fall Guy etc. etc. I was also the
producer of the records: Johnny Angel(Shelley Fabares)… Blue Moon
(The Marcels)… Goodbye Cruel World (James Darren) etc. etc. See
my web site sat:

Would you be kind enough to post the info below for the Monkees
fans. Would love to say hello in person.

Stu Phillips

FYI: Stu Phillips’ next appearances:
On Oct.16, 2003, he will be lecturing for the Film Music Network in
ew York City. Event to take place at: DV DoJo 310 Bowery at 1st St.
North of Houston) 6:30 PM.
On Oct. 17, 2003, he will be in New York City at the Barnes & Nobel
bookstore, 1972 Broadway at 7:00 PM for a book discussion/signing.
On Oct, 16-17th, 2003, Guest lecturer at The Laguardia High School
of Music & Art and Performing Arts. 10:00 AM.
On Oct.20-21, 2003, he will be at lecturing at The Berklee College
of Music in Boston, Mass. 11:00 AM with a book signing at Barnes &
Nobel to take place later in the day.
On Oct. 23-24, 2003, he will be appearing at Friends of Old Time
Tdio Convention at The Holiday Inn-North, Newark, NJ. (All day
Thursday & Friday morning, only.)
From Oct.24-26, 2003 he will be at the Galacticon convention in Los
Angeles, CA which is taking place at the Sheraton Universal in
Universal City.


From: “Krnurse”

The Shoe Suede Blues experience has never been disappointing,
and this
time was no different! I am so thrilled that the promoters of the
Supermegashow arranged for a few fans to have dinner with Peter!
Seven of
his fans sat down to dinner with Peter Tork on Saturday night.
Evelyn, Laura, Leonard, Georgette, Denise, Erica, and myself,
Katherine all enjoyed a fantastic
dinner at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Secaucus, NJ. Each one of us
paid a hefty price for the opportunity to have dinner with our idol;
the proceeds going to a charity of Peter’s choice. I was not
surprised to hear Peter talk so intellectually about spiritual and
philosophical ideas. He is a very intelligent person, and in that
sense, very unlike the character on the Monkees. However, he also
is a very kindhearted person, making him everything that we ever
loved about him, all the more true. When talking with Peter, one
can hear his heart. I don’t think I have ever met a more genuine,
down to earth person in all of my life.
All I have to say about the dinner is that it was an
incredible once in a lifetime experience which I will never forget.
Peter made 6 women and one man very, very happy in a matter of two
hours. Happy is not a sufficient word to describe the emotion
behind the feeling that was experienced. For two hours, I felt
included in Peter’s world, and that meant everything in the world
to me!
After the dinner we headed to the main ballroom for the
concert. I couldn’t help but laugh at some of the vendors at this
event. Throughout the day, when I was shopping and buying Monkees
pictures and comic books, the different vendors were informing me
that he was actually going to be in concert that night. I couldn’t
believe it. Of course I knew that. Peter was the entire reason I
drove through New York traffic to get to New Jersey! Why else would
I be there? Oh well, I suppose that people who came to see all the
other celebrities may not have known.
The equipment was a problem at this concert, however, the
professionalism of the group allowed them to overcome technical
issues to put on an exciting
show! From the amps to the cords to the keyboard, the sound check
seemed to be a frustrating one. Then, only a couple of songs into
the set, Richard’s guitar lost a string. He had a spare, and he
went to fix it. It seemed like it took forever.
The guys were telling stories to pass the time. Peter told us
a story about James Lee Stanley his friend and sometimes CO-singer.
I can’t tell the story as well as Peter did, but here is an attempt
at getting it across to you. Apparently, James Lee’s phone number
begins with an 888 exchange. There is a software company who’s
phone number begins with 1-888. So, every once in a while, James
will get an angry phone call about how terrible his software is and
how it has messed up someone’s computer and they have lost files,
etc., etc. James usually has to tell people, that they need to dial
1 prior to the number because this is not the correct number for the
software company. Well, one time, a man called James at Beachwood
Recordings with a complaint about his software. The man would not
believe James when James said he had the wrong number. So, James
finally asked the man, “You have our software?” “Yes,” he
replied. “We have your money?”. “Yes,” came the reply. “Then I
don’t give a care about your software problems.” James then hung
up. The man called back a few minutes later and said… “That was
a good one!”
Peter told Michael to say something into the mike. Michael
said, “Something into the mike.” John thought long and hard before
he finally came up with something to say. He told a story about
how he was once mistaken to be Micky Dolenz. He said that one of
the few times that SSB had a limo, the limo driver though he was
Micky. He holds Michael responsible for this because the driver
asked Michael if John was Micky, and Michael told him, yes! The
guy was going on and on about how Micky hadn’t aged a bit, and how
he thought he was fantastic, etc., etc. John had fun with it and he
rode in the front with the driver to where they were going. In the
end, John told the guy he wasn’t Micky. The guy’s response
was, “oh, yeah, I knew that.” Yeah right, we believe him. Richard
still wasn’t done stringing his guitar, so, Peter, Michael and John
just started jamming, and eventually did a song without Richard.
The entire concert was fantastic. There were a few problems with
the keyboard. It was a small keyboard that wasn’t doing all the
technical things it was supposed to do. It didn’t have all the keys
that Peter wanted to play the tunes he wanted to play. The keyboard
would be programmed to sound a certain way and then it would switch
out of the program. For the second show on Sunday, Peter didn’t use
the keyboard at all! I wonder if the requirements for equipment
need to
be more strict so that Peter will know for sure that he has good
instruments. He brought his own guitar. It was one new to him, a
very heavy mahogany guitar with a mustard color. I liked the purple
one that he had in Maryland better, but I know nothing about
guitars, just colors.
Another off shoot about before the concert: At these
supermegashows, the celebrities have to charge for their
autographs. The charge was $20 for each celebrity. Peter was
sitting at his table and I gave him pictures that I took at the
Maryland concert. He was grateful and took the time to look through
them. The person after us was asking Peter about guitars. Peter
took my pictures out the Maryland pictures and showed him the Purple
guitar that had “three pickups” and a couple of other special
features. I don’t know what he was talking about, since I am not a
guitar player, but I was excited that he was
using a picture I took to explain it!
Okay, now I’ll get back to the concert. Many of us got up and
danced through much of the concert. It was so hot inside, that the
perspiration was just pouring off of me. I had a fantastic time
though! “Dress Sexy for Me” was awesome, as usual. They did many
of their usual songs, I don’t have a set list and much of the night
is such a blur. Peter wore his tight black jean pants with his
black v neck shirt, which shows off his chest hair.
After the concert, Peter posed for a few pictures. I talked
with Carly after the show. She is the lady who sells the SSB
collectibles and CD’s. Carly is really super nice. I’m glad I
stopped to talk with her this time. I almost feel badly that I
hadn’t done that before. I just found out that she is from the
East coast! Wow, the things you can learn!
Michael hung out after the concert. I found him out front
smoking and talking to fans. He is really a sweetheart! He gives
great hugs too! Okay, here is a plug for Michael…he loves to hug,
so don’t be afraid to get one from him! Also, he is very
Richard is approachable too, but, he drove to the concert, so
he didn’t hang out too long after the show. John hung out with the
young girls after the show. He has no problem with the women except
to perhaps decide, which one, which one? I must clarify myself, he
is a big flirt, and the younger girls seem to really dig him.
I was heading up to my room to check on my daughter and you
would never guess who was in the elevator with me…Peter! I didn’t
know what to say. We rode up the elevator alone. I just thanked
him for being willing to have a fan dinner. He is such a kind,
humble person. After seeing him all weekend, talking with him on
the elevator was almost like bumping into an old friend, only much,
much better. I got off the elevator on my floor, and said I would
see him tomorrow. Oh, the temptation to just stay on the elevator
was there, but, I didn’t want to cross that line and invade his
privacy more than necessary. Well, I wanted to, but, I didn’t.
On Saturday, my daughter Amanda asked Peter what one piece of
advise he had to give to her about life. Peter told her that he had
learned one thing that was very important. He looked at her, and
told, my insecure, low-self esteemed daughter something that I hope
will change her life forever. He told her something that caused her
to walk with a little more pep in her step the rest of the weekend.
I don’t know if she realized it, but I noticed a change in her
demeanor after this conversation. Peter affected her deeply. Thank
you Peter! Peter told Amanda the best piece of advise he could give
to anyone, and I will share this with anyone who would care to
listen: There is nothing wrong with you! If there is anything that
you don’t like about yourself, you can change it, but there is
nothing inherently wrong with you. Don’t ever believe or let anyone
try to tell you otherwise. It is not enough to give other people
the benefit of the doubt, but give yourself the same benefit.
Accept that
there is nothing wrong with you. Did I say that I love this man?
My daughter, Amanda, needed to hear that more than anything in the
world. Peter, thank you, thank you, thank you!
The Sunday concert started at 4 PM. Peter was definitely
jazzed for this performance. Also, there were many more people at
this show. The funniest part of the show though, was when Peter
broke a string. Richard made a big deal about it. “See, I’m not the
only one who breaks a string.” Peter fixed his
own string, and made a big show of it. He really has pizzazz. I
heckled him from the crowd saying, “I hope you don’t take a long to
change your string as Richard did last night.” Peter responded, “I
don’t complain about how long it takes you to change your clothes.”
I couldn’t believe he said that. I was laughing so hard and before
I knew it, words were spewing from my mouth. “Peter, that was
supposed to be our little secret!” I don’t know if it was John or
Richard who said, I had a good comeback. I laughed about it then,
and I am laughing about it now! Intelligent, sensitive, and
humorous, that is my Peter!
Well, maybe he isn’t mine, but I can dream on. This show,
Peter was doing a great deal of dancing. He is so exciting, such an
incredible performer. I really enjoyed this show. What else can be
said? A couple of Monkees fans were there and they wanted to hear
Monkees tunes. I like the Monkees tunes, of course, but, I can tell
that the blues are definitely where his heart is!
Peter called Amanda by name to come over and get her picture
taken with him. I said, you know my daughter’s name, but you don’t
know mine? Nope, I don’t, he says. My name is Katherine, Peter, my
name is Katherine. It would be nice if the next concert I go to, he
remembers that. I suppose he meets so many people and fans around
the country that he can’t possibly remember everyone, even if I have
traveled all over to see him at concerts in the past few
years. Then again, he could have been joking. I think he knows my
name. He just calls me Mom, because every time I have seen him, one
or more of my children have been with me. I have four children,
three of the four have seen SSB in concert. The oldest child is
more interested in boys and her own music.
I got home Sunday night around 9 PM. I took a short nap
before getting up and getting ready for work at 10 PM. All night
long I was talking about SSB. People at work love to see me so
happy too! I was extremely tired, but,=3D very happy. When I got
home this morning, I went to bed dreaming of SSB. I sleep in the
inlaw apartment of our house where I have decorated the kitchen and
pantry entirely in SSB and Monkees collectibles. It is easy to
dream of these things when I am surrounded by collectibles. I have
a craft area where I work on scrapbooking. I am hoping to put
together a SSB scrapbook before the next concert. When will that
be, I don’t know, but, if at all possible, I’ll be there!
My daughter, Amanda is the one child that I have the most
trouble connecting with on a regular basis. The time we were able
to spend together this weekend was invaluable. She saw me happy for
the first time in a very long
time. She hasn’t been with me at a Shoe Suede Blues event before
this one. I tried to explain to her what it was like, but, she never
understood until this weekend. She said to me, Mom, “I think you
have actually been happy this weekend”. My answer to her is, I was,
more than she will ever know! I get lost in the music, I get
consumed by the atmosphere, and for two days, life is

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