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This issue is all reviews of recent Monkees shows, the reviews have been
flooding in – thanks everyone! We here in the US sure appreciate hearing
about shows over the pond.

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From: Harmony Constant

Went to see the Guys in Glasgow last week, twas the first time i saw them
in concert, and i had a really great time.
i agree with a lot of whats been said about the audience though. A lot of
people didn’t seem to be getting into it at all. my mate and i were singing=

and clapping and swaying and laughing and having a great time but we didn’t=

get to meet the guys or anything, although Murmurs of Irma walked past us
at the end of the show.
Micky was really funny, but he did keep wandering off the stage and left
Davy to do much stuff by himself (hence the Oliver Medley which by the way=

i really liked).
I had a good time anyway and i hope i get the chance to see them again.
The newcastle Gig sounded Awesome what with all u lucky people getting to
touch Micky and Davy
I myself am deeply Jealous.
monkee hugs and kisses


From: “Erin Coulson”

Hi Brad

here is my review of the Manchester concert – enjoy!!

Hi all

Manchester Concert 26/03/02 – sorry i haven’t posted sooner but i haven’t
come down from my high yet.

I went to the concert with my sister Amy (I have converted her to a Monkees=

fan overnight) and my little brother Joe. We left on the 16:43 train and
arrived in Manchester at about 17:30, we got lost trying to find the Arena=

(doh!) but we meet up with my friend Mish and her two sons, Carl and Callum=

at the McDonalds next to the Arena entrance (couldn’t eat much – too
nervous). We went and got our backstage passes and then waited for the
doors to open. We were one of the first people there and by the time the
doors opened my nerves were shot to pieces LOL.

We all went to the merchandise stand and I bought 2 t-shirts and the
Monkeemania CD. Then we made our way to the seats. It was a bit of a
shame because the Manchester Arena is huge and they had only sold about a
fifth of the tickets but in a way it was better cause I thought we were
going to be at the back and we ended up 6 rows from the front -arrrgghh!!!

Murmurs of Irma were on first and they were a bit 60’s and indie, I didn’t=

think they were that bad, they lyrics were funny – one song was called “I
Love My Lava Lamp”. They were only on about 20 minutes then the announcer=

told us it would be a few minutes before the Monkees would be on – cue: mad=

dash to the toilets

Then the lights went down and the back-up band came on and played a intro
of all the songs and the announcer said “Ladies & gentlemen please welcome=

to the stage Micky Dolenz and Davy Jones” and there they were. I could
actually see their faces and everything it was so cool. Micky played
guitar for most of the gig except on Mary Mary when he went and banged the=

drums (man he looked good!!!!) I noticed that both he and Davy had lost a
lot of weight and they were both wearing the LEATHER TROUSERS!!!!!! Here is=

the set list of what I can remember:

Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow)
Girl I Knew Somewhere
A Little Bit Me
Papa Gene’s Blue
Randy Scouse Git
Mary Mary (Mick on drums)
It’s Nice To Be With You
Goin Down
I Wanna Be Free/I’ll Love You Forever
Circle Sky
No Time
For Pete’s Sake
Manchester Boy
Since I Fell For You
That Was Then, This Is Now
Porpoise Song/Listen To The Band
Daydream Believer
Steppin Stone
I’m A Believer

I am not sure if this order is correct, brain has gone a bit hazy. They
also did a lot of talking and made jokes. Davy even challenged Micky to
sing the Monkees Theme in different languages, which he did – Italian,
French and Spanish. The concert was over far too quickly, the only
disappoint being that the audience didn’t stand up and dance until the end=

on Daydream Believer, my sister and I got up for a lot of the songs – I
don’t care!!

Then it was time to go backstage, I was so nervous. I waited for Mish,
Callum and Carl to come down from their seats and we all put our after show=

badges on, then we were herded into a locker room (nice!!) and told to line=

up around the wall. We ended up being moved to last in the line and then
in walked Micky, he looked gorgeous and a little smaller than I
imagined. He was very friendly and went round all the people having his
picture taken with them all, then he came to us aarrrgghh OMG, I was
shaking!!! he signed my CD cover and then I gave him the book I had
brought. It was a book on Science published in 1877 and I knew he would
like it cause he has mentioned before about his love of Science. He took if=

from me and asked me where I got it from, I told him I found it at a
charity shop that I help out in, he said it was gorgeous and stood there
admiring it for a bit, then he said Thank you very much darling!!! – HE
CALLED ME DARLING, I nearly fainted on the spot, I then got my picture
taken with him. After he had spoken to us he left and then Davy walked in,=

he went the opposite way to Micky so he came to us first. He signed my CD=

cover for me. I am telling you that man hasn’t got a wrinkle on his
face. He looked really good. Carl and I had our picture taken with him and=

then he spoke to Callum who told him that his favourite song was “I wanna
be free” and Davy replied “Thanks mate”.

After Davy had spoken to us, we were shown the way out by one of the
security guards, he took us past the tour bus and round the back of the
stage out a small door where some Monkees fans were waiting for Mick and
Davy to come out, we just walked down the road on a high, I couldn’t
believe we had actually met them, it was amazing. I met up with my sister=

and brother and we got our taxi home. It was the best day of my life!!!

sorry I know I have waffled on but I had to give you all the details LOL

love and hugs


From: kim worrall

Hi there,
Hi there I was lucky enough to go to all of the shows
here in the UK and would like to say just how great
the shows were.
I really enjoyed hearing songs that some people would
not usually associate with the guys. Hearing David
sing “Manchester Boy” in his home town was very very
special, as was hearing the “Oliver” medley which I
thought worked really well. The entire show was
fantastic from the hits to hearing Micky blast out
“Since I fell for you.”
Everyone who was there that I spoke to said they
enjoyed the show and it was a treat to see so many
people of many ages enjoying themselves.
All I can say is that I hope they are back soon, they
were on full form and knocked this girl sideways..


From: Sharon Taylor

Apart from the fact only two “Monkees” showed up, with no explaination as t=
why Peter Tork was missing (we knew that Mike Nesmith knew better than to
flog a dead horse), the night was dreadful. Davy Jones and Micky Dolenz
ought to pack in now. They have made their money so its about time they
called it a day.

We sat (having paid over =A3100 for the pleasure!!) and waited and waited f=
them to sing the songs that made them famous. We even asked a lighting
technicision or whatever he was when they were going to sing their own stuf=
because what they were singing was absolute “sh***”. He said it was nothin=
to do with him!

If Davy and Micky had looked around the audience they would have seen that =
half-full auditorium with people sitting. Just sitting. No one was
dancing, jigging in their seats etc. However, towards the end we were
treated to a quick melody of a few Monkee songs. They sang most of the
Monkee songs during the encore.



I just got back from seeing Micky and Davy in concert and just had to write
and say how utterly awesome they were! I had seats really near the
front and the guys both looked great. The support group, Murmers of Urmer
were great too – they reminded me a lot of The Jam.
Micky and Davy really were excellent. Highlights for me were Micky singing
the Theme From The Monkees in Spanish, German and Italian, She Hangs Out,
Randy Scouse Git (complete with brilliant ska singing by Micky), An
incredible blues solo by Micky (sorry I’m not sure of the title) and a
fabulous singalong to Daydream Believer plus a truly breathtaking version o=
Goin’ Down!
It was nice to hear the lads mentioning Peter and Mike when they sang their
songs – Listen To The Band, Papa Gene’s Blues, Circle Sky, Mary, Mary and
The Girl I Knew Somewhere by Mike and For Pete’s Sake by Peter.
All I can say is WOW and I can’t wait to see the guys again!



From: GDandJoyce

Hi there folks.

I was at the concert on the 23 in newcastle, it was excellent, front row
fight in front of the guys.
Granted there was only two of them but, oh god it was brilliant, the guys h=
a blast and the crowd had a blast.
It was my 3rd time at a concert of the monkees, my first was in 87 then 9=
and now in 2002. so as a true and loyal fan for many years i have the righ=
to say to those supposed fans who have done nothing to do but moan about th=
guys, get a life and learn the not so popular song of the monkees, and you
night find you know all the songs that were played at the concert, you
pretend fans are the ones who are dull and boring NOT Micky and Davy.

Ta affy much a true fan Joyce


From: Hillen120

Wembley Arena, March 28 2002

This show was originally planned for October 2001 but postponed until now.

21st March – Glasgow Clyde Auditorium
23rd March – Newcastle Telewest Arena
24th March – Sheffiled Arena
26th March – Manchester Evening News Arena
27th March – Birmingham NEC
28th March – Wembley Arena
30th March – Vicar Street, Dublin, Ireland

Prior to the concerts, Band 6, The Monkees Official Fan Club had given
details of pubs in each town where the fans could meet.

I arrived at The Crock of Gold in Bridge Road, Wembley around 5pm – no
Monkee fans in sight. At 5.30pm several people arrived that I knew and we=

chatted over old times. By 7.30pm the place was heaving with Monkee
fans-some I knew and some I didn’t. Including quite a few girls from germa=

We left the pub and took the short walk to Wembley arriving at 7.40.

We made our way to the merchandise stall only to find out that they had
sold out of CDs and programmes and key rings.

At other venues on sale were:

Baseball caps
2001 programmes with Peter
2 CD’s – one from 2001 (Las Vegas) and the other from 2002 (Toronto)

From what I had heard from fans who went to all the shows – the
merchandise had gone up in price at most venues

We made our way to the seats – would you believe – front row centre.

Just after 8pm the warm up group came on – Murmurs of Irma – a group that
is being managed by David and his daughter Jessica

A 6 piece band that come from the south coast of England and had their warm=

up gig at Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms came across very well. I was
fascinated by the dancer – Nick Williams.

The consist of:

Darryl De Beughy – Vocals
Mark Vickers – Drums
Andrew Wandless – Guitar
Neil Runalls – Bass
Tony Laming – Guitar
Mike Fowler – Keyboards
Nick Willams – Dancing & therapy

They could do well, but as we have seen other groups on the Monkees tours
in the past – Seven in 1989, and Nancy Boy in 1997 and neither of them went=

on to better things.

Lead singer Darryl De Beugney wore red hipsters and I heard several
comments about the large bulge in the front.

Monkee fans who had been to all the shows said they liked them – I suppose=

it grow on you.

I think Record Collector summed them up really well by saying “Pop
psychnaughts who view the world through Alice In Wonderland shaped sunglass=

Check out their web page

After a short intermission of about 20 minutes the Monkees backing band
came on stage:

Jerry Renino – Bass/vocals
Dave Alexander – Keyboards/vocals
Wayne Avers – Guitar/vocals
Aviva Maloney – Sax/flute/keyboard/vocals
Sandy Gennaro – Drums/percussion
Eric Bondo – Trumpet
Sam Albright – Sax
Gregory Briggler – Trombone

They started by playing intros from the Monkee songs – the audiences
cheered for their favourites.

The moment we were awaiting arrived – Micky and David came on stage. and
went through their repertoire of hits

Last Train to Clarksville
Lookout Here Comes Tomorrow
Girl I Knew Somewhere
Little Bit Me, Little Bit You
Randy Scouse Git (Alternate Title in the UK)
Mary, Mary
Its Nice To Be With
Goin’ Down
That Was Then, This Is Now
No Time
Circle Sky
I Want To Be Free
I’l Love You Forever – dedicated to his sister Linda
Pete’s Sake
A story about Mickys Dad (George) singing opera in the nude!
Since I Fell For You
She Hangs Out
Porpoise Song
Listen To The Band
Daydream Believer
I’m A Believer
Pleasant Valley Sunday
I’m Not Your Steppin’ Stone
I’m A Believer

During the set David announced that Greg Lake (from Emerson Lake and Palmer=

was in the audience)

Throughout the show David and Micky played guitar – Micky also played drums=

just the once

One piece I had not heard before was Micky telling about coming from a
musical family and that his dad sang opera around the house – he then
proceeded to do a little opera. Saying that his Dad did it in the nude
while walking around the house.

They had several changes of shirt during the performance and both wore
black leather trousers.

As my fianc=E9e, Lynda, was not there I rang her on my mobile just as David=

was talking and then went into I’ll Love You Forever.

A fan did throw two bunches of flowers onto the stage which David picked up=

and carried out.

This performance differed from others as David originally did sing an
Oliver Medley and told a joke about him being mistaken for Dudley Moore –
who unfortunately died this week

The show was over far to quick at 10.15 – less than 2 hours of music in tot=

We hung around and chatted to friends until Wembley staff asked us to leave

We then made our way around to the back gates to see if we could David & Mi=

Around 50 fans had gathered by the gates – but after waiting an hour there=

was no sign of david and Micky so I went off to the hotel for a
drink. Other fans stayed around and then came back to the hotel well after=

midnight saying that David and Micky got on the tour bus and that was the
last they saw of them – unfortunately they did no come out to see the fans

A woman did sell some of the tour posters outside the venue – LARGE ones
with the tour dates on and a Monkeemobile for =A32

And guess who walked by after the show – Captain Sensible from the
Damned…..a Monkee Fan

Good Friday was a day off for the Monkees who then went to Dublin, Ireland=

on Saturday 30 March for their final show on the tour.

All in all it was an excellent night – although disappointing for some fans=

who wanted an autograph and to see their idols


From: “Kelly Lidji”

It’s Kelly from Baltimore here. This past weekend my friend Nicki and I
attended the Shoe Suede Blues shows in Maryland. As always, they were great=

fun. The first show was at a really fun club where they have played in
previous years, Club 66. This year we really packed the place. Wall to wall=

people. There is a huge contingent of people who always go to the Maryland=

shows. So it’s always like a great family reunion. And we greet the band
like old friends.

The show itself was rocking. They sounded better than ever. They did a lot=

of the songs from the new cd which everyone should get. Plus a few Monkees=

songs thrown in for good measure. After the show we waited for most of the=

masses to get thier autographs and go. Then we got to talk to Peter for a
while and catch up. I hadn’t seen him since the fall and hadn’t spoken to
him for several months. He was just as sweet, charming and adorable as
ever. After this we took Michael the bass player back to the motel we all
were staying in to change and go eat. Great fun, the band, all the
Shoopies, and us feeding our faces.

The next morning I went to work on Peter like I usually do. (I’m his
massage therapist) then Nicki and I went back to Club 66 for the fan
party. Great food, fun people, and lots of time to hang out with the band.=

They usually just play requests in 2 sets with lunch in between. At this
show Nicki and I met this really nice girl and her mother, plus her very
adorable baby Steven. Steven totally rocked to the music, he had a
blast! My own baby loved it too. Except she hasn’t been born yet. Right
now she is 5 months along. She has never kicked and wiggled so much. These=

were her very first shows and she loved it.

When the party was over we all left to change clothes and head for the next=

shows at the Bayou Blues Cafe in Towson. They played 2 shows that night.
They have unbelievable stamina. I know I couldn’t do it, and I’m only
29. These shows rocked just as much as the others. The neatest thing about=

playing at this club is that the whole side is glass. Which looks out on a=

promenade type sidewalk in a shopping area. People walk by and notice
that it’s Peter Tork right there, and freak out. It’s fun to watch, if
you can tear your eyes off Peter. (this is almost impossible) After these=

shows were over and the crowds left Nicki and I got another chance to hang=

out and talk to Peter. We said our godbyes to the band and left to sleep
for a week. It’s hard to have so much fun in 30 hours! But it leaves you=

with enough memories to last till the next time.

If you see a show, hope that Peter is wearing his really cool multicolored=

shirt and his velvet black pants. His looks great! But, he always does. So=

I digress.

In a few years I’ll be able to tell my daughter she got her first hug and
kiss from Peter even before she was born. (I enjoyed it for her in the

Thank you Shoe Suede Blues…………you are the best.
Anyone who wants to hear Shoue Suede Blues, or Monkee stories, or see any
photos from these events please e-mail me at .


From: “jana horne”

Just returned from a wonderful trip seeing the Monkees in Newcastle and in=

Manchester. Same basic show a special moment with Davy doing Manchester
Boy in Manchester. Davy, Micky, Horn Cuties and all band members looked
and sounded wonderful. Davy and Micky both signed for a few minutes after=

Manchester, I was able to tell them their American contingent was there. I=

am forever amazed at the incredible shows the guys put on. Also of note,
the other show I saw a brilliant sixties show called Reelin and a Rockin
also plays tribute to Monkees with a version of I’m a Believer by Gerry
Marsden, Dave Berry, Mike Dabo, Mike Pender and Brian Poole what a great
time thanks Jana Horne Tampa, Fl


From: “Rosemary Grimbly”

I had a fab time at the Monkees concert at Wembley the other night! It was
the first time I had ever seen them live, so it was a big deal for me to be
there. We had great seats in 7th row. Of course I missed Peter and Mike bu=
I thought Davy and Micky put on a fantastic show and it was all I hoped it
would be. Hearing all the songs I’ve known so well for so long live was
brilliant and I was singing and clapping along, enjoying every second.
Although for the most part the audience was sitting down, everyone seemed t=
be having a good time and there were groups of people who stood up the whol=
time. I got up for A Little Bit Me because I always loved that song and it
was a treat to see the Davy Dance for real (and join in with him only a few
feet away, lol!)! There were also people going down to the front to take
pictures but they weren’t allowed to stay there. Mustn’t forget the fan who
had a banner saying “Davy show us your nipples!”, which Davy responded to
with a very cheeky look! There was quite a bit of interaction from the guys
with the audience, lots of waving and acknowledging applause etc.

I took my nine year old daughter, Rebecca, with me and she enjoyed it all
too – she was giggling constantly at the comedy bits and goofing around. On=
of her favourite bits was when Micky said the TV series was so popular
around the world he’d had to record the Monkees theme tune in different
languages and proceeded to demonstrate in German, Italian (opera-style!) an=
Spanish, accompanying himself on guitar. And Davy put on a mock surprised “=
didn’t know he could do that” look every time! She also liked it when Davy
was singing Valleri and after he did the “OOW!” before the instrumental bit=
clutched at his throat with the effort and pretended to be choking! Oh yes,
and she thought the sketch he did with Dave Alexander about their height
differences was funny, when he said about now you know who ate their greens
and who didn’t!

I can’t remember the set list in its entirety as I was too busy enjoying th=
show to keep a record. I think it was much the same as at the other UK
venues, certainly seemed to cover all the best known songs, but Davy didn’t
do his Oliver medley as I understand he did elsewhere. The set was an hour
and twenty minutes long, started with Clarksville and ended with Daydream
Believer, Steppin’ Stone and I’m A Believer. Once Daydream Believer had
started, everyone was up on their feet and Rebecca stood on her seat so she
could see – she was waving so frantically at Davy, he spotted her and gave
her a wave and thumbs up!! :o) At the end of the show, Micky threw his towe=
into the audience and the drummer (sorry, can’t remember his name!) threw
his drumsticks out, one of which was heading our way, so we reached up to
try and catch it, along with everyone around us, but it seemed to miss
everyone! We all heard it hit the floor but despite an extensive search whe=
the lights went up, no-one found it – very weird! I guess someone must have
picked it up quietly as it couldn’t have vanished into thin air! I also
thought the band were excellent.

We saw Murmurs Of Irma and thought they were okay, though not really my kin=
of style – they seemed to be really happy to be performing at Wembley and
were taking photographs of each other and the audience. The lead singer als=
asked us all to scream so he could record it on his dictaphone! He may have
done that at all the gigs though! My daughter was a little spooked by the
guy on stage with them though – in a suit, with a shaven head and his eyes
ringed in black, who moved around the stage looking, well, spooky!

After the show, we waited with the crowd outside the gates at the rear of
the Arena, in the hope Davy & Micky might come out to sign, but after an
hour, there was no sign of them and a guy who came out said they would be
possibly another hour as they were having a party backstage. I know several
of Davy’s family were in the audience and apparently Greg Lake was there,
and I expect there were other special guests in attendance. It was already
11.30pm by this time and Rebecca was cold (it was freezing out there!) and
tired, we had to get back to our hotel, and we weren’t sure how late the
trains would be running, so we decided we couldn’t wait any longer. It was
disappointing but I hadn’t really expected to actually meet them and seeing
them on stage was good enough for me.

The other disappointment was that by the time we got to the Arena, half an
hour before the show, most of the merchandise had been sold out – basically
just some keyrings and the display t-shirts left. I had wanted a programme
at least but there weren’t any :o( And it was a shame the Arena was only
about half-full and had to be curtained off behind the last occupied block.
I don’t know if this was because the tour wasn’t publicised well enough, or
because of the postponement, or because of Peter’s non-appearance. But I ca=
say that those who were there obviously wanted to be and had a great time.

So, that was my Monkees experience, sadly probably the only one I’ll ever
have, unless they come to the UK back again. I’m very glad I went!



From: “BB”

Hi Brad,
Since I think most of the reviews in the UK weren’t too good (unjustly,
IMO), here’s a preview bit we found in a free paper called “Metro” on
the way from Manchester to Birmingham. He seems to know what he’s
writing about.
We’ve just returned from six concerts, met the two of them and are still
up on cloud nine!

The Monkees

Created by American TV network NBC in response to the success of the
Beatles, The Monkees – entertainer Davy Jones, former child actor Mickey
(!) Dolenz and jobbing folkies Peter Tork and Mike Nesmith – defied
expectations. Although initially only intended as a sitcom about the
exploits of a wacky pop group, their show was such a smash that the boys
became an actual wachy pop group, much to the chagrin of the music
cognoscenti of the time. Today, it’s accepted that the Monkees supplied
some of the most sublime pop of the 1960s although, after the show’s
cancellation, the band inevitably dissolved. Only Dolenz and Jones are
here this time, suggesting an emphasis on crowd-pleasing oldies rather
than the psyche-pop nuggets on which their reputation rests.
Paul Whitelaw”

The Dreaded German Chickie Corps – the German Monkees fanclub
Visit us at



concert at Wembley Arena, London Thursday 28th March

Were disappointed with the merchandise. Not only did the tickets print a
start time of 7 pm when the concert started at 8 pm, but the programme was=

for Summer 2001. It pictured Peter Tork, who in fact was not on this
tour. In addition, the programme was printed in another language and could=

not be read on an English tour. We wanted the programme to keep with the
tickets as part of our memorabilia collection.

It was billed as a Reunion Tour and we expected that “reunion” meant that
the four original Monkee members would be performing. Sadly, we found that=

this was not the case.

We felt that The Monkees UK tour was ripping the public off.


From: “BB”

Hey all,

We’re back from doing all the British concerts! We had a blast. Three of
us from Germany were doing all six of them (would’ve done Dublin too if
it hadn’t been at such short notice), and we were joined by friends in
Manchester, Birmingham and Wembley. 🙂
Just writing this because I read Rosemary’s report on the Wembley
concert – we were with the girl who had the nipple sign! He’d seen (and
signed!) it in Manchester already!
If anything, this tour has made both Davy and Micky very human for me –
as opposed to some people that have been on my tv screen since I was 11!
Both had their younger daughters with them at several concerts (Jessica
Jones is the opening band’s manager – we liked them a lot – go to to pay them a visit), and they looked as if they were
having a really great time. I do hope they come back to Europe some
time. Or that I get the money to see them over in the States. 🙂
A first review of our week can be found here:
There will be more and bigger pics as soon as we all get them developed
and scanned. I hope you’ll enjoy reading.



From: Krnurse

Hello Group!

I have had a fantastic time at the Shoe Suede Blues concerts in Ohio this
weekend! My two sons and I took the drive from Indianapolis out to
Cleveland. We parked in the back of the Beachland in Cleveland, and the bo=
just ran around and around Peter’s Winebego. We were hours early, and they
were bored so they were playing tag. At one point, Tadg came out and saw t=
boys holding onto a Shoe Suede Blues cd, and he offered them an autograph.
He talked with my sons, took pictures with them, and was very kind. He
really seems to be a nice guy. I told him that we had driven from
Indianapolis to see them in Cleveland, and he was genuinely humbled. “Just
to see us?” Yes.

Peter came out of the RV and was kind enough to take a moment to say hello.
It was great to be able to see him when he was not surrounded by other craz=
fans like us.

My boys had been practicing a routine from the Blues Brothers that they
wanted to act out for Peter. They practiced it on several people waiting u=
in front of the Beachland. The bar let us in early because it was rather
chilly outside and our toes were about to fall off.

The opening band came out and played very well, but, it just was not the ba=
that people were there to see. They were called Hot Property, and they
really were good musicians. They mostly played music and sang very little.

Then, Shoe Suede Blues came on the stage. They did several Monkees tunes,
some tunes from their first album, their second album, and then, a song tha=
Peter had written two nights before. They played about an hour and a half.
I took tons of pictures.

After the show, Peter signed up to three items per person. He didn’t
complain about signing Monkees stuff. We had him autograph our Two Man Ban=
Stuff, our Shoe Suede Blues stuff, and then, Monkees stuff. The boys did
their Blues Brothers routine for him. Peter was very gracious towards my
children. He really seems to be great with kids! He said that I needed to
get away from them and not push them into doing something. He was only goin=
to watch if I would just let them do it on their own time. Then, my son,
Alex gave peter a pen drawing he had made of Peter. My son wrote on the
picture, to Peter Tork, my favorite Monkee! Peter loved it. He handed it =
Bonnie, his manager, and told her “I”m want to keep this!” Michael Sunday
came up to me later and asked me if I had taken my punishement. I said, wh=
are you talking about? He meant, that Peter had said don’t push the boys,
and I had been there encouraging them. He asked if I had stood in the
corner. He was joking of course. Michael Sunday is the base player and h=
is very personable and easy going.

After autographs, Peter posed for pictures with whoever waited that long fo=
pictures. The entire process really didn’t take too long. Thinking back o=
the concert, Peter sang lead on most of the songs, and he gets most of the
attention for the group. The others seemed to be in the background. It ma=
me feel sorry for the other guys in the group because, they don’t have the
same kind of fan base as Peter. On the other hand though, they are gettin=
to tour with Peter Tork! I was talking with the drummer, John, and he is
thrilled to be on tour with Peter. He is a young guy and he grew up with
watching the Monkees.

Oh, I had a small gift for Peter that I forgot about, so I ran back in to
give it to him. It was a banjo magnet. When you press the strings, it pla=
a tune. He seemed to really like it. I was glad of that! I noticed when =
was handing him the banjo, that he was holding the picture my son made for
him. What an exciting night!

We followed the RV to a hotel and stayed in the same hotel as the guys. As
we were getting out of the car, Michael recognized us and waved a big hello
with a smile. We also saw Tadg. It was 2 am by the time we got to the
hotel, so we just went to bed.

In the morning, we saw Michael at breakfast. He is an early bird and doesn=
require much sleep. The boys talked with him and got pictures with him. H=
is really a down to earth guy. I guess, I am becoming not just a Peter Tor=
fan, but also a Michael Sunday fan. He doesn’t sing. I forgot to mention
that. He plays the bass and does not sing a single note. (He doesn’t swim=
single not either). Um, Anyway, we really enjoyed talking with him.

We got our pictures developed at a one hour photo and then headed down to
Athens. I was tired, I was hungry, I was ready to snap….oh, I mean I was
tired so, I just wanted to go get another hotel in Athens and take a nap
before the next concert. I figured the guys would be sleeping late, and I
didn’t feel like following them.

I found out later that they left the hotel around 11:30 in the morning. Wh=
they stopped for food and gas, Peter was recognized and surrounded by peopl=
instantly. It took him so long to get out of the rest area, that they were
almost late for the second concert!

Okay, Union in Athens is a rather small place. We had supper at a place ne=
to the Union. There were several free papers that had Shoe Suede Blues
listed in them. A couple of them had articles. Mostly the articles
mentioned Peter, and not the other guys. I picked up extras of each for
Micheal. He had said that if I saw something to get him a copy, so I did.

We went into the bar and hung out until we were allowed upstairs at 9:30.
There I met several people from the lists, Cin, and Amazing Laura, and many
others. Laura gave the bar tender a Monkees greatest hits cd to put on. W=
were all sitting in the bar, singing and dancing to Monkees tunes. A regul=
asked the bar tender to change the CD. He replied “I can’t, do you see all
these women here singing every single song and dancing, I would be in big
trouble!” Well, we had a ball. A couple of us were singing Goin’ Down. I=
was just so great to be around other people crazy for the Monkees like me. =
mean really crazy for the guys! So many people are hard on us Monkees fans=
They say things like “they are still alive?”. The comraderie and general
kinship I felt amongst fans was fantastic! I brought with me to the bar, a
collage I had put together from the previous night’s show. People were
looking at that and appreciating the band. We couldn’t wait to go upstairs=

Michael came into the bar and I told him I had some things for him. He sai=
he figured I did, and he was looking for me! Cool! I gave him copies of
pictures I had taken with him in them. Also, I gave him the papers that ha=
mentioned Shoe Suede Blues. He was very appreciative.

Once upstairs, I found a table and chair. I set them up centrally, put my
cam corder on top of the table,and set up to record the show. I noticed th=
many of the college kids from town were there. They really didn’t seem to =
big monkee fans, they were just there to party, and party they did. People
were high, and drunk at the same time. One 20 year old kid fell head over
heels down the stairs. My kids saw him fall and ran to get me. “Mom, Mom,
you gotta come quick, you’re a nurse, this guy is hurt, Mom, come on!” Oh
brother, I’m not licensed in Ohio. Well, that doesn’t cut it when your kid=
think that because you are a nurse you can fix stuff. The kid that fell wa=
obviously hurt, probably had a concussion, and was bleeding. But, he was
breathing, and therefore, there was nothing I could do anyway. I missed tw=
songs, looking after this kid.

Anyway. The first band, sounded terrible. It wasn’t that the music was ba=
but, the band was loud and distorted. The sound guy had said it was his la=
night, and he was quitting. After 15 minutes, they were signaled to get of=
the stage, and the lead singer said “You’ve got to be kidding Colin, we jus=
got up here, 15 minutes ago, no way!” After a while they said, we have a
couple more songs and then Shoe Suede Blues will come out…actually we hav=
lots more songs for you, but, you’ll have to come see us again next Tuesday=
Whatever, I was glad when they were done.

Shoe Suede Blues came out and sang a slightly different set than the night
before. I really enjoyed the show! It is different than seeing the Monkee=
When I go to several Monkees shows, I hear the same jokes and see the sam=
banter over and over. It is different. The banter doesn’t appear to be
prefabricated, but more genuine. There are not a lot of jokes in these
shows, but there is some great playing on the harmonica, keyboards, bass,
guitars and drums!

This concert at the Union was so different in atmosphere as compared to the
one at Beachland. The college town was wild! Everyone was standing up and
moving to the beat from the beginning. One couple was dirty dancing to the
point that I wouldn’t have been suprised if they did it right there! Peter
kissed a couple of girls from the stage. That is enough to make any girl
jealous. After the show. We got some more autographs. Also, I gave each =
the band members doubles from the pictures I took the night before. They
were happy. This is when I had to opportunity to talk with John, the
drummer. He seems like a nice guy, really.

When posing for pictures with Peter, I asked him if I could have a kiss. H=
said sure and kissed me on the cheek. I was so thrilled. I had hoped to g=
a picture of that, but, I don’t have one. Laura took a picture of Peter an=
I after the kiss, and I was so glowing with excitement!

My son saw the kiss, and went home and told my husband we kissed on the lip=
WE didn’t, but if I had had the opportunity, I would have, believe me! =
think he only kissed the skinny girls on the lips, and I must face the musi=
I’m not skinny! Peter sings a song, “I like my women Slender, Tender and
Tall. Well, I may be tender, but forget the rest. Oh, well, I have been
dreaming about him ever since the concert. He is a great musician, but, mo=
than that, Peter is a kind person. He is good to his fans. He signed
hundreds of items for fans, posed for pictures and gave of himself over and
over. I only went to two concerts, but he did this at each concert. He
didn’t have to do that, he didn’t have to sign autographs for everyone, he
didn’t have to stop and talk with people at the rest area, he didn’t have t=
be gracious to my children. I am very impressed with him. Let’s see…I”m
almost 34, he is 60, so when I am 54 he will be 80. Hmm, If I wasn’t marri=
already, and if I was 100 pounds thinner….
Okay, in my dreams. I can dream, can’t I? I have been dreaming for years,
loved the Monkees for years, and each time I see them live, the love just

If you don’t love the musicians don’t go see the shows. I don’t want to he=
anyone complaining about what songs Peter sings at these concerts. Heknows
that many of the fans are there because of the Monkees, as well as because =
the songs on the albums. If you don’t like to hear Peter sing what he
chooses to sing, then don’t go. I just love to hear and watch him sing. I
enjoyed seeing Peter as the lead singer on the Monkees songs where usually =
was back up.

Before one song at Beachland, Peter strummed his guitar and said this next
song…Several girls screamed in excitement….Peter said You don’t care wh=
I sing do you? I could sing anything and you would be happy. Well it is
true, I don’t care what he sings, I would be happy just to hear him sing, s=
him play his guitar, and enjoy himself. That is the truth!

Well, to Monkee fans everywhere….that’s all folks. Katherine


From: dizzychick2

Dear Brad
Here’s a review I have written of the Monkees Wembley concert in the UK, in=

case you’d like to use it – thanks, KC

Wembley Arena 28th March 02

This reunion tour was a long time coming, particularly after the date
change last year and subsequent issues surrounding Peter’s absence.
However, Micky and Davy rose to the challenge and gave a superb show.
The arena itself was only filled to about a third of its capacity, quite
disappointing as the same venue at the 1997 Monkees concert was almost
full. The show opened with a short set by Davy’s fun-loving prodigies =91=
Murmurs of Urma’, greeted with a lukewarm reception from the Wembley crow=
They were reminiscent of a psychedelic Wonderstuff, a British band who,
come to think of it, covered =91I’m a Believer’.
The band were a six piece, plus a strange additional member who danced
around the stage in a Munsters fashion. The opening number, =91I love my
lavalamp’ was in my opinion the best and most catchy =AD and was I the on=
one wondering just how many socks the lead singer had stuffed down the
front of those sixties-inspired trousers?
The Monkees’ show opened with a fantastic instrumental medley by their
band, who were musically excellent and also very entertaining. Davy and
Micky came on to rapturous applause, both looking fit and well.
An outstanding early number was =91Mary Mary’, followed by all the classi=
Monkees hits, peppered with anecdotal banter and jokes from the guys. They=

were entertaining and professional throughout, and Micky’s voice in
particular was as strong as ever =AD definitely one of pop’s best voices.
They each did a =91solo’ section, but kept it short =AD possibly in respo=
nse to
some recent criticisms about this section of the show. They also kept to
the classic songs, taking the Monkees timeline up to the mid eighties =AD
again, maybe in response to a reported radio review in the week by a DJ who=

criticised some of their more recent tracks?
When Davy sang the words =91don’t tell me that you love me=85′, of cour=
se it
was obligatory to shout, =91we love you Davy’, in true besotted-fan fashi=
He continually made eye contact with audience members near the front of the=

stage, smiling or waving at people and really making the event quite person=
The show was over all to quickly, and it was only towards the end that most=

of the audience, even the =91Band 6′ fanclub members at the front, stood =
and let their hair down.
Never the less, this was a really good show and both Micky and Davy were on=

fine form and really enjoying it. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait anot=
five years for the next one!


From: “Manthey, Jan”

The Monkees at Wembley 28/03/2002

I have seen the Monkees twice before. Once in 1989 with Dolenz,Tork and
Jones and a couple of years ago with the whole band. they were good gigs
featuring some excellent performances. Now I have seen them in their
‘Changes’ style Dolenz and Jones line up. To be perfectly honest it was a
travesty. I’m not surprised that Peter Tork jumped ship.
For starters the support band were totally wrong for this kind of gig, thei=
dreary indie pop dirge hardly got the audience warmed up for the main act.
Then on came the leather trousered Monkees. With guitars. mickey appeared t=
be playing his, but why Davy insisted on pretending to strum a guitar
throughout the gig I do not know. Did they not tell him that it wasn’t
plugged in?
Davy was not his usual chirpy self, in fact his performance was very
lacklustre and Mickey carried the show on his shoulders. Davy appeared to b=
bored with whole routine, which I was at some points.He has dropped his
‘Oliver’ medley that I had read about – is this why he was cheesed off with
the proceedings? Too many of the songs had been turned into to soft rock
numbers – the guitar solo in ‘I wanna be free’ really was to much. I didn’t
see the point of them doing the Mike Nesmith numbers as no one sings them
like Papa Nes does. They sang ‘For Pete’s Sake’ and mentioned that Peter
Tork was a guy who wrote some songs for them. Are they trying to rewrite th=
history of the Monkees?
Luckily Mickey was on hand to belt out a few classic numbers but they reall=
should get a band who knows how to play them in the classic 60’s style –
there’s only so many saxaphone solo’s a man can stand.
The gig ended with a feeble attempt to recreate the Monkees walk, which Dav=
did not seem intersted in doing. That was a final tragic image of a band wh=
perhaps should have thought twice before coming to England with this very
poor show.


From: “Graham Morgan”

Dear Brad

Just a note to add to the next bulletin.
We saw the Monkees at NEC Birmingham on Wednesday last week, they sounded
very good after all these years!
I guess the 12 piece accompanying band added that extra dimension and depth
to the old songs.
I particularly liked the rendition of The Girl I Knew Somewhere with
The brass section came into its own with songs like Goin’ Down and Micky’s
original song with The One Nighter’s (pre Monkees).
The Sax was brilliant!
Micky’s drumming on Mary Mary was excellent, if he could summon up the
strength, more drumming on other songs would have been nice to see!
The set list available from the crew was exactly the same as the one posted
from the Glasgow concert but the set had changed so the list was out of
Davy refrained from doing the Oliver set and it was replaced by I wanna be
Free and Papa’s Gene’s Blues which were well received.
It was good to see Valerie sung more like the original version and not
‘punked’ up! although the guitar riff in the middle left a lot to be
The final group of hits (Porpoise Song / Listen to the Band / Daydream
Believer, PVS, I Not Your Stepping Stone and I’m a Believer) were well
segwayed and had us all dancing down to the front where close up photos wer=
obtained. The guitar balance on I’m a Believer was a bit low as it was on
other songs but that didn’t detract from a very enjoyable evening had by my
whole family (12 yrs to 45 yrs we all enjoyed it. The Monkees always have
been good clean family entertainment and this concert was no exception in a
world where this is getting harder to find!)
One small gripe I’ve seen the Monkees on three occasions now (1988/9, 1997
and 2002 all in Brum) and at each show autographs weren’t available, I hope
next time the Brummies get a chance to obtain a signature after the show!?
At least this time I was able to buy a copy of the Live CD from a few weeks
earlier in Toronto and relive the performance again and again!
Well done Micky and Davy, we look forward to the 40th Anniversary tour mayb=
with Peter and Mike?!!!!

Graham Morgan
Devon (England)

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